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Anime & Manga Your first EVER anime! ^^


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My older cousin introduced me to anime and I have loved it ever since (Thanks cuz!)

The first one I ever watched was My Neighbour Totoro :)


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Just happened on it browsing through the teeve, or so's how I remember. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. I'm thinking of revisiting it too, at that.


This is a hard question. I remember being super little the first time I watched dragonball so I'll say that. But Pokemon, digimon, and yu-gi-oh are also up there.


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The older sister of one of my childhood good friends got me into Inuyasha when I was, like, seven. I've moved on now but damn, my seven year old memories are pretty great​


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Hungry Heart: Wild Striker :’) my very first anime and it was about soccer. When I first got into anime I was really not into fighting stuff so I passed on Naruto, DB, etc and watched a LOT of spots anime that no one else has ever seen! I’ve tried a lot of new things since then!


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Shigatsu wa Kimi no uso. A friend of mine who is a lot more into anime than me recommended it and Kosei is basically him (what with the music prodigies) and is one of the only animes I actually finished? I didn't like the final tho xD I'm more of a manga person


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My first ever anime was InuYasha ♡

I remembered watching a few episodes with my cousin when I was younger, but I never really understood anime or what was going on.

When I got into middle school, I had a friend recommend it to me and I finally figured out the name and began watching it on my own. Being a bratty middle school kid, I shit on Kikyo because she got in the middle of my OTP, which was InuYasha and Kagome. I also looked at it mostly from a shipping standpoint and ignored most of the story and the other characters that weren't the main few.

I recently revisited it and was hit with such a wave of nostalgia, it literally shook me to my core. The soundtrack still brings me to tears, as do the characters and their struggles. Now that I've matured more, I'm able to look at the anime in a different light (and I no longer hate Kikyo, rather I sympathize with her).

I probably won't watch all of it, as there's a lot of filler and the episodes are all rehashes of one another, but it's still something wonderful to come back to on a rough day or when I'm feeling down. It's just one of those beautiful animes that withstands the test of time ♡♡


naruto or fullmetal alchemist. i don't exactly remember which i saw first, but my mom always had them on when i was a kid lmao. i've rewatched both of em (and fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood as well) many many times now lolol.


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Technically pokemon.
My first full on series anime that I watched was mob physco 100.


What was the first anime you ever watched? And what did you think of it?

Mine was Naruto. :D

I didn't know about anime at the time, but I really liked Sasuke (my first anime crush lol), and I also liked Sakura. *face-palm*

I was sooo scared when Jiraiya came in, because I thought my mom was going to think I was watching something bad. xD
If they count as anime, I would have to say Pokémon and Digimon were the very first animes I ever watched. If you want an actual anime title it would be Wolf's Rain.


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If were talking like...more “adultish” anime it would be Inuyasha closely followed by Yu Yu Hakusho.
As a kid I watched Digimon, Pokemon, Monster Rancher, Sailor Moon.
But Inuyasha is what really represents the beginning of my love for anime, to this day it remains one of my favorites if only for nostalgia reasons.


frankly honest, the very first anime that i really watch until the end and still treasure it to this day is inuyasha. it was a great experience watching it. the thrill and all. ^^


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Aside from like Naruto or Dragonball Z (both of which I never really finished), it was actually this really old anime movie called "Bastard!"

I don't know how I ended up watching it, and I was only like 6 and it was really graphic lol.


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God, I can’t really remember. It was either Sword Art Online or this one anime I’ve forgotten the name of which was about this mind reading school girl.


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The first anime I ever watched was knowing it was an anime was School Rumble and I'm currently rewatching it to relive those memories. But before that I would watch pokemon thinking it was just another american cartoon


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My first anime was Vampire Knight back when I was in middle school. I had picked up the first season on dvd set at a local Sam's Club, and I've been hooked on anime ever since ^..^


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kamichama karin, surprisingly; i don't remember it much anymore but i think i watched it mostly bc my family bought it off of a random cd store for some reason

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