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Fantasy Yskera: The Spellbound Skirmish

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The feudal world Yskera, a world filled to the brim with magic, were humans, sorcerers and magicians alike rule the realm and study the arcane to try to master there secrets, for good or ill. Such has always been the ways of the land of Yskera. But now, the circles of sorcery find themselves at odds with one another, blaming each other for the necromancers, who are ever willing to ignore the proper magical ethics, the ever growing presence of demonic worshiping cults and there own distrust and struggles to whom is the proper "representative" of all things magic. A secret struggle has emerged between the circles, behind the ever suspicious eyes of mortal kings and emperor and empress, a struggle that could risk the balance the world of Yskera held for centuries. The Spellbound conflict has begun and sooner or latter, it will end up engulfing more then just the sorcerers and wizards, is Yskera ready for the incoming struggle. There has also been strange reports of a strong magical presence ever growing in the great city desert of Raktosh, a city that has been abandoned for hundreds of years after a siege of terrible proportions. No one quite knew who launched the attack or where it came from.castle-siege-army-battle.jpg
A strange and very dark magic...

The kingdom of Havenguard, the Human capital ruled by the Emperor and Empress of Yskera have called upon a meeting between the circles asking each send a representatives to attend a meeting to address this strange entity that could very well threaten all of Yskera.

Small explanation
So, its a fantasy world which is ruled an Emperor and Empress, sorcerers and wizards necromancers and the like. YOU just so happen to be from one of the Circles of Sorcery who has been invited to attend this meeting... The struggle, conspiracy and plot are, as one could guess, involving the circle of Sorcerers the city of sand Raktosh and a strange and dark aura..


Although the circles rule much of the lands of Yskera, the kings, queens and noblemen/women along with the Emperor and Empress, of the many nations do not necessarily do as the sorcerers demand. Its a delicate power struggle that circles have always been on top of... most of the time. For example, an king or queen cant exactly go against the White Flower Circle seeing as they'll have riots everywhere from worshipers of the Holy Goddess while trying to take on the Tomb Dealers will only end with your lands being rotted away by some form of unstoppable plague or an invasion of the undead but on the other hand the circle cant exactly wrestle away power from the royalty as this will be seen as power hungry magic users trying to control everything and war would eventually break out.

White Flower Church:

Representing light and the heavens, the white flower circle is not only a circle of Sorcery but the representatives and the priests of the Holy Goddess Yless, the prime religion in Yskera. Not all of them are priests/priestess however and some simply do what they can to help the less fortunate. Their magic mainly consist of light magic which can banish any darkness along with healing being able to lift any curse and is often seen as the most pure of the circles, although everything is not as it seems.. Under the surface they often have secret schemes and often compete with the Emperor and kings and queens for influence over the populace. The members of the White flower are generally seen in white or blue robes and clothing. Some of the more.. higher ranking are in gold or yellow.

The Dark Rose Church:

Hailing from the great plains of Jash, the dark rose are in many ways the opposite of the White Flower. Sorcerers and wizards who practice dark and shadow magic, capable of becoming one with the shadows and darkness. This can make them do things such as evaporating into a mist for a time, capable of passing through solid objects, forming shadow like blades from thin air and anything darkness related. They are also the masters of curses, literally capable of giving people bad luck that can last years. The members of the Dark Rose are by the by like aristocrats tending to be rather snobbish although this is not the case for all of them. They tend to wear silk black robes decorated with any form of dark related things, often resembling vampire counts in appearance. Although one would think they would get along with the Tomb Dealers, the two in fact hate each other with a passion. The Tomb Dealers are to barbaric in their ways for the Dark Rose and the Dark Rose are just to stuck up and breathing for the Tomb Dealers to like.

