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  • "White beard is caused due to the lack of melanin pigmentation. This is caused due to bad nutrition, stress, excessive smoking & alcohol consumption, overthinking & hereditary issues. ... Make sure you are on the right nutritious diet and prevent white beard problems at a young age"

    Ah fuck.
    this quote just exposed santa claus -
    While this is certainly true, it cannot be applied universally. Old people have white hair and beards because the cells that produce the melanin are some of the fastest in our body to degenerate with age.
    I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but..... Shakespeare can suck it I'm the best writer now.
    Also my hair is slowly turning white. I'm scared.
    Recently learnt the difference between thic and thick...
    I’m a thick fan of thic.
    I want that wagon your dragging
    I want that junk in your trunk
    I want that snack to attack
    I want that booty you cutie
    I want that meal to feel
    I want that dinner you winner there’s no need to be thinner
    I want my lips on your hips
    So come and talk to flow
    You can squat above my grinning face and slowly drop it low
    It's not much objectively
    To determine if there's chemistry
    When I look at it subjectively
    I might act to aggressively, impressively, excessively, with intensity, but I always tried so respectfully

    It's a matter of time and Its getting rough
    Every dollar I raise proves it's just not enough
    So I scrap it tough and try to call the bluff
    And tell the difference between real and fluff

    It's, not much objectively...
    People say fate is a cruel woman...
    So I've made it a habit to have her from behind, whenever I'm about to finish I say
    "Destiny is better" in her ear.

    Your welcome.
    If real life was like a Rare game it'd be alot easier to find your keys, as they'd have big eyes and jump up and down while saying

    "I'm keys pick me up ya dumbass"
    Ok serious announcement and I don't know how to word it so I'll be honest.

    I was at the bar last weekend and I was PRETTY drunk, anyway the tests came back and I don't know how where or from who but I caught fallout 76 and I may die of dysentry and infection.... You may want to get checked out as I recently used all your toothbrushes. Don't ask.
    Shitting on fallout 76
    I don't think we will ever understand each other, synth.
    Someone could make a comedy channel reviewing just sonic fan fiction, there is no god of literacy. We must reach these heights ourselves
    I don't know who lil sonic (maybe lil knuckles) is but his fan fiction of sonic paints every single character ever as sonics best friend (even as he bangs their girl)
    or just incapable of turning down blue hedgehog dick.

    As a fan of Mario it actually iritates me somewhat that the person is such a awful writer. They keep making each woman a slut and the Mario brothers are basically the biggest cucks in the videogame kingdom. No character arc apart from sonic bangs everyone and they all cheer cause sonic is a hero
    When I’m human,
    As I hope to be
    I’ll stop being trash and you’ll see
    Just flowiest not being a D
    A new vegas rp could be made centred on Westside.
    Growing up stealing/planting crops
    Working/fighting at the thorn
    Eventually gathering friends and courage to hunt some fiends or raiders on the way to freeside...

    All until alchestbreach and his gang kill you and say your a hussy before fast traveling away.
    Am I not sensitive, clever, well mannered, considerate, passionate, as kind as I'm handsome and heir to a throne?

    "You are everything a girl from the nineties could wish for"
    No more sadness, in this beautiful world!
    I'm in love with happiness, She's a beautiful girl!

    Anytime I see you baby
    You drive me wild crazy
    Just filled with such glee
    The joy of border lands three
    I sit atop a throne, a throne of H2o
    If your dying of thirst,
    Just visit king Flow
    But first get immersed as the kingdoms cursed see I'm filling up to the brink of a burst, get down on one knee if you mean to plea
    Cause I just might be the egoism MC
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