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Fandom Youjo Senki, anyone?


Hi everyone! I'm brand new to these forums, and at the minute I'm looking for anyone interested in doing a roleplay set in the Youjo Senki-verse, otherwise known as "The Saga of Tanya the Evil". For those who are unfamiliar with it, I still would encourage, as the basic premise is that its set in an alt-history WW1-era Europe, with the added element of magic being a thing, and some units being able to wield it. That's the very generalized premise of it, as well as there being a couple of wars going on.

What I'm looking for partner wise, is either A. Someone who's familiar with the series, at least to the point where they have a good general idea of the setting and state of the world in the show, or; B. Someone who's interested in doing RP set in a dieselpunk setting, based around the late 1910s and early 1920s, where magic is a thing, at least to a smaller, confined degree.

The roleplay would focus around fighting on one of two fronts, and would follow our two characters, enlisted soldiers, or imperial flight mages (I can explain the latter to those who are unfamiliar with the concept), which in either case would be relatively fresh recruits, having completed their basic training. So the general theme would be more serious, focusing on some more grim elements, such as trench warfare, shellshock, bloodshed, the typical soldier's philosophy during wartime. Although, I don't want the setting to be all dark and all war related, all the time. There'd be moments of respite, traveling to different parts of the front, some rest time in the back lines, and so on.

And I guess my final requirement would be that, in the case you're not familiar with the series (aka either the manga, anime or visual novel), that you're in the very least familiar with that period of history. In terms of having a general idea of what soldiers looked like at the time, what the state of technology was, the general sort of politics and ideologies of the time, things of that nature, as it'd make things easier and wouldn't need explaining all the time, though I think its safe to assume most people are somewhat familiar with what WW1 looked like.

So with that all said, please PM me if you're interested in doing a roleplay with this sort of premise!

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