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Fandom Yu-Gi-Oh! Dueling Legacy Character Sheets


Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along
Physical Description or Image:

True Gender:
Gender Identity: (In case your character considers himself or herself the opposite.)

Ace Monster: (Their Best card that they usually always summons as their finisher.)

Deck List:


Rules for deck construction:

No Exodia decks.
None of the following card Series can be used due to being either one of a kind, or because they're for future arcs: Sacred Beasts, Numbers, Egyptian Gods, Dimension Dragons, Signer/Duel Dragons, Yubel, Legendary Knights/Dragons, Neo-Space/Neos, Cyberdark, Crystal Beasts.

All deck archetypes are first come first serve. No repeats are allowed.

Claimed Archetypes:
Dragon Maid/Felgrand, Black Luster Soldier (Illyasviel)
Shiranui/Zombie World (GasMaskie)
Endymion, Amorphage (HellsHaven)
D/D/D, Superheavy Samurai, Darklord (BoltBeam)
Dark Magician (ManofManyRoles)
Toon (Acethekidd)
Frightfur and Madolche (Bum Bear)
F.A. (Nenama Takashi)
Odd-Eyes (Thawne)
Psy-Frame (TBPx)
Elemental Hero (ChazGhost)
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Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along
(Note, Hair color is red, with the Ahoge being blue in color. Her eyes are also green and she has a light tan on her body.)

Name: Ryuko Izinski
Age: 16
True Gender: Female
Personality: Ryuko has a somewhat loner attitude. She doesn't enjoy hanging out with others alot, but she will try to socialize when she needs to. She eventually takes on more of a energetic personality that is always up for a good duel. She really hates people who try to take things through force and deacit, and will try to put a stop to those people through her own power.
Backstory: A Girl who is related to a famous duelist. She actually came to the city in search of her missing father, but so far had zero results as to where her father could be. She also has an odd connection to her cards......

Ace Monster: Dragon Maid Hauskee, Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand

Deck List:

Main (40)
Monsters (24):
2x Arkbrave Dragon
2x Darkblaze Dragon
2x Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand
2x Dragon Knight of Creation
2x Dragonmaid Erde
2x Dragonmaid Flamme
2x Dragonmaid Fluss
2x Dragonmaid Laudry
2x Dragonmaid Luft
2x Dragonmaid Nasary
2x Dragonmaid Parla
2x Dragonmaid Tillroo
Spells (11):
1x Dragonmaid Changing
2x Dragonmaid Hospitality
2x Dragonmaid Reception
2x Dragonmaids' Sendoff
2x Return of the Dragon Lords
2x Stamping Destruction
Traps (5):
1x Castle of Dragon Souls
1x Dragon's Rage
1x Dragon's Rebirth
1x Dragonmaid Relaxation
1x Storm Dragon's Return
Extra (3)
1x Dark Armed, the Dragon of Annihilation
1x Dragonmaid Hauskee
1x Trishula, the Dragon of Icy Imprisonment


"Wait and Hope"
"Shall we duel?"
Name: "Dorchadas"
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Perhaps contrary to his usual attire, "Dorchadas" is a playful person with a warm smile. Which only makes his ruthlessness in duels even more jarring - it's said that a sadistic grin graces his face once Doomking Balerdroch hits the field and begins to dominate the duel. Despite his specialization in Synchro Summoning, he's extremely averse to turbo dueling due to his motion sickness.
Backstory: An infamous net-duelist, the young man who guys only by the alias of "Dorchadas" is a mysterious individual. Having recently moved to Horizon City for undisclosed reasons, Dorchadas hopes to futher hone his skills as a duelist and make a transition to the pro circuit.

Ace Monsters: Doomking Balerdroch, Shiranui Sunsaga

Monsters (23):
Shiranui Solitaire x3
Shiranui Squire x3
Shiranui Samurai x1
Shiranui Spiritmaster x2
Shiranui Spectralsword x1
Shiranui Spectralsword of Shade x1
Mezuki x3
Uni-Zombie x3
Doomking Balerdroch x2
Necroworld Banshee x2
Glow-Up Bloom x2

Spells (12):
Ghost Meets Girl - A Shiranui's Story x3
Shiranui Style Succession x3
Zombie World x2
Zombie Power Struggle x1
Zombie Necronize x1
Foolish Burial x1
Gold Sarcophagus x1

Traps (5):
Shiranui Style Swallow's Slash x3
Rivalry of the Warlords x2

Extra Deck (12):
Shiranui Sunsaga x1
Shiranui Shogunsaga x1
Shiranui Squiresaga x2
Shiranui Samuraisaga x1
Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon x1
Doomkaiser Dragon x1
Revived King Ha Des x1
Archfiend Zombie-Skull x1
PSY-Framelord Omega x1
Dragon Berserker of the Tenyi x1
Crimson Blader x1
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Dark Lord of Edge and Demonic Potatoes
Hey, Liz, this better not be one of your 'tests'. Once I find you, it'll be my turn to do the scolding.
Raidrair Ainsworth

  • 1566528644198.pngName: Raidriar Ainsworth

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Raidriar is uncaring for himself and those around him. He sees Duelling as nothing more than a game, and thus treats it as one. He is constantly seen trashtalking opponents using some sort of cryptic language of the internet. He's got a pretty foul mouth, cursing whenever and wherever he wants, and stubbornly refuses to believe stuff like 'spirits' exist, until he's been dragged to hell and back by one. Except, that did happen but he stubbornly belives that was a result of him getting high off of a marker.

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Height: 181 cm

    Weight: 64 kg

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Ready to set the world on fire?

Name: Avery Black
Age: 12
True Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Personality: Avery is just your normal, typical trouble making kid. He often finds his self
in trouble were ever he may go. He's not necessarily mature, but he is one witty squirt. He uses "adorable." charms
to trick people to do what or give him what he wants. Since he is rather young, Avery can be childish. He'll challenge
anyone, no matter how strong they may be. The kid' is very stubborn, doesn't really listen to others. He's a free spirit
and can actually be a good person if he wanted to. sometimes he'll lose that playful nature of his and buckle down
Backstory: Avery's life was..abit rough. He did live his parent's for a while, but since his family was in a really tight spot,
they could no longer take care of him. He sent to live his grandmother when he four, where she has been taking care of
Avery since. As he grew up, Avery was drawn into the world of cartoon thanks to his grandmother, who actually drew
them for a living. It was when he had turn seven when his life had really went down hill. His mother had grew sick
and was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, she sent to a home where she had to spend the rest of her days.
Avery was sent to a foster home, waiting to hear form his parents. Honestly, he doesn't care if they show up not.
Now, he still lives there waiting for his family or a new one. Avery has costed so much trouble that no wants to keep

