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Realistic or Modern your voice -characters-



your voice
roleplay status: accepting
plot: link here
ooc: link here
full name:
nicknames: optional
age: 16-18
year: 2-3

face claim: non-realistic only
voice claim: vocalists only
mods: piercings, tattoos, etc


vices: 4+
virtues: 4+

background: a minimum of two paragraphs

when did they become a fan of the band:
do they have a personal connection to them:
do they go to their concerts a lot:
their favorite band member: fill out when accepted

● This is NOT first come first serve, you must apply for a role and I will accept your character if it's the best suited for the roleplay
● Non-realistic face claims are required! Also I suggest whoever goes for the second vocalist to pick a voice claim as well
● If not all of the roles are filled, feel free to make a second character (with my permission)











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lead vocalist & guitarist
the vocalist & guitarist. rin
the lover boy
name... kimura rin
nickname... lover boy (inside joke because he falls in love easily)
age... 17
year... 3
birthday... february 1st
gender... cis. male
sexuality... bisexual (very comfortable with his sexuality)
fc/vc... touma kikuchi/shayne orok 01 02
position... lead vocalist & guitarist

height... 178.5 cm
weight... 61 kg
hair... short orange hair, but keeps his bangs long to the point they cover his eyebrows and he can hide behind them if he's shy.
eyes... warm brown
piercing... has a small ear gauge on his right ear
likes... soft things, pink, sweets, romance, dating, cute animals, music, composing, writing songs, playing guitar, being with friends, skinship, cute girls, theme parks, sleeping in, sweaters, being warm

dislikes... bitter things, heartbreak, unrequited love, break ups, being called girly, taking out his piercing, being bored, losing his voice, opening soda cans, alcohol, drama, bullies, the cold, feeling lonely

fears... losing the band, not being able to sing, death, heights

habits... cries easily, hugs his plushies when stressed out, vents a lot when he likes someone, flips his guitar picks, clicks his pens, stares off into space, writes songs about people he likes

vices... easily jealous, hotheaded, impulsive, brutally honest, opinionated, shy

virtues... romantic, supportive, honest, caring, kind, outspoken

other... plays till his fingers are raw when stressed (doesn’t use a pick), records songs on his phone when he's writing lyrics, gets inspired by people he likes, he has a HUGE personality switch when on stage (goes from awkward and shy to very masculine), watches disney movies, has a popular spotify account, speaks english fluently, failing social studies, falls in love very easily, he plays a Suhr Classic Pro guitar
background... rin was the first and last child that shouta and nana had. the couple hadn't really planned to have children as they were extremely focused on their careers and getting money to live a comfortable life together, but nana's pregnancy with rin threw that off a bit. of course the woman didn't cease working until she went into labor, and even then was determined to work from home while on leave. two very work driven people didn't feel prepared to tackle this hurdle of parenthood. this changed when they met their healthy baby boy for the first time though. it was instant love and they could hardly believe that they felt so much love for such a tiny baby.

it was easy to see that their priorities went from working until three in the morning to going home as soon as possible and mostly working from home so that they could spend time with their baby together. nana eventually moved her work totally to her home, as she was the boss of her company, and worked comfortably from there, having meetings over the computer, forming a sweet bond with her son. shouta was similar in the fact he didn't work nights anymore and wouldn't cover for people as often because he wanted to be able to have dinner with his loving son and wife. their family dynamic became very tightknit and they didn't mind that fact.

as rin grew older, he was sent to more private schools as his parents could afford those and they felt like he was safer there. the boy was different from most of the other boys in his class to the point his teacher sent a note home with him, wondering what was up with him. during recess or lunch, rin was still inside the classroom, occupying himself with homework for music class rather than being outside playing with other kids. he wasn't getting bullied in class, but was rather popular, so his parents were utterly confused at why he was seemingly punishing himself. this is when rin announced that he had no interest in playing sports but rather he wanted to do things like learning how to play the piano like his music teacher.

this had been on the more surprising side of things for the couple but they decided to allow their son to take some piano lessons and learn how to play properly. he wasn't in love with the piano per se, but he was smitten with the sound it produced, he just didn't think he was good at it. he stopped taking lessons by middle school, much to the relief of his parents. it was easy for rin to understand that they didn't want him pursuing music but he didn't want to be another typical office worker like most people aimed to be. no, his sights were set on becoming a musician one way or another. so he began to do odd jobs around the neighborhood while his parents were at work and saved up enough money to buy himself a guitar.

he would play this guitar in his closet with his doors shut, in order to mute the sound. he had purchased an electric guitar so he wasn't even able to hear the sounds of the guitar. but that was enough. he completely taught himself the instrument and was determined to keep it hidden from his parents. on his first day of high school, he snuck the guitar with him to school, having convinced his parents to let him ride the subway and not have a family car escort him there. upon arriving at high school, he quickly developed a crush on a girl that was passing out flyers to the first years, which turned out to be school maps, and he was head over heels for her. it was exciting, the entrance ceremony that is.

though after it ended, rin set off to find a music club that he could join, only to discover there was no such thing. sure, there was a classical music club but nothing like he wanted. he wanted to be part of a band, part of something that was different and exciting. it was only at the end of club recruitment week that he found a crumpled up flyer on the ground that was promoting a band club. it had open auditions which meant it was probably still accepting. the boy didn't even stop to consider if it was an old flyer or anything, no, he ran straight up to the floor it was on and burst through the door, announcing that he wanted to apply as a lead guitarist.

naturally, he was accepted into the club, alongside five other boys, much to his surprise. a bit into practicing as a group, they all had auditions for a vocalist and they decided on two. rin ended up being chosen as the main vocalist much to his surprise but he didn't fight it. being center stage, in front of all those screaming girls? that sounded perfect to him.
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Full Name: Steve Freeling
Nicknames: Stevie
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Year: 2
Role: Vocal and Bass

Face Claim: Nagi Amano
Voice Claim: Akane Sasu Sora
Height: 6' 3½" (1.92 m)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Scars: Appendectomy scar from age 10, a few calluses on his fingers
Mods: N/A

Likes: Music, girls, books, movies, anime, manga, okonomiyaki
Dislikes: Cigarettes, abusers, liars, thieves, algebra, black metal and death metal, snakes, foods he considers gross i.e. peas, Brussels sprouts
Habits: Listens to music when distressed, chews his tongue when bored, quotes movies, anime, and manga when he thinks that particular quote applies to the situation at hand, swears a lot when angry
Fears: Snakes

Vices: Cocky, not completely awake if he hasn't had his coffee, easily distracted, useless at algebra
Virtues: Calm, friendly, intelligent, open-minded, selfless, fluent in both English and Japanese

Steve was born to an American father, Ezekiel "Zeek", and a Japanese mother, Reiko (née Kanzaki) Freeling. He and his twin sister Christina spent the first 10 years of their lives in the United States, while their younger brother Keith spent the first six years of his their. During this time, they learned English from their father and Japanese from their mother. Steve found when he was fairly young that he took an immediate liking to music. He also found that he was especially talented with his voice. Aside from that, he had a pretty standard childhood.

