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My first anime was technically Pokemon, with Yu-Gi-Oh! Coming along quickly after that. What can I say, I was a sucker for Pikachu's adorable little face (even though he's a terrible Pokemon in-game imo). The first anime where I watched all the seasons, however, was Yu Yu Hakusho. I just really enjoyed the main characters, and they've got a special place in my heart.
Black Butler.

I remember it very well because I was kind of disturbed by it. I don’t think I finished the first season.

EDIT; I take that back. I watched Pokemon first, but I was pretty young and didn’t really know that anime was a thing. xD
Pokemon was my first anime. I used to watch it every Saturday morning when I was growing up.

Yu-Gi-Oh was my second anime, and Naruto third. I became a huge Naruto fan in middle school. My love for the show rivaled my love for the Pokemon anime when I was a kid.
I watched Yugioh with my dad a lot as a kid. I liked spending the time with him to watch it- I even have a stash of his old Yugioh cards in one of my endtables (harpie lady for some odd reason was, and still is, my favorite)! But the first anime I watched on my own was either Moonphase or Peach Girl. I had no idea what anime was (it was like 4th grade...?) but I liked it, lol.
Hard to say. Probably a toss up between Sailor Moon, Dragonball, or Kiki's Delivery Service, but that was when I was a little kid and Adult Swim wasn't around yet, I didn't know what anime was yet.

Once I figured it out... Either Detective Conan or InuYasha after AS became a thing.


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First anime I've watched was probably Digimon or Gundam Wing and my impression, wow! When's the next one? Next episode!! lol


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My first real Japanese Anime i have ever watched was "Captain Tsubasa". I dont know if you know it, it was very popular in Europe in late 80´s and the 90´s, its about soccer, main characters are called Oliver and Benji. This was the first one to me back in 1994 when i was 4. After this one it would be Dragon Ball (the one before Dragon Ball Z when Goku is a child) back 1995 when i was 5.
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probably pokemon, but the first that i recall getting into properly was dragon ball z. my cousin used to watch it whenever i visited his house and i quickly jumped aboard on the train. i think i forgot about anime for a few years after that, until they started airing naruto on tv, which brought me right back into the swing of things.

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