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Realistic or Modern Young Justice (Reboot)

Veil Walker

Growing up, you heard stories of heroes. First it was people like the JSA, members like Wild Cat, Flash and others. The ones who had served in wars, and cemented themselves as great heroes, despite what some might say. Throughout the decades there were others. These days it's heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Now you find yourself in that world, whether by choice or accident. Perhaps you dream of League membership, or perhaps you just want to get better at not being shot. Either way, one day you receive an invitation to join one of the legendary heroes of the world and train with him. Included is a first class ticket from your current city, and an offer of a room at a home in southern California.

RP rules:
  • Realistic face claims only
  • Characters between 17-19
  • No overpowered characters. You're here to train, after all.
  • Be respectful to your fellow RPers. These are people's babies, after all.
RP Info:
The two heroes you will be meeting are non-canon. These characters are well known and established in the world, but have avoided most of the spotlight. So feel free to have your characters know who they are, but also lacking key details. The home itself is a large manor on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Feel free to come up with your own characters, or use DC canon characters. The only canon character taken as of now is Static, so feel free to have fun!

1st Floor: Amenities such as a fully stocked kitchen, game room, living room, dining room and several bedrooms and bathrooms take up the first floor. Two of the rooms are occupied as of now.
2nd Floor: A complete music room, fully stocked bar (normally kept locked) and several bedrooms and bathrooms take up this floor.
B 1st Floor: A training area complete with a dojo, mission briefing room, zeta tube and garage access, as well as a laundry room offset. All team activity areas are only accessible via hidden panel in the event of guests.
2nd Floor: Hangar room and simulator room.

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But yeah ill be up for this with Bree again, can do some adjustments however if there was an issue with the previous personality quirk.

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