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  • Well it's to my understanding people love cheese and shredded cheese, so people don't mind when you take something they love and just cut and rip it down to pieces.
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    It mostly tastes the same and it still comes out the other end. I had to say something because I love cheese.
    Awesome, nice to know I can count you as apart of the "people" group. On account of you loving cheese.
    That stuff is like crack for normal people
    You imagine that time j Jameson screamed at spiderman to get him pictures of Peter Parker and the new photographer had a heart attack
    Skyrim makes me nostalgic for a elder scrolls rp, but only if its modded. My dragons shout macho man Randy savage quotes and look like monstrous hybrid of the legend.
    I drink rum and the tears of other people but still don't look like I'm in my mid twenties.

    Dunno what else I can do really
    Every so often I feel like someone is throwing sharp things at my kokoro,

    It's like five waluigi's singing a particularly good queen song.
    I like throwing water balloons filled with honey because they have more heft and add damage to the target than each club. The difficulty of the throw determines how many honey balloons hit the target. For levels 1-4, each 3 honey balloons for a player's total throws. For levels 5-7, each 2 honey balloons for a player's total throws. For levels 8-10, each 1 honey balloon for a player's total throws. Honey bombs are placed like rockets are with the exception that they are thrown in a straighter line than rockets. They are not awarded points for throwing. Homing bubbles are awarded 1 point for the first one that hits, and 2 points for any additional bubbles that strike the target at a 45° angle.
    I'm not even gonna RP anymore, I'm using talk to transform for all my posts.
    I wrote what's in bold, AI wrote the rest

    Yohan swiftly dodged sideways as he stepped forward to thrust his blade into the enemy orc, the monster died in a squeal as many other orcs began to creep closer towards Yohan.

    Since Yohan couldn't help any other target at that moment, the orc that could not be handled quickly had to be hunted down.

    Unknowingly, Yohan had rushed into the fray, his blade narrowly slicing through an orc's throat before the carcass exploded to pieces in his hands. It was incredibly impressive that he had killed a hundred orcs in one minute. Even a great hunter such as Bulu felt extremely nervous.

    The warrior lifted his axe, slowly advancing towards the final orc. The gargantuan metal arm as wide as a man swung
    Must of been a blow to spend your whole life doing favours for Jesus to the point he would let you weaponize him. Just to find out gasoline exists
    How embarrassing is it when your at work or school or in a intimate moment with your other and you fart but it’s actually the heaviest piece of crap you have ever deposited. To the point you lose weight and cannot fit in your uniform or sexy charizard costume

    Also your uniform or sexy charizard costume is ruined because who takes their clothes off to fart?
    Might of asked before but I don't know. So by any chance would you be the same [as the tag doesn't work.] Flowiest or do you two just coincidentally share similar names? I've pondered this for quite awhile.
    Each day we stray further into depravity, I mean me as well but collectively as a whole some of us should feel bad.

    You know deep inside if it's you or not
    Just think, theres a 50% chance at least three people you have spoken to play the Sims in some form. They have made a Sim with your name that looks like you and they control that Sim with your name to because you have wronged them or they secretly like you.

    Either way it's creepy when you lift the laptop up and you accidentally stumble into the Flowiest farm.
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