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I just get so sad when I watch Crisis on Infinite Earths or Endgame....
Like, now I need to write a fanfic with the resurrection of Oliver and one with Tony to cope. *cries quietly*
I'm given to understand this is how most things go in One Piece

Luffy: I'm gonna be King of the Pirates
Stranger: lol you're dumb
*two episodes later*
Stranger: yo you're the coolest can I join your crew
<3<3 It is my first time in this site but I am suck in roleplaying before but I was slowly progressing to be good in my threads. So, my inspiration for roleplaying in this site is you because I really wanted to see how you roleplay & wanted to be a loyal & good person in RPNation
Here's an out of context quote from an animated series i'm working on: "Amilo why are you standing in the middle of the road holing saran wrap?"
Hello i'm looking for someone to do a bnha roleplay with. I looking for someone who experience at playing Deku/Bakugo/Eraserhead/Shoto- The can either be the cannon characters or a villain version of them. I would like the replies to be at least paragraph and for you to use "' when your character speaks. I will be playing as my oc who is a female. If your interested message me or tell me. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk i look forward the roleplaying with you. _-_