The School Of Grand Wizardry:

Hailing from the Lands of the Free Kings, ten miles away from Havenguard, the School of Grand Wizardry is the more typical school of wizards and sorcerers you can imagine. They teach students gifted with magic such as the four pillars of elements of earth, water, fire and air along with more complex elements such as lightning, metal, ether and cosmic magic. A conservative school to say the least, they don't do much research and teach mostly tried and true spells with not much leeway for thinking up new ones. Also coming from the Free Kings, they are often more aggressive and battle ready wizards witches and sorcerers instead of the book worm, researching type. They are your typical wizards with pointy hats and robe and such. They go on to mostly tend to the city of Havenguard making up a good portion of it's army and royal guard.

The Death Weaver's Cult:

Hailing from the wastelands of Areshar, a dark land of shadow and death, the Deathweavers are masters of death magic, necromancy and spirituality. Although necromancers in many ways, they do not like the name and view it as an insult for linking them to there undesirable brothers and sisters The Tomb Dealers.. The Deathweavers believe that only in death may the soul truly achieve peace and harmony and there members often end up liches or undead to reach said goal. They are often calm and calculating, devoid of much emotion and hard to comprehend. Although if you leave them alone, you will rarely hear from them. It is sad however that they are often mistaken as evil because of the acts of there undesirable kin. The Deathweavers themselves are not evil but many do not understand their ways and see their magic as unholy whilst they only try to understand what comes after death and to become it's master.
The often have green glowing eyes and wear ceremonial clothing and armour.

The Tomb Dealers: Hailing from the swamplands of Morr, the other circles really regret adding the Tomb dealers as an official Circle. Necromancers one and all, the Tomb Dealers aren't organized in any way shape or form and are often simple necromancers living merrily on there own in there little isolated towers or in small villages.untitled.png

You see, only the Tomb Dealers are able to survive in the infested swamps of Morr which is a barren wasteland of undead, monsters and dark evil aura and the Tomb Dealers were only too eager to make it even more dangerous by mixing necromancy into it. They do not worship and limit themselves like the Deathweavers, oh no, the reason why these men and women became necromancers is because they wanted to live forever and have massive armies of undead at there command to gain power and control over all those around them. Most Tomb Dealers are merciless, evil, without moral and by all account moderately mad and insane. No living mind was meant to live as long as they did, most Tomb Dealers being thousands upon thousands of years old. They often end up with a few screw loose thanks to the corrupting powers of necromancy and the evil they imbue it with. Most undead creatures and plagues terrorizing the rest of Yskera can in some way be linked to the Tomb Dealers. Ghouls, for example, were there handy work and wraiths, soul stealing ghosts, are also partially the Tomb Dealers fault. They simply do not care if their gruesome experiments end up killing a few hundred or even a few thousand which has led them into many conflicts with the neighbouring elves who live in constant fear of a new plague or some monstrous creature.

The Tomb Dealers and the Deathweavers have clashed for as long as anyone can remember armies of undead colliding with one another in battles that could last a day to months or even years.
Tomb Dealers, being independent from one another, don't have a dress code or anything like that, one can look like a typical necromancer head to toe in a black robe, while the other can look like a strange little girl who likes to play with skeletons a little bit to much.

Many races exist within the lands of Yskera. From Elves and Dwarves, Fairies and Angels to Vampires, Demons and the Grand Valkyries, to Lich, werewolves, Nekos and everything in between. Many of them can and are part of the circles and just like there human counterparts do sometimes elevate themselves to the role of Archmage of a circle on occasions. Some races of course are fine tuned to such roles for some examples, Elves make the majority of Druids being at one with nature while dwarves are often seen as Geomancers using their magic to become great blacksmiths. However this is not the case for everyone, some vampires and werewovles who tend to belong with the more darker orientated circles have gone on to become members of the White Flower Church whilst fairies, humans and even the odd angel who make up a good portion of the White Flower Church have become Necromancers.


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This looks interesting. What would the plot be and what would character options be?
Essentially everyone will travel to Havenguard to attend the meeting. There the story unfolds as everyone is made aware of the strange reports of the dark aura in Raktosh and will be then sent more or less on a journey to find out what exactly is going on. As for character options may you elaborate please? Do you mean what races you can choose or?