Ace Monster: Toon ancient gear golem

Deck List: Toon deck||40 main deck
Monsters: (19)
1x Toon Ancient Gear Golem
1xDinowrestler Pankratops
2x Red-Eyes Toon Dragon
2x Toon Dark Magician
2x Toon Gemini elf
2x Toon Mermaid
3X Toon Cyber Dragon
3X Toon Masked Sorcerer
3x The Black Stone Of Legend

Spells: (14)
1x Monster Reborn
1x One for One
1x Terraforming
2x Comic Hand
3 x Instant Fusion
3x Toon Table of Contents
3x Toon Kingdom

Traps (7)
1x Metaverse
2x Evenly Matched
2x Toon Briefcase
2 x Infinite Impermanence

Extra Deck: (7)
1x Millennium-Eyes Restrict
1x Thousand-Eyes Restrict
1x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
1x torando dragon
1x Redeyes Flare Metal Dragon
1x Cyber Dragon Nova
2x Panzer Dragon

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Engineer Of The Deep
"I do not care what happens to my grades at this point. A life is given to us so we can enjoy the world, and that's what I intend to do."

Physical Description or Image: An average height girl, forever locked in paralysis due to a past incident and is in a wheelchair as a result. She wears a yellow jacket (always left undone) with an orange-black striped shirt below it and then torn jeans below in purple (with the torn parts around the feet and her knees). She's also got a black-white squared pattern bow on her and to her left, and purple sneaker-like shoes down below (despite the fact they're practically useless). As for remaining features, she has long brown hair (in twin tails), blue eyes and is averagely toned as well.

Name: Kaguya Tsutomei
Age: 21
True Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Alignment: Lawful Good
Height: 5'7 (170 cm)
Weight: 55 kg
Deck (Reflection): Kaguya's decks seem to reflect her overwhelming laziness in some manner, but ultimately leads to her monsters doing most of the work (as people would in real life situations) for her.
Personality: If you're trying to find someone productive, this is the wrong person entirely. Kaguya has an overwhelmingly lazy personality, refusing to go anywhere unless she would generally want to. She cares for those who she gets visits from and has in common with (and sometimes prepares gifts of some kind either to repay and/or thank people), but still frequently asks for help from others, not only because she's pretty incapable, but because she just doesn't want to do it herself. However, people were warded away by her laziness, and due to this lack of interaction, Kaguya is not that much of a big speaker to others, lacking social skills too.
Backstory: Kaguya was once a regular visitor at a Duel Academy, wanting to get into it herself. In this time, she spent two months visiting until she left and left behind a note that said she was heavily considering it. However, the day before she would decide if she went there or not, an unspoken incident unknown to her had caused her legs to forever be paralysed, preventing her from walking and thus moving altogether. She spent another two months of her time in hospital until they finally got a solution for her - that wheelchair she's now in. She later went on to join that very Duel Academy - only to be lower ranking than what she once was due to 'complications', and this entire incident also gave birth to her laziness she's known for. She would leave that Duel Academy less than a year later, forever crushed by the sudden change and has never told anyone the full story.

Ace Monster: Divine-Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero G.O.D Reiji
Main Deck (48)
Monsters (30)

X1 Divine Go-D/D/D Zero King Zero G.O.D. Reiji
X1 D/D/D Destiny King Zero Laplace
X2 D/D/D Supreme King Kaiser
X2 D/D/D Rebel King Leonidas
X2 D/D Vice Typhon
X2 D/D Savant Newton
X2 D/D Savant Nikola
X2 D/D Proud Chevalier
X2 D/D Berfomet
X2 D/D Lilith
X2 D/D Savant Copernicus
X2 D/D Nighthowl
X2 D/D Ghost
X2 D/D Swirl Slime
X2 D/D Lamia
X2 D/D Savant Kepler
Spells (8)
X2 Dark Contract with the Yamimakai
X2 Dark Contract with the Gate
X2 Dark Contract with the Entities
X2 Dark Contract with the Swamp King
Traps (10)
X2 Contract Laundering
X2 D/D/D Human Resources
X2 Dark Contract with the Eternal Darkness
X2 Dark Contract with Errors
X2 D/D Reroll
Extra Deck (12)
X1 D/D/D Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok
X1 D/D/D Flame High King Genghis
X1 D/D/D Oracle King d'Arc
X1 D/D/D Flame King Genghis
X1 D/D/D Super Doom King Bright Armageddon
X1 D/D/D Gust High King Alexander
X1 D/D/D Cursed King Siegfried
X1 D/D/D Gust King Alexander
X1 D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali Yuga
X1 D/D/D Wave High King Caesar
X1 D/D/D Marksman King Tell
X1 D/D/D Wave King Caesar
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Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along

Name: Avery Black
Age: 12
True Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Personality: Avery is just your normal, typical trouble making kid. He often finds his self
in trouble were ever he may go. He's not necessarily mature, but he is one witty squirt. He uses "adorable." charms
to trick people to do what or give him what he wants. Since he is rather young, Avery can be childish. He'll challenge
anyone, no matter how strong they may be. The kid' is very stubborn, doesn't really listen to others. He's a free spirit
and can actually be a good person if he wanted to. sometimes he'll lose that playful nature of his and buckle down
Backstory: Avery's life was..abit rough. He did live his parent's for a while, but since his family was in a really tight spot,
they could no longer take care of him. He sent to live his grandmother when he four, where she has been taking care of
Avery since. As he grew up, Avery was drawn into the world of cartoon thanks to his grandmother, who actually drew
them for a living. It was when he had turn seven when his life had really went down hill. His mother had grew sick
and was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, she sent to a home where she had to spend the rest of her days.
Avery was sent to a foster home, waiting to hear form his parents. Honestly, he doesn't care if they show up not.
Now, he still lives there waiting for his family or a new one. Avery has costed so much trouble that no wants to keep

Ace Monster: Toon ancient gear golem

Deck List: Toon deck||40 main deck
Monsters: (19)
1x Toon Ancient Gear Golem
1xDinowrestler Pankratops
2x Red-Eyes Toon Dragon
2x Toon Dark Magician
2x Toon Gemini elf
2x Toon Mermaid
3X Toon Cyber Dragon
3X Toon Masked Sorcerer
3x The Black Stone Of Legend

Spells: (14)
1x Monster Reborn
1x One for One
1x Terraforming
2x Comic Hand
3 x Instant Fusion
3x Toon Table of Contents
3x Toon Kingdom

Traps (7)
1x Metaverse
2x Evenly Matched
2x Toon Briefcase
2 x Infinite Impermanence

Extra Deck: (9)
1x Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon
1x Millennium-Eyes Restrict
1x Thousand-Eyes Restrict
1x Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack
1x Number 11: Big Eye
1x Redeyes Flare Metal Dragon
1x Cyber Dragon Nova
2x Panzer Dragon

Can I say you will need to get rid of the number card and Megafleet if you want to be accepted?
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Fantasy and Sci-fi Enthusiast

Name: Isaac Bishop
Age: 16
True Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Personality: Isaac could easily be described as 'laid back and carefree'...sometimes a little too much. He can't seem to take a whole lot too seriously, and is often the one to try to brighten a mood or cause a pleasant distraction. To those who can call him a friend, they'll find he's a caring and loving person, even if he can't always read a social situation well and says things that are poorly timed. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, he's not afraid for people to know how he really feels, seeing it as something to take pride in. Much like his deck, he's pretty fond of magic and enjoys showing off simple card tricks and other things to a willing party.

