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Fandom You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain. (IC)

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Katherine lifted her gaze as a red hand materialized in front of her. That same gaze shifted to the figure that was quite a distance from her and realized it was Shin. Using her opposite hand, she grasped it and got to her feet, pulling off her jacket. Unfortunately, she still heard the ringing within her ears and the constant muffled noises. It was starting to annoy the Hero, but what could she really do? It comes back on its own and there was no way she could rush the healing process. While the jacket was in her hands, she began to make a makeshift sling, just to keep her arm in place and prevent her arm from giving her any more pain. Luckily her quirk was ranged and close combat, which meant she could now take the ranged route. Kathy noticed Tsuki running over to Jin who was left knocked out on the ground, that pearl white fur now covered in blood that seemed to ooze from his ears He needs severe medical attention. It's possible he's damaged his ears very badly with that explosion... She was surely not a nurse, but anyone would think the same. ( StealthyShades StealthyShades Phayne Phayne )

As much as she wanted to talk, she knew very well that no one would be able to hear her from her current position. Shinobu went inside, Ugetsu and Shin ( poi poi Pyosimros Pyosimros Nano Nano ) had moved closer to the area as well. Everyone is doing something and I'm here doing not one damn thing... But I cant communicate with anyone because they already barely hear me... If I try talking louder, I'm only going to strain my voice... drawing in a deep breath, she decided that she was going to be on her own for this one. She was strong enough, after all, she was a solo Hero for a little while before more and more people joined the agency. Without a word, Kathy jogged toward the bank, trying to follow a similar path to that of Shinobu. She may have been Deaf for the current moment, but she wasn't blind. Finally getting in, she noticed Shinobu with many uninjured civilians. Except those who were actually shot More casualties, but not as much as I had thought...So that's good... moving over to her comrade, Kathy couldn't help but take note that he was looking towards a specific direction. Causing her to pause and look in that same direction: Which happened to be a hatch that was clearly opened.

The sprinklers are still going off... So we're going to get soaked in here like everyone else... Climbing down that ladder wont be easy either... resuming her approach, she crouched down beside Shinobu. The light-haired woman grasped his arm slightly to get his attention -as well as lean a little closer to his ear- and spoke in a much softer and quieter voice than usual. "Shinobu, I can't hear not one word right now...and I'm not sure how soft I'm talking...But I'll go down that hatch... If you want, tell the others what's going on.. As for you...I know just by looking at you that you may not be able to fight...especially with that wound on your side..." getting up from her position, she didn't wait for a reply simply because she would have not heard him. With that said, she went for the hatch, knowing very well she may be walking into a trap, or worse. What kind of Hero would she be if she couldnt distract the villains for just a moment? With that thought, she started to climb down.​


Be a man among men
≛ Ichiro Kusumoto
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Magma stood in front of Ichiro without his restraints, anger slowly growing in Ichiro, "I don't like killing people, but I'll make an exception for you. You should have died long ago." Ichiro was getting ready to attack Magma but the sound of gunshots made him move for cover. Magma was struck by two bullets but he was still standing, almost looking unfazed. Once the gunfire stopped, Ichiro bolted from cover, knife in hand. He slashed the knife at his chest and it hit its mark at the cost of getting struck across the face. The force of the blow caused Ichiro to fall and before he knew it, Magma had bolted. "You fucking bastard!"

As he was getting up, the ground rumbled and he looked over to where the ground had collapsed. Ichiro glanced at Magma as he slowly got away and looked back towards his agency members. Ichiro moved quickly, running over to where the large hole was created. He watched as Nakano bolted off after Magma, seeing her rage from a mile away. He didn't want to believe the news he had heard over comms. "This can't be true." He stared into the abyss that was created, holding back the urge to scream in anger.

Charlie had co-opted a cop car and the thought of following after Magma was on his mind but he couldn't leave Katayama alone. "You guys can go ahead after him, I'm not going to leave someone behind." Ichiro knew that it was most likely a corpse that he'd find but he didn't care. Magma had two bullet holes in him, he was confident that the rest of the team could deal with him. He neared the edge of the hole, getting down on his knees and beginning the climb down. There wasn't much to latch on to, but he wasn't going to let that stop him. He was determined to see the rookie again, dead or alive.
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Ari Number Two

Don't lose Ari~♪ Shine bright Ari~♪

Interacting: leviohsa leviohsa (Charlie) Maxxob Maxxob (GUN) Slav Slav (Ichiro) Servant Servant (Nakano) @TransportPeople

  • "I'm sorry, Miko, but that’s the one thing I can’t carry out for you."

    "What...?" Tatsuo removed her focus for a brief moment from the kami, sending a glare of fear for her rookie. "Katayama!" she shouted, but the boy kept running towards 50 Cent. The kami fluctuated, and the Miko had to re-focus on managing them. She heard Haywire take his place in covering her, but her thoughts still lingered on Slowburn. She knew he could handle himself, but there was something that bothered her, and it showed in the still-volatile kami.

