Hi all ^-^ My name is Atom. I'm a 25-year-old female who loves of video games (open-world RPGs are my favorite!), 20th century history (especially WWI and the Atomic Age), antiques of all kinds, cinnamon rolls, and the written word. Below are my RP preferences -- feel free to take a peek!

-I'd like to write with people who are 18+ please ^-^

-I like to consider myself advanced/literate (still not sure what quantifies semi-literate and literate on this site and at this point, I'm too afraid to ask!). I've written on both a creative and academic level, so grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and variety, and word choice is pretty important to me; I love the written word and put a lot of effort into everything I write. On average I do around 1,000 words, but will often match my writing partner's length, whether that's as little as 600 words or well over 1,750—of course, that also depends on how well fleshed-out the plot, world, and characters are! The more "connected" I feel to a character, the more I'm going to write. (Prepare yourself from some potentially-obnoxious internal monologuing if I really like the story!) Ideally, I'd like to write with another advanced literate partner. I find that when I'm given shorter responses (with less attention to detail), I tend to lose interest. That's not to say there isn't a place for brevity, or that it's inherently bad, it's just my preference. I love creating atmosphere, and I'm looking for a fellow writer who enjoys the same ^-^

-I write in first person present tense POV. I swear it's not a weird self-insert thing, just a style I picked up a decade ago on my first RP site. As for my RP partners, I don’t have any kind of preference as to which POV you prefer, whatever makes you happy!

-I have no triggers. I like to explore grittier, darker themes, so the plots I enjoy creating will more than likely contain a number of themes including drug-use, self-harm, death, blood, mental illness, etc. (Having a diagnosed mental illness myself, I try my best to approach these topics as respectfully as possible, while at the same time not romanticizing them.)

-I love OOC chat and making friends! If we're writing together, send me art, music, inspiration, whatever! I'd love to see your inspiration outside of writing, however it manifests itself. Me? I love Pinterest boards, and music is the main medium that fuels and inspires my writing. I've also recently started drawing via digital art tablet, so I will constantly be sending (probably not very good) art of our OCs your way. Random chat outside of plotting is great as well; I'm always up for OOC chat!

-I exclusively write male OCs, and am not into doubling or writing canon fandom characters. I like to focus on one character at a time so I can really get a feel for his voice, mannerisms, and personality.

-I post anywhere from every two or three days to once a week, sometimes even every day if I'm really invested in our plot and our characters. If it's been longer than that, feel free to contact me!

-Finally, I'm ghost-friendly -- I totally understand if life gets in the way. Occasionally, I'll fall off the face of the earth, so if you do too, no worries. Sometimes, life comes before writing! I'll always be happy to talk about personal troubles if you need an ear to listen ^-^ No worries about me getting angry, writing is purely for fun!
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