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Cool Cool
No one nowadays really took the bus for long distance travel. An airplane is far more convenient for a cross country journey. If one couldn't afford to fly, normally they would take a road trip. Finding new adventures on the way. Being in a hot bus for days with strangers was not usually a person's first choice. Not unless they were running from something. Then, a bus ride seemed like a good idea. Cheap, easy, fairly fast, and, if you used cash to buy your ticket, hard to track.

It was early June as one particular bus traveled the long 10 hour stretch between Topeka, Kansas and the next bus stop in Denver, Colorado. It had been a extremely hot day in the mid-west United States. The storm clouds in the sky held ominous pressure from oncoming rain. The bus was practically empty during this time. There were only four passengers, the driver making a fifth body in the vehicle. None of them spoke to each other. The only noise they made were grumbles when the driver said they would have to take a three hour detour due to a car accident. As night fell, the clouds that had been holding back the rain released their hold. The summer rain pattered gently on the windows. All of the passengers were either sleeping, listening to music, or staring out the window. Maybe they should have seen it coming, with the rain and the detour being obvious signs for trouble.

At 10:46pm, the bus decided that it was finished with it's journey and broke down, refusing to start again. The motley crew was now stranded in the middle of nowhere. Better yet, there was no cellphone signal. The gentle sound of the rain did nothing to calm the group's nerves. Thankfully there was a road sign saying there was a town up the road. Deciding it was best to stay together as to not get murdered, the five of them made the half mile walk to the town in the rain. Was it dumb to walk there in the rain? Maybe. But none of them wanted to stay still and loose time.

When they finally made it to this so called "town" they found out it wasn't much of a town at all. It was a pit stop with an old gas station, a dingey motel, a tiny corner store, and a smokey bar. The locals don't seem very trusting, or trustworthy for that matter. To make things even worse, there are only two hotel rooms available because it seems people live in the other rooms like apartments. This was definitely not what they had signed up for.

The next morning the driver was able to get someone to take him to a mechanic's shop in the next town over. Which was 2 hours away. Not only that, but the only mechanic in the area had just gone on vacation and wouldn't be back for another three weeks. The group had two options, stay put and wait for the bus to be fixed or find another way to their destination. Lacking cellphone service was a huge down side, but did any of them really want to call someone anyway? The truth was every one of the passengers has a dirty secret, a reason why they don't want to be found, a reason to run away. Will the next three weeks cause them more trouble than it's worth? And will they be able to keep their lips sealed tight? Or will all be revealed for the true person they are?

Each 'role' is a prompt for the character's secret.

Secret one
"It was an accident, but no one will believe me when I tell them."

Secret two
"He can't find me. I won't let it happen. Not again."

Secret three
"I know it wasn't mine, but I just had to have it. Others just don't understand."

Secret four
"This is what I get for cheating. Why did I think that was a good idea?"

1. All RPN rules apply. Fade to black when needed.

2. Discord for OOC is a must.

3. Roles are not first come first serve. The characters that seem to fit the best and are the most creative will be chosen.

4. There are no specific genders for each role, but one male and two females are what I am looking for.

5. Literacy, at least 2 good sized paragraphs, will be expected. I understand that creativity comes and goes, but one liners are not okay.

6. Mature themes and possible triggers could be brought up. If you don't feel comfortable, this may not be the RP for you. Please handle sensitive topics with maturity.

7. The minimum post requirement is once a week, unless we have discussed otherwise. Real life always comes first.

8. Be kind and cooperative with everyone. We all just want to have fun!

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zip it, lock it
put it in your pocket
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hi there! i'm super interested in this so i took a quick look at the cs thread and it looks like all of the character spots have been taken. is this still open for applications? (:


Cool Cool
@invariance yes! You are welcome to apply to any one of the spots (except secret 1)! It's not first come first serve, so no spots are officially taken yet. I'll choose which characters works the best for the rp when all cs are completed or at the deadline.

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