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Fantasy Zodiac OOC


Jason is many things. Mean ain't one. Though he can get so wrapped up in the change that he wants to bring that he unintentionally ignores the ones he loves.


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Oh no, and a pisces person is like a puppy when they are in love. They will make sure that you don't ignore them, and they will bring gifts to the person they are in love with. They do respect a person's freedom, and whatever you do. Don't make them angry.


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Yep, and the reason why I said don't make a pisces person angry. They will out smart you, and they will always remember what you did to them. <--- They can be scary like the Endless Torrents.


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yo guys
if any of the rulers decides to visit your region how do you imagine that
I'm super corious what aspects of the region you find most interesting/you'd like a foreigner to see
It's a question to all of you but you don't have to answer if you don't want to


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Any ruler who tries to visit the Pisces kingdom without the Pisces ruler or her people is a goner. ( The Aries ruler would try to visit them though. )


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Guys - I'm super sorry but i can't continue this RP (even though; I dropped one post.)

Still; I am thankful that I could join and I hope that you find someone to fill my shoes.

Have Fun & Enjoy yourselves.

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Yeah, me too. Sorry for not being too active and hopefully it isn’t too much of a loss for me to leave.

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My haitus is technically not over... However, I am gonna try and be back as much as I can y'all. It might not be much, but those of you who are left, please, make posts so we can continue this!

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