When Steve was 10 years old, he and his family moved to Japan. While somewhat reluctant to leave his friends behind and even more reluctant to be within 100 feet of his abusive grandmother, he was eager to learn more about his mother's culture. Upon arriving at Japan, he found that some reacted strangely to him, but that wasn't nearly enough to scare him off and he made a few good friends before long. A few months after the family's arrival in Japan, Steve had to have his appendix removed. His mother, knowing his love for music, bought him a bass guitar as a reward for muscling through it like a champ. He found that he had a real talent for it. He's been at it ever since then and by learning from watching different videos and reading various study guides, he's become a competent player. When he found the flyer looking to form a band, he jumped at the chance. His maternal grandmother had often said he wouldn't make anything of himself, so he'd been itching to prove her wrong.
Ezekiel "Zeek" Freeling (Father): They have a healthy relationship. While they may occasionally have their disagreements, they have no trouble resolving them.
Reiko (née Kanzaki) Freeling (Mother): They have a healthy relationship. They occasionally have disagreements, typically involving Steve's dislike of his abusive maternal grandmother, but it's not nearly enough to cripple their relationship.
Christina Freeling (Twin Sister): They have a healthy relationship typical of siblings, peppered with good-natured teasing.
Keith (Brother): They have a healthy relationship and do all the things brothers do, be it going to the movies or catching fish. Because Keith is only 12 years old, Steve is very protective of him.
Ankoku (née Morisaki) Kanzaki (Maternal Grandmother): They dislike each other intensely because Ankoku is a horrible person who abused Reiko both physically and verbally during her childhood and even brutally murdered her husband, Reiko's father, because he refused to give her one million Yen, which she often brags about due to having gotten away with it for so long, despite the fact that the statute of limitations for murder cases has been abolished. Ankoku also berates Steve and his siblings, calling them names and saying they'll never accomplish anything, which strains their relationship even further. As a result, they often end up having profanity-laden arguments because Steve won't tolerate her behavior and will do everything in his power to protect his siblings from her. She is also the one member of Steve's family who is opposed to his love for music.
Other: His voice changes when he switches between speaking English and Japanese.
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ars longa, vita brevis
full name: Takenaka Riku

nicknames: Ri, Kuta
age: 18
gender: M
sexuality: heterosexual
year: 3
role: guitar
face claim: Gintoki Sakata
height: 6"4

messy, cool-toned, and silver. His hair and his sister's hair unfortunately made them stand out a lot growing up, but it's naturally this color. Riku has gotten into trouble at school multiple times because teachers refuse to believe he doesn't dye it.
eyes: teal, the same as his sister's.

scars: He has rough, callused hands, as well as burn marks and scars along his fingers and arms from years of labor-work.
mods: Riku has no tattoos or piercings, due to his being remarkably poor.

likes: cooking, miso ramen, classic rock, cats, playing guitar, watching live rock performances.
dislikes: lazy people, the rich, his father, chit-chat, and natto

habits: He has a bad smoking habit, which often gets him into trouble when he's at school.
fears: losing his job, or his little sister getting hurt. Not being able to play with the band, not having money, his sister not getting into a good university. Riku is afraid of being alone and has some abandonment issues.

vices: stubborn, prideful, hot-headed, distrustful, narrow-minded, rough around the edges. He doesn't speak any other language but Japanese, and has shown himself rather slow at picking up new subjects. He was never particularly good at school, instead learning quickly from topics and skills that directly engage his interests.
street-smart, hard-working, patient, and loyal. Although he doesn't look it, Riku is surprisingly thoughtful and nurturing. He is protective of the people he cares about and won't hesitate to stand up for himself or for others if he feels the need to.

background: In a word, Riku's childhood can be described as "brief." He was eight-years-old when his family began to fall apart. His father walked out on them and was gone without a trace. Takenaka Genjiro packed a few belongings into a small briefcase, kissed his wife goodbye, and left for work. He never came back, and rumors quickly spread how he had abandoned his sick wife and two children in order to travel the world. After his father left, Riku took it upon himself to become the man of the family, at least until his father returned. For a long time, he refused to believe his father had simply left them on purpose, and often found himself getting into trouble at school with children who would say otherwise. He cared for both his ailing mother and his little sister, preparing the meals, washing the laundry, cleaning the house, etc. When his mother did not have the strength to perform the daily, basic chores,
Riku stepped in.

As time passed, Riku lost faith in his father ever returning and slowly began to resent him. When his mother, Takenaka Ahmya, could no longer work, Riku was able to find a job busing tables at a nearby restaurant. The couple who ran the business took pity on the Takenaka family, and as Riku got older, he took on more responsibilities. Eventually, the disease forced his mother, permanently, into bed. There, she withered away. Riku was sixteen and Ai was thirteen when their mother finally passed away. When Ahymya died, she left behind the home her children had grown up in. Before she passed, she managed to pay it off with the last of her funds. Growing up, Riku made sure that Ai always came to school clean and healthy. What money he could set aside, went to purchasing nice clothes, makeup and trinkets for his little sister.

Riku never paid much attention in school. Most of the reason is because he doesn't have much time for it, but he focuses enough to get passing grades. In the rare event that he has free-time, Riku plays guitar. One of the few things his father left behind was an acoustic guitar that Riku could not help but be drawn to. His interest in the nearby music shop led him to enhancing his musical talents and he eventually learned how to use an electric guitar. Before Riku joined the band, he was quite shy about playing guitar in front of others. In fact, it was Ai who found the flier that advertised the band, and tricked her brother into trying-out. When Riku hears or plays a guitar solo, a kind of calm and euphoria overtakes him. It's like a form of therapy.

Takenaka Ai //
Ai is Riku's little sister. There is no one he's closer with. He essentially raised her and has sacrificed a lot in order to ensure her success. He often tries to hide financial troubles
or his own mental struggles from Ai in order to preserve her innocence. He doesn't want her to worry. This however, usually only strains their relationship. Ai is also the one who tricked Riku into trying out for and joining the band. While he was always shy about his musical talents, and not confident with his skill level, it was always Ai, rooting for her brother to seek out different musical opportunities. One time, Ai secretly recorded her brother playing on their father's old guitar, and posted it online. It didn't go viral, but it did garner a few thousand views. Riku was furious, but he could never lose his temper around his sister.
Takenaka Ahmya // Before Riku started working at the restaurant, he was very close with his mother. When she was too sick to even lift her head from her pillow, Riku stayed by her side and kept her clean, fed her, and made sure she was well-cared for. However, after he started work, their relationship changed. Because Riku was either working or at school, he didn't get to see her as much as he would have liked to. At this time, it was Ai who developed an incredibly strong bond with their mother. Ahmya was originally the one who inspired Riku to seek out a career in music. Even as she was dying, she encouraged both of her children to do whatever brought them happiness. She was a literal example of "life is short."
Takenaka Genjiro //
Riku hates his father more than anything in this world. He resents him for leaving behind their family. Riku wants nothing to do with his father, and doesn't really ever think of the man. Unlike Ai, he remembers a lot about their parent's relationship as well as their father. Riku refuses to be anything like Genjiro. He is an incredibly loyal person towards his friends and towards Ai, because he could never imagine abandoning people who are relying on him.

other: Despite his rugged, tough-guy attitude, Riku is a completely different person around his little sister. It's quite comical to watch him go from smoking cigarettes and talking back to teachers on school property, to sitting in the living room watching Sailor Moon while wearing a sheet mask, a bunny-ear headband, and receiving a manicure.