    Even as the ground shook, she stood steadfast, desperate to keep her friends in the advantage. Even as Charlie tried telling her to change position, she did not budge. But when her footsteps distanced from the car, following a loud crumble and the forlorn yell of 50 Cent, something in her body knew something was wrong. Her suspicions were confirmed with Charlie's sole message: "Slowburn is gone. 50 Cent has been eliminated."

    Tatsuo's heart sunk. She broke from position—leaving the kami uncontrolled for the time—and whipped her attention to the scene. A crack formed a massive hole where 50 Cent once stood. Nakano and Charlie were at the edge, and there was no sign of Katayama.

    In the brief moments she stood there, Tatsuo felt trapped in an eternity of rampant thoughts. She could have ran after him; stopped him. She could have done anything else, and yet... The buzz of a singular kami nearby brought her back to reality. She needed to make another move with the spirits, and she needed to clear her mind to do that.

    Breathe... Breathe... I need to— Tatsuo choked on her own thoughts. Something prodded into her hip, pushing the Miko a few steps to the side, ultimately to the edge of the car roof and over. Her arm took the brunt of the impact to concrete. As she landed, whatever prodded her side remained, wobbling inside her body. A dazed Tatsuo glanced, and a wooden arrow stuck out like a shovel lodged in dirt.

    The archer.

    The hip went numb at first, and warm liquid oozed from the area. Every inch she moved, the arrowhead rubbed against her stomach. She bit her lip, forcing herself up against the car door. As her breathing sharpened and quickened, so did the movements of the kami surrounding the area. The white orbs shook erratically, freezing amid movement. Tatsuo's pupils dilated in and out as her eyes narrowed and blurred. Once tears began flooding down her cheeks, the kami stopped in their tracks completely.

    If only someone had her covered...
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Running Low
Tsukuyomi Hachiman
Grace knows Tsuki lied
The thin white fur of the hero in front of him was covered in a deep dark red. The injured Tsuki lays his head down to listen for breathing while also checking for a pulse. They both were still alive barely. Tsukuyomi stood up and began to try to pick Jin ( Phayne Phayne ) up; he carefully dragged the rabbit to the side, away from any danger. Soon the sounds of ambulance sirens begin to roar in the distance. The White emergency vehicles quickly turned onto the road that the disarray was emerging from. Two fire trucks and some more police officers followed them. Tsukiyomi begins to quietly say to himself, “It's going to be okay....Jin.. it's going to be okay.” Two medics hopped out of their vehicle and quickly grabbed Jin from the dark haired hero.

Before leaving, one of the other EMTs from the other ambulance saw blood dripping from the suit jacket. “Marionette You look badly injured. Let me tak...” “No I don't have time.” the metal began to move once more. He changed his mind. “Fine but I will be doing my own stitches” As he struggles to take off the suit jacket. Seeing the look in the hero’s eyes, the medic grabs some string and a needle and grabs a pair of pliers. The EMT carefully tries to pull the rigged metal hoping not to do any more damage. Not wanting anything to happen to him, Tsukiyomi grabs a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. “I know this is going to delay the healing process but it’s better than getting infected.” As soon as I've liquid touched the open bloody wound Tsukuyomi. In a rush, bites his shirt collar to muffle his screaming. After composing himself, he started to stitch the wound. These stitches may not be as clean as if my father would have done them but they will do for now. Leaving his jacket on the ground and only grabbing his flask the one-eyed hero was ready for hell.

Running mostly on adrenaline, he looked towards his team. There was one saying that was out of place; someone was missing. Where is Kathy? ( Britt-21 Britt-21 ) Knowing the way Kathy is, and remembering that there was a hatch that the criminals escaped, he knew exactly where she was going. She can't go there alone but I'm too fucked up to help her. Over the Comm channel, Tsukiyomi says with a commanding voice, “Ugetsu ( Nano Nano ), I need to tell Shin( Pyosimros Pyosimros ) to follow Kathy down the open hatch in the building; I can help you with evacuating all the civilians.” Hoping that Shin follows his command, the weak Tsuki begins to conjugated 3 puppets. His vision started to become blurry.
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Krauss - The Specialist
Location: Max Security Prison

“Two in twelve? I am getting shabby” - were the thoughts that permeated the man’s mind as soon as the last projectile left the chamber of his revolver, missing its target completely. How could he even miss such a large, standing target? It looks that, after that mission, he would start a new training regime and spend quite a bit of time inside shooting ranges. Suddenly, Krauss could see this arrow-like projectiles being shot in the opposite direction from the archer, simply zooming at incredible speed. Their targets were the mountainous lava-filled criminal, and the other one flew in the direction of the tower, where he had spotted the archer previously. When the arrow hit Magma, he could see these curious, particular little white-coloured little things just grabbing on to him. Those are simply unearthly, clearly being produced by one of the agents that were brought to this mission.