Backstory: Isaac came from a single parent household, his mother passing away when he was very young. Despite the obvious struggles this entailed, his father did his best to provide and keep his child happy and content. Around his tenth birthday he was gifted his first card (which would later become his partner and ace), a magicians valkyria. He'd always enjoyed dueling but he'd never been able to participate...but he had a start now. For the new few years he saved allowances, buying cards individually for a slightly higher price in order to form a deck he found fitting. Perhaps it was motivation from his deck or a sudden new interest, but he started to get into magic tricks as well, becoming apt enough to do it as a side job to afford enough cards to complete his deck. While he doesn't fancy himself a master, he does figure he has a 'magic touch' that let's him pull out a win when it's really needed.

Ace Monster: Magicians Valkyria/ Dark magician

Deck List: Dark magic
Main (59)
3x Dark Magician
2x Dark Magician of Chaos
2x Buster Blader
1x Dark Magician Knight
1x Palladium Oracle Mahad
1x Magician of Dark Illusion
3x Dark Magician Girl
2x Skilled Dark Magician
2x Skilled White Magician
3x Magicians Valkyria (Duel Spirit)
2x Magicians Rod
2x King of the Swamp
2x Magicians Robes
2x Buster Whelp of the Destruction Swordsman
1x Dragon Buster Destruction Sword
[Monsters 29]
2x Dark Magic Attack
1x Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
2x Sages stone
2x Polymerization
1x Dark Burning Attack
2x Thousand Knives
1x Knights Title
2x Dark Magic Curtain
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
2x Dedication through Light and Darkness
2x Illusion Magic
1x Dark Burning Attack
1x Dark Magical Circle
2x Magic Formula
[Spells 22]
2x Magicians Navigation
1x Mirror Force
2x Magic Cylinder
1x Eternal Soul
2x Negate Attack
[Traps 8]
1x Dark Paladin
1x Buster Blader, The dragon Destroyer Swordsman
1x Buster dragon
1x Ebon Illusion magician
1x Magi Magi Magician girl
[Extra, 2 fusion, 1 Synchro, 2 XYZ]

Extra: Duel Spirit
Magicians Valkyria could be described as a protective older sister, to the otherwise carefree young man. To those who can't see or hear a duel spirit, that's not an issue. To those who can, they can often see the spirit warning or berating isaac for failing to take a situation seriously enough, or advising him on how to handle a tough problem. Despite the sometimes berating tone that's used, it's obvious she deeply cares for her partner and wants to do everything in her power to make him a better duelist.​

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Bum Bear

So I'm an alien now

Jae Hwa Park
general info;:
name;; Jae Hwa Park (재화 박)
nickname;; Jen
age;; eighteen
gender;; female
height;; 162.56cm
weight;; 58kg

Loud, bold, rambunctious. Jae Hwa is the living embodiment of what it means to live to the beat of her own drum. She's never been one to shy away from a challenge, but isn't dumb enough to accept one without seeing the benefit in it. Somewhat lazy, she does what she wants when she wants to regardless of what people may think or have to say about it. Sometimes Jae Hwa can be the described as the life of the party, always being the first to initiate conversation and has enjoyed breaking down the barriers of those around. Life is to short to be worrying about how people see her, so she tries to have fun in anyway she can. Having lived in America half of her life, she has developed a strong love for gaming whether it be Yugioh or a standard videogame. While playing she can get rather competitive, but regardless of whether she wins or lose, she just hopes to have a good time with it.

When it comes to friend, she likes to keep them at a distance. Having fun is something she enjoys, and she doesn't mind having to get a bruise or two for a friend in need. However, she draws a thin line between what she will and won't do for them. Risking her life has never been a thought to cross her mind, regardless of friend or family. Some call her coward and a bad friend, she calls it being smart. Jae Hwa weighs things depending on the pros and cons, choosing the option in which benefits outweigh the disadvantages. There are very few times when she is willing to stick her neck out for someone when it comes to life and death situations. Overall, she is a fun loving girl who seeks to enjoy life to the fullest.

Jae Hwa park was originally born in Korea to two entrepreneurs who focused on the selling of duel monsters products, specifically in toy sells. Because of their jobs, Jae Hwa spent very little time in Seoul since after a year of her birth, her parents continued their business endeavors and flew to America where she would live half of her life. As a child, she was always a bundle of energy. If she wasn't drawing a picture on the wall, talking her parents ears off, or playing a game, she was most definitely doing something else. There was never a dull moment with her around. For her parents it was both a blessing and a curse. Their child was adorable and healthy, but that didn't stop them from countless sleepless nights due to her midnight escapades. Regardless, they loved her and did their best as parents to provide her with a loving home and family.

Jae Hwa had no problems with her parents, in fact, she loved them more than anything, and ,surprisingly, she loved their job too. Since they were entrepreneurs that meant they were often sent to different places around the country and sometimes the world. That meant that Jae Hwa had the opportunity to visit a multitude of places and see various things she wouldn't have if her parents hadn't chosen this specific career path. However, that made it quite difficult to make friends as she was constantly on the move, and the friendships she did make didn't last very long. Eventually, her parents would settle down in Japan when she turned about 13 years old, and take on more steady roles in their career. This was when Jae Hwa began to become invested in duel monsters. She was aware of the game in America, and even played it occasionally, but it was in Japan where she would purchase her very first card, a picture of a cat dressed as a messenger, the card reading "Madolche Mewfeuille". At that time, she didn't realize how popular the game was nor how cute some of the card design could be. With a newfound interest, she started to really enjoy dueling and although she wasn't addicted to the game like some of the others she'd seen, she found the thrill of it all to be exhilarating.

