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Hello! The name is Kinder and I'm searching for a few partners to possibly plot and role-play with!
This thread is for a more specific plot that I am currently craving to do
I just thought it might be interesting to have this harpy-like species. They are simply people with wings (that they can tuck into their back and whatnot). I imagine that for a while they all lived peacefully but during the most recent decade, the humans had begun to use the avians as a scapegoat to all of their issues. Things could’ve gotten more violent/brutal in the recent times as well. All in all, this lead to all sorts of controversies that lead to the birds having to hide themselves and their true identity for their own safety. Maybe Muse A is one of these creatures and one day meets Muse B (how they meet can be determined later). Muse B is a human and part of a gang/mafia, probably in the higher ranks of it. The group does all the stuff it’s known for doing, but I was thinking that maybe, they could also collect the wings of harpies to sell to messed up collectors who want to showcase those sort of things. I imagine that harvesting the wings of harpies wouldn’t kill the person, it would just involve the removal of the wings entirely so there is a limited quantity in the world which makes them rare and seeked for. Muse A and B can become great friends, maybe a little love interest sparks but they never truly know each others real secrets (Muse A definitely wouldn’t tell a soul, and Muse B can decide how much they’d like to disclose). One day Muse B receives a file of the next harpy victim they are going to collect the wings from, and it’s none other than their beloved Muse A.
The plot is fairly basic and a lot of details about the characters and scenes can/will be determined as we chat. Please, feel free to include your own interests into the mix! I' love making Frankenstein plots that match both of our preferences and interests!

If this plot interests you, here are my rp rules/preferences
For this specific plot I'd like to play as F in an MxF pairing
(^this can vary for other plots in my general search^)
I would like to include some nice, slow-burn romance in this plot, so long as it occurs naturally and isn't forced.

• Responses can vary from 200-1000+ words depending on the scene, no one liners please.
• I can reply at least once a week, if not more.
• I'd prefer if you were 18+ (as I am)
• Please communicate and contribute to the plot! I love having a lively OOC chat, but I'd understand if that isn't your thing. Just let me know if you're going to be absent for a while/are losing interest in the RP.
• On that note, please don't ghost me, just let me know that you want to drop the plot, no hard feelings here.
• The more long term the plot is, the better.
• I generally only RP in PMs, but can be convinced to move to Discord if we click well.
• I use realistic face claims/references.

If you are interested in this plot, please PM me!
If this plot doesn't interest you but you'd still like to plot with me you can check out my general search thread here, or simply send me your own ideas! I'd be down for almost anything!​

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