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Fandom Youtube Roleplay?

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Pando Chan

Youtube role-play anyone?

Hey y'all, I'm wondering if anyone who see's this might be interested in doing a role play involving Youtubers. I'm familiar with many different channels and personalities; and even if you wanted to do one involving someone I'm not familiar with, I'm generally always willing to do some research / watch some of their videos and get a feel for their personality.

Right now I'm definitely leaning towards Youtuber x OC but if you have an idea you really want to do with either two Youtubers or two original characters, just let me know and I'll definitely consider it.

If anyone is interested, hmu here or over discord. iBizzBee#3210


professional breather
Would you be open to a youtuber oc rather than a real youtuber? I don't really feel comfortable playing/having a real person but I love the idea!

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