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Fantasy You now have an eldritch roommate.

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LGTBQ Friendly, Magical, Platonic, Romance, Slice of Life


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Low magic is pretty common, things that help clean up, potions which help with sickness, and witches who often sell things to help with any situation. People often either ride carts if they have more than two people or to carry items or flew out on brooms to get quickly to a destination. However one person doesn't have as much luxury as the rest. They have things they need to get done and it always seemed like there was never enough time in the day to get them done. Then one more, bigger problem, fell onto their plate. An eldritch being showed up one day, something most people just said was old stories by this point, and insisted they needed to stay with them. For what reason who knew, and why specifically this person and not someone else also wasn't known.

This will center around the poor soul (Anyone who's a resident of the area) and the eldritch being (This can be mostly anything from a shape-shifter to a god) who just popped up one day. I'm good for playing either role, though I'll most likely play a male. I'm completely fine with it being romance or platonic (Do tell me which you prefer else I'll have the assumption it's platonic) and I'm good for mxf and mxm. If this interests you then send me a pm.
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Hello! This looks pretty interesting. Ive never tried 1x1 but Im willing to try it out!
What are your rp requirements?


Staring at the stars
Glad you took interest, I'm pretty lenient for the requirements:
I'd like at least a couple of sentences each reply as I don't mind small responses as long as it moves the story along.
The usual no god modding/controlling
I'm not picky for doing character sheets. Meaning I'm good with doing none, doing a small sheet, or doing a full character sheet.

If this all sounds good to you I'll pm you and we can start talking about where we want to take the role play.

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