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Fandom youjo senki

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literally a child
anyone want to start a youjo senki rp? I would want to be a little reincarnated loli if we did this. I really just like the magic mixed with world war millitary tech.


literally a child
alright, so are we doing the bunch of reincarnated magic lolis then? or are we gonna have some normal aged soldiers? lol. we could do an advanced magics loli division.


literally a child
The other thing to decide is what country we will be following mostly in this. we don't have to be part of the empire after all since this is a rp. I would rather the main characters of everyone be part of the same group or atleast the secondary character because having everyone fighting everyone makes it harder to create meaningful friendships in the rp which makes rps last longer. I would like some people to be villains (in the sense that you are a leader of the enemy millitia.)


Cardinal Erav Rassforth
Probably gonna be Shota Hitler, you know, the one from this meme comic fan art that makes me chuckle at WW2.

That or I'll probably be a very silent, cold and distant shota character.

Long live this youth divition.

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