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Anime & Manga Your first EVER anime! ^^


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i believe my first anime was fullmetal alchemist? i don't really remember much but i remember watching that in 7th grade every day before school and every day afterschool.


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My father is a big Mobile Suit Gundam and Dragon Ball fan, so I started off with that. And I was four. If you know the kind of content that shows up in those series, you know why that's funny.

It's even funnier if you know the kind of person my mother is.

Anyway, the first anime that I watched on my own was Yu Yu Hakusho. Digimon/Pokemon/Yugioh/Inuyasha/Other classic 90s and 00s anime came after that.


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Mine was Inuyasha, haha. Honestly, I still kinda enjoy it. At first, though, I didn't like it because the first episode I watched made no sense to me. If my friends at the time hadn't encouraged me to keep going, I wouldn't have. XD The rest is history.


My first anime was actually Chi's Sweet Home! It was so cute, and I caught an episode of it online once when I was little!! It's so cute, oh my god! If you don't count that as an anime, I'd say it was probably Pokemon or Dragonball!


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Pokemon indigo Pokemon advance yu gi yoh digimon beyblade I watched them since 2004 to 2008 I'm 18 we watched them at the same time (me and my brother) we had pokimon games the bed sheets the cards yugiyoh cards the thing you put on your arms and stuff like that we had the bed sheets of digimon and the beyblades from beyblade


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Ha ha, it's kind of funny, my first real anime was actually just a year ago, and it was Attack on Titan, of all things. Although I liked animations and such, I had just never really given anime a second thought. I didn't think I would like it. And then, you see, I was bored, and I was watching this Domics video that was sponsored by Crunchyroll and I thought, why not? The first thing on the list that caught my eye was AOT, mostly because I had listened to Rush Garcia's (also a Youtuber) orchestration of their music, and I had liked it. So literally, I came for the music and because of an ad. At first, I'm just sitting there like 'what's up with this Eren guy', but then the Survey Corp showed up halfway through, and man, I was hooked. I sensed some themes coming on, and it did not disappoint.

So yeah, and then I saw more anime since then. AOT is still one of my favorites, right along with My Hero Academia.

You know, unless you count Sonic X as an anime? Then...well...that would be the first... Oh yeah, and RWBY. They call themselves American anime? I dunno


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First ever anime I watched was Sailor Moon the original series, it was on a new channel we started getting on regular tv (not cable or satellite because my dad was cheap back then.) I watched it all summer long then after school started well you can guess how that went. First ever cosplay I did was Sailor Uranus of all characters. Anyway move ahead because I didn't know what anime was and the actual first time watching an anime that I knew was an anime was cowboy bebop when adult swim very first aired.

Wow I'm old..


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My younger brothers and I spent many a night on the old blue couch falling asleep to Naruto and InuYasha. I couldn't tell you which came first :smilepuff:


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aside from robotech and voltron (because they were really butchered versions of their respective anime) I think it was a mecha anime called Laserion (with japanese intro and outro) pr it was movie version of Captain Future one or other.


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My first ever anime i was aware was anime.and enjoyed was a weird oddity called: Mysterious Girlfriend X. I cant.remeber.the japanese name... Not like i watch anime in sub if i have the option. So yeah.
The anime is weird. I do not reccomend.

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The first anime that I ever discovered was Vampire Knight, and that was primarily because I was trying to search for a song through Itunes after hearing the OST in a Youtube video. I never watched it until much later. (Oddly enough, the strangely attractive, ethereal cartoon men scared the shit out of me for a while). The first show that I actually watched was Fairy Tail.


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Y'all scrubs, mine was Yu gi oh, a classic, a masterpiece, nothing got me more hyped as a small tornado with anger issues as yu gi oh did. God I need to re watch it.


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I watched this weird show called Hanaukyo maid team like 14 ish years ago! It was strangely sexual! I jumped from that to Elfen Lied and Hellsing which was quite the switch! :D


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i can't really remember what my first one was
aside from pokemon, maybe it was yu gi oh? the first one i actually discovered though was hetalia

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Can't really remember. I think one of the first anime series I watched was Bleach. As for first anime of any sort, I recall watching a few of the classic Ghibli films when I was little (Castle in the Sky, Valley of Nausicaä and Spirited Away).


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Yu Yu Hakusho! I remember back when I was around ten or eleven years old, I'd have long conversations with my friend where she'd try to convince me that Hiei, one of the main characters on the show, was actively courting her. Like she'd tell me how after school, he would take her out for ice cream or take her to the lake and make confessions of love. This went on for so long that eventually, Little Me became convinced that this was truly happening. I told my mom that I was worried an older character from the TV-dimension in Japan was hitting on my underaged friend. She told me not to worry about it. Adults. Ugh. XD


My first was Inuyasha, my sister had introduced to me and it didn't take long for me to fall in love with it. It was such a beautiful anime.


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I grew up on Naruto but I don’t consider it my first anime. I never paid attention to the story until later in life.

Wolf’s Rain was my true first anime and I have rewatched it plenty of times. it sucks that not many people have heard of it. :/

I also consider Ginga Nagareboshi Gin to be my first as I watched it alongside WR. also an underrated series.

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