ace monster(s);; Frightfur Tiger || Madolche Tiramisu
Fluffal Main Deck: (40) || Monsters (25)
1x Edge Imp Cotton Eater
3x Fluffal Dog
2x Fluffal Penguin
3x Edge Imp Chain
3x Fluffal Bear
2x Edge Imp Sabres
3 x Fluffal Wings
2x King of the Swamp
1x Ash Blossom of the Joyous Spring
1x Fluffal Owl
2x Fluffal Angel
1x Fluffal Sheep
1x Fluffal Cat
Spells (14) & Traps (1)
1x Foolish Burial Grounds
3x Toy Vendor
1x Fusion Reserve
2x Called by the grave
2x Frightfur Fusion
3x Polymerization
3x Fluffal Patchwork
Extra Deck (14)
1x Frightfur Devil
2x Frightfur Kraken
2x Frightfur Sabre Tooth
1x Frightfur Bear
1x Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer
3x Frightfur Tiger
3x Frightfur Sheep
1x Frightfur Chimera
1x Tornado Dragon

Madolche Main Deck: (40) || Monsters (24)
3x Madolche Messegelato
3x Madolche Petingcesssour
3x Madolche Anjelly
3x Madolche Hootcake
1x Madolche Mewfeuille
3x Gameciel, The Sea Turtle Kaiju
1x Kumongous, the Sticky String Kaiju
3x Summoner Monk
1x Madolche Puddingcess
3x Madolche Magileine
Spells (13) & Traps (3)
1x Raigeki
2x Pot of Desires
1x Dark Hole
2x Twin Twisters
2x Madolche Ticket
2x Madolche Chateau
3x Forbidden Chalice
3x Infinite Impermanence
Extra Deck (14)
3x Madolche Puddingcess Chocolat-a-la-Mode
3x Madolche Tiramisu
3x Madolche Teacher Glassouffle
1x Leviair, the Sea Dragon
1x Castel, The Skyblaster Musketeer
1x Tornado Dragon
1x Evilswarm Exciton Knight
1x Gaga Cowboy

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Dark Lord of Edge and Demonic Potatoes
Ah, good morning to you. And also, goodbye forever. Ehehehe~
Sakura Akatsuki

  • 1566641842251.png
    Name: Sakura Akatsuki

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Personality: On the outside, Sakura maintains a guise of a polite, well-mannered and respectable girl who is seemingly gentle and kind to everyone around her. She seems to get along with people, perhaps just a bit too well.

    However, at a flip of a switch, Sakura becomes a deranged, twisted, and detached psychopath who cares little for the lives of others. She is wicked and manipulative, with an extreme obsession with her beloved whom she constantly 'watches over'. When it comes to getting what she wants, she is not above even deceit and murder - and is frighteningly adept at hiding evidence.

    Sexual Orientation: Other than her 'beloved', nobody else matters.

    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Height: 169 cm

    Weight: 59 kg


Ultimate Speedster
[ "It was fun to duel you, but I really should wrap this up!" ]


  • Name: Tensei Yuusho

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Having fun
    Having friends

    Anything too serious
    Bad people

    Personality: Tensei was never one for arrogance or pride, always usually meek and empathetic towards others. In a duel, he'd be more than happy to point out an opponent's misplays and even help them learn how to be better. He really considers himself an overall nice guy, one that'd be happy to be open about issues with his peers and help them out in their personal lives with whatever issues that they needed to be worked out. Though not a stellar scholar in terms of academics, Tensei is a bright kid that prizes himself on his quick-thinking and resourcefulness. He really cares for those in his class, even the nastier kids. Though he holds little care for bullies and mean-spirited people, he'd still go out of his way to help them in a struggle.

    Abilities: Tensei was a unique being, born with a mystical eye that would allow him to see and communicate with the duel monster spirits. He can even use his eye to cause them to have physical form as well as calm their rage, such is the case with his ace monster.


Nenma Takashi

Terribly Terrible
Physical Description or Image:large.jpg

Name: Yukami Boosta
Age: 17
True Gender: Female
Personality: Yukami is a thrill seeker doesn't matter how she gets it she just wants her blood pumping. She finds dueling to be the best way to do that, and racing the second best. When is comes to challenges Yukami takes them on head on without a second thought. She views duels like a race it's all about who can think and act faster. Yukami loves winning and can't stand it when she's beaten, she'll make her life goal to even the score with anyone who beats her. Being a loser isn't an option for Yukami Boosta.
Backstory: Growing up in a family of racers Yukami couldn't help joining in on the fun. Becoming known as a prodigy in the racing scene. She was first introduced to duel monsters by a friend. They played a few times and Yukimi lost everytime but Yukimi never took losing well. So she began to train on her own to become a great Duelist. Building her own deck and honing her skills all to challenge her friend and best them. When she finally did Yukimi found duel monsters was actually pretty enjoyable. It was also thanks to her friend that she heard about Horizon City a place full of other Duelist and needless to say Yukimi is hoping to make a name for herself here.

Ace Monster: F.A Dawn Dragster

Deck List:
2x F.A Sonic Meister
3x F.A Whip Crosser
3x F.A Hang on Mach
2x F.A Dark Dragster
3x F.A Auto Navigator
3x Cockadoodledoo
3x F.A City Grand Prix
3x F.A Off Road Grand Prix
3x F.A Test Run
3x F.A Pit Stop
1x F.A Downforce
2x Terraforming
1x Monster Reborn
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Galaxy Cyclone
2x Heavy Storm Duster

Extra Deck
1x F.A Dawn Dragster
3x F.A Motorhome Transport


Engineer Of The Deep
"I pity the trials new duellists of today have to go through. All the torment and pressure from the veterans who mostly care about hoisting their egos higher. They do not deserve such things just because they are vulnerable; I see it my mission to protect as many as I can in this way."

Physical Description or Image: A taller than average young woman, standing prouder than most would dare. She wears a short sleeved red shirt, with black trousers further below, with white stripes along the left and right of the legs. She also wears thick brown finger-less gloves and heavy brown boots as well, with red-brown socks in a spiral pattern just barely visible. Her hair is short (think 'neat and tidy', like swept to the sides) and in a strong lime green, her eyes being gold and brightly coloured as far as tone goes.

