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Fandom your favorite tough-but-lovable, grizzled, seen too much detective is in town! ❤️🕸️💙 mcu + insomniac

wild flowers

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i'm like, tired </3 so this is going to be a uhh not very well put together ad, sorry about that
i spent too much time formatting a gdoc ad instead haha oops
novella writer / 250min 3Kmax
present tense / past upon request
limits: {IC and OOC: alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping}, sexual abuse, sexual assault, incest, pedo, the usuals
medium: rpn pms, email, discord, gdocs
queer?: you betcha, any pairing match up or gender identity is fine
phase four?: only seen wandavision
i've been playing too much of insominac's spider-man and miles morales ! so i've caught the marvel bug once again i'm afraid
ideally: 1) an mcu and insomniac spider-man 2018/miles morales 2020 crossover, 2), an mcu where iweg didn't happen, or 3) an insomniac spider-man with mcu's iron man hanging around
doubling?: yes. i will also triple for you if you like love triangles or ot3s. please don't triple for me. i'm okay with it being unbalanced, i super promise
who i want you to write for me: mcu's tony stark
who i want to write for you: peter parker (insomniac), yuri watanabe, felicia hardy, miles morales, rio morales, may parker (mcu), peter parker (mcu), peter quill, steve rogers, scott lang, jimmy woo, darcy lewis, rocket raccoon (not a human), thor odinson, or whoever you might want! ocs also available
the only canons i won't write: thanos, quentin beck, ego, any of the black order, tony stark
plot???: i'm mostly used to making plots up based on the source material (centering it on a film in the mcu or using the game's plot for insomniac, as example). i can come up with plots outside that. i can brainstorm stuff with you. i've got thoughts i promise i just don't have the energy to outline them
alright that should be it
if i have missed something crucial i legitimately cannot remember what goes into a roleplay ad right now akjsdfh
hope to hear from youuu if i don't please have a good weekend and good luck with ur searches xoxoxo
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