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Well for races it goes just as far as your imagination to be honest. The world of Yskera is brimming with all kinds of races. Any race can perform any magic it's just that some have a natural talent for said magic. An Angel for example would be more suited to Holy Magic, Light Magic and healing whilst a Demon would be suited to Fire magic, however they can both perform the same magics. As I say you can let your imagination run free with races and such. Creativity is encouraged.


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Thank ye :)

I will admit I made this RP about six years ago so forgive me for the slightly lacking plot. It didn't take off last time TBH so I never really got a chance to expand upon it.
I'll make up a defined list of races and a little bit about them.


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So RACES! The main three races are the Humans, Elves and the Dwarves.

Pretty self explanatory, they are the dominant race of Yskera and come in an array of skin tones and pigments depending on sub race and where they hail from those from the North of Yskera tend to be more pale as opposed to those from the South who are more dark skinned. Humans tend to rely mostly on non-magical warfare, as they don't have the magical potency of say elves. The only exception for this would be the mix of human and elven races. This is not to say that Humans cannot use magic. Oh no far from it, Humans can use and wield magic with great proficiency. Humans due to their hardy nature and magic mix can live past 100 with some reaching to 200 years of age. Of course this can be extended via "certain" magic and means..

Sub Races

- Native to the frozen continent of the North they are a tall and fair-haired people with paler skin. They tend to excel at all manner of warfare being more hand to hand combative rather than magic users although they have great resistance to cold and frost magic due to their homeland of the frozen North and they do excel and frost magic themselves.

Havenguardens - Natives of the civilized, Human capital of Havenguard, these people are well-educated and well-spoken. They are also known for the discipline and training of their citizen armies are great diplomats and traders, and these traits, along with their remarkable skill and training as light infantry have made them a dominant figure in Yskera. Mix this with the School of Grand Wizardry and you have a formidable army at your hands.

Dregons - They are a race native to the South of the desert lands that is known to be extremely quick and agile. They are excellent in all arts concerning the blade and shield, making excellent mercenaries and sell swords. They are descended from a long line of warriors and mystic seers. The most naturally talented warriors in Yskera, the dark-skinned, Dregons seem born to battle favouring blade over magic, although they can and will use it to aid them in battle tending to use more.. "Destuctive" magic.

Elves -These beings are long-lived, culturally conservative humanoids who hail from the Eastern lands, they are drastically different culturally and physiologically from Humans. They have a longer lifespan of Humans capable of living for a thousand years of which again via magic can be extended, although few ever actually live that long mostly due violence, war and illness, and Elves have a much higher Magical proficiency than their Human counterparts. It is very easy to tell an Elf from a Human based on appearance, as Elves are less muscular, tend to be much taller and they have pointy ears that Humans do not have. Even females are taller than most Humans. Elves come in a vast array of colours from the rainbow from dark Grey, to light Green to pale yellow, to Cyan and even a bright Orange. Another small difference worth mentioning is that Elves rely heavily on magical warfare, as they have a higher affinity for nature and magic. A truly intellectual race rivalled only by a few such as the Dwarves. There are multiple sub-races currently existing all over Yskera.

Sub Races

The High Elves -
The High Elves consider themselves the most civilized people on Yskera, rivalling and even surpassing Havenguardens who are extremely civilized themselves. They tend to be roughly over 6ft tall, pale skin and have an great beauty to them. Highly adept at magic they excel in a great many forms of it, tending to be great scholars and teachers of the Arcane Arts, many of which teach it in their capital of Asroth.

Wood Elves - The Wood Elves live in The Great Forest two miles from the city of Asroth and tend to be more relaxed and less snobbish then the High Elves. They are more attuned to nature and woodland magic. They are particularly well-suited to hunting and ranging activities in the deep forests, many of them being excellent archers and most of them make up this role in the Great Elven Army

Dark Elves - The Dark Elves are an ash-coloured skin sub race of Elves that live mostly in Jash or the wastelands of Areshar, some living in the Swamplands of Morr. This sub race of Elves tend to be grouped with the Dark Arts, excelling in Necromancy, Dark Magic and the like. Tall thin beings with Crimson or Pitch Black eyes they are at one with darkness. The High Elves shun them due to their.. dark ways although a select few are in the ranks of the Elven Army and even one is on the Council in Asroth.