Name: Taru Arkhalis
Age: 19
True Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Neither (undecided or they don't care)
Sexual Orientation: Asexual ("The impenetrable wall is immune to even seduction. It's called 'impenetrable' for a reason.")
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 5'11 (180 cm)
Weight: 68.9 kg
Deck (Reflection): Taru's decks seem to reflect that there is always help on the way, at least when she is involved, in the forms of numerous people (or in this case, monsters) with almost no sign of stopping, varying in strength but ultimately doing what they came for.
Personality: Looking for someone to hide behind? Look no further. Taru possesses a protective spirit - big time. She's always looking out for other people and protecting whoever she deems the most vulnerable, stopping at nothing until she reaches the best outcome she can manage to get her hands on. However, she is not always this perfect - although she is incredibly protective of who she does defend, not even her own thoughts can get through her own 'impenetrable wall'; leading to stubborn decisions and misplacing her trust.
Backstory: Taru is the elder daughter of someone who is now a renowned Duel Monsters educator (a professor in a Duel Academy at that), though compared to her supposed younger sibling, Taru got the shorter end of the stick, having not been given her mother's intellect and instead got her father's over-protective nature. As Taru would grow up, she would frequently find herself out on the streets alone, protecting anything from stray animals to innocent children from potential threats, though this of course wound up with her taking such hits as opposed to the original targets, but her supposed bravery was noted by the locals and even somewhat feared as to how she always wound up to be there just in time. Fast forward a few years, and Taru's mother had been appointed as a professor in a Duel Academy, and planned to head there to work while the father on the other hand went away on an unknown venture. Taru constantly insisted she went with her mother to not only still stay with her as she feels family should do, but to protect the locals from their new destination, where they would be going. This insistence would soon lead Taru in tow with her mother to Horizon City, where she is presently doing what she did back home and is slowly working her way up the 'public ladder' of reputation.

Ace Monster: Superheavy Samurai Steam Train King
Main Deck (43)
Monsters (40)

X2 Superheavy Samurai Thief
X3 Superheavy Samurai General Jade
X3 Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei
X3 Superheavy Samurai Transporter
X2 Superheavy Samurai Daihachi
X2 Superheavy Samurai Soulpiercer
X2 Superheavy Samurai Magnet
X2 Superheavy Samurai Scales
X2 Superheavy Samurai Blue Brawler
X3 Superheavy Samurai Flutist
X2 Superheavy Samurai Prepped Defense
X2 Superheavy Samurai Gigagloves
X2 Superheavy Samurai Trumpeter
X3 Superheavy Samurai Battleball
X3 Superheavy Samurai General Coral
X2 Superheavy Samurai Soulbuster Gauntlet
X2 Superheavy Samurai Soulhorns
Spells (3)
X3 Sekka's Light
Extra Deck (13)
X1 Superheavy Samurai Steam Train King
X2 Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo
X2 Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubey
X2 Superheavy Samurai Ninja Sarutobi
X2 Superheavy Samurai Stealth Ninja
X2 Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji
X2 Superheavy Samurai Swordmaster Musashi
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The Phantom Hexblade
Physical Description or Image:

Name: Taz Elwood
Age: 24
True Gender: Male
Personality: Taz is a chill and very sociable man who tries to find an angle in a situation to benefit him. He always looks out for number one though he will look out for his numbers twos when it benefits him or really cares for them, which take a some before that happens. While does take advantage of people for his own ends, he not evil and has a line that he won't cross when it comes to playing people. He's a common try flirting with women but this usually ends up with him failing miserably.

B*++-+ackstory: Taz is the son of pair duelist reporters/bloggers. His parents would always tell about the latest duel they saw and articles they were writing about the duelist. These stories were pretty good but really give any big high life for family, but they made ends meet and they were doing what they loved, and that what all that mattered to his parents. Taz, on the other hand, wanted more than just simple life making ends meet, he wanted to be rich. His first idea was to become a professional duelist but he quickly through that idea seeing how could the top player were.

Then plan B hit when his parents talked about a duelist manger. Hear about the duelist manger gave Taz the idea to try his hand at being duelist manger. But there was a small problem, he needed to find a duelist who would be fine with a rookie manager. The only duelists who would do that were rookie duelist themselves, and who knows if any them could really make it big. But with no better ideas on getting rich, Taz packed up his bags and went off to Horizon city. Now a few later Taz is working as a small-time dueling report, as he makes plans for the future and is looking for a duelist who can make it to the big leagues.

Ace Monster: Dreadscythe Harvester

Deck List:
3x Armored Bee
3xCross-Sword beetle
2xDreadscythe Harvester
2xGirochin Kuwaata
3xInsect Knight
3xNeo Bug
1X Saber Beetle
3xSpyder Spider
2x Forest
2x Giant Ballpark
2x Insect Amor Laser Cannon
1xMuliplication Ants
1xMystical space typhoon
2xWorm bait
2xCorrosive scales
2xLair wire
2xMirror force
2xSpider egg

2x Amazoness Chain Master
3x Amazoness Fighter
3xAmazoness Paladin
3xAmzoness Princess
2xAmazoness Queen
3xAmazoness Sage
3xAmazoness Swords Woman
2xAmzoness Tiger
Spell cards
2x Amazoness Call
2x Amazoness fighting spirit
2xAmazoness heirloom
3xAmazoness Village
2x Polymerization
2x Amazoness Archers
2xAmazoness Onslaught
2xAmazoness Willpower
2xDramtic Rescue
2xMirror Force
Extra deck
2x Amazoness Empress
2x Amzoness Pet Liger
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You're Gonna Have A Bad Time
Name: Yujiro Kaneda

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Yujiro is split between his personality in and out of game. His out of game personality is very naive and simple, almost seemingly very air-headed. But this changes when he duels, almost as if he is an entirely different person as he becomes very rational and devious in his gameplay, which becomes evident in how he uses the cards at his disposal. This duality is expressed in the oddity of his deck consisting of two archetypes that are almost incompatible but he makes work together somehow.

Backstory: Yujiro is a kid fresh out of high school that saw he didn't have a future doing normal things like studying at a University and getting a stable career. He failed at most of his classes, and had no social life outside of a few friends that he met with regularly. However, he was throughout his time in school more interested in a game called Duel Monsters, and it was clear at least he had some sort of natural talent for the game. Managing to be the best at his school. Now he seeks to become the strongest duelist in the country or even the world.

