Hiya im rebecca, I'm 13 and I love sci-fi and fantasy roleplays but ill play slice of life if the plot is ineresting enough
I have three characters who's backstories change to fit the role play they are in but their personalities stay the same ( with the exception for magolor)
Name: Kiryl
Age: 17
Gender: male
Personality: careful, calculating, kind
Extra: has feeling for alena but he doesn't have the guts to tell her
Full Name: alena tsarevna
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: tomboy, bold, thrill seeker, speaks what she means
Extra: alena is obvious to the way Kiryl feels even when he trys to drop hints
Name: Magolor
Age: 19
Gender: male
Personality: snaps at people, little depressed at times, curious, aware of the fact he's a fictional character, shy , smart remark always at the ready, coffie addict, (most of these are allways there)
Extra: he talks to his living spaceship causing people to think he is crazy, I mainly use magolor for sci-fi roleplays
Any way back to me
I started role-playing when I was 12
My favorite fandoms are dragon quest, Kirby, fnaf and bnha
i am also on storytellers circle as rebeccaroleplays
and writerssanctum but i cant tell you my username in case a administrator from there is here

Please don't metagame!
Mar 6, 2007 (Age: 13)


"we are just figments of someone imagination brought to life by words and pictures...When you think about it like it have its depressing"
-magolor to