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Fantasy Your Studio Ghibli-inspired witchy wonderland has just landed!

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Check out my new roleplay, Return of the Druids!

It's time to get immersed in Druid Isle, an island specifically for witches.
You are a) A rebellious young lady who dodged boarding school and is now mastering the arcane arts
or b) A resident of Druid Isle (any gender or race) that likely knows some magic

Inspired off of the colorful, immersive landscapes of Studio Ghibli
Loosely inspired off of the Victorian era and all things cottage-core
Not exclusively an anime RP, but imagine it how you will!!
Intermediate to advanced writers, please
All fantasy races and all types of magical twists allowed
Semi-lit. Ideal range 2-3 paragraphs
We have an OOC thread as well, so get in!!
Make your character sheet(s) here
We ALWAYS have space, so don't ask, just get in there!!
We also have a Discord server now, where you can share witchy vibes and plot together

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Hahaha, this is a great way to wake up! Looking forward to a world of pure imagination. Just hop on in it, no need to ask! (-;


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Great question. I wasn't sure if I should make a CS thread or not. What do you think?

For the time being, I've just put my characters on the main thread.
You could make it now and let people go ahead and start making characters or wait. Depends on if you want to wait for some more people to show interest first.


Adv. / Lit. / Multi-Para
Very interested!

What other races are allowed other than humanoid, or is it strictly human-like (human, elf, dwarf, etc)? I'm heavily leaning towards a resident with four hooves...


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Love the magic lore, but before I put my interest down, are there any posting requirements? Like a post per week or some limit.


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Love the magic lore, but before I put my interest down, are there any posting requirements? Like a post per week or some limit.
Awh, glad you like! None of this would have come together if it weren't for your coding abilities. <3 No requirements, feel free to post as often as you like.

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