Even though Riku has a great passion for music and has a lot of fun playing in the band, his financial situation often gives him great anxiety, and he is commonly troubled by the reality that the band can not exist forever- or at least that Riku might not always have the time or money to devote himself entirely. The instability of a musical career makes him worry about how he will develop the funds to put his sister through university or keep food on the table.
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~*~ Lost In A world Ill never understand ~*~
(hope this works for now)

Full Name: Chisako Luciano (English: Luciano Chisako)

Nicknames: Lu-Lu, Chi, Lucy -by a very select few-

Age: 17

Gender: Biologically Male (Closeted nonbinary)

Sexuality: Heterosexual (Closeted Pansexual)

Year: 3

Role: Bass

Face Claim: Keith Kogane

Height: 6' 2

Hair: Black

Eyes: blue but sometimes appear Violet

Scars: a few small ones on his arms and legs from having an active childhood but none of much notability

Mods: none at the moment

Likes: Tea, music, the cold, quiet areas, the smell of lemon, horror, perfecting songs, rain, cherry blossoms, loose clothes, American culture, a decent party

Dislikes: Large social gatherings, tight clothes, hot humid weather, Homophobia, Cinnamon, alcohol, Algebra homework, Pumpkin

Habits: he tends to run his hand through his hair when he is thinking, he covers his face when he gets flustered.

Fears: abandonment, not being accepted with his peers, storms- particularly thunder

Vices: sometimes he needs to learn to speak up for himself, he gets too attached to his friends, he can be defensive, prideful, and distant, he bottles up his emotions

Virtues: he will always be loyal, he is often unable to lie, he will take care of you any time, he has a secret fun side, he is usually the calm one in situations, he often has a hidden dark sense of humor

Background: Luciano was a rather average child- he listened to his parents, had many neighborhood friends, got good grades, etc. He adored his family and had once stopped attending school when his father injured himself accidentally walking to work. Afterward he returned and it was so hard to catch up but he managed to just skim by in school, that summer his mother unfortunately fell ill and passed away in her sleep .

As he grew older Luciano noticed money growing scarce so he began to take work wherever he could, trying to help as much as he could. At this point his father found another wife and had two children on the way and he was working wherever he could, trying to help as much as he could as well. After a while they made enough to get a bigger house and enough to properly provide for Luciano's half-siblings, Benjiri and Mikado, who are now seven.

While he still is a good student he often has more pressing matter such as funds and pursuing art and learning the Bass as well as helping his step-mother care for the kids.
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"I could compose a thousand melodies - words will always allude me."

full name: 大塚春 (Otsuka Haru)
nicknames: N/A - Instead prefers simply to be referred to by his given name versus his surname. Although improper, he feels it is more 'personal' that way.
age: Sixteen
gender: Male
sexuality: Uncertain, really. He thinks he could be bisexual but it isn't something he is actively trying to figure out.
year: Second Year
role: Keyboardist

face claim: Sakuraba Ryota
voice claim: N/A - Irrelevant, not a vocalist.
height: 170.18 cm
hair: Originally black, dyed a dirty blond despite the preference of his teachers and parents.
eyes: Brown, but wears colored contacts. Maroon and green are his most preferred and most frequently worn colors, especially the former.
scars: Blemish due to past surgery on his right shoulder. He does his best to cover it up.
mods: He has standard, simplistic one-hole ear piercings in both ears. He oft prefers to wear red and purple coloured studs and silver ear cuffs paired together. Coordinates his adornments with his outfits, usually.

Monochromatic Art || Spending time outdoors. || Adventure Novels. || Sunny napping spots. || His cat, Chewie. || Letting his mind wander while he plays the piano; Improv. || Coffee. It's his lifeblood, truly.
dislikes: Reminders of his time as a baseball player, including but not limited to his trophies or seeing a team uniform similar to his old one. || Insects of any variety. They creep him out. || Those who hide behind facades; though it's a more self-reflective dislike than an outward one. || Tea.
habits: Chewing on the ends of his pen caps. || Scratching at his left ear when lying. || Bouncing his leg when sitting down. || Sketching idly when a drawing utensil is in hand. He has spent many days after class cleaning off the desks because he got caught drawing on his desk in pencil.
fears: Never being able to make his parents as proud as they were when he was still actively playing baseball. || Is deathly afraid of being left alone in the dark. || His biggest fear of all is that people will begin to realize his calm, confident nature is simply a mask around his high-functioning anxiety - including his parents.

vices: Defensive. || Stubborn. || Deceitful. || Difficult. || Argumentative. || People-pleaser. || Selfish.
virtues: Loyal || Supportive / Empathetic || Creative || Protective. || Forgiving (W/ Time and effort.) || Affectionate.

background: Privileged. Sheltered. Music was perhaps the last thing the Otsuka family regarded as anything more than a 'pointless hobby'. The piano lessons they spent money on were little more than a means to teach their children discipline. Every last one of Haru's siblings had undergone them just like himself. And not a single one went on to pursuit anything even remotely artistic. A family founded on successful pursuits and endeavours founded on research and assured guarantees of profit. Businessman to their core, Haru was expected to follow suit. It seemed he was given a chance at deviating from the pattern of being lawyers or entrepreneurs when it was discovered he had a knack for baseball. To the boy's greatest pleasure, apparently he was talented enough to garner the support of his mother and father to pursue the sport. Playing the ostentatious position of the pitcher, he was happiest when he was standing on the mound. Unfortunately, it was also on the mound that the dream of making his family proud by being himself versus following their predetermined plan fell through his fingers. During a practise game he injured his right shoulder - his pitching arm no less, enough so that he had to have surgery because of it. He gave up baseball not long after, dishearted as his pitches were not nearly as strong as they once were. Even if reconditioning was possible, he lost the will to try. Not when he caught that disappointed glint in his father's eye.

When he began behaving unlike himself, his worried older brother took him in temporarily under the guise of 'taking him under his wing'. A museum curator, Haru had suspected he would be yelled at by his eldest sibling for giving up so easily when his brother himself had fought to get to his position. Instead, he was introduced formally to the arts. Not as a hobby but as a lifestyle. Painters. Musicians. Dancers. It was through the encouragement of his brother and absolute strangers that he took the piano up again. His playing had no soul to it, not at first, but with every month away from his household, the more lively his music became. And the more soul that could be found in every key, the brighter the smile on his lips appeared. Even when his inevitable fight with his parents about his choice not to join the family business led to him fleeing right back to his brother's house, before he fell into a downward spiral he learned to channel and express the hurt through telling that story with the porcelain black and white instrument seated by the wall in his room.

High school was an exciting but frightening affair. No longer in his home district, he was surrounded by strangers. While it made him nervous, it was freeing. He was no longer restrained by the expectations of his parents or their family friends. His old baseball team didn't hound and hackle him at every turn to give it one last chance. He was a nobody, the weird kid who scribbled music notes on the right-hand corners of his test whose eyes seemed to sparkle when enthusiastic. He flourished without the chains restraining him any longer and his music flourished with him. In the way that returning to music, a means of teaching obedience was a rebellion against his family's wishes, he opted for another means of shunning their 'righteous' path. Not even one week into his first year, he dyed his hair. There were still many difficult days where he couldn't keep his head up, where reminders about parenthood and one's relationship with their mother and father stung like a dagger in the chest. But he was himself. He wasn't a carbon copy like he'd been so afraid to become. Though consciously knowing that should be enough, he still hopes to perhaps one day prove that the 'mistake' he was making was anything but.

As a second-year, after much encouragement from a few of his classmates and his brother's own musically-inclined friends, he's chosen to give music a genuine try. Besides, if making music doesn't work out, he knows the owner of the Corner Music Store. To his shock, that opportunity came in the form of a club advertisement he happened to notice laying beside the trash. Though he didn't have much experience playing in a group versus solo, he couldn't say it didn't sound like fun to give it a shot.

