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  • Some people I tolerate, some I even enjoy meeting or having a word with.

    Others make me want to headbutt their rude, disrespectful, dumbass sexist faces...

    But I like my shitty job.
    "Wha- how?"

    I dunno, friends and stuff. Honestly I call bullshit on us winning to.
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    It's called Plot Armor. Gary got it sometime before we met him, he just didn't tell us. In fact, I don't even think he knows.
    This is a very odd non-sequitar and I would like an explanation, please.
    Today I shit liquid and the Gimps next door asked if I could drive them to school, all thirty three of them. Shit was like a clown car of leather in the back seat... no way they are let in the front
    I haven’t had hype for a game since fallout 4 and that somewhat broke my heart aha

    But borderlands 3 does nothing but impress me so far. Can’t wait to stomp about in a iron bear, shoot shit as a Irish post apocalyptic James Bond and main a robot beast master.
    Siren is eh to me but everything else makes me want to preorder.

    If anyone is replaying borderlands 2 on the Xbox hit me up if you have a level 40 something or under 10 as I have two characters I’m playing as again
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    If obsidian had a year or two more we would have had a Vegas where you play out the ending you made happen. Overall that makes me sad.
    But dead money was satisfying, old world blues made me laugh as well as retcon shit in the lore.
    And the divide has the best dialogue given by a antagonist I can think of ever apart from the great mighty poo from bad fur day
    dead money was soo fucking good.
    the game has so many sick quotes though that send chills down your spine on their own.
    "Finding It though, that's not the hard part. It's letting go. "
    i myself love the legate himself the most as a villain.
    you cant think of him as anything other than a badass when you hear him say
    "Save your speeches, we will take Hoover Dam and move forward until our feet crush the setting sun beneath them."
    Legate was good but I prefer Ulyess or however you spell it. Him talking about the divide and different speeches depending on if your courier is neutral, supports house, Vegas, ncr or caeser all up to where you can confront him and convince him through dialogue or finding his tapes and showing you understand him.

    Legate has a badass sword though. Loved fighting the blade from the east with one from the west
    I'm pretty sure If I had the same sort of money 50 cent has that I might also spend money on trolling people I didn't like.

    Example. This guy bought 200 tickets to a ja-rule concert so it would appear empty. If I had the power and influence this is how I would spend my days
    I have been watching borderlands 3 trailers and I have to say I’m looking forward to all the vault hunters now apart from the new siren.

    The psycho lines also seem done up which make me smile...
    “Are you from the moon? Tell me about the sky!” All while charging a woman digistructing a walking tank around her such love and time this game will take from us all
    Ancient japan- marry this woman to unite clans and bring honour and prosperity.

    Modern Australia- you should go to Bali and Marry a Balinese girl, they give good massages.

    Dammit ma that’s kinda racist. Also I’m poor.
    I often try not to get mad at peoples mistakes, but even Buddha gets angry when you punch him three times.
    Buddha takes offense to that allegation.
    It took a while but I got in contact with Buddha, it give you shit about how I'm right but he said not to be a dick about it.

    Point is most people get three chances, and if you punched Buddha in succession three times after he told you not to the first time then he would get agitated. Angry and agitated are the same to me, just different levels. Agitated at a 3 angry at a 6 or 5

    So while he doesn't take offense he is also telling me to love everyone and I had to delete him of discord.
    A haiku called, "thongs"

    The sun shines today-
    But a cold wind blocks the rays-
    Fingers toes they die.
    This is a haiku I call, "level six Krieg"

    Losing blood, rampage time!
    Swing the axe drink the health, die!
    I don't wanna go!
    This haiku I name "to real"

    Enjoying the sun
    But I'd rather watch anime
    I am trash I know.
    I'll point really badly,
    Indicating we must go
    Now I'll shake my head and scream in your face
    Then I'll race you to the crazy ho
    My plans to buy Canada sorta died when I realised if I can barely take the cold here, I’d probably die where it can you know.. snow.

    Anyone want to help me take control of Hawaii? When it’s all said and done... I’ll let you rule over a hotel like royalty from a medieval time.
    Side note- no one likes a liar, not many people appreciate a coward.

    But the real goal is to be decent. You don't need to accommodate everyone and be nice.
    Being decent is more then some people aim for, if you hit that mark yay you and shit
    “You’re sleeping on the floor like a peasant, why?”
    Peasants are cool
    “I-uh-... “
    the only time a younger sibling has bested me verbally.
    It’s very windy today... even with my hair short it seems like I’m going for teenage anime protagonist
    Always have a good friend, when Tony was scared out of his mind at the house plant in the corner thinking it was monster screaming "feed me!" It was me who wrapped a blanket around him and explained monsters can't penetrate blankets.
    Always have a good friend.
    “The stone knights show no mercy, they also show no aggression... they are made of stone. Just decorations really...”
    When I die I’m going to have adamant plans that involve my Ashes being spread out through chilly and spicy foods, Even in death I’ll still burn your ass.
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    Wouldn’t it be better to be turned into toilet paper for those purposes?
    I prefer to be the one shitting, not the one who ends up with shit on them
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