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Yup or Yep?

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Sophie //zealous member
This is the ultimate battle......Who will win? Yup or Yep? Cast your vote to determine the fate of the universe. Get your tissues ready, retreat to your safe spot because this is about to go. down.
*instert scary music*

Noble Scion

The unlucky hopeful
Depends on the situation..
If I’m bored and don’t feel like contributing to a conversation, I say yup
Or if I’m reaffirming something I just said, I’ll say yep


- a shy snowfall -
I don't think I've ever used "yup" or seen anyone use it, at least in my circle of friends. But it's interesting to see the differences people use. I've never thought about it before haha.


I'll stop the world for gum.
I use yup more than yep. I guess either could work but I still find myself with yup most of the time.


Unyielding Resolve
Interesting topic. I never thought of this before.
I rarely use either of those, I usually say "yeah" or just "yes". But I guess might be leaning towards "yep" here.


Dannigan's Lady
I use both too, but I couldn't tell you why I use which >.> I think it's "Yep" more? Also yeah and yes, but not yeee.

Mia Moulop

And such good luck
I use both. I don't even have situations where I prefer one over the other. I just kind of use the first one that comes to my head in the moment.

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