Otsuka Mitsuki <MOTHER> ; A strained, somewhat unhealthy relationship. A woman whose only vested interest in her children was to show off how well behaved and successful they were. Neither affectionate nor nurturing, it isn't a surprise at all that she doesn't have much interaction with those who moved out of the household. She seems to be a little regretful of how things turned out between her and Haru, offering him financial support through paying for his schooling and monthly allowances. Haru sold the keyboard she bought him out of spite. Still, Haru wants to make his mother proud of him and hopes that one day she'll see that there's more to all of them than being carbon copies of their father.
Otsuka Tenya <FATHER> ; Unhealthy with a lot of resentment. Tenya and Haru were not very close when he was a child, his father believing the boy to be just a little too kindhearted and naive. He left him to the nanny most of the time, only showing interest in the boy when his behavior needed to be corrected or if he did something of notable value that could be shared. The most involved he ever was in Haru's life was when he played baseball. Even after Haru's injury, Tenya still tries to encourage him to try baseball again. While the rest of the family is mindful about how sore of a topic baseball is, his father still gets him baseball memorabilia and equipment as birthday and holiday gifts. Just like his mother, however, Haru wants to be acknowledged by his father. Or, if nothing else, to prove to him how wrong he was about him from the very beginning.
Otsuka Jun <OLDER BROTHER> ; Haru always idolized his eldest brother while growing up. He was perhaps the most stubborn, the quickest to speak up to their parents and the last to back down when challenged by them. He was deeply hurt when Jun finally moved out of the house but loved the plethora of postcards and odd gifts his sibling would send him. The two always had a close relationship, contributing to the reason Jun was so quick to take Haru in versus their other siblings. Jun is dually Haru's caretaker and mentor, using his pull in the art community to bring people into his younger brothers orbit to encourage his growth and interest in all things creative. He doesn't always agree with his younger brothers decisions (see: dyeing his hair) but will support him so long as they aren't damaging or life-threatening. Just like Jun wants to see Haru without the walls their parents taught them all to put up, Haru wants to see Jun relax for once without carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders - even if that means having to force himself to work through his own issues so Jun won't worry anymore.
Hattori Emiko <CHILDHOOD FRIEND> ; A friendly acquaintanceship - perhaps the closest thing to a friendship he had as a child. Hattori was the daughter of another affluential family his parents were close with. As such, the pair had gotten to know each other well enough throughout their adolescent years through play dates and formal events where they were paraded about like porcelain dolls. Though he doesn't see her as often as he once did, he would consider her a friend nonetheless. If nothing else, he can't imagine how he might have survived childhood without having her around at the very least. @Rayvian

other: It is through music that Haru has mostly learned to express himself. When irritated, upset, or simply feeling a way that he cannot explain, he'll often reach for his keyboard sooner than he'll reach for someone's hand. He is perhaps his truest self; the most unguarded and relaxed one will ever see him when playing music. He's flexible with a natural and trained ear, making it easy for him to fall in step with other musicians. Though it's difficult for him not to go off and do his own thing, he likes the idea of supporting others with his melodies - hence, joining the band in the first place.

His brother, though supportive of his membership in the band, isn't entirely convinced it will yield monetary success in the future. As such, he's roped Haru into playing recitals in various venues hoping to get his name out. The pianist seems to hold some guilt because of it, opting not to inform the other members about these 'secret' performances as he fears they'll think he is trying to leave them behind / abandon the band.
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i'm a ghost with the most, babe.

nakano ryouta | drums;

about them:
name. nakano ryouta
pronuncation. /ɾʲo̞ː.tä/
nickname(s). ryu
age. eighteen
place of birth. karuizawa, nagano
gender. male
sexuality. to be explored.
occupation. student
year. three
hair color. dark brown
eye color. brown
height. 175cm
weight. 150lbs
body type. skinny
distinguishing features. shaggy hair and heavy-lidded eyes
piercings | tattoos. n/a
scars | markings. n/a
faceclaim. oreki houtaro

codedbycrucialstar || click the flowers and hidden scrolls
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Drinker of coffees
full name: Saito Yuki
age: 18
gender: male
sexuality: bisexual
year: 3
role: bass and vocals

face claim: Okazaki Tomoya
voice claim: ROMI
height: 182 cm
weight: 98 kg
hair: black
eyes: grey
scars: none
mods: none

likes: music (duh), stargazing, improvised jam sessions, trips to the music store, trips to the coffee shop, karaoke, drawing (he's surprisingly good at it)
dislikes: being idle for too long, focusing on one task for extended periods of time, not being able to see the stars at night
habits: keeps his hands moving and usually fidgets with a pen or a button, taps his foot rapidly while sitting down
fears: death, working a boring desk job, not being able to support himself on his music career

vices: self-deprecating, bottles up his own problems and emotions, selfless to a fault, pushover
virtues: empathetic, supportive, loyal, realistic, energetic

Yuki's first and only memory of his father was watching him walk out the front door and never come home. Yuki was five at the time, and had only started school. His little sister, Umeko, was only three years old. Somehow, his mother was able to support the three of them... for a time. She worked two jobs constantly, one at the local diner and one at the supermarket near their house. On one hand, they always had access to discounted food. On the other, they only had a one bedroom apartment to share for the longest time. Yuki often slept on the couch in the living room, while his mother and sister shared their bedroom. Yuki performed well enough in school, not well enough to be considered the top of his class, but decently enough that no one was concerned about him enough to try and help.

By the time he was old enough to work, Yuki took up a job at the local music store, primarily dealing with sales and customer service, seeing as when he started he had little knowledge of music or the various stringed instruments they sold. As he helped customers, however, he began to become enthralled with the instruments he sold. He observed the way the customers' fingers moved over the strings and frets, how their thumbs and picks plucked gingerly at the strings, and most importantly, he loved the way the bass sounded with its deep and rich notes. One night while closing shop, he found himself asking the store owner to teach him how to tune the instruments, if only to have a reason to lay his hands on the instruments aside from moving them off and onto stands. The owner, a kind old man, instead took Yuki under his wing, becoming a sort of grandfather figure to the boy and teaching him how to play the bass every night after work. Once he had taught Yuki all he knew, he gifted the boy the bass he had been learning on, along with a few replacement strings and picks, a cable and an amp to hook it up to.

From then on, Yuki practiced daily. Around homework, working to pay tuition for high school, and playing his music, he had little time for socializing. His biggest fan was Umeko, who pressured him into performing covers of her favorite songs. Yuki figured he had a good enough voice, if Umeko liked how he sang, so he began to compose his own songs, his bass carrying the rhythm and his voice the melody. His mother, however, didn't approve of his hobby. She figured if he had enough time to mess around with luxuries like a musical instrument instead of selling it for extra cash, then he could at least use it to make a quick few bucks performing on the street. So Yuki took to the streets, playing and performing for a crowd of people who barely knew him and would probably never see him again in their life. When he saw the flier for the band among club listings in school, Yuki knew he had found his outlet.​

