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    Futuristic Post-Apocalyptic RP

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    Fantasy Dragons, Wolves and Vampires; Oh my!

    Interested in a werewolf role.
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    Fantasy The Freebooter Chronicles

    As the medium-dark skinned woman approached the seedy bar, a scene that typically acted as both a meeting place for her employers and her 'associates', she began to wonder if the trip would be worth it. One of the crew could be an old debtor, that wouldn't be good at all, or, even worse, they...
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    Futuristic Combat Tour of the Milky Way Galaxy Characters

    Hello, just in case the site doesn't let you know I edited in the rest of the information I'd need. I think I have everything now.
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    Futuristic Scrapmetal Circus

    I'm interested, I'll try to make a CS soon if that's okay.
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    Futuristic With the Stars Above us, and Hell beneath (Accepting Players)

    I'm interested as well, if you got room.
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    Futuristic Combat Tour of the Milky Way Galaxy Characters

    Hope y'all don't mind if I join. Here's my cs in case the thread is still open. Name: Enya "Merchant" Mirkovic Age:30 DOB: Oct, 2055 (unknown day.) Personality: Enya tends to make herself seem more complex than she truly is without meaning to; she usually stays open and compassionate with...
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    Futuristic Fallout Thread

    Mind if I join?
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    Hi, pretty new, out of extreme hiatus.

    Hello all, if I started a thread with you and didn't finish, I apologize deeply, hmu if you would want to continue it, though. Anyone who wants to do something new (And I promise I won't go on another hiatus.) I enjoy nation/world building, futuristic, and fantasy groups the most, I look forward...
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    Nation Building An Outpost Called Hope || OPEN

    I am very interested, hope you have room!
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    Nation Building Create and Own a Country game/rp

    I'm very interested if you still have room
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    Futuristic Cyberpunk urban war rp

    Am interested
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    Futuristic Futuristic Mercs RP

    Am very interested, if still open.
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    Futuristic Create your own alien nation

    Am interested, if you still have room.