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Discussion in 'Anime & Manga' started by Phadia, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Pokemon ;-; if that counts.
    I just kinda watched it because I was bored ^^;
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  2. Fairy Tail! So good.
    I then made my friend watch Fairy Tail and some other anime. We're really into it now.
  3. My first anime was technically Pokemon, with Yu-Gi-Oh! Coming along quickly after that. What can I say, I was a sucker for Pikachu's adorable little face (even though he's a terrible Pokemon in-game imo). The first anime where I watched all the seasons, however, was Yu Yu Hakusho. I just really enjoyed the main characters, and they've got a special place in my heart.
  4. Black Butler was one of the first few for me, too. It kick-started my love for the Victorian Era, actually. Did you read the manga for it?
  5. sadly i did not.. :(
  6. Aww... you should, it's better than the anime in my opinion.
  7. It oils probably be arrietty or something like that it was a movie I think in 2011 or something
  8. Black Butler.

    I remember it very well because I was kind of disturbed by it. I don’t think I finished the first season.

    EDIT; I take that back. I watched Pokemon first, but I was pretty young and didn’t really know that anime was a thing. xD
  9. probably magical doremi
  10. Pokemon was my first anime. I used to watch it every Saturday morning when I was growing up.

    Yu-Gi-Oh was my second anime, and Naruto third. I became a huge Naruto fan in middle school. My love for the show rivaled my love for the Pokemon anime when I was a kid.
  11. Ohoho I'm sure it is. :P I'll read it someday.
  12. I watched Yugioh with my dad a lot as a kid. I liked spending the time with him to watch it- I even have a stash of his old Yugioh cards in one of my endtables (harpie lady for some odd reason was, and still is, my favorite)! But the first anime I watched on my own was either Moonphase or Peach Girl. I had no idea what anime was (it was like 4th grade...?) but I liked it, lol.
  13. Without realizing it was anime, Yu Gi Oh or Pokemon. Being fully aware of what it was, Claymore.
  14. Kaze no Stigma for me. Had it recommended and it got me into a whole bunch of other animes afterwards!
  15. Hard to say. Probably a toss up between Sailor Moon, Dragonball, or Kiki's Delivery Service, but that was when I was a little kid and Adult Swim wasn't around yet, I didn't know what anime was yet.

    Once I figured it out... Either Detective Conan or InuYasha after AS became a thing.

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