Saito Umeko - Umeko is Yuki's little sister and biggest fan. He loves her with all his heart and will do anything to keep her from having to work through high school like he did. He wants nothing more than to give her the most comfortable life he can. It was Umeko that got Yuki into writing and performing his music instead of keeping it to himself, and for that he's forever grateful.
Saito Ai - Ai is Yuki's mother. She's worked hard to put food on the table and clothes on her children's backs. Despite how she disapproves of Yuki's passion in music, she just wants her kids to live their best lives and not have to struggle like she does. In reality, her disapproval stems from her fear that a career in music will be fruitless in the end. Yuki doesn't see this, however, and often mistakes her stern attitude for favoritism for Umeko.​
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the romantic
the hopeless romantic. honoka
the one-sided love
name... maeda honoka
nickname... tba
age... 16
year... 2
birthday... october 16th
gender... cis. female
sexuality... demisexual
fc/vc... sena narumi / sora amamiya
role... female student

height... 160 cm
hair... long blonde hair that is always pulled up into twin ponytails. has bangs
eyes... bright blue
piercing... ears are pierced
likes... cooking, helping others, writing, summer days, walking around, listening to music, bands, concerts, having fun, being with friends, bonfires, dogs, fireworks

dislikes... horror, gore, hurting someone, crying, being vulnerable, talking about her crush, bullies, getting teased, not being able to help, bad grades, studying, spicy foods, getting sick, athletic activities, large crowds, loud noises, bugs

fears... death, being rejected, losing her family, failing

habits... messes with her hair, clicks her pens, stares off into space during lectures, sleeps in class, makes lunches for her friends, goes to the roof to take naps, sits in on band practices sometimes,

vices... stubborn, easily annoyed, lazy, oblivious, sensitive, shy, hotheaded

virtues... outgoing, energetic, romantic, intelligent, caring, supportive

when did she become a fan of the band... when they performed at a school event in her first year. she already liked them because of [name] but she really started to like them after she heard them play.

does she have a personal connection to them... she became friends with the lead singer rin after he hit her in the face with a volleyball during gym

does she go to their concerts a lot... whenever she can, but only when she's with friends because she's shy.

her favorite band member... [name here]

other... has a crush on [band member here] and has accepted he'll never look her way, despite not liking athletics she's incredibly talented in track & field, naturally smart and hates to study, stays up late because she's thinking about random things, she cut her bangs herself to be 'cuter' but now she doesn't like them, has a shiba named kou, befriended by rin during gym when he accidentally hit her in the face with a volleyball, she's a popular model, very expressive and shows her feelings easily, currently the main actress in music videos for a popular boy group
background... honoka was born as the youngest of her family, having four older brothers who were excited to have a fifth, just never really a little sister. from the beginning, she was always trying her hardest to keep up with all the boys. she would try to play with them whenever she could and would often cry when they would tell her 'girls weren't allowed' or they didn't want to play with a 'baby'. as she got older, she began to force her way into their games and discovered how much fun it was to actually play with them. the boys also eventually softened up and allowed their sister to play with them, finding it really fun as well. this caused them to essentially become the protectors of honoka, always making sure she wasn't getting bullied and never cried. it's pretty intimidating when four boys suddenly appear behind the girl you're bullying after all.

her school days were a breeze, and in elementary school, she was scouted for a little kid's fashion brand, which her mother happily allowed her to feature in. this launched her modeling career, which essentially caused her brothers to become even more protective of her as they were worried that she'd get targeted by 'bad guys' and they would have to be there to rescue her and keep her safe. honoka thought this was okay in elementary school, but when middle school rolled around, she couldn't handle it anymore. the boys had quickly become popular for their good looks and her modeling career steadily got bigger, which meant she was also popular in her school. which made dating impossible for the girl, much to her annoyance.

high school was when she thought everything would go according to plan, but it didn't. the girl had slept in late on the day of her entrance ceremony and ended up running to school with her hair in haphazardly done ponytails and a bit of dried toothpaste in the corner of her mouth. despite this slight hiccup, the model's dreams for high school were going to become a reality. she got into the school of her choice, but apparently so did her brother, who was only a year older than her which meant he was going to keep a close eye on her and had transferred to that school. she had a big fight with her parents about it, but they said they suggested it.

even though honoka wasn't happy about this development, she went to the entrance ceremony with her head held high. this was when she saw [name here] and instantly fell for him. it was a superficial crush at first, but when she began to hear about him and eventually see him in concert, she couldn't help but like him even more. she decided early on that this would be a crush she never confessed to so she planned to go through high school with that mentality.
coded by ukiiyo
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Fc: Reina||Hibike

Code by: RI.a
Name: Natsuiro Ruriko
Nicknames: Ruri, Riko (used by her childhood friend), Natsuiro-san.
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Cis female
Sexuality: Heterosexual Demiromantic
D.O.B.: September 24th
Year: 2nd
Role: Female character

Eyes: A pair of clear purple-colored irises with thick eyelashes.
Hair: Long, black tresses that reach the area around her back.
Height: 5' 4"/165cm
Weight: 121 lbs/55 kg
Scars: She has scratches scattered on her right arm and right leg. No one knows what they are, but she claims that they appeared out of nowhere.
Mods: None

Likes: Children | Purity | Honey-flavored cereal | Egg pudding with caramel | Thought-out situation | Summer festival

Dislikes: Unthought scenarios | Being rejected | Being robbed of something | Not getting control of her emotion | Overly spicy food | Stray cats

Vices: People pleaser | Grudge-holder | Emotionally-attached | Stingy (to few) | Coward | Self pity

Virtues: Friendly | Great listener | Patient | Nurturer (to few) | Sensitive | Courageous

Habits: Pretending to yawn when crying | Patting (certain) someone's head | Slapping herself

Fears: Fear of losing

Ruri, when did you become a fan of the band?
°]"Well, it was that day... When I first heard their music. I felt overly sentimental that time I don't even know why haha."

Do you have a personal connection to them?
°]"I mean... Classmate IS counted, aye?"

Do you go to their concerts a lot?
°]"They perform and sometimes practice in my father's live house. So it's not rare to see them working hard."

What is your favorite band member, Ruri?
°]"Wha--? I think I will answer this later ehe."

Are you in any club?
°]"I currently am. I'm a member of broadcasting club."

Are you easily drawn?
°]"I think I am with the right things."

Under the full moon of September, blessed by the petals of cluster amaryllis, Ruriko came to this world.

In her childhood, she held both a hand of her mother's and a hand of her father's. Beside her, the mother that wears a Japanese traditional clothes, and her father that wears a polo shirt and khaki-colored pants, they went to a summer festival with smiles both on their face.

In her pre-adolescent, surrounded by her friends, everyone was embraced; no one was left behind. Though there was someone's hand that she had always been happy to hold.

In her adolescent, she would stare at the mask that's always on standby. It looked friendly, and durable. A smile was sewn on it, the thread used was red in particular. Wrapped around her little finger, was singular red-thread. Its ends, one was wrapped around her mothers, behind her were the house she has been living in, while the other was wrapped around her fathers, behind him were a newly-built live house. To the south, her mother stood. To the west, her father stood further. They were still walking together, yet the large gap was there.

It tires her out so much when she couldn't even really get a rest from all of it.

But then their music came. Everytime they play it, it always feels like Ruriko is able to ease up a bit. But it's better than nothing. That's why, when the band was looking for a place to practice outside of school day, Ruriko offered a room in her father's live house, with the charge always be 20% off the regular price.

Natsuiro Aki||Father - owner of a live house called "TRI∠", though many know it as "TRIZ". A lean guy that lover his family to the bottom of his heart. He treasures both of them, no more no less.

Natsuiro Haruna|| Mother - a shrine maiden in a Shinto shrine. A strict teacher when on duty, though very caring and loving. She aims to make Ruriko a shrine maiden to replace her once the time has arrived.

Mizunohara Hikari|| First love - Ruriko's first love, and was once a home to her when things were rough. Due to some reasons, they parted ways. And since then, its door have never been opened again for her.

Iga Kiyomi (@shieldmaiden )|| Confidant - Ruriko's partner in crime and as well a friend. Together, they're one of the first persons outside the band that has massively -though not very massively- promoted the band. Their first "personal" meeting was when Ruriko caught her in front of the old music room.

