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    hii! I posted an interest check similar to this at the beginning of this year but decided to revamp and repost it to hopefully get some more interest racked up. I'm an experienced roleplayer with many years of writing both for roleplay and for fanfiction, and I only write canon x oc double ups. I roleplay both onsite and offsite (on discord) and I really enjoy discussing all things oc, headcanons, world building etc. I do lose interest quickly in certain roleplays if my partner's writing style is not close to mine or is poor (meaning poor grammar or immature). I am ghost friendly, and at times will ghost myself (only in circummstances where the writing partner has immature writing/attitude, is rude, incompatible, or annoying.) other times i've just completely forgotten to respond, so don't be afraid to just send a bump my way.

    about you

    please be willing to double up, write canons against ocs, be open to romance, angst, worldbuilding, headcanon making etc! I do prefer people 17+ to write against, though I can write with those a few years younger than that. i ask that you are able to write as characters of any gender or sexual orientation, and I will do the same for you if you please. no homophobia or racism is tolerated, so do not contact me if you align with bigoted belief systems. i am ghost friendly though I would appreciate if you told me you lost interest etc. please understand I wont respond immediately, and typically try to match the length of my partner. Please be prepared to develop a plot with me, as I almost never come up with a plot before talking to my future roleplaying partner. I enjoy our ocs going through the same storyline if possible, and a such will try to make their own personal journeys intertwine and overlap to blend them smoothly into the main storyline.

As I open my eyes Hold it, focus, hoping Take me back to the light I know you were way too bright for me i'm hopeless, broken

So you wait for me in the sky Browns my skin just right You're so golden I'm out of my head And I know that you're scared Because hearts get broken/border]

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bump, replies may be delayed due to my very busy schedule. those i owe replies to i havent forgotten i promise.

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