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 coffee shop au. steve rogers the swol barista, natasha the baker, peter parker the coffee grunt.
1940s au. post-wwii steve rogers. natasha the spy readjusting the civilian life. bruce banner the soldier with ptsd. tony stark the entrepreneur genius who's full of regrets post a-bomb. post-war rhodey.
• vegas married au.
 all your faves are trans au. steve, peter, natasha, rhodey.
 disabilties au. deaf steve, autistic tony, arthritic bruce banner.
 tos. willing to play bones or jim.
• tng. would like to play geordi or picard, but open to others.
 sense8-based w/ a new or au cluster
 sun post-season 1 or au
 what do you mean you lost your dog? this is an emergency. let me help.
• honestly legitimately so sorry i spilled my coffee all over you especially cause you're my new boss.
 co-workers who take smoke breaks together.
 military something. rough, tough people who've seen too much.

 funny story about that creepy "haunted" house we grew up across the street from. yeah. actually haunted.
 a coffee shop with a vampire problem.
 solving the town's mystery nancy drew style. turns out that mystery is massive evil conspiracy, and now we're in the middle of it.

 a small town where weird shit happens and everyone acts like it's normal.


there's nothing here yet.
 wwii. post or during. ptsd. gruff people. friends in unexpected places.
lgbt+ people in victorian times.
 sherlock-style shenanigans. sherlock-based down to the names is dandy as well.
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arranged marriage i 
# of characters: 2
genders: any


A has always wanted to get married, so an arranged marriage suits them just fine. The only problem is that B is the same gender as them, and they always thought they were straight.

arranged marriage ii 
# of characters: 2-3
genders: any


A and B have been engaged to marry since they were little kids. Now that they're both 25 years old, it's time for them to get married. The only problem is A has just found out they're vegas married (to C).


questioning x out
# of characters: 2
genders: any


A has never had much of a problem dating the gender they were dating, and after seeing all the grief the gay people around them have gone through, they're glad they're straight. However, once they go off to college in a less closed-minded city than the one they grew up in, they meet B and are filled with attraction... and dread.


shy x sterotypical badass 
# of characters: 2
genders: any


A is as hardcore as they get, and everyone knows better than to fuck with them. Frankly, that's the way they like it. At least, until they meet B, the shyest, cutest person they've ever met. Now if only B weren't afraid of them...

disability i 
# of characters: 2
genders: any

A* is autistic (or other disability), and struggles so much with social interaction they've pretty much given up. Then they meet B, a cashier/barista/waiter/etc. who seems to have no problem with their view on life.

* i'd ask you not play A unless you have a disability.

the dragonslayer 
# of characters: 2
genders: ? x F


A is the renown dragonslayer, gone from obscurity to fame in the span of one night. B is the court's coldest of ladies, with unparalleled beauty, but no care for those around her until the dragonslayer enters her court. The beautiful statue's eyes light up, and this no one knight becomes the treasure of the wealthiest lady in the court.

the forest witch 
# of characters: 2
genders: any


There have long been stories that a witch inhabits and protects the forest on the edge of the kingdom. When A is forced to traverse through its depths, they are sure that they will meet their end at the hands of a ferocious forest monster. Suddenly, the taste of the magic filling the air, the beast is slain, and there stands B.


the beast's wrath 
# of characters: 2+
genders: any


There was once a foolish, arrogant king.  This king, a mere mortal, thought himself to be mighty and infinite.  In fact, he thought himself so mighty that he captured A to use as a display of power.  10 years later, the entirerty of the king's court was wiped out.


So said A, standing amongst their corpses: "Fear my wrath, mortals.  Your king's arrogance will be your end," and so a curse fell over the once-mighty kingdom.  50 years later, B (et. al) has set out to find and slay the beast who cursed their homeland.


beauty and the clockwork beast 

# of characters: 2 (+sides) 

genders: any x m


There was once a castle on a hill. Inside dwelled a rich and powerful family with two beautiful children. Well, that was 200 years ago. No one knows what happened to them, and no one has entered the castle in years until one day A  steps through the doors seeking shelter. There dwells the beast (B). 

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DATED: May 4th, 16.
A crew is like a caste except that there are no discussions of mating, and Tide is still the only Lonian, even as they all gather together on the bridge like a meeting of ranking caste members. They are, in fact, the only Lonian on board. They are one of 50 Lonians in the entirety of the Federation, a piddling little number which screams of abandoned kin. Many of the federation Lonians were cast out and went to the Federation as refuge. Some, like Ti'xide, simply had nothing tying them to their home planet.

