(This is a little in depth, stuff about me and my rp preferences and a little story. If you just want rules then scroll to the end)
Hi guys!
I'm 20 years old and have been rping for a while now, I want to say about 15 years or so. Though this time I've narrowed my OC count, and have been able to form better stories and more complex characters. I often draw my OCs after I make them, just so people can have a visual if that's what they prefer. And if i really like the roleplay story, ill draw side characters.
A little about stuff:
Ive developed a seasoned taste in Fantasy RP, Slice of life, and to be honest romance. I have never successfully group roleplayed, ever. Crazy, I know, you'd think after 15 years I'd have done it. Honestly, I just find group roleplays hectic and unorganized, and they seem to get too large. I prefer one-on-one roleplay, but if theres a small group like of 2 or something that wants a third then im sure thats fine.
Go-to ocs?
Akira-one of my first ocs-Is a mage. Ive had her forever, and im glad with how her character has panned out.
I have plenty of other ocs, but she's got a special place :)
A few of my OC's deal with very real personal issues (all from their pasts, or present if it fits the rp), some of which may make some uncomfortable.(such as depression, and abuse, and SH.) I really do not want to upset anyone or trigger anyones personal struggles, so before I pick an oc ill ask if theres anything that may cause problems. To me it may not be a big deal, but to others it may.
I have plenty of nice, mentally stable ocs as well.
How did i used to roleplay, and what are my roleplays like now?
A while back, I did para-rp in third person, and at one time i believe i was roleplaying with 12 people at once. I stayed up till 4 or 5 am in middle and high school because some of my partners were in a different country.
Currently, i dont like to stay up very late, *usually*. Dont let the paragraph roleplay scare you, I can do like sentence responses and way more simple stuff if its what youre used to. Ive been doing first person rps for the last four years or so, and i really miss the third person, and detail that i can add in para rp. I might be rusty, but i'd love to get back into para roleplay.

♡I do mxf romance only, because Im straight and its more casual for me. However, I may have differing sexualities for my background characters.
◇My oc's have set stories, and i choose my oc based on what kind of rp we are doing and ocs that my partners plan to use. These stories do not involve taking over the entire premise of the RP we do, but they are just my characters experiences and involves a lot of their past.
♧Im a fast replying person, typically. If we are para rping though, please be patient. If you're busy, say so, and I will wait for your return. If I get no explanation for no response and it lasts more than 3 days, Ill consider you uninterested.
♤Please, do not make me pull the weight of the rp, and dont take control of my character unless authorized. (Ive had an experience)
Ill probably add more as i get to know people here.
Thanks for checking in!
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