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Fantasy Zodiac OOC

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Naw it’s fine. I noticed a bit too late that the Leo region is “overgrown” with trees or whatever


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Noct: writes a response, that looks clear, gives off the feeling of what their character is like, briefly describes what said character is wearing, initiates the first interaction between characters...

Korni: Ugh idk just write whatever

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Yo, I just forwarded the story, anyone who isn't already at the cottage, get there, and everyone, think up ideas for the Zodiac rooms. Also, how have y'all been?


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Pisces's room is definitely ocean theme. 🙂
I am doing good.
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Yuri: Oh my gosh. Everybody here has powers.
That would be a yes and no for me, since I only have my minor water manipulation right now.


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Bellona: Oh my gosh. Why are you guys so chilled with each other?
Cordelia: We want to get to know each other. <--- They know what happened to their ancestors, but this is an opportunity for the current rulers to understand each other and their kingdoms.
( Cordelia is the youngest btw. They are 18. )
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Bellona doesn't trust other rulers and doesn't want to be getting all friendly with them
She was kinda raised by her father to give her people especially her family preferencial treatment

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