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ars longa, vita brevis
name:Takenaka Ai
nickname: Aita or just Ai is fine
gender: F
sexuality: heterosexual
age: recently turned 16
year: 2
role: female student

face claim: Hitomi Tsukishiro
height: 5"6
hair: long, cool-toned, and silver. She usually has it curled and pulled up with a piece of lace.
eyes: light teal
scars: n.a. her skin is soft and pale. Her brother would never allow her to work or dirty her hands. Instead, she focuses on her schooling.
mods: n.a. her brother would kill her if she had anything but her ears pierced. Ai is what you might call a "good girl."

habits: In high-stress situations, she's bad at making eye contact and will hold her wrist, pinching the skin between her fingers.
fears: Most of all in this world, she is afraid of failing her brother and losing him. She is afraid of not getting into a good school or disappointing her deceased mother. Ai is easily frightened. She's terrified of bugs, especially spiders, and loud noises.

likes: Ai is far more an academic than her brother. She is secretly an introvert, preferring to be alone, reading books and listening to music. When she's not reading or out with friends, she loves being with her brother, giving him a quote or fun fact every so often. She has a deep love for art, and can spend hours walking through museums, admiring the different pieces. Ai has a talent for painting, especially with acrylics, which are her favorite medium. She has a million canvases shoved into her closet and stacked against the walls of her bedroom and throughout the Takenaka house. She loves sashimi and black sesame mochi and cats. She prefers tea over coffee and strawberry over chocolate. The smell of cigarettes oddly comforts her, because it reminds her of her brother. She loves having deep, intelligent conversations about society and culture and philosophy.
dislikes: She's quite agreeable and because of that, she outwardly does not appear to dislike much. In reality, like any normal person, she dislikes many things. She hates overly greasy or sour foods and she hates making decisions. She doesn't like to cook... Actually it's more like she can't cook, though she tries so hard. She's doomed to live off top ramen for the rest of her life, it seems. She hates being late , losing, or getting bad grades.

vices: She is highly self-critical, shy and incapable of standing up for herself. Her brother, Riku, was always the stronger of the two, always protecting his little sister. Ai is very quiet and tends to bottle up her frustrations. She's constantly conflicted between being selfish and being selfless and struggles with bouts of depression, although she keeps it to herself. Her mental health is something she puts in a lot of effort to hide. If you catch her staring off into space, you can occasionally see the sadness on her face. She tends to put too much stress and responsibility on her shoulders, especially because she wants to live up to her brother's expectations. She
constantly feels like a burden to her brother, and so she always tries too hard. Ai can also be quite clumsy.

virtues: Very kind, thoughtful and gentle. She's constantly curious about the world and longs to travel and know things. Her curiosity always has her head stuffed in a book. Despite her cautious nature, Ai is actually very intelligent. She's not a genius, but when it comes to liberal arts studies, she can be very brilliant. Due to the need to impress her brother, Ai always gets excellent marks in school and has always garnered popularity in school; a side effect of having attention-grabbing, silver hair. Ai always remains level-headed and doesn't have nearly the temper her brother does.

background: Ai grew up in the same town she was born in and has never left it once. When she was five, her father, Takenaka Genjiro, packed up a few of his belongings and left, under the facade that he was leaving for a business trip. He simply walked out the door and never returned. Rumors spread that Genjiro had abandoned his family to travel the world, and although Ai was hurt that he was gone, she couldn't help but wonder about all of the beautiful places he was visiting. She sometimes, selfishly wished that he had taken her with him. Although the memories of her father and his face are quite fuzzy, she can still recall being held in
his strong arms, as he pointed at maps within books and spoke about the wonderful, mysterious lands.

When their mother became sick, her ability to properly care for Ai and Riku slowly dwindled. For a long time, she was able to support the children through working as a copy editor at home on her laptop. Meanwhile, Riku quickly took it upon himself to make up for their father's absence, and began cleaning the house, making dinner, folding laundry, and caring for their mother. Ai can remember her brother wearing a checkered apron and pink gloves, his messy hair held back with a bandanna as he laboured through the whole day. Once a week, their mother would reach into a small drawer by her bed and hand Riku an allowance to pay for groceries. Ai would hold her brother's hand on the way to the store, excited because her brother would always put aside some of the allowance to buy her a Botan rice candy. She was always shy. Although Ai was very sweet, she was no good at making friends, and so she was always seen clinging to her older brother as a child. Riku did his best to shield Ai from the hardships they faced, but she could still see how much they struggled, and how much responsibility was weighing down on her brother.
He wanted to protect her innocence, and so, for his sake, she would pretend that she was blind to their troubles. She would smile and laugh for him, she would study and get good grades, she would make friends and be happy; and after a while, her acting became quite convincing.

The disease eventually forced Takenaka Ahmya permanently into bed, but by this time, Riku was old enough to begin working. He found a job at a nearby restaurant, busing tables, taking orders and delivering meals. While he was at work, Ai would clean the house- although not too much- Riku would just lecture her for not taking the time to study. When their mother, Ahymya, was still alive, Ai would come into her bedroom and read stories and work on homework. It was Ai's mother who encouraged her to paint and Riku to play guitar.

"I don't want your circumstances to prevent you from being happy," She would say.

Ai was thirteen when her mother finally passed away. She died peacefully in her bed, with Ai and Riku at her side. Ai remembers the police lights flashing against the dark house and the paramedics rushing in to fail at reviving her. She remembers falling to her knees and crying as Riku held her, protectively, in his arms. His messy hair hid his expression, but she could fathom what he was thinking. With no other family, they had no where to go. They didn't have enough money for a proper funeral and so they held the wake in their home, lighting incense and offering a beautiful meal. Ahymya's ashes were poured into a metal urn that Riku had discovered at a shop, and Ai painted a portrait of their mother in place of a photo. The mini shrine still sits in the living room.
One of the last things that Ahymya left for the kids was the house they'd grown up in. She'd managed to pay it off before the disease took her, as her children's well-being were her only concern after her death. The Takenaka house isn't fancy or huge. It's a two-story building but still quite small and old. It has it's charms, although it's not in any way modern. After Ahmya passed away, Ai moved into her mother's room. This enabled the kids to each have their own rooms for the first time.

Despite their troubled past, it's not something either siblings cares to dwell on. There are no heavy hearts. Over time they both seem to have adjusted fairly well.
Takenaka Riku //
Riku is Ai's older brother. He essentially raised her and the two are the only family each other has left. Ai has always been supportive of Riku's musical endeavors, visiting every concert, and even tricking him into joining the band. They are very close, telling each other almost everything. However, they unknowingly tend to keep things from each other; Riku hiding their financial troubles and Ai pretending like she doesn't know.
Takenaka Ahmya // Towards the end of her life, Ahmya and Ai had become inseparable. They were incredibly close, especially once Riku began working. Ahmya was left home alone, and with Riku gone all day, either at school or work, it was up to Ai to take care of her mother. Ai would often read, to her mother, new books she found for cheap at bookstores. After school, she spent practically all of her time with Ahmya, studying beside her, reading, watching tv, and painting. Ahmya loved Ai's paintings, and so Ai would hang up finished paintings in her mother's room. By the time Ahmya passed, there was not an inch of wall space that had not been covered by
some form of painted canvas. It was their relationship and the conversations they had that really gave Ai a proper understanding of their family's economic situation. Ahmya always encouraged Ai to continue painting and she pushed Ai to encourage her brother in his musical endeavors as well. When Ahmya died, it hit Ai especially hard. She refused to leave her mother's room for a week, instead clutching the blankets that still smelled like her mom, and crying into them until she fell asleep. She ripped the paintings from the walls and threw most of them away. She didn't pick up a paintbrush again for a year.

