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even though i was in the 'girl hating' phase of my childhood then, i still watched sailor moon even though i thought it was a 'girl show' and enjoyed it if i had to be honest. my logic and way of thinking was really weird as a kid tbh


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Darkwing Duck. I just have so many good memories of it, and even recently rewatched it thanks to Disney+. Still a great, hilarious show.


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I loved Dora The Explorer and Blue’s Clues when I was little. I still think the original Blue’s Clues is cute, but I don’t like the newer reboot of it much


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So I'm going to sell you on the best cartoon ever made in its era around my childhood.

SWAT Kats. SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron - Wikipedia .
It's about a world of anthro cats that is a modern civilization, but it's constantly in trouble by different military, supernatural, superpower, etc forces. Two vigilante police officers quit the force and disguise themselves as junkyard owners to build their own crime-fighting jet so that they can fight crime that the law won't do anything about.
So much potential, ended so soon with so little episodes.

Now, looking back, if I would have watched Teen Titans in order, it would have been Teen Titans. But, my heart was still chaotic good even back then haa

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oo i'd probably have to say detentionaire and scooby doo, like the straight to dvd movies. loved those growing up.


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Teen Titans
Ed Edd n Eddy
InuYasha (if we're counting anime)


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As a child I was a casual watcher, and did not find a favorite.

But when I grew up I began watching cartoons from beginning to end. And My all time favorite would have to be a somewhat newer one called Steven universe.

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