The little being appeared to bother the molten-spewing villain, hindering his movements, making him quite sluggish. It looked like that was the call for the ( Slav Slav ) x-shaped-eye man to jump into the fray once again, starting his own combat with the previously incarcerated villain. On the corner of his eye, something else caught the foreigner’s attention, which made him forget about the freed villain for the time being. It was the archer he had previously tried to dispatch. Not only that, but they were practically as bright as a Christmas tree. Bringing his left hand to the side of his googles and adjusting it once again, he could see it perfectly: the archer, actually female, being also held down by the little white things, that looked something akin to what one would expect spirits to look like. The rules of the game were pretty simple: when two snipers are in conflict, only one will walk out alive from it. With that in mind, not taking his eyes off her, his left hand quickly darted towards the chamber of his revolver that was being held by his right hand.

“980 meters, quite a real shot. But now that the bastard is up and about, better to be safe than sorry...” - his slender fingers slid to the side of the barrel, following its graceful shape. With little strength, there was a distinctive click coming from it and the barrel moved sideways. Lifting the revolver, so the barrel would point to the blue, clear skies, his fingers danced towards the front of the barrel. There, a pin rested, ready to be pushed at a moment’s notice. Another click was emitted by the gun, the now empty, useless cases, feeling from their confinement and moving to their own freedom. The brass casings feel onto the ground, one by one, in sequence. The pitched sound of their impact against the concreted-ground almost created an impromptu melody, just a few keys off what they were supposed to have hit. That simply wouldn’t do for Krauss. What kind of musician would he be, leaving his ‘grand debut concerto’ unfinished? With its work still unfinished, his left hand moved towards the inside of his blazer, reaching for the sideways straps under it. From a small pocket, a curious, round piece was taken and brought forward.

On one of its sides, there was a curious, handle like piece, which allowed the Specialist with only two fingers: his index and middle one. The handle extended to both sides, its connection to the rest of the small, round piece being made through the cylinder in the centre of it. Under it, a disc like piece held six, live ammunitions, that begged to be put in their new housings. What could the man do but oblige them? With a swift movement, he connected the piece with the cylinder, each round entering their specified dwelling. Pressing the button over the handle with his thumb, they were released into the cylinder, which was closed with a quick, sideways jerk of his right hand. The now solitary, empty reloader was simply discarded by the man, letting it fall on the ground without any ceremony, just as he had done with his make-shift shield, or the empty casings. Without delay, the revolver was aligned with his right eye, it was aimed for a bullseye, right at the archer’s head. The pure, raw energy started to gather in his core. He felt it travelling to his arm, slowly, millimetre by millimetre with the passing of each nanosecond. It was time for the grand finale and the curtains were going to close for the archer. And then, a rumbling occurred and the earth shook. It was as if the guts of the Underworld protested against the end of his performance.

A slight twitch to his eyebrow was all the reaction that left him, while he did his best to keep his footing, amidst the sudden quake of the ground. He turned around, looking everywhere for the culprit. When his sights were locked into the scene, it was simply too late. The million-euro man, held the brunette hero tight, his death throes wanting to taste demise not alone, but with company. When his magnum aligned with the brutish killer, they were already falling to their demise. One… two… three. After three blinks, they were simply gone. And death has claimed yet another one, clenching its jaw to never open it again. An animalistic roar, transmitting unspeakable emotions, pierced his ears. Not soon after, a blur passed the corner of his eyes and, with that, the ( Servant Servant ) tiger started its hunt. And, that second of distraction was all it took for yet, another arrow, to fly towards a certain target. The acute sound it made was, again, the shrill of the oblivion, singing its promises of eternal rest. And, from where he was, he could clearly see it: it had struck its target this time. The ( Ari Number Two Ari Number Two ) small woman, dressed in its cutesy dress, now bathed in her own crimson liquid. And that, he knew, was his own failing. It was high time to close the curtains for his own rival.