Takenaka Genjiro // Unlike Riku, Ai doesn't have many memories of her father. His face is always blurred out, and all she can remember are his big, strong arms, whisking her away. She doesn't resent her father nearly as much as Riku does, who would not only be able to recognize him on the street, but would beat the crap out of him without hesitation. When they were children, it was rumored that Genjiro ran away in order to travel the world. Despite how his actions effected his family, Ai can't help but also want to travel the world. She feels guilty to the point of nausea just thinking about it. One of the only memories she has of her father, is sitting in his lap by the table, flipping through the pages of an unknown book. In it, there were beautiful pictures and descriptions of mysterious, far-away places. Ai could never find the book in their house, and eventually assumed that her father must have taken it when he left.

when did they become a fan of the band: Ai has been supportive of her brother and his music since before the band was even a thing. Although her brother consistently feels guilty and worries if he'd be better off working full time at the restaurant, Ai always pushes him to seek out his dreams and continue playing.
It was actually Ai who discovered the flyer for the band. She bolted into her brother's classroom during lunch and shoved it in his face excitedly, practically ordering him to join it. When he read the paper, he shook his head and crumbled it up, saying he was far too busy and that he probably wasn't even good enough. Ai pleaded with him, arguing that this was his chance to do something for himself for once, but to no avail. Ai picked up the crumpled flyer from off the floor and stuffed it into her school bag. When she got home, she pulled out the flyer again and read it carefully. In the following days, she would trick her brother into stumbling into the classroom where the band was meeting and force him to try out for it.

do they have a personal connection to them: Riku, the guitarist, is her older brother. He practically raised her.
do they go to their concerts a lot: Ai makes sure to visit every concert, although Riku often lectures her about staying home studying instead.
their favorite band member: Riku, of course!

other: Lately, Ai has been secretly applying for summer art programs in other countries
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i'm a ghost with the most, babe.

iga kiyomi | female student;

about them:
name. iga kiyomi
pronuncation. Kee-OH-me
nickname(s). kiyo, mimi (her youngest brother)
age. sixteen
gender. female
sexuality. heterosexual.
occupation. student
year. two
faceclaim. asako natsume
hair color. orange-brown
eye color. golden hazel
height. 164cm
weight. 110lbs
body type. lithe
distinguishing features. deeply blushed cheeks
piercings | tattoos. n/a
scars | markings. a large ugly scar running down her calf from surgery when she broke her leg. various bruises from daily clumsiness.

codedbycrucialstar || click the flowers and hidden scrolls
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Ten Thousand Club
Full Name:

Hina Ishikawa
None yet
Face Claim:
Sanae Kashimura
Two regular piercings
Stuff animals
Warm sunny days
Getting A's
Rock Music
Pop/Rock Music
Thunder and lightning
Pressure from her parents
Getting a B or lower
Humming/Singing (to herself) Tomorrow
Hina is very excitable, energetic, passionate and sometimes clumsy. She repeatedly proclaims she's the best at everything even though she's not. Though the one thing she can brag about is her grades. She's also stronger then she looks, physically. Her pride can at times come off as being conceited. She has a pure spirit. She also has a large appetite and loves to eat chocolate. She can be childish and easily angered and loves to go out when it's nice and sunny. Despite her tomboyish nature, Hina is actually very girly and self-conscious. She has a large collection of stuffed animals and dolls and loves to shop, although she tends to squander her money and usually doesn't have any when she really needs it. Deep down she can be sensitive, and she hates arguing with friends or seeing someone in pain above all else. Hina also has a great sense of justice. She hates that innocent people get hurt for things they had nothing to do with.
Growing up Hina always had the pressure of being perfect when it came to school. Her parents expected nothing but perfect scores and being the top of her class. Her parents run a huge business company and expect Hina to take over. Hina spent a lot of her days always studying and never got to go out much. Because of that she never really had any close friends. Whenever she did get free time though she loved spending that time with her grandfather. Her grandfather owns a toy store a store that's been in the family along time. Originally her mother was supposed to take it over but she wanted nothing to do with it. Some of the toys at the store her grandfather. Well, he makes the dolls to be exact. In the past the store originally only sold dolls but as time went on the started to sell a more variety of things. Her grandfather would take her in the workshop and teach her how to make them. He also lived at the shop his home was upstairs. Hina more then anything kind of wish she could just take over the store but why would she do that when she had a great opportunity to inherit something so big.

Hina's life hasn't changed to much since then but when she started high school her parents have given her more free time to do other things because she's been doing so well. Though she will get in trouble if she makes anything but a perfect score and they expect her to be always at the top of her class. Because of her newfound freedom, she's been able to make friends and actually be kind of close to them. She also gets to visit her grandfather more and even helps him out sometime.
Akihito Matsumoto - Hina's grandfather, they have a very close relationship. She doesn't feel so pressured when she's around him.

Takahiro and Chiyoko Ishikawa - Hina's father and mother, her relationship with them are tense, they tend to be pretty strict and she's always on her best behavior when around them. More than anything she wants them to be proud of her and takes what they say to heart.
When did you become a fan of the band?
"I became a fan when I first saw them play. They were so cool! And they are all really cute!"
Do they have a personal connection to them?
"Well...I mean some of them are in my class and I've talked to them so yes I guess?"
Do they go to their concerts a lot?
"I go when I can."

their favorite band member: fill out when accepted​
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~Up with the sun, gone with the wind~

full name: Hattori Emiko

nicknames: Emi

age: 18

gender: female

sexuality: pansexual

year: 2-3

role: fan

height: 167 cm

hair: short, curly, and white. Emiko lets her hair hand freely, though she wears the occasional headband when she feels like it.

eyes: pale blue

scars: none

mods: piercings, tattoos, etc: earlobe piercings

likes: praise, gifts, cats, flower pressing, music, fashion, jewelry, cigarettes, strawberry cake, mystery novels

dislikes: dogs, cheap things, bad hygiene, mornings, vermin, messes, sour things, cigarettes, heavy perfume, clingy people

habits: smoking, humming, daydreaming, rolling her eyes, pushing back her hair

fears: lung cancer, being disowned, large dogs

Personality: In many ways Emiko is like the stereotypical rich girl. On the outside Emiko is the perfect daughter and heiress, polite, soft-spoken, and materialistic. While all of those things are true she’s much more that what others see. Though she prefers to let them believe what they want, she doesn’t care for the opinions of others. Emiko can be charming but she can also be downright manipulative as well. She likes to think of herself as a wordsmith. She knows when and how to say the right thing at the right time to get what she wants. Her composure seems to rarely slip. Emiko carries herself with grace and poise, yet she has a mouth full of biting. comment waiting to be used. Emiko goes through life wearing a facade, a carefully crafted mask that hides her true self.

To those close to her she’s still spoiled and a bit of a diva but she’d also affectionate. Emiko makes sure that she looks after her own. Her loyalty isn’t easy to gain but hard to lose.. Despite her manipulative ways she’s not one to break a promise or not pay a debt. Emiko is an intelligent young lady who values knowledge. She has a love for debating and discussing important topics with others. Secretly Emiko is not as tough or unbothered as she pretends to be. She has a habit of keeping her feelings bottled up and dealing with things on her own.
background: emiko is a child of the Hattori household. The name is very recognizable amongst the elite. The family comes from old money on both sides. Her father, Tanaka Hattori is an entrepreneur to the core who owns a variety of resorts and hotels around the world. While her mother is a well known fashion designer and former model. Emiko lived a life of privilege, she wanted for nothing. Though it came with a price of course. As an only child, and a girl at that Emiko was pressured by her parents to be the perfect child. She was given the best tutors and she even had a governess as her parents were far too busy to look after a child. Emiko was taught the ways of etiquette, how to horseback ride, and a variety of other skills like music and languages. Her parents made sure that she had play dates with children of their influential acquaintances. They wished to show off their creation, like a perfect doll.

