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Fandom Yu-Gi-Oh! Otherworld Capsule Fighters -- In Character

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Mythy The Dragonwolf

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Ansel had just been walking. That's it, walking. he'd been chatting about YuGiOh with his friend Kaiden while they headed off to their main lunch place when suddenly his spirit - Black Luster Solder - said something about it being "time". And before anything else could be said, Ansel passed out, vision going black.

When he woke up, he noticed a few things. First he was on a verdant green hill he never seen before. Second, his right hand was heavy - there was some sort of golden gauntlet on it - and third, there was some sort of.. teen? Standing over him. Wait... was it?

"Hey, good you're awake. Call me Chosen, there's not much time to explain. The energy your arrival created will have summoned some less-than-savory folk, so get your friends up and let's get crackin."

Ansel blinked. No doubt about it... he recognized the guy. He was from a Yugioh card! And... friends? Looking to the side, he saw both Kaiden and someone else from his past. What was it? Gang leader 'Oh Geez'? He didn't like it but it'd been a while since the only time they met.

Even so, Ansel didn't say anything right away. It was a bit overwhelming... was he in the world of YuGiOh?

Elsewhere, two other groups would awaken in a similar fashion...

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Two other young people ended up at a pond within sight of the hill...

Group 3
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And a third group would find themselves in a small tree grove, creating a sort of triangle between the points of entrance.​

Neo Alice

Mahō Shōjo

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Seilah Szardos
Seilah displayed a full spread of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards on the table, serious face as she interpreted the results. ”Tks… Honestly, I don’t need more setbacks.” She rolls her eyes as the woman in front of her crosses her arms. She was dressed in a white and blue mage outfit and her white hair made contrast with Seilah’s black one.

”You know how it is, shuffle them all you want. Fate won’t be changed that easily.”

”I know, Azura.” She called her by the name she chose for her, Silent Magician Lv8 was long and generic, not suited for conversations. ”Let’s go then, wasting time won’t help at all.” She lost consciousness for a moment, not sure exactly how much time but when she woke up her body had gained some new features. Her head had two long demonic horns, tattoos adorned her skin and her eyes were glowing red.

”Looking nice little witch.” Azura’s voice was serious as ever, even if somewhat trying to tease her master.

Seilah noticed a golden gauntlet in her hand, it felt a bit heavy but still manageable. ”This is it?” She watched as Azura nodded to her question and then glanced at the people still laying on the floor. ”Hey! Are you guys enjoying your little nap? Wake up people! Lives are at stake around here, ours to be precise.” She tapped the floor with her left foot, annoyed at the lack of professionalism of the other “chosen ones”. She rolled her eyes once more, her cards are never wrong and this wasn’t going to be an easy journey.


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Kevin had been walking home from school when he heard Master Diamond's voice. "Fulfill your destiny" He was confused what the Duel Spirit but since there were people around he couldn't just ask without seeming crazy. Instead he reached around for his phone, so he could pretend to have a conversation that way. Unfortunately the instant his hand touched his phone he blacked out.

When he came too the first things he noticed were that he was in some kind of small forest and that some girl with horns was tapping her foot impatiently saying something about their lives being at stakes. As he got up he noticed some kinda golden gauntlet covering his left arm.

Normally he would think that the girl was overreacting but they were in some unknown place,. Doing his best not to seem shocked by her horns he walked up to her. "Do you have any idea what is going on? Ma..my friend contacted me and basically the next thing I know I'm here where ever here is."

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Allen Fowler
Allen was on his way home from his part-time job, yes even someone as lazy as he needed to work. Shortly after graduating high school, Allen moved out of his parents into a shabby little studio apartment it wasn't much but it was a lot better than being homeless. It wasn't all bad now he didn't have to listen to his parents constantly nagging him it was peaceful and free of any responsibilities, just as Allen wanted it. In the back of his head, Allen could hear a voice say something about destiny or fate or whatever he didn't really care about. It was probably just some, but as soon as he pushed the thought away everything went black.