Deck Archetype: Banish Psychic / Psyframe

Ace Monster: PSY-framelord Zeta

Deck List (44):
  • Monsters - 24
    • Silent Psychic Wizard - 2x
    • Esper Girl - 2x
    • Mental Seeker - 1x
    • Serene Psychic Witch - 2x
    • Psychic Wheeleder - 2x
    • Hushed Psychic Cleric - 1x
    • Overdrive Teleporter - 1x
    • PSY-framegear Alpha - 2x
    • PSY-framegear Beta - 1x
    • PSY-framegear Delta - 3x
    • PSY-framegear Gamma - 2x
    • PSY-framegear Epsilon - 1x
    • PSY-frame Driver - 3x
    • PSY-frame Multithreader - 1x
  • Spells - 12
    • PSY-frame Circuit - 3x
    • Psychic Feel Zone - 1x
    • Pot of Desires - 2x
    • Emergency Teleport - 1x
    • Miracle Synchro Fusion - 1x
    • Foolish Burial of Goods - 2x
    • Twin Twisters - 2x
  • Traps - 8
    • Metaverse - 1x
    • PSY-frame Overload - 3x
    • Infinite Impermanence - 3x
    • Psychic Overload - 1x
  • Extra Deck - 9
    • PSY-Framelord Omega - 1x
    • PSY-Framelord Zeta - 1x
    • Hyper Psychic Blaster - 1x
    • Hyper Psychic Riser - 1x
    • Thought Ruler Archfiend - 1x
    • Overmind Archfiend - 1x
    • Ultimate Axon Kicker - 1x
    • Psychic Nightmare - 1x
    • Psychic Lifetrancer - 1x
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Dark Lord of Edge and Demonic Potatoes
"... No, the one I'm looking for... It isn't you."
Emilia Von Einsiedel

  • 1567331658013.pngName: Emilia Von Einsiedel

    Age: 4

    Gender: Female

    Personality: A being without a soul, Emilia fails to exhibit any forms of emotion. She opts to stay silent during duels, and her deadpan expression is always hidden behind the shroud in the form a black facemask. Though she seeks vengeance for the death of her 'father', she does not do so because of love for her creator, nor hatred toward the killer. She does so only because she believes it is what she must do - following a goal that is completely meaningless to her. This is partly because she has the mind of a child and as a result, possesses little common sense nor knowledge of the world.

    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

    Alignment: True Neutral

    Height: 189 cm

    Weight: 66 kg
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The Phantom Hexblade
Physical Description or Image:

Name: Kazue Champion
Stage Name: The mighty Hero X
Age: 27
True Gender: Male
Personality: Hero X is the super cool dude, there to save everyone from the forces of evil... Though the Hero X you'll find on-street is a bit different than that. The one on the streets tries his best act like the hero from the canceled show, poses and all but he doesn't do the greatest job at it. He more comes off as a dork in real cosplay whose doing a mildly bad hero impression. The one thing this Hero X does right though is the sense of justice, which has made up for dorky actions he has done. He helps others any way he can, from the small thing such as helping a kid get their cat from a tree or to fending off muggers.

Under the custom is a man named Kazue. Kazue is a serious man of few words, which has made it hard when he "plays" the role of Hero X. But while it is diffult he does find great join being him and helping others. And as evident from his acts as Hero X, Kazue is not completely serious and has a great deal of self humility which intern makes him not easily angered. Also evident from his role as Hero X, he has a strong sense of justice and will do what he can to help others.

Backstory: Kazue is the son of a master swordsman and martial artist and used to live in a small village in Japan. There Kazue trained with his father in the ways of kendo and other swords styles. After years of training and living in the village his father decided it was time for his son to go see the world. So at the age of eighteen, Kazue's bought his son a plane ticket to Horizon city, a famous city even heard in the remote parts of Japan.

Soon after Kazue's arrival to the city he quickly learned of game Duel Monster, as unlike his village is unavoidable to notice in the city. But before he could worry about getting a deck and learning the game, Kazue had worry about finding a job. But luckily for a new show was recruit stunt double. The show was "Hero X, the duelist hero!". The show mainly involved dueling for its action instead of fighting it did have it's fight scenes and some other stunts the lead actor couldn't pull off. But Kazue could do them with ease, though he had to hold a lot back in the fight scenes though. So Kazue was hired on as the stunt double to lead actor, Jackson Knight.

Kazue tried to make friend with Jackson at first but quickly gave up as he learned Jackson was quite a dishonest drama queen king. But Kazue still took the job for the money and knowledge that show he was on making others happy. It was a good job, when not dealing with Jackson drama. And that drama would prove to be the downfall of the show, as after a big drug scandal about Jackson appeared all over the tabloids, the show was canceled.

After the show was canceled, Kazue was asked if he wanted to deck used by Hero X in the show, since the studio wouldn't be needed anymore. Kazue happily accepted the deck on his last day of work before leaving his job. On his way back to his apartments that day he noticed group kids, sad and talking about how they miss Hero X. Kazue was heartbroken to see the fans of his show sadden like this. He then looked to the deck his was given and came up with an idea.

A few weeks later after gathering the funds and getting the right people to make it, Kazue obtained a replica of the Hero X costume, but with actual armor, a metal baton, and built-in duel disk. With the suit and the Hero X deck, Kazue took the streets to cheer up his fans and help those in need. Which brings to the present a few years later, Kazue is now a local celebrity and unofficial mascot in his Hero X custom and mainly goes around helping out locals and even dueling a bit in street shows. It's a life Kazue didn't think he would have but he does enjoy it.

Ace Monster: Elemental Hero Grandmerge

Deck List:
2x Elemental Hero Blade Edge
2x Elemental Hero Captain Gold
3x Elemental Hero Heat
3x Elemental Hero Lady Heat
2x Elemental Hero Necroshade
3x Elemental Hero Ocean
3x Elemental Hero Solid Soldier
2x Elemental Hero Stratos
3x Elemental Hero Wildheart
3x Elemental Hero Shadow Mist
1x Hero Lives
2x Hero's Bond
3x Mask Change
2x Miracle Fusion
2x Polymerization
3x Skyscraper
2x Mask Charge
1x Elemental Recharge
2x Hero Counterattack
2x Kunai with chain
2x Mirror force
2x Hero Singal
Extra deck
1x Contrast Hero Chaos
1x Elemental Hero Escuridao
1x Elemental Hero Grandmerge
1x Elemental Hero great tornado
1x Elemental Hero Inferno
1x Elemental Hero Nova Master
1x Elemental Hero Wildedge
1x Masked Hero Acid
1x Elemental Hero Core
1x Masked Hero Dark Law
1x Masked Hero Dian
1x Masked Hero Goka
1x Masked Hero Vapor
1x Elemental Hero The Shining
1x Masked Hero Koga
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Engineer Of The Deep
"Every second we use, the closer we get to our ends. When that time is up, the angel of death will come for us all! I'm just here to expedite that process a little; but why not have fun with it before any and all life is metaphorically deleted? Because the fun doesn't stop until your heart does!"

Physical Description or Image: An average height young boy with short brown spiked hair and with mostly pitch black eyes (not pitch black, just a bit lighter). He wears a light blue shirt, dark blue shorts, light grey short socks (think only feet big), red trainers, and possesses a torn scarf in a dark blue colour - with several rips and open holes within it (the scarf of which is tied tightly around one of his arms). He seems to have a somewhat darker skin tone as well, due to expectantly going outside and being outside ever so much.