Seeing as it was all she knew Emiko followed their directions, obeyed them like a good child should have. So what if they never showed up to a recital or rarely spent time with her? She was lucky to have the life she did. Emiko began to rebel in little ways to receive her parents attention, tantrums were the most common, though they believed that material objects would make up for this. It was her governess who showed her kindness and love, nurturing Emiko so she didn’t turn out to be like her parents completely.

Im school Emiko was able to raise through the ranks quickly given her rich status and looks. Though she never seems to give many the time of day. She would simply let them flock around her, treating them like lackies more than anything. Soon Emiko began to be labeled as the school “Ice Queen” because of her behavior. Though she didn’t pay any mind to it.

relationships: Otsuka Haru - Haru happens to be the son of her parents’ acquaintances. There were plenty of times where they’d hang out or see one another during some fancy event or another. Most would call them old friends.

other: has a maine coon named Hime


when did they become a fan of the band: she became a fan in her second year. she had heard some of the other students talk about an upcoming performance and decided to go

do they have a personal connection to them: no, she just likes their music

do they go to their concerts a lot: so-so

their favorite band member: tba


Process Emiko

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Drunk Fairy

name: hikaru kiko
nickname: kiki
age: 17
gender: female
year: 3

likes: candles, vanilla, herbal tea, shopping, fashion, fluffy things, art
dislikes: maths, her constant nightmares
habits: falling to sleep, occasionally stutters, when happy/excited her voice get very high-pitched, can talk too fast
fears: being told she is annoying/too loud,

vices: naive, scatter-brained, childish, easily distracted, short patience, very clumsy
virtues: creative, artistic, playful, perceptive, good at comforting people

face claim: amira [shingeki no bahamut genesis]
height: 5'6 - 165 ish cm
hair: light rosie colour
eyes: dark, warm brown
mods: three piercings in each ear

kiko grew up fortunately rather well off. her family could afford t frequently travel around east asia for her parents jobs and to visit friends and family. this also meant kiko was home schooled for most of her life.

due to her travelling and her fathers teaching she has become fluent in many languages and has love for many cultures and experiencing new things.

when entering her later teens kiko realised she wanted to stay more often in japan and her parents allowed her stay most of the time in their home in japan eve if they were away. half of the time, kiko is alone in the house except for the occasional tutor or housekeeper/ gardener. Her parents try to be with her as often as they can and when both of her parents are home at the same time they try to spend as much time together as possible

In the last two years, kiko has been becoming increasingly into music, fashion and food and with extensive knowledge of travel and her language skills her mother encouraged her to share her stories/life on social media. Her mother's business skills and connections with celebrities, manager and opportunities allowed her to to feel more confident in expressing herself to others.

Currently she blogs/vlogs about her tastes in fashion [by posting videos and photos on her shopping and outfits] music, art [an occasional photo of some of her artworks she bought and made] and also gives advice on travelling etc. Her knowledge of languages means she is able to reach more people and have more a more varied and international audience.


vivian yang
supportive and loving yet sometimes preoccupied
kiko's mother is a former model and actress from china

hikaru yoji [father]
stern yet still caring, distant due to busy at work
kiko's father is a professor and teaches all variations mandarin, cantonese, japanese and english to varying ages of students.

when did they become a fan of the band:
a person commented recommending her to check out a gig of theirs.
do they have a personal connection to them:

do they go to their concerts a lot:

when she can, she does

their favorite band member:

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ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
NAME | Fumiyoshi Mayu AGE | 17 GENDER | Female ORIENTATION | Demisexual YEAR | 3 ROLE | Female Student
VC | 01, 02 HEIGHT | 162 cm HAIR | Blonde EYES | Blue SCARS | Small scar on the left side of her neck from her surgery OTHER | Mayu is notably beautiful, though she hides behind her hair and doesn't like to make eye contact if she doesn't have to. She also wears a charm bracelet on her right wrist.
LIKES | sweets (especially gelato), music, nature, napping, reading, action anime, bakeries, cafes, walking in parks, animals DISLIKES | bullies, dark places, stairs, popular people, calculus, peanuts (extremely allergic), food with liver/intestines, singing HABITS | gazing out the window during class, sitting on the rooftop, eating alone, dozing off occasionally FEARS | falling down stairs, confinement, going to restrooms alone, bullies VICES | reserved, hesitant, self-critical, curt, somber VIRTUES | kind, empathetic, humble, imaginative PERSONALITY | Quiet. Somber. Mysterious. Mayu is a girl of few words but with a lot to say if someone were to get to know her. She keeps to herself in class, preferring to keep her head down and eat alone rather than socialize with others. Her stoic gaze and lack of words often make her approachable. People tend to think she's stuck up or haughty, however, the reality is that she doesn't know what to say or do. The fear of returning to the darkest point in her life haunts her everywhere she goes, so she's extremely careful with how to approach situations. On another note, she can be a shy, stuttering mess when she's embarrassed. Mayu will scurry away from her problems to the point that it's almost comedic until the person learns the reason why.
For most of Mayu's life, she grew up in the Nara with her grandmother. Her grandmother was an extremely loving woman who encouraged Mayu to explore and learn. Through this supportive environment, Mayu discovered she loved singing. She knew that she wanted to keep singing for the rest of her life, even if she had a different career, because 1) her grandmother loved to sing too and 2) she believed she'd find her parents that way. Of course, the latter was a far-fetched dream, but Mayu was always optimistic when she was younger. By the time she turned 13, however, things started to change. Mayu's older brother came, saying he'd like to take Mayu and care for her. Apparently, their parents weren't very caring for either of them, but he knew he wanted to be the family that Mayu needed. Although she was hesitant at first, the girl took her older brother's hand and went out into the world. Her brother, known as Fumiyoshi Takeda, was an English teacher. He'd found a job in the city so naturally he and Mayu moved there. Mayu quickly became popular due to her appearance and singing voice, and her reputation followed her all the way until high school. Unfortunately, high school was very different from junior high. The crowd was different and some girls in the crowd didn't appreciate Mayu stealing all the attention. Because of this, she was slowly introduced to the world of bullying. At first, she dealt with it. It didn't bother her much because she still had many supportive friends. It became worse and worse, however, to the point that she found herself alone. One day, everything went downhill. The "popular" girl of the school had called Mayu to the staircase, where she met the leader and her groupies. An argument broke out and Mayu was grabbed by the hair before being pushed. Tragically, her throat hit the railing, ultimately damaging her vocal cords and knocking her unconscious. Fast forward, Mayu is a new student at a new school after spending some time in recovery.. Her brother is also a new teacher there too.
When did Mayu become a fan of the band? She hasn't yet, but she will when she first comes across them practicing/performing. Does Mayu have a personal connection to them? No. Does Mayu go to their concerts a lot? Not an applicable question yet. Who's Mayu’s favorite band member? --
Fumiyoshi Takeda [brother] - Mayu loves her brother dearly, even if she gets tired of his nosiness and optimism. Yamada Junko [grandmother] - Her Baa-san is her favorite person. Mayu used to run away to Nara to see her whenever she was in recovery and felt bad. She still does that sometimes. The affection she feels for her grandmother has lead towards a general softness towards elderly people.
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