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Anime & Manga Your first EVER anime! ^^


When I was about nine I saw Neon Genesis Evangelion on one of our local TV stations with subtitles. I was sick at the time and was going through delirium due to a pretty high temperature. That was the weirdest half an hour of my life.


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If you count movies, Spirited Away!
It was dubbed, but I'd watch it over and over and over again.

If we're talking tv series, then that'd be Inuyasha. It'd play on Cartoon Network's channel, and I watched it religiously. Kagome all the way, Kikyo sucks >:T
Never finished the series, or if I did I don't remember the ending. It's on my list to rewatch. (:


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a terrible egyptian dbz dub
had and still have no idea what was going on, all I remember is a green man and a submerged guy


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Technically it would be sailor moon. But I count my first REAL one as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan.


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Code Geass. I can't remember ever watching another anime like it after so I'm amazed it even got me into Anime, but...I loved it at the time. The 2nd was FMA. That will still always be my favorite. FMA: Brotherhood. <3


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It was such a long time ago, and I remember when late on school nights and I was tucked in bed, we used to leave it on adult swim, and they'd end up playing that show Inuyasha...and I just loved it ever since.


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I'm pretty sure my first anime was Sailor Moon. I remember being obsessed with it and getting into a screaming match with my friend when I was like five years old or something over who was the more dedicated fan.


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Asides from Sailor Moon and Pokemon/Beyblade that always went during morning shows.. it probably was like Naruto or Gravitation.


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Mine was (surprise, it's related to my profile picture) One Piece. Watched it when I was really young. (Saw the 4kids version first.) Then I later found the REAL not 4kids garbage and I've watched it and kept up with it ever since.


It was either Fairy Tail, Naruto, or Sword Art Online. I can;t remember exactly, but i have suspicions it was Naruto.


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I think my first anime was either Dirty Pair Flash or Dominion: Tank Police. I only remember bits and pieces of both, though. First anime I can actually fully remember is Outlaw Star.

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lol Does Pokemon count? I’ve loved the show ever since I was little but if not that then the first anime I got into was Ouran


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Pokémon, waaaaay back when it very first aired. LOL

Pretty sure I'd seen some Speed Racer and Samurai Pizza Cats before that, though? (Around 1994 maybe?)


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Putting some animes to the side that I think every kid watched first like pokemon or digimon, I think mine was Inuyasha.


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Veeeery first anime was Pokemon

But if that doesn't count... Sword Art Online back when it first came out


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I think the first anime series I ever watched was bleach? (Might have been naruto, I don’t remember. Since I got into both of them around the same time.)

Back then, all I could think was, “Woah! Cool! Dude meets girl with superpowers to slay monsters!”

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