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When your so paranoid about being lonely, cause your mom went out. So you turn on the tv and make a figure of your mother on her couch, despite having the door close and you cant even see. But it feels better.
I wanna kidnap Rin she’s so cute 💕
Saiyan Princess
Saiyan Princess
Anyone that tries ends up getting hurt!
fighting GIF
Curious, if anyone would RP the original movie "Carrie" with me? Except no one dies. Tommy and Carrie just have to get past her evil mother.
Scrambling to get a doctor to prescribe my medicine before I wind up in another loony bin- got dropped a while back and I managed to get some meds for a while after not having them for 2 months and now I’m about to not have em again. Cuz this month is the last month before I get canceled completely…

I’m gonna be a tired- paranoid- scared- forgetful- crying- violent- moody- dangerous- and crazy boy ones I’m off them because I have medicine for

Smiling Depression
Short term memory loss
Night terrors
Extreme anxiety

And a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting until I look at the millions of bottles I have.
I am sorry. I am having a bit of an autistic issue. I won't be able to respond well to stories at the present. Hopefully. Later today. I can have my brain on enough to respond.
While watching Prisoner of Azkaban last night I had the sudden urge to do a Marauders small group RP with that HP x IT cross over that’s been giving me brain worms something fierce. Would anyone be interested in this? Because 👀 would love to play Remus or Sirius. Heck I’d even allow OCs
Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, Massachusets. 🏀
Some collage basketball player from Denver? Not sure, but I helped him with his rebounds.

Sorry about the game, but I'm sure you'll do better next time, you did before! :-)
Ty <.3
Of course! ^^ <.3
Sorry folks but I’m super busy lately, please for the love of god PING TO REMIND ME! I have so much and I’m barely in this site it’s hard to balance currently.