Dwarves - A large and advanced race and civilization, in many respects far ahead of some of the other races. They are well known world wide for their skill and revolutionary developments in technology, science, engineering, crafting methods, metalwork and stonework, architecture, creating massive and vast cities, mathematics, magic, and the academic arts.
Many think that all Dwarves are short beings but this is not the case as they are sized similarly to the average human if not just a little shorter. Most if not all of those from the Dwarven race are muscular including the females due to their blacksmith work, and they tend to prefer wearing heavy metal armours and robes. They have significant mastery over metalwork, construction of massive machines and interest in the sciences having them the builders of Yskera, having built most of the cities around it. Their architecture is mainly composed of stone. On the other hand, their methods of stonework and architectural construction is just as unique and grand as their metalwork, the great volcanic Forge in their home capital Inwar having created millions of masterpieces. Their mastery of stonework is a shining example of their civilization, and a notable one at that. Like humans, dwarves had a wide variety of skin, eye, and hair colours, typically pale but deeply tanned or brown amongst Gregons. They excel at magic related to technology and science using Techomagic to aid them in their crafts. Being hardy people they are great warriors who are proud people using their technological machines in warfare. They tend to live for a good few thousands of years as well, extended via magic OR tech. Interestingly Dwarven stomachs, are quite resistant to virtually all poisons and it takes less effort for a dwarf to get back on their feet than other races due to them being a hardy people. Dwarves also had dense bodies and are difficult to push around as a result, as well as having the capacity to bear loads that other races might find hindering with little ill effect. Dwarves also have a sense about them that few other races do, with a preternatural awareness of their surroundings useful for a subterranean race as well as good judgment all-around in general.

Sub Race

There is only one sub Race to the Dwarves

Gregon - Shorter then their other kin standing from 4,5ft to 5 ft on average these deeply tanned or brown amongst gold dwarves. Gold or yellow eyes are common throughout this race, with anything else a rare occurrence. This sub race are often bald and grow thick facial hair, which was sometimes used to display social status. This hair is often golden or blonde in hue, with the odd one here and there being darker brown. These fine people are the true blacksmiths of the Dwarven race mainly who focused on metallurgy, the study of the physical and chemical elements of metal to better understand it when crafting with it. They have a natural ability to sense and find metal ore within the earth, being able to wield and control it with ease when blacksmithing. Roughly one hundred years ago they invented a new technology marvel that allowed steam to be used to power things as well. This "Steam" tech proves to be quite powerful force of nature along side magic imbued tech as well. All dwarves have an extensive knowledge of mining, extracting, and smelting the ore they find, as well as incorporating the smelted metal into their weapons, armour, tools, devices, and other crafts. Because of this, they were able to create their own distinctive form of metal, Dwarf metal which is currently the strongest and most dense of all metal on Yskera. No other race knows how this process is done.



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(Don't you just love it when the wifi dies when your typing stuff up..)

Here we move onto some of the more "interesting" races

Angels - Angels are immortal beings that come from the Sky city of Heaven being connected to and serving the "Higher Powers." Most commonly Angels simply an inner glow and/or a halo, which is the usual form of which angels are imagined, but there are kinds of Angels who are far less humanoid. Depending on their rank in the hierarchy of Heaven they wear different attire, those of a lower rank (Angels) white robes to the higher ranks who wear armour (Archangels). Making up a good portion of the White Flower Church these beings are seen as to be truly divine beings of the utmost purity, who go around doing good deeds, spreading the word of the Holy Goddess Yless and generally doing good. They are exceptionally strong of mind and will, using light, holy and divine magic.

