I love to role-play and make new friends. Sounds cliché but it's true.

If you’re interested in role-playing with me here’s a link to my search thread: Kiki’s 1x1 Search Thread!

I struggle with anxiety, depression and ADHD along with a couple other mental issues. This coupled with the fact that university assignments take a long time to finish means that my replies may just come once or twice a day depending on how serious my condition is.
It also means that at times I can go missing or lack the movation to roleplay. It can also mean that I might be more in the mood to chat instead of roleplaying.
While I will try my best to let my partners know when I am going to disappear, please understand that sometimes I could end up disappearing for a while without notice.
Never fear though. I will probably get back and let you know if I’m going on a long break or a short one.

I thank you for trying to be understanding and patient with me ^33^<3
Happy role-playing, everyone!!
January 1
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