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    Fantasy Partners in crime maybe?

    Sweet ! ill do that here in a moment ! :D
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    Fantasy Partners in crime maybe?

    Hi ! I would love to do this as i have a oc who works super well for this !! Would you like me to dm you the character sheet for them ? :]
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    Fandom ઇଓ DSMP/DreamSMP Roleplay Interest Check! ઇଓ

    hi ! I would love to do a dreamsmp roleplay with you ! You seem really chill and fun ! But, may i request a fantasy or medieval one ? {specificaly SBI with tubbo and ranboo! i could talk forever about aus my brain holds} They always seem like fun :] - I will also say, might take me a bit to...
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    Other Introduce Yourself!

    - Hi! I'm Ghost. -Im not new to the roleplay scence, have been roleplaying for 3ish years :] - I am a minor - I use Ghost/ghostself neopronouns! along with xe/xem and it/itself, and the normal he/she/her - I'm gray-aro, but am a romantic, so i don't mind ships (as long as they aren't real...