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Fandom young justice/suicide squad (young heroes/villains)

a z u l a

violent delights (formerly killer.queen)
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Hiiii! I'm Queen (or whatever you want to call me), I've been roleplaying for roughly ten years now though I have been on and off of RPN. I always write multiple paragraphs, usually 3-5+ depending on what it is and never less than one. I always play a female character, but I also enjoy doubling as a male character. I only do MxF and FxF pairings, I can attempt MxM pairings but I am not great at them.

As you can see from the title, I am looking for a superhero plot of some sorts. "Group of dumb*ss kids almost get themselves killed trying to save the day and destroy half the city in the process" vibes. Lately I've been really into Suicide Squad/Birds of Prey and I am a HUGE fan of Young Justice and Teen Titans. I don't have a set plot in mind but I'm thinking something along the lines of a cross between Young Justice and Suicide Squad, young anti-heroes/villains being reformed into heroes.

I love romance with darker undertones. I love fluff and cuteness, but I thrive off of dysfunction as well. My female characters are always strong, stubborn, and standoffish who will give their male counterpart a run for their money. I love when "hate at first sight" turns into a whirlwind romance. I prefer their love interests to be equally as strong males who clash with them quite often.

Please have good grammar (doesn't have to be perfect!), write at least two paragraphs per post (preferably more), and be 17+ as I mature themes may be used. Doubling is pretty much a must, that way we each get a love interest and we need a group of young heroes. I would prefer OC's for this, I love the DC universe but I would be okay with Marvel or coming up with our own unique universe for our OC's.

Plot Points I love:
Enemies to lovers (my FAVORITE plot)
Slow-burn romance
Complicated romance
Toxic relationships
Friendships between characters (especially if we're doubling)

Drama drama drama
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