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Hi! My name is Noam. I’m 23, use they/them pronouns, and live in the EST. I’ve been role-playing for about four years now, and consider myself a fairly good writer. I have a time-consuming job, but am still fairly active.

Looking to RP with somebody who is at least 18. No exceptions.

I’m interested in all kinds of speculative fiction—scifi, high or urban fantasy, post-apocalyptic stories, and so on. I really like world-building, and it’d be great if we could come up with a world together! The more creative and original the better—I’m pretty much done with zombie apocalypses and anything best described as “like medieval England but with dragons”.

Likes: action scenes, adventures, espionage, world-building, drawing our characters, doubling/tripling, historical settings, other people's OCs, platonic relationships, slow-burn romance, in-character drama

Dislikes: Slice-of-life, OOC drama, repetitive plots.

My Fandoms (asterisk indicates that I'm pretty much always open for starting an RP in these fandoms!)

-Critical Role*
-Star Wars *
-Marvel comics
-Animorphs *
-Pacific Rim
-Mad Max: Fury Road
-Dungeons and Dragons*
Sep 13, 1995 (Age: 26)