If you've somehow found yourself here - feel free to contact me with roleplay ideas! I have a lot of diverse interests so no matter how weird the idea is, shoot me a message and let's discuss it!

Some particular interests of mine, with genre references/details. I usually don't do fandom RPs but I'm getting more open to it (so long as we're just using the world, not the characters).
  • Science Fiction/Space Opera
    • Some of my favourites:
      • Star Wars
      • Firefly
      • Battlestar Galactica
      • The Expanse
      • Dune
      • Guardians of the Galaxy
      • Stargate
    • Retro Sci-Fi/Planetary Romance
  • Dark Urban Supernatural
    • A good reference: Call of Cthulhu TTRPG, classic Universal Monster Movies, Stranger Things, X-Files
    • Important: supernatural stuff hidden within the world
    • I love a good lean into horror/terror/unfathomably eldritchness
    • Ideas:
      • Two teenagers go to explore the abandoned building, and learn the supernatural is more real than they expected. Romance possible. Could be any degree of 'exploring' from 'just fooling around in a spooky place with no real expectation of the supernatural' to 'filming a Youtube video looking for ghosts' to 'new-age occult aesthetics kind of genuinely hoping to find something... but not something this horrible'
  • Pulp Adventure
    • Indiana Jones/The Mummy/Pulp Cthulhu etc.
  • Cyberpunk with heavy Anti-Neoliberal/Anti-Capitalist themes
  • High Fantasy
    • With OR without traditional non-human races
    • Preferably low-to-no magic, low-to-no powers
    • ALL Dinosaurs are valid; ALL prehistoric creatures are valid
    • Literally any plot that respects dinosaurs is good
    • Dinosaur Ideas:
      • Jurassic Park Survival RP!
      • Medieval/Tribal Dinosaur World
        • Dino-riders
        • Domesticated dinosaurs
        • War Dinos
      • The Lost World (Arthur Conan Doyle)
        • Or any other "Let's explore a strange world - oh look dinosaurs!"
        • Dinosaurs on Venus? (Yes very good... retro sci-fi AND dinosaurs)
        • Hollow earth with dinosaurs living underground?
        • Time travel and dinosaur exploration (Cretaceous colony? Reference: Terra Nova?)
        • Unexplained group of random people wake up and have to survive on an island filled with prehistoric creatures
      • Velocipastor
        • If you don't know what this is, go watch the movie. Universally acclaimed. I'm very serious about this one.
      • RP as Dinosaurs
        • When it boils down to it, it's not different than Warrior Cats or something. Except it's dinosaurs, so, a lot cooler.
        • A weirder option: there was a young adult book series about a science experiment that transported peoples' brains into the bodies of dinosaurs from the past. So many cool ways we could do this.
If you want to contact me about any of these ideas - or something of your own! - feel more than free to do so at any time. I'm not too picky about length/quality of writing and I'll rise to whatever level you're comfortable with, so don't let that be a barrier for you.