Tide is no longer mated, no longer feels the pull of D'ul caste. At most, they miss the smells of the Ca'ai fields—a sweet grain used in cakes and breads. The smell of it can waft for earth miles, sweet, almost sticky; and sharp, like a snake bite—and the taste of D'ul morning soup. They have programmed it into the replicator, but the taste is not quite right, so they have a preference for other morning foods unless they're feeling unusually homesick, which mostly occurs when they're feeling puzzled by something or when they're saddened. They've been eating a lot of D'ul morning soup, lately.

"Quite so, Lieutenant." Tide offers the closest they can to a smile, being careful not to brandish too many of their teeth, all of which are razor-sharp. Not all Lonians have teeth quite as vicious as Ti'xide's, but Caste D'ul is mostly carnivorous, and their teeth evolved to meet this need. Or perhaps the teeth of other castes dulled. It is unclear. Either way, Tide understands that most humanoids find teeth to be quite threatening, so they keep their smiles careful and muted. It's a human gesture, in any case. Lonians do not smile.

The captain in question steps onto the bridge along with the first officer, who has been running herself ragged as of late. Tide is half-tempted to confine her to bed rest if only because doing so now will save them time and supplies later on, but perhaps with a captain aboard, she will finally begin to take better care of herself again. They are both appear to be human. Unsurprising. For all of Starfleet's touting their acceptance of all races, they do seem to favour their own.

Their tail curls and then sweeps from their head to their toes in a formal gesture of greeting, lengths of fabric pouring after their tail as it moves. The gesture also releases some of their pheromones, not that either of them will be able to smell them. Most humanoids do not have sensitive enough olfactory senses to consciously pick up on pheromones, although there have been studies which indicate they can at least pick up on their own species subconsciously, and sometimes others. Tide has found most don't pick up on Lonian pheromones, but they have met a few fascinating exceptions. Mostly those who had been born and grew up in space.

"Such incidents rarely bring complicated medical procedures. Only many simple ones. I am fortunate to have experience in swiftness." Research missions had often meant quickly adjusting to unexpected circumstances, but lacerations, burns, and broken bones were common to any emergency situation.
DATED: Feb 10th, 16.
As a college professor, there are some things which Arthur must do that he would rather not. For example, he'd rather not teach basic math, something which is required by the college for graduation, but the math department is small, and the other professors insist that he is the most personable, which is of course absurd, because he hates people, and he especially hates unruly people, which makes basic math his ultimate nightmare, but somehow he ends up teaching basic math every two or three semesters.

Blessedly, the class is at 10. Not too early for the late sleepers and not so late that they're all thinking about lunch, although he's guessing he'll start losing some of them by the end of it, anyway. The class is three times a week and an hour long, the last class most of them probably have before lunch.

Walking into the small lecture hall—despite the requirement, math has a low prescription, low attendance, and small class sizes. There also tends to be a lot of upper level students who've waited until their last year or so to fill the requirements—Arthur sets his briefcase down on the desk and pulls out his things, straightening his tie before finally giving the class of 50 students a slow look.

"I'm Arthur Bishop. Call me Mr. Bishop, Dr. Bishop, Professor Bishop or sir. It doesn't really matter to me, but don't call me Arthur. Welcome to Math 110. Food and water are allowed as long as I can't hear it, and if you're going to skip class, please come up with a better excuse than 'my goldfish got sick'. If you'd like to fail, that's none of my business, but if you're clearly skipping, then unfortunately I'm obligated to do something about it, and I'd rather not waste my time. So, if you can't factor polynomials, at least be clever enough to get out of it like the intelligent students you're supposed to be. Any questions?"


DATED: Sep 23rd, 16.
Ah, the otaku boy. Married, if you ask them, not that any of them could make a real woman out of anyone. Petty, temperamental, and so insgnificant that Saika wouldn't even call them the worst of the worst when it comes to boys. There's nothing worse than a perv, but otaku never pine after real women, so they can't even do that right.

He matters so little that she doesn't even notice him at first. He says her name and she flicks her eyes over briefly before turning her head. Honda-san had said she was hiring someone new, but Saika had never imagined it'd be this loser. He's looking at her with what can only be described as a combination of disdain and fear. What a joke.

Everyone knows his mommy drives him to school. He must be a real burden on his family, not that Saika is much better. Her papa must be stressed out to have a daughter like her, and the older her sister Rina-chan gets, the more trouble she's getting at school. She's 12 now. Ah, so cute... Saika could just crush her in hugs.

Saika is distracted momentarily thinking about what she's going to make for dinner before deciding on teriyaki and miso. Something warm for the cooling weather...

Slipping a hand up under her skirt, Saika adjusts her pantyhose and gives Nomiyama a sly grin. "Well, I guess you're my kohai again, Nomiyama."

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