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    Viewpoint What are your favorite settings to roleplay in?

    I love so many settings: Shadowrun, Forgotten Realms, Gotham City, Warhammer 40k (specifically Necromunda), Gamma World, the Hyborian Age, World of Darkness, Xanth, the seedier worlds of Star Wars like Tatooine... I don't just want my worlds to be dangerous, I want them to be layered with...
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    Advice/Help Rough Dimensions of this Pic

    It is what I'm aiming for, and much of the game will likely take place there. Because of that I'd like to have an approximate idea of how tall/deep the cavern is and how long it would take someone to cross it on foot. I want it to be expansive, possibly taking 2 days on average to traverse...
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    Advice/Help  Rough Dimensions of this Pic

    I'm pretty bad at guesstimating the dimensions of spaces, so I figured I should turn to the forum for help. Roughly speaking, how tall do imagine the above cavern is, or could reasonably be? How wide might it be, and roughly how long might it take to walk across it? I know the pic doesn't...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Beckoncall FNB - MAIN

    The three witches swam slowly and cautiously through the shipwreck field. They had settled into a pace which allowed the lumbering reclaimers behind them to remain within half a dozen strides. On Crone Shirvein's orders, Glaemna and her battle sisters were waiting outside the field, just out...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Beckoncall FNB - MAIN

    Idirna's eyes explored the mighty Ironclad as she made her way towards the vessel. It was an awe-inspiring focal point for the enclave. While the dull armor and hard angles of the craft contrasted with scyphon architecture and fashion, it surprisingly looked fitting in Mirith, similar to how a...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Beckoncall FNB - MAIN

    The water across the shipwreck field was clouded with silt and blood. A scyphon war party, along with the help of Vythan warriors, had been hunting sand sharks and the larger sand tigers all morning. Glaemna, champion of the battle sisters, shook off bits of shark from her harpoon as she swam...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Beckoncall FNB - MAIN

    The emissaries were forced to speak over the excitement bubbling throughout Mirith since the recent return of the Kuraselache warparty. As they conversed outside Shalmel's hut, an adolescent female brought each of them a large half clam shell of crab meat and sardines before promptly swimming...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Beckoncall FNB - MAIN

    A pair of glowing jellyfish were fixed to Shirvein's shoulders, their pink tendrils cascading down her back like a cape. Her dark tail flicking calmly back and forth as she paddled around the inside of her brightly-lit tendrilla. For the past ten minutes Shirvein had listened to Idirna's – her...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Beckoncall FNB - MAIN

    The giant stalker-fish had been tracked and slain, and its skin paraded through the colony. Shirvein took advantage of the triumphant moment to announce the new enclave's name – Mirith. Her people were still celebrating. The sounds of conviviality drifted up to the Crone and Jeipha as they...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Beckoncall FNB - MAIN

    The inner circle gathered inside the glowing gelatinous shelter of a newly constructed tendrilla*. Shirvein, grateful to finally have a proper scyphon dwelling, nibbled on a chunk of turtle meat while Glaemna finished her report. "She survived, but she'll need time to recover," Glaemna said...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Beckoncall FNB - MAIN

    Shirvein glided over the jelly-coated floor of the colony site, her inner circle swimming just behind. The scyphons in her path, however hard at work they appeared to be, scattered out of the crone's way as she advanced. It had been a frantic day — plunging into a long forgotten sea, with...
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - OOC

    Scyphon are NAA 4 life.
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    Nation Building Legacy of Atlantis - Faction Thread!

    Race: Scyphon Racial Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Racial Summary: A matriarchal merfolk variant which have a strong affinity with jellyfish and other gelatinous aquatic creatures. Ruler: Shirvein Umnath (female) Ruler's Title: Crone Gender: Female Age: 261 Jewel of Divinity: Nature Colony...
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    Nation Building Legacies of Atlantis - Underwater Fantasy Nation builder

    Part II 1) Shirvein Umnath, viscous witch and colony crone. She's a calculating, manipulative, fierce, and vain ancient sorceress (witches extend their lives through tendril vampirism) who is excited to depart Daelnadu—her enclave of birth—to found an enclave of her own. But great...
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    Nation Building Birth of Civilisation (OOC PAGE)

    @Hypnos Sorry to do this to you, but I'm going to have to back out of this. I don't have the time to juggle multiple roleplays, and a roleplay that's better suited to my preferences is just getting ready to launch. I hope you understand. Best of luck with this.