Turning towards the tower once again, the revolver aligned against the bright target. The sound of an engine starting, made him quickly peer through the corner of his eyes. It was the ( leviohsa leviohsa ) punk-looking girl with black hair. She had commandeered the vehicle and, apparently, invited the group to give chase to, the now, feeling Magma. Walking towards the vehicle, with his revolver aimed at the archer, he started his own barrage of attacks. Second after second, the screeching sound of pure electricity resounded throughout the car park of that hellish landscape. The bright, pure white projectiles flew towards his hated enemy. 980… 985… 990...995… 1000… OUT OF RANGE. A curious warning at the corner of his spectacles warned him. He counted 10 shots until he had reached the passenger door, on the front of the vehicle. As he opened it, his vision never left the odious direction. Something… something still moved. Now the small, little beings burned with a bright crimson colour. The same colour that escape from woman that was hit. Was that their rage for their fallen master? And, in true vengeful manner, the archer was brought forward, her whole body being offered in the target range. Already sitting inside the car, his arm extended, fleeing from the confinements of the metal box by its window. Bending forward, almost touching the front window, he saw, at the corner of his googles - OUT OF RANGE…. 999 - a last shot, a lost attempt to right the wrongs. His coup de grâce. He breathed in, his lungs expanded from the oxygen. He breathed out, the air slowly left from his mouth and the last screeching sound for the moment rang.


artistic shrimp
► Ugetsu Minase [PHANTASM]
Fortunately, by the time the comms crackled back to life, the ringing in Ugetsu’s ears had cleared up enough for him to comprehend Tsukuyomi’s order. Upon replying with a brief sound of affirmation, the blue-haired male patted Shin’s elbow and gestured towards Katherine who had begun her descent down some hatch she’d discovered.

“Mr. Sunglasses seems to be injured while Nexette’s hearing was shot by the explosion. Marionette needs you to go with them,”
Ugetsu informed the man,
“I’ll be taking care of recovery efforts with Marionette, so good luck.”

Given that there was little reason for Shin to reject the order, neither was the man a particular difficult person to deal with, Ugetsu immediately set off in the direction that he assumed Tsukuyomi was stationed at. Ugetsu himself had been peppered with scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious enough to put him out of commission such as broken bones or larger wounds that would require immediate medical attention. No concussion either. However, it was difficult to assess Tsukuyomi’s state from his voice, and it wouldn't do to allow him to overexert himself without another hero nearby.

Fortunately for him, the man was found just a few ways from the slew of ambulances and police vehicles. Ugetsu observed quietly for a moment before approaching.
“Holding up alright?”
he asked, checking for signs of injury. With his arm looking worse for wear and eyes looking the slightest bit unfocused, it didn’t seem as if he’d gotten out of the explosion unscathed.

“Don’t push yourself,”
Ugetsu said softly before walking off to sort out the rubble blocking the closest path into the building. Unlike the other side, this side seemed to have taken the brunt of the explosion. As the pitter-patter of rain from his quirk fell upon his now opened umbrella, a watery tentacle wedged itself from under the cement and grew upwards to move whatever weight had been above it out of the way. Another curl downwards and push sideways threw the pieces of broken wall off to the side.

A light pat had the watery conjuration dissolve into a puddle of water, removing it from where it had been blocking the cleared path. Ugetsu took a quick scan of the entrance, expression turning pensive as he spotted the instability of the infrastructure. If they did find survivors, it wasn’t going to be easy escorting them out while looking out for falling beams or potential lurking enemies.




~Back of the Ambulance~
Mentions: Marionette StealthyShades StealthyShades

It had taken quite a bit of effort to pry the two children from Jin's grasp, the unconcious hero clinging on tightly to the two kids who would have been caught within the blast radius of the suicide bomber had it not been for his intervention. Unsurprisingly, the pair of them had broken into tears, the trauma of the explosion as well as the various pains beginning to appear across their body being more than enough to send them into a fit of hysterics. Their cries however would fall upon deaf ears as Springer continued to lay there motionless, his heartbeat faint and still there yet his mind vacant from his body as the darkness of unconciousness consumed him.

It was a short while before anyone would head towards his location; the first being his fellow Eagle Agency colleague 'Marionette'; though his attempts to rouse Jin back to the world of the concious would prove to be futile as the rabbit continued to remain motionless; his pulse still faint. It was only after the ambulances arrived that he would be handed over; the hero quickly placed upon a stretcher and wheeled off to one of the awaiting ambulances where immediate aid would be administered to him.

From the outside it was clear as day which of Jin's injuries were the more serious, the reddening fur around the sides of his head and the continuous bleed from both ears being the most obvious. Yet it was also true that internal damage had been done to him; the result of putting his body in between the blast and that of the kids. While he couldn't have diminished the resulting shockwave completely, he had done enough to ensure that both children would not suffer as severe repercussions as he had done.

Now in the hands of the EMT's, the two attending to him would begin to cut open his shirt; the singe marks present upon his hero attire being signs that there was more damage not immediately visible to the naked eye. Thankfully at least, there were not other external wounds visible aside from his bleeding ears; yet that didn't rule out any internal damage and without sufficient equipment here they'd be unable to determine the full extent of Jin's injuries.

"Inform the Eagle Agency that we will be transporting Springer to a nearby hospital. His life does not seem to be in danger, but without the proper equipment we won't know for sure what the extent of his injuries are. At the very least, judging from the sound of