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Addison Riviera
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Maia Mitchell
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Addy is very fun-loving and adventurous. She's always been a bit of a trouble maker, and when she was younger her parents were constantly getting calls from school...and sometimes the police department. Due to her carefree nature and her love for adrenaline her parents also got a few calls from the hospital as a teen. Now at 21 Addison is still pretty much the same. She loves doing risky -and sometimes stupid- stunts and going on adventures.

Addison also loves to party. She's always up for a beer or a last minute party. Addy is up for anything most of the time, she can be pretty go with the flow, and loves even the smallest of adventures. Addison has no filter and no shame when she's sober, so when she's drunk she's liable to do anything.

Addison loves her friends and family and would do anything for them. She's very caring when she needs to be, but she usually shows her love in more unconventional ways. Addison has a hugs heart, she volunteers at shelters a lot and does a lot of fundraisers for animals and does stuff for those in need. While a lot of her channel is just vlogs and stupid stuff, she also uses her youtube to help people.

Likes: adrenaline, partying, adventure, cars, animals, candy, video games

Dislikes: birds, sitting still, traffic, starbucks

Youtube: Addy has been on youtube since she was 17. She has 10.2M Subscibers, on her Main Channel and 9.9M on her Second Channel. Addy's Main Channel, Addy Riviera, has vlogs, adn her second channel, Riviera Addison, is everything but vlogs.

Young, Wild & Free
Addy grew up with her mom, dad, and sister in California. In High school Addy got in quite a bit of trouble, but she always managed to keep up good grades. She started youtube at 17, because she wanted to document all her adventures and illegal activities. Though she was a bit of a problem child, she was good otherwise and she never did anything too severe...well not on the regular, and never on purpose. Adison started gaining recognition on youtube when she was 19, and since then she had been soaring up. Addy likes to keep her chanell real, and she doesn't really care if that means she gets demonetized, though so far so good.

Addy and her sister now live together, each with their own youtube career, and with a whole world to explore.

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