Name: Condor Fubuki
Age: 16
True Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 5'8 (173 cm)
Weight: 60.8 kg
Deck (Reflection): Condor's decks tend to reflect that no matter what you do, the situation has a high chance of getting worse as more and more problems (monsters) show up to make an attempt to little the duellist's life (LP) to nothing a lot faster, resembling how akin real life demises are. Inside of his deck, he even has embodiments of both Life and Death themselves, which are ever present with him in spirit form.
Personality: Condor is an enthusiastic, loud and obnoxious yet still maturing boy, plenty of energy wherever he goes and just as contrary as the impressions and motifs he tends to bring/set across to others - where he often comes across that one extroverted person in a group who may or may not ever change. But on the other hand, Condor possesses several problems. He has a pretty grim perspective on the inevitable and life as a whole, though still tries to be as optimistic as he can (which only makes it worse), he can't take any jokes at all - especially not at his expense, and he has no limiter or filter on himself at all, making him borderline unstoppable if he gets carried away.
Backstory: Condor is an adopted child of a master of disguise - though the identity of their now-guardian has been long forgotten in society even though they still survive. Condor had no contact with any sort of family until the age of 12 after running away two years prior to that incident (something about anger issues), when he would get a letter out of nowhere conveniently flying to where he was staying. He would read the letter and he would catch word that he was put up for adoption for whoever found him - whoever found him would be his new guardian, regardless of their choice or his choice. The search would last exactly 4 days until Condor was found by someone and was entitled to carry on the name as their now adopted 'child'.

Ace Monster: Darklord Morningstar
Main Deck (48 cards without custom, 50 with custom)
Monsters (24 without custom, 26 with custom)

X1 Darklord Morningstar
X3 Darklord Ixchel
X2 Darklord Tezcatlipoca
X2 Darklord Superbia
X2 Darklord Zerato
X1 The Dark Creator
X1 Angel, The Endless Pain
X2 Darklord Nasten
X1 Reaper, The Inevitable Curse
X3 Darklord Amdusc
X1 Armageddon Knight
X2 Lilith, Lady of Lament
X2 Kuribandit
X3 Darklord Ukoback
Spells (13)
X2 Allure of Darkness
X1 Raigeki
X3 Darklord Contact
X2 Magical Contract Door
X1 Monster Reborn
X3 Banishment of the Darklords
X1 Lair of Darkness
Traps (11)
X2 Infinite Impermanence
X2 The Sanctified Darklord
X2 Darklord Rebellion
X1 Eradicator Epidemic Virus
X1 Darklord Descent
X1 Grinning Grave Virus
X1 Metaverse
X1 Skill Drain
But that's just Condor. The real stars of the show are his duel spirit companions, the most notable one born from the card known as "Reaper, The Inevitable Curse". Or, as he is better known, the embodiment of Death - the Grim Reaper, and one of the major residents in the Spirit World.

"I am Death, destroyer of worlds! Ruler over the spirits of the damned and the doomed! I also like to sing - but what are you doing in my land? Do you want a cookie or something?"

Reaper is Condor's spirit monster companion, being born from a card that was originally supposed to be an upgraded version of the already existing 'Reaper of the Cards'. However, someone behind the wheel at making this thing thought it would be a 'great' idea to actually make it kill people should it deal the last hit of battle damage to an opposing duellist. However, under his new master, there would be conditions to such.

1. The opposing duellist must have a spirit to survive.
2. As said, Reaper himself needs to do the finishing blow by dealing battle damage.
3. In order to accomplish point 2, Reaper needs to be in play.

However, as a being, Reaper is hard working and always desires a break. He rules over the dead beings, be them monster or man, and handles the fate of anyone who finds themselves before him. However, on the off chance he is 'not' killing you, Reaper here has a wicked sense of humour. Contrasting his new master's sickly sense of humour, Reaper does all sorts of contrasting things. Singing, dancing, using fizzy drink bottles as makeshift cannons, and so much more.

And the second spirit in his deck is the polar opposite - the embodiment of sugar, spice and everything nice all rolled up into an angelic, motherly package; the embodiment of Life. The card's name is "Angel, The Endless Pain", more affectionately known as the Guardian Angel.

"I am the motherly voice you seek - the mother of all human and monster life. Unfortunately, I am but a single monster, and there's only so much an angel can do."

Angel is Condor's spirit monster companion, being born from a card that wasn't even supposed to exist, based off an angel and bundled with the power to essentially play with life force. Bundled together with Reaper, Angel is the one who frequently puts up with his problems and more so; notably able to revert possessions and malevolent temptations. The three functions of Angel are -

1. If a Duellist would die while she is in play, they do not (spirits too).
2. Life must be around when the final LP is lost from a duellist that would correlate to death.
3. In order to accomplish point 2, Angel needs to be in play.

However, as a being, Life is the motherly, yet cruel mistress. She's the softer version compared to Reaper, but does not take jokes and is all serious - not even knowing what a joke is. She cares deeply for other people, especially Condor (though couldn't care less about Reaper), more so when the lives of humans, spirits and monsters are thrown in at the stakes. It is by Angel's words that she tries to console anyone in deep pain or even dying, trying to lay them to rest if they cannot be saved.
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Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along
"I once dueled for only the pleasure of crushing my opponents. A single woman had opened my eyes to the truth. I will find her again, Even if it kills me."

Name: Claudia Carmine
Age: 20
True Gender: Female
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Preference: Undecided
Personality: Due to a traumatic experience at Duel Academy, Claudia had inherited a sadistic dual persona. She only gets this personality once someone has pushed her beyond the edge.
Outside of that, she's quiet, shy, and hardly has any friends, aside from Kaguya and Raidriar. When she duels, she is more serious, and heated up.
Backstory: A girl from Duel Academy who is related to the great duel king Jack Atlas. She has trouble trying to live up to her father, that she herself has become a shadow of sorts, using the reborn Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend in unification with her new deck, the legendary warrior Black Luster Soldier. The reason she built this Deck was because she was aspiring to be like the Legendary King of Games, Yugi Moto, but the chance to use the deck itself wasn't to be due to past circumstances, until now. This is her new journey to become even stronger than she was before, to get to the top of the dueling world, as well as to reunite with the user of the Cosmic Golden Dragon that inspired her.

Ace Monster: Red Dragon Archfiend Scarlight, Black Luster Soldier - Super Soldier

Deck List:
Main (40)

Monsters (23):
2x Arisen Gaia the Fierce Knight
3x Beginning Knight
3x Black Luster Soldier
2x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning
3x Black Luster Soldier - Super Soldier
2x Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight
1x Envoy of Chaos
3x Evening Twilight Knight
1x Mirror Resonator
3x Super Soldier Soul

Spells (11):
3x Gateway to Chaos
1x Reinforcement of the Army
3x Super Soldier Ritual
2x Super Soldier Synthesis
2x Trade-In

Traps (6):
2x Beginning of Heaven and Earth
2x Super Soldier Rebirth
2x Super Soldier Shield

Extra (1)

1x Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend
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Ready to set the world on fire?

