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 24. they/them. not straight. mentally ill & disabled.
 i've been at this for 15+ yrs and i know better than to get my fedora in a twist.
 im just a potato, so please dont ask for my ims.

 exactly what it says on the tin. i'm dyin, here.
 i prefer gay shit and trans shit. straight shit is fine, too. just tell me what you want.

 slam that back button if you're here for novels every post.
 i'm pretty slow. by which i mean twice a week is usually my cap, but hey, you might luck out.
 keep me engaged. make jokes. writing style and post length are irrelevant to me.
 for all you picky bitches out there, i write present, third person. deal.

 please, no one under 18.  seriously.  i know it's not a big deal to you, but it is to me.
 pms, threads or gaia if you'd like.


 no fucking nazis.  seriously. what the fuck is wrong with you people?  i shouldn't have to say this.

 while we're at it, no rapists, abusers, or master x slave bs.

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fandoms --
• stardew valley-based: pastoral idealization, small town love story, small towns with secrets

• i would like to play james t. kirk. pretty much anyone is fine opposite him:  jim x spock, jim x bones, jim x sulu, jim x chekov, jim x aliens, jim x your mary sue oc. i don't give a fuck.

• (bend)overwatch:  reaper76, reapermccree, roadrat, dva76, genyatta, mchanzo, reaperrein, genrein. anatracer, ana76, and moar. i like to play reaper, junkrat, genji, and hanzo in that order. i'm also down for most of the ladies. no zarya or tiny gremlin man.

• dc comics: would like to play tim drake, bruce wayne, jason todd, or lex luthor. i am mostly familiar with jlu and 60s & 00s comics, but have some familiarity with rl runs and movies. please keep the joker away from me unless it involves killing him.

• marvel (aus welcome): tony x rhodey, tony x steve, tony x bucky, tony x pepper, tony x bruce, steve x bucky, steve x rhodey, steve x nat, steve x ocs, steve x anyone basically, rhodey x literally anyone i am dying, sam x anyone but especially t'chala. nat x everyone but especially ladies. oc-friendly. not familiar with mcu after avengers.

 sense8-based w/ ocs or sense8, i guess. i'd love to play sun. would involve multiple characters possibly at some point.


original --

• a series of short-term stories all tied together somehow: all the characters live in the same small town, all the characters work at the same diner, all the characters have the same powers, reincarnation, the stories of all the people who have lived in an old house.

• opposites attract: good x bad, shy x stereotypical badass, questioning x out, masc x femme, rich x poor

• military.  people who have seen too much, ptsd:  people with ptsd trying to navigate the world, someone with a rough exterior and a soft heart, a stranger being a support network for someone in need, someone fleeing an abuser and an overly-invested trauma worker, a therapist struggling to keep it professional.

 co-workers who take smoke breaks together.

 more plots here

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I'd be interested in writing a story with you sometime if you ever need a partner. I love Marvel and a lot of your original ideas, so if you ever want to discuss one possibly feel free to drop me a PM someday!

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1 hour ago, KawaiiPikachu said:

I'd be interested to role play with you.

Sure.  PM me with details about what ideas you like.

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