Sub Races

Angel -
The most common of the race, an Angel is the lower tier. They tend to look more Human like, standing at 5,10ft on average, always have blue eyes and blonde hair. However they have a faint white glow around them and sometimes have halo. Dressing in white robes this is attire an Angel will wear. They use Light, Holy and Divine magic. They can fly with their wings, are immortal, immune to any illness or disease and are invulnerable to damage from conventual means, with rapid healing and regeneration. This does not mean however they are invincible. Certain magics and weapons can harm or kill them.

Seraphim - The middle class of the Angels these act as "Officer soldiers" in the Angelic hierarchy. They tend to wear lighter armour which is usually silver or white. They all wield a divine weapon created in the "Sky Forge" imbued with Holy Magic. These beings stand on average at 6,2ft and will have a halo and wings on show. Like Angels they use Light, Holy and Divine magic and have the above abilities.

Archangels - Now whilst these beings can make themselves look like regular humans to blend in they don't most of the time but in their true form, they possess wings, stand at a staggering 7ft tall and wear custom made armour to suit their own needs. Also know as "The Divine" they were handpicked by Holy Goddess Yless to be her eyes and ears on the world below, to be the Commanders of her army. Currently there is only Ten of them of which four have been seen, the other six are unknown.
(Side note if you'd like to be any of the above please do say or same if you want to be one of "The Divine" The four above are set pictures but everything else you can make name, age background and abilities)

Demons - As there is those above so there are those below. A supernatural immortal being, typically associated with evil and connected to serving the "Nether Powers" demons reside in the underworld City also know as "Hell" Demons come in so many shapes and sizes and forms but a lot do look humanoid for the most part, even more so when disguised. Typical additions of demons are; horns, claws, fangs and tails are common, as are blood red wings, a more fit (muscular and/or larger) body and skin tones (red, blue or black dominate) but there are several kinds of demons who are far less humanoid, varying from strange, surreal or even absolutely horrific. There are many sub races of Demons and many forms. Much like the Angels depending on their rank in the hierarchy of Hell they wear different attire. They make a good portion of the Tomb Dealers taking on many forms to blend in.

The black-eyed demons - The most common and standard class of demons they take on a humanoid form and tend to wear anything to blend into their surroundings if in disguise. In Hell however they tend to wear a simple black suit. They possess only basic abilities, such as possession, super strength and telekinesis and weak necromancer/summoning. Appearance wise they tend to stand roughly at 5,10ft tall, have pitch Black eyes and their skin colour can vary. When in Human form they only stand out by having a very faint Black Aura around them which can only be spotted with certain magics.

Red-eyed demons - These beings are one level higher than black-eyed demons, and have more powerful abilities, such as teleportation and Dark Element Manipulation the power to manipulate the dark/destructive aspects of the elements. They wear pitch black armour down in "Hell" and are the opposite counterparts of the Seraphim acting as the "Unholy Officer soldiers" They stand at 6,5 on average and in their true form emit a dark sinister aura wielding unholy and infernal weapons.

The Fallen- These are ancient demons known as the "Fallen" opposites of "The Divine" They're terrifyingly powerful and they rank the highest in the hierarchy of Hell acting as the demonic chiefs of staff, ruling directly under Arkale, the Demon God. They inspire fear in their subordinates as all other demons seem to be terrified of them, standing at an imposing 7ft tall. There are four of them. They all have truly terrible power.
(Again if you want to be one just say!)

MORE TO COME. Also you are not limited to just one character, you may have as many as you can handle, be whoever you want to be and do what you want to do. Just as long as you have one main CS from a circle of magic to be with the main group


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I was thinking about throwing my Lizardman Himbo into this, but I've also been working on a Ratfolk character that I've never gotten to use and I think he'd be a better fit given our character's status in the Circles.


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I was thinking about throwing my Lizardman Himbo into this, but I've also been working on a Ratfolk character that I've never gotten to use and I think he'd be a better fit given our character's status in the Circles.
Sounds fantastic! But why not both :D

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