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  • Banjo kazooie is coming to smash bros and I'm pretty sure I need to go buy a switch now.

    Mario maker 2
    Smash bros

    I... I don't know if I can justify buying a 400-500 dollar console for two games.
    Anyone else played decent games on the switch?
    please don't say breath of the wild like everyone and their dog
    Is that before or after monster Hunter world aha
    Noble Scion
    Noble Scion
    I think they were sorta made at the same time?
    Mhw is more modern and fluid, but mhgu is more like the older games
    @Flowiest-D TBH arms is pretty dang fun to play with other people. Also have Kirby cause and smash bros. Gonna get the new pokemon games when they come out and yes we also already have BOTW which has a sequel coming so more than two games :p
    I remember my first quest with him... we entered a cave which was full of monsters, he said
    “Monsters are a thing that I kill”
    And then He proceeded to kill all the monsters.
    I’m so used to thinking no one would flirt with me while im at work that when someone feeds me lines I say “you want a receipt with that?”
    Shadow of war on nemesis difficulty is much harder then normal. Much more enjoyable and infuriating when a orc gets a cheap shot and you have no second chance.

    Damn you Rug the quartermaster.
    Or kfc

    If you comment I shall buy it for dinner!
    If not I’ll just eat bread and cry I guess I dunno
    If my game has finished downloading when I’m home from work I’ll probably be so happy I won’t even beat the mouth breathers who inhabit next door
    I think I may a accept any RP at all if I can play a character like Sans, goofy and comical at all moments unless your character did something wrong and then,
    your gonna have a bad time...
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    I might have an rp up my sleeve for that (assuming the skeleton part's optional). What'r you interested in at the moment?
    I'm not always a fan of turtles, but when I am? Their usually teenage mutant ninjas who team up with Batman.
    "You don't know what this is, you do know it would look cool spewed out from the propeller though"
    I can understand the appeal of a marvel/dc crossover rp but details concern me.

    If Ironman could fly through Gotham there’s a good chance he just ion blasts every threat ever.

    If super man or the flash had to fight someone like say... Bucky, then Bucky is probably trying to remove the metal arm lodged up his ass.

    In the middle of all this is deadpool making Batman jokes as he stands on a tall building brooding and breaking the fourth wall.
    HYPNO uses hypnosis, but it failed

    Wild RATTATA doesn't believe in hypnosis.

    HYPNO thinks RATTATA should sit back and relax, keep staring at the pendulum!

    Wild RATTATA thinks the last Pokemon HYPNO "hypnotized" was in on the scheme.

    HYPNO was offended!

    Wild RATTATA can't believe this is how it's spending it's Saturday night.
    Don't feed the animal.

    It Paces back and forth, inside its cage
    Just look, Don't antoganise or engage
    Don't display your valuables or reach beyond the rail
    Don't attempt to pat it, dont ever pull it's tail
    Don't make loud noises, project a calm air
    It hates all voices, stay back from its lair
    Its A sad monster once it's shown in the lights
    But sentient or not, monsters have no rights
    Don't come to this zoo anymore Just go
    Don't feed the animal,
    the monster,
    the ego,
    Don't come here anymore,
    Just go.
    I'm in love with the girl on tv
    She smiles like a Angel, she smiles just for me
    And though women try to tempt me, they need to understand
    That I'm a taken man. My heart belongs to another

    I tracked her down and I went to her home
    I climbed up to her window, and I found her alone
    She was covered in the entrails of a sheep which she'd sacrificed to the snake god Glycon to wake him from his sleep
    Hoooooly shit
    A new reign of terror has descended upon the earth
    All hail Glycon the all powerful
    Just saw a animated fan fiction of goku and Anne Frank. Why YouTube, why did you recommend this... why did I watch it?
    Will I ever stop crying?
    "It says on your palm that you...die of old age... or... heartbreak... one or the other"

    Gimme my money back.
    One day I’ll set up a medium stand for palm reading. Someone will come, pay me a few cents, and I will take out a marker and scribble on the palm. Then I’ll say.

    “It says “Lucy” on your palm”
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