Name: Aoi Hakumara
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Alliance: Good
Personality: Aoi is a rather sweet girl who often called motherly like back in her duel academy days. Still, until this day
Aoi keeps her mother like personality, caring for all of those around her. Aoi feels like it's her duty to help those who
has gone down the wrong path, most defiantly her older brother. Thanks to him, she strives to help other who may
need it. Although she soft at heart and is slightly timid, she doesn't allow others to step on her toe. Overall a swell
girl to get to know, but can be to nice for her own good.
Backstory: There's nothing to much about her past. Aoi lived with her parents and older brother in the country side for
a while. There, her and her brother worked on farm with their parents, traveling to city to sell produce. She attended
duel academy with her brother, both graduated of course. After they graduated, her brother had changed for the worse.
He seem to be corrupted and she's not sure what happened. Her goal is help him and those who went bad

Ace Monster:

Deck List:
(Main Deck: 58..i think)
monsters: ( 40)
1x Naturia Stag Beetle
1x Naturia Guardian
1x Naturia white Oak
1x Naturia SpiderFang
1x Naturia Strawberry
1x Naturia Mantis
1x Naturia Butterfly
1x Naturia Rock
1x Naturia Ragweed
1x Naturia Dragonfly
1x Naturia Beetle
1x Naturia Marron
1x Naturia Rosewhip
1x Naturia Eggplant
1X Naturia Sunflower
1x Naturia Fruitfly
1x Naturia Tulip
1x Naturia Antjaw
1x Naturia Vein
1x Naturia ladybug
1xNaturia Mosquito
1x Cactus Bouncer
2x Naturia Bamboo Shoot
2x Naturia Horneedle
2x Naturia Cosmobeet
2x Naturia Pumpkin
2x Naturia Cliff
2x Naturia Beans
3x Naturia Cherries
3x Naturia Hydrangea

Spells (6)
1xBarkion's Bark
1x Terraforming
1x Seed of Deception
1x Narturia Forest
2x Miracle Synchro Fusion

Traps: (12)
1x Wall Of Disruption
1x Naturia Sacred Tree
1x Safe Zone
1x Divine Wrath
1x Debunk
1x Exterio's Fang
2x Dark Bribe
2x Broken Line
2x Recall

Extra Deck:(10)

1x Naturia Gaiastrio
1x Naturia Exterio
1x Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree
1x Naturia Leodrake
2x Naturia Landoise
2x Naturia Barkion
2x Naturia Beast​


Reality Warping Child

Name: Ami Sukiro
Age: 17 [The same age as Hikari during Yu-Gi-Oh! Accel]
Gender: Female [Tomboy]
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality: Ami is described by those who encounter her as underwhelming. Her entire physique and the way she holds himself can be described as meek and molding to pressure. She is very quiet & extremely shy , not really confident enough to speak and it usually takes a miracle for her to do so outside of dueling. However, she is exceedingly more cocky , confident, and even powerful... to the point some even call her pressure 'overwhelming' , as noted by Yami Hikari when she dueled her recently after she returned from where she was Post-Accel [before he headed to Horizon, so yeah Hikari is in-fact around... She just hasn't appeared yet] when he duels in general . It is a source of strength she draws upon.

Backstory: The source of her underwhelming nature came from an abusive family. Due to this, dueling was the only thing that she turned to... To keep her from losing herself entirely in a pit of despair and loathing. With a bit of coaxing, she was able to make it to Duel Academy to duel and do what she does best: Duel. She was very good at it and in all honest the Lair gave her the confidence she needed. She encountered Yami Hikari, who commented on her strength and suggested she headed over to Horizon City in the first place.

She was also able to see Duel Monster Spirits, as suggested by her recent talks with the powerful Dragon of Lair during and after duels. Sometime after exiting Duel Academy, he met Hikari Mutou. Sensing the strength of the Dragon within her deck, she decided to challenge her not too long afterward. After a impressive duel resulting in her lost, she told her of Horizon City and how good opportunities awaited her there. She also told her she would be there in due time, but also to be careful and hold back the Dragon's strength... As something tells her they'll need it for the days to come.

  1. 3x Nibiru
  2. 3x Darkest Diabolos: Lord of the Lair
  3. 2x Destrude the Lost Dragon's Fission
  4. 3x Ahrima, the Wicked Warden
  5. 3x Lilith Lady of Lement
  6. 1x Armageddeon Knight
  7. 2x Duke Shade: The Sinister Dark Lord
  8. 2x Gizmak Orochi
  1. 3x Lair of Darkness
  2. 2x Terraforming
  3. 3x Melody of Awakening Dragons
  4. 3x Monster Gate
  5. 1x Reasoning
  6. 1x Monster Reborn

  1. 3x Eradicator Virus
  2. 3x Full-Force Virus
  3. 2x Call of the Haunted
  4. 2x return to the frontlines

  • Name:
    Hikari, Egyptians' "Chosen One" , Current Vessel of "Pharaoh Atem" , Queen of the Blue-Eyes
    - Helping People
    - Attending the Duel Monsters Spirit World
    - Conversing with the Afterlife for advice
    - Hamburgers [Inherited].
    When those are persecuted without their knowledge
    - Evil Duel Monster Spirits
    - When someone disrespect either of her grandparents.
    - When someoen speaks ingorantly about Duel Monster Spirits

  • Name:
    Himawari Watanubi / Black Witch / Yami Himawari / " Atlantians' Chosen One "
    13 (Same age as Luna during the start of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds)
    - Helping People
    - Watching Duels
    - Staying on the Sidelines
    - Supporting others
    Dueling herself
    - Being the center of attention
    - Any form of Abandonment
    Status: Neutral Good . Chaotic Good as The Black Witch
    Gender Identity: Female (Biologically Male... In other words yes she's trans)



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Engineer Of The Deep
@Franklin RIchards

Not Illiya again, buut.

We're doing MR3, so Links cannot be allowed. Yet. However. Illiya has said we are allowed to use Links at a later time (don't know when), so they will be coming eventually, but on behalf of that alone, I would like to request the Link monsters in your character's Extra Deck be removed.

Everything else should be OK, unless they probably have effects that include Link Summoning (may dampen or overall destroy it)... Might I suggest a re-work?


Reality Warping Child
@BoltBeam I'm sorry for that. I wasn't aware Link Summoning was out. I can replace that with... another deck I've been dying to use in a Yu-Gi-Oh! RP. So I'm good with re-working it.

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