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Welcome to my latest Recruitment Thread and I hope that you are interested. Before that however, a bit bout myself. My name is Serenity and I have been writing now for more than a decade, and I have written near every genre that could be imagined. If you are interested in a writer who has experience and can write detailed and descriptive posts than I am your girl. Likewise, I also have a wider range of interests and I could safely say that I have written near every genre that could have been imagined. I have written adventure, and action, and comedy, and horror, and romance, and slice-of-life, and many other themes. I have experience in writing characters from every background from little girls to elderly men, from humans to merfolk, to familiars and any other theme.

As of late, I find myself with an abundance of time however, and I am searching for a partner who can write for the long-term. I like to build stories over many months, and many years, and I have many stories that have ventured well into the Word Count of the 1,000,000 by now and I hope to find my next such partner here! Are you my special someone? I tend to write about six to nine paragraphs per post (~1,000 - 1,500 Words) and I write about three to five times per week mostly on Sunday and Mondays. Still Interested...? I adore Romance and Slice-of-Life themed stories, and I am a sucker for the details and emotional side of characters such as inner motivations and more. Getting Warmer! And I often do not have much preference on world. You can pick!

I adore to collaborate between posts, and I value the opinion of my partner and their preferences. As for myself, I like to consider myself easy going and as long as I can write the kind of character that I am inspired by than I am usually open to most other ideas. More or less, do not mess with my character vision and I will not mess with yours! I only have a couple caveats and dislikes that for personal reasons I won't budge on. This includes I do not do stories that involves demons, dragons, vampires, or werewolves. I am also not a fan of any kind of content that would violate site rules such as excessive violence or sexual content, but cuddling and other things are more than fine! You simply let me know what you would like to see in a story, and I will let you know what I like!

<3 Well now... If you made it this far we may be a match! <3

As of late I am most interested in themes that place my characters into unfamiliar roles and experiences, to see how they would respond and how they would react. The two themes I am most interested in lately are Age-Regression or Gender-Swap kinds of stories. If I can have one and/or both of those odds are I will agree to most other details of story. Below are a couple of starters for ideas, but are only what came to mind as I wrote this recruitment thread, if you had another idea than please let me know! I am flexible and open-minded, and consider myself a collaborative person to write with from many aspects. Are you my writing soul mate that we could create new worlds and characters together with? Or are you a summer fling or a winter romance?

  • Favorite PairingsFavorite WorldsFavorite AnimeAvoided Themes
    Romance (PG-13)Fantasy BasedPokemon WorldAdult Content (It is against the rules)
    Slice of Life (PG-13)Modern PeriodDog Days WorldGothic Themes (Werewolves, Demons)
    Sisterhood Family (PG-13)Renaissance PeriodSword Art OnlineScience Fiction and/or Futuristic Themes
    Mother and Daughter (PG-13)Combination of AboveNaruto / Fairy TailDoubling, and/or Playing Male Characters

  • Middle-Aged Man ends up becoming a more Youthful Female and Musical Idol!

    Age Range:
    13 to 17 Years Old
    Genres: Adventure or Action
    Your Role: No Preference

    This would be more of a carefree and light-hearted kind of storyline. I could see lots of comedy as well as adventure and action as well. I have no issue with romance, but would prefer to focus more on her other interpersonal relationships. Friendships, and Recruitment Agencies, and the many Fans or Rivals she encounters along the way to her rise to fame. I am open to reason behind the change and if there are any elements of danger involved as well. This would likely be the most pronounced clash between masculine and feminine standards in society.

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    Inspirational Photograph and Musical Inspiration

If you are interested in any of the above stories, or were inspired by another idea than I would love to hear from you. I respond best to Private Messages, and would like to remind once more that I am interested in more PG-13 Friendly kinds of stories focused more on the exploration of gender (and youth) from a more carefree kind of perspective. I am interested in the social aspects, and the emotional aspects, and the way that those around our characters would respond respond to changes. Would they be accepted or pressured to conform to new role?

I hope to hear from you all soon, and if you made it to the end of this thread, when you message please include your favorite animal in the post![/tab]

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