Next thing Allen knew he was awoken by the constant blabbering of some girl, "Ugh could you yell any louder," he groaned, lifting himself off the ground. Looks like he was in some forest or something, there was an average looking guy who looked lost and confused, as well as the horned girl who was yelling. "What a pain," he mumbled to himself, this better be some weird lucid dream or something, maybe if he went back to sleep he'd wake up somewhere better.

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Scarlet Monday

Scarlet was on her bed surrounded by her stuffed animals and enjoying her latest romance novel, The Rose and the Rider. This was the fourth one she had read just this week but nothing was better then curling up with a good book after a couple hours of babysitting. She was tempted to finish it here and now but she had promised herself that she would practice her duelling so, with regret, she put the book down. Scarlet flipped around and crawled to the end of the bed and searched through her bag for her "deck", a rather loose term, considering it was a few cards short as it was.

Finding it, Scarlet slid the few last inches off her bed, resting her stomach on the floor as she faced off against her adversary, an elephant stuffed toy who already had a collection of cards in front of him. Kicking her legs in the air as she drew her hand, the determined duellist studied her cards eagerly, strategizing all her moves for the match ahead, making sure all her bases were covered and every move would be flawless. A long, loud yawn shattered her fantasy as she covered her mouth.

I knew I shouldn't have read those last couple of chapters. Scarlet thought to herself.

Scrambling back up the bed she rested her head on her pillow, and looked at the ceiling . A quick nap won't do me any harm. She closed her eyes and let sleep take here, her deck still held firmly in her hands.

Feeling a flower brushing on her nose Scarlet opened her eyes, before shooting up and letting out a dainty sneeze. Rubbing her nose, the young girl was startled to see she had woken up in a vast meadow, next to a beautiful pond. Looking around in both awe and surprise, she noticed a young boy a few feet away laying in the grass. Jumping to her feet Scarlet rushed to his side hoping he wasn't injured or worse, but he seemed to be alright, only sleeping. Letting out a sigh of relief, the young girl sat next to him and waited for him to wake, keeping a close on him and their surroundings.

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Oh-Gi King

The Oh-Gi was thumbing through his deck as he walked through an alley. He had managed to get his hands on some new cards and they were pretty dope. He was passing by the old basketball court when he heard the sound of a ball rebounding of the backboard. The Oh-Gi slipped his deck away into his back pocket and looked up towards the noise. He could see a tall, muscular dude with blue dreadlocks taking shots at the hoop. The Oh-Gi could recognise the brotha' had some skill but he should've known better than to be shootin' hoops in Playmaker turf without his permission.

"Hey!" Oh-Gi pointed his finger at the dreadlocked stranger. "What do ya think yo doin', man. Dis court belongs to tha Playmakers. An' tha Oh-Gi 'ere-" He pointed his thumb towards his chest. "-sure has hell ain't giv'n ya his permission ta be shootin' hoops in his turf!"

The stranger seemed unfazed by the Oh-Gi attempts at intimidation and took one more shot at the hoop before picking up the ball and turning to face him. A smile crossed the strangers face and he passed the ball to Oh-Gi. He was caught off guard by the throw but managed to catch the ball anyway when suddenly everything went black.

The next thing the Oh-Gi knew he was lying on some hill in the middle of nowhere. As he climbed to his feet, he noticed he was wearing a dope ass golden gauntlet on his right hand. Damn, he thought, now dis is some bling worthy of the King of Game. Once the Oh-Gi had finishing admiring his latest trinket, he saw two dudes talking a short distance away. The Oh-Gi instantly concluded they had to be somehow involved in his mysterious abduction.

"Yo, punks! Tha Oh-Gi's giv'n ya bout five seconds ta s'plain what tha hell is goin' on." The Oh-Gi cracked his
knuckles. "After dat, I'ma goin' ta leave it ta ma boi's 'ere ta ask tha questions."

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