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Anime & Manga Your Most Hated Anime, ever


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Completely agree... When it comes to it, the whole thing is a copy paste of several different animes with the base of the Anine "Rave "

its pure fanservice for the sake of it..

Possble second place would be One Piece or as I would like to call Omake Pieces....
Its like the whole premise and storyline is there... but its too comedically nonsensical to be taken seriously thus it felt more of an Omake of an Anime.

*expects the Flames of Nerd Rage*

I guess the number one for me would be Evangelion.
Anything that was ruined by 4kids, and Lucky Star.
You sirs are not Anime fan thus you are dead to me...๏︿๏


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Both seasons of Sword Art Online, with Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny close behind.
You may be thinking that second one is rather hypocritical considering my Strike Freedom avatar, but one can like elements of a show while hating it overall. Opinions n all that. The picture also looks cool so I couldn't help myself


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Do you mind if I ask why? Yeah, SAO isn't exactly anything to hang in the Christmas tree, but it (and especially the first season) isn't really that bad.
In my opinion both seasons of SAO (and Ordinal Scale) are probably the most gut wrenchingly awful pieces of media I have ever had the displeasure of watching. The first episode was fine, but it just plummeted from there.

Every single character is one dimensional and bland, the motivations for basically all of the characters either make no lick of sense or are extremely stupid, Kirito is the biggest Mary Sue that has ever Mary Sue'd of all time ever next to Kira Yamato, the animation is fine but the style is boring and generic, the characters have absolutely no chemistry with each other, the dialogue and expositions dumps are atrocious, death has literally no meaning whatsoever for anyone remotely resembling a character that isn't a one-off, Yui is the absolute worst in terms of both character and bloody existence, the stakes are practically nonexistent or completely forced bullshit past the Aincrad Arc, the games they play do not function in any way that resembles an actual game, they copied a scene from Evangelion and that really pisses me off, and don't even get me started on that god damn Calibur Arc.

After watching both seasons, there are only two scenes that I think are anywhere close to fine. Everything else is a blur of garbage and regret and pain except for the Mother's Rosario Arc, that one wasn't too bad. The only positive thing I have to say about SAO apart from that is that it has some good (if reused) music and it's got some damn good OP songs. Not good OPs though, they're shit apart from the Mother's Rosario OP.

Again, my opinion. You can like it if you want, but I'll stick with SAO Abridged.
I gotta agree with almost everyone, SAO is pretty bad. It's a great premise for sure, but it just completely falls apart because everything is centered around Kirito, who is just the blandest protagonist I have ever seen.

There are some things I like...well, one thing. I enjoy Asuna and the screentime she did have in season one. Season two is...a different story (yiiiikes). I ended up watching the dub with my little sister, and the only good thing season two had was Todd Haberkorn's performance as the villain. Other than that...yeah it's not good in my opinion lol.
I don't think I've ever stuck around long enough to truly "hate" an anime. If the first episode is trash, I'm gone. Why hang around long enough for my mild dislike to turn into burning hatred? I do, however, force myself to sit through an entire episode, even if it looks like garbage after the first few minutes. (I employ the same philosophy when reading books. You've got me for at least one chapter. After that, whatever.) A couple of seemingly awful anime have pleasantly surprised me right before the credits roll.


Danganronpa 3 broke my heart a little. They could’ve done so much more with the remnants of despair than mere brainwashing. Danganronpa 2 was favourite too... :’( I was hoping Junko would play on the insecurities and break them making them fall into despair but noooo they had to do it the easy way of the plot device.
SAO is extremely mediocre. I can even enjoy a horrible anime, because it can be so bad it's good. But SAO is bleh. I also hate Naruto just because it has so much bloody filler.

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