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    Fantasy For Astoria! - (Reboot)

    Arcturus De'Rune "Soak it all in, Ozzy, an entire festival dedicated to destroying livers and fuelling the worst inhibitions humanity has to offer!" Arcturus said, rather cheerfully, with his arm draped across his companion's shoulder as he steered the man along. "Are you drunk?" Ozzy asked...
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    Realistic or Modern Lasting Light

    Mackenzie Myers Mackenzie had been awake for a grand total of thirteen minutes, and there was already someone bleeding out. His bad knee flared with pain with each footfall as he ran into the infirmary-which he'd argue was more of a triage unit, honestly-before subsiding into more of a dull...
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    Realistic or Modern Lasting Light Character Sheet's

    Name: Mackenzie Myers Age: 38 Gender: Male Former Occupation: US Navy Hospital Corpsman Former Rank: Petty Officer 3rd Class Role within The Highschool: Impromptu Doctor Physical description: Mackenzie has traces of a muscular body, but three months of nursing his injuries and malnutrition has...
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    Realistic or Modern LL: The Samaritans

    Scene One The Marines The United States Military, rather counter-intuitively for an armed fighting force, taught you that death should be avoided at all costs. Your own, specifically. Stay cool under pressure, don't get caught with your pants down, and don't do anything stupid. Jamie had failed...
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    Realistic or Modern LL: The Samaritans

    SCENE ONE The Marines Jamie, arms wrapped around Hughes’ shoulders and pulling with everything he had to drag the larger man out of the wreck, didn’t even notice a black blur of a gunstock before it smashed right into his face, cracking against his cheek and sending him to the ground instantly...
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    Realistic or Modern LL: The Samaritans

    Scene Three The Rat Problem Wincing at the slap to the back of his head, AJ gave a small, muted 'ow' at the impact, grimacing as he tried to lean back into the chair. He was squeamish, that was for damn sure, squirming every which way in the chair, not necessarily trying to escape but more so...
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    Realistic or Modern LL: The Samaritans

    Scene 3 The Rat Problem Written With @Namazu "Okay, okay, I can see why you'd be mad!" The kid, a young man who couldn't have been older than 20, threw their hands up behind their head in an instant, falling to their knees with a clear look of panic and fear etched across his face. "This-This...
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    Realistic or Modern LL: The Samaritans

    Scene One The Marines The back of Jamie's knee caught on the side of the truck bed when Jax shoved him off, sending him tumbling over the side at an odd angle. He barely had enough time to curse, hands scrabbling out towards Jax to take him over the edge with him before his feet were clear off...
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    Realistic or Modern LL: The Samaritans

    Jamie & Jax Scene One The Marines Today marked the 462nd (and a half, it was midday after all) day of the apocalypse. That made just about 15 grueling months of near-death experiences, non-stop walking, and questionably hygienic canned beans. Jamie never thought he would make it a year, much...
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    Realistic or Modern LL: The Samaritans CS Page

    Name: James B. Gunderson Nickname: Jamie Age: 29 Gender: Male Sexuality: Bisexual Former Occupation: US Air Force transport pilot Role within Samaritans community: New member. He’s a skilled pilot, a trained combat technician, and can put just about anything back together given enough duct tape...
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    Realistic or Modern Lasting Light: The Samaritans

    Still accepting? I'd love to join in if you'd have me.
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    Fantasy Game On!

    “Language!” Czecho had the mind to yell, chucking a paper weight into the Origami horde before diving behind the counter. It didn’t help, predictably. The cranes were flapping around like locusts, packed so tightly together they almost formed a wall of paper. Alone, they barely did any damage...
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    Fantasy Game On!

    Czecho ducked off Annie's mech momentarily, snatching the steampunk-esque AT rifle off the ground. He had the thing halfway up before he fully realized it's weight and began to stumble back and forth, performing a balancing act with the massive weapon in his hands. These were all digital, why...
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    Realistic or Modern Downtown Detectives Character Sheet

    Name: Bodhi Hendriks Age: 25 Gender: Male Graduating Class: 1990 Police Division: Homicide, used to specialize in anti-corruption Personal Description: Bodhi is a panic-filled newly hire with more book smarts than actual sense and a paranoia-fueled pessimism that leaves them terrified of...
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    Fantasy Game On!

    Czecho wasn't entirely sure what he'd been shooting, but he must've been hitting something because his pendant counter went up by two, making his count seven. God, this LMG was amazing! How did that other guy lose when they had this thing? Honestly, it was in much better hands now. With a...