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Veil Walker

Colonel Phillips quietly slipped out of the large wooden house and made his way slowly to the end of the driveway. Stopping to glance at his poscketwatch, he frowned slightly in thought. He wondered who would be the first to arrive. He wondered what kind of attitude they would be bringing with them. Sure, he had seen their files, and the psychiatric evaluations, but in his experience you could never tell what someone would do until they were in the heat of the moment. Clicking his watch shut, he slipped it into his pocket as he stood there waiting. He figured their first impressions of him would be lackluster or star struck, depending on familiar they were with him. For he was a smaller man, barely five foot seven with a slim but muscular build. He appeared to be twenty or so. He wore a long sleeved white button up shirt and simply black pants. At his waist were the only signs of ornamentation he seemed to carry. The first in the form of an older style cavalry saber, with a guard shaped into a hawk's head that gleamed gold in the bright California sun. His belt buckle was a snarling wolf of silver, which looked somewhat worn with age.
He stood, waiting for the entire group to arrive before speaking:
"My name is Colonel James J. Phillips. For many years, I was a soldier. Then I took up being a hero. These days, I mainly focus on training, particularly in training heroes. I have trained certain League members, as well as some of their more volatile proteges. Some of my more well known merits may be known to you, but I'm not here to rely on testimonials and reputation. Reputation means little in the real world, and I try to act, rather than strut around living off past accomplishments. I am offering to train you, to make you into a team. I know you probably have questions, doubts, or even criticisms. I want to hear them, but I'd ask you all to please step inside first, and if our host is awake, meet him first. So, follow me, and be welcome into this home." With that, he opened the door and ushered everyone in. The door opened onto a large living area, with a dining room and kitchen at the back. Three long hallways split off from the main area, with stairs leading both up and down. There were several brown sofas scattered about the room, each having end tables beside them. The walls and floors were solid wood, and polished surprisingly well. The dining room tables and chairs seemed to be solid oak, and hard carved. The kitchen was fairly large and very moden, with a rather large fridge and freezer against one wall.
"I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Home. One of the safest places in the world."


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Nicholas Hart

Nicholas' Cabin
Salem, Massachuessetts
3:00 AM
Sunday, April 24th, 2022

Nicholas' alarm rang loudly at 3:00 AM. He groaned loudly as he rolled over in bed to turn it off. He threw his covers off and stretched hard. Why does it have to be me that has to get up so early? He yawned and got out of bed. He walked to his bathroom and turned on his shower. He got undressed and stepped in. After spending what felt like an eternity in the shower, he got out and dried himself off. He went and brushed his teeth and washed his face. Nicholas walked into his room and finished drying off. Walking over to his dresser and pulled out a solid black t-shirt and blue jeans. He put them on and slipped on and tied his black Timberland boots. He put on a black belt and a few silver chains, adding a few rings to his fingers as well. He sprayed on some cologne and went to start packing.

He grabbed his empty boxes and started filling them one by one. About an hour later and Nicholas finally got his stuff all packed and loaded into an SUV. He went into his bathroom to finish his hair. He walked out and grabbed his crossbody bag. Throwing his phone, journal, pens, compass, and some other things inside. He looked back at his cabin as he exited it and made his way to the SUV. He entered the SUV as his stuff was loaded in by some men in suits, he checked the time which read 5:10 AM. The SUV started and was soon moving fastly down the road. He watched the trees, cars, and people as he passed by. It was a 10-minute car drive but Nicholas was going to make sure it lasted.

Soon enough, the car stopped in front of the airport and Nicholas walked in. Still following the men in suits, he went through all the required scans, pat downs, and luggage checks. He would be eating breakfast on the plane so he didn't need to grab anything to eat. He went straight to his plane and boarded it. About 15 minutes later and they were in the air. A flight attendant went around with a menu for first-class guests to choose food for breakfast. He got some eggs, bacon, and toast with OJ. He finished his food and watched movies for the rest of the flight. Finally, the plane landed and Nicholas got off. He was greeted by more men in suits who took his luggage and walked him to another SUV.

He got in and was taken on a 15 minutes car ride. They arrived and Nicholas got out. He walked up to the house while the men followed with his stuff. The house's door opened and a fairly short man stepped out. He greeted Nicholas and the others with a speech and then lead them inside. Nicholas look around the inside. It was very nice. Much nicer than his cabin back in Salem.

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