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Yuri GreyThorn

Meme Jesus
There are Twelve different Lands in total, Each ruled by a special human, with abilities that surpass that of the rest of their people. Over Hundreds of years, these Rulers would meet together, and If it comes to it, they work to protect the whole land.

The year is 1678, and most of the rulers are still only in their teens. But they must leave their kingdoms, and start to make their way in the middle and meet up. Some will fall in love, others won't. Alliances will be built, others will be Rivals. But in the end, they all have an evil festering deep within them. It comes up, and shows in different ways, Wether it be Pure Rage, or a sadistic side. But each evil pertains in some way to the Zodiac that the Ruler represents.

They will all have to travel many miles of treacherous ground to reach the meeting point, but in the end, it has to happen.

The Twelve different lands, are indeed different, and some are poor, some are ungodly rich, but in a way, they are all feared, they are all the same, they are all loved.

  • The Aries hails from "The Fortress". The people of this land are usually stronger than most, but are poor, as they live in the mountains, they have very little meat, and mainly live off of the many farms. The Zodiac Ruler of this Land has the strength to throw boulders farther than a quarterback can a football, and Generally has stronger skin, though not as much stronger as the Cancer.
- Yuri's evil is his pure rage, once he gets upset, or mad, he lashes out uncontrollably at everything around him, and in a way, it makes him stronger, as his rage drives him.

  • The Aquarius hails from the "Glistening Sea", A beautiful Underwater land, that is an Underwater kingdom, it is generally peaceful, and they have plenty of food. The people are more or less Mermaids/Mermen, and can manipulate the water while underwater. The Ruler's Ability is to manipulate water, even on land.

  • The Cancer comes from beaches and Lakes, their land is called the "Shell Sands" they are happy and content with life, they have farms on the beaches, and have plenty of meat from the fish in the lakes they surround. They are a hardy people, and they generally can take more abuse than everyone else. The Cancer Ruler has Seemingly impenetrable skin, and a grip that only someone like the Aries can break out of.

  • The Capricorn comes from The highest mountains in the land, "The Peaks" and are generally in the same situation as the Aries, however, they have literally hard-heading people, and take the entire mountains for themselves, as well as the many benefits they can get. The Capricorn Ruler has the ability to Charge headfirst, and potentially cripple someone by doing so, and they have Extra speed over everyone else.

  • The Gemini from the richest Land and Territory in all the lands. Their Kingdom goes by the name "The Golden Land". They are your average
    Kings, queens, nobles, just normal humans, aside from from the Current Ruler. The Gemini has the ability to manipulate people's emotions, including other Zodiac's.

  • The Leo Hails from the lands full of overgrowth, it's mostly rainforest, It goes by "The Wetlands" and they get by however they can, they are a prideful people, and proud of their ruler. The Ruler has better instincts than everyone else, and better reflexes. Oh, and the can manipulate fire, though not very well.

  • The Libra hails from a Semi-rich Land, where everyone is mainly normal, except for a strong sense of balance, if they feel it is for the better, the entire kingdom will go to war. Their land has no name. The Libra has the ability to sense Good and Evil in people, as well as Heightened intelligence

  • The Pieces comes from the opposite oceans that the Aquarius does. They come from the "Endless torrents", it's a brutal ocean, where there are constant whirlpools, and pure chaos. The people are strong and quick-witted. The Pieces is just human on land, but can win just about any fight in the water, as that is what powers them.

  • The Sagittarius comes from deep, lush forests, compared to everyone else, they are rich in their own way, but to everyone else, they are poor, aside from the meats they provide. They are all hunters, and are all quite good with a bow. The Sagittarius almost never misses a shot, and ca smell just about anything, and track it.

  • The Scorpio Hails from the Desert Dunes, actually, it's just the Sahara desert. Their people have adapted to where they can survive longer than everyone else without water. They make alot of jewlery and pottery. The Scorpio can Literally see and feel sound.

  • The Taurus Rules the Plains, which has no name, they hunt and use weapons like spears, swords, etc. The plains they live in are pretty self explanatory, but they do alot of farming and animal breeding. The Taurus Ruler can Manipulate the Earth to a certain extent.

  • The Virgo comes from a land of unlimited beauty, called the "Holy Ground". The people who live here try to make everything perfect, and hate imperfection. They live in lush, forests, that have been cut only to make pathways to their kingdom. The Virgo themselves has no real combat ability, but can infatuate any enemy.

  • Let me know if you are interested, list what Zodiac you want, and give me a link to your character, if I decide that it's good, I'll let ya in and show you took that spot!
Aries-Yuri GreyThorn
Sagittarius- Bellona Argenteis
Pisces - Cordelia Pelland
Cancer - Thalassa Islay
Taurus - Toro of the Eye
Scorpio - Allison Dawnson
Virgo - Solomon Aldine
Gemini - Castori Geminorum
Leo - Jaron Diaz
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Shawty’s like a melody in my head
Ooh, can I claim my zodiac the Leo? I’ll probably need a form to fill out my character but I’d love to take part in this.

Yuri GreyThorn

Meme Jesus
You want a link to the our character? Will you not be making a cs?
How do I link a character?
Would love to claim Sagittarius
Ooh, can I claim my zodiac the Leo? I’ll probably need a form to fill out my character but I’d love to take part in this.


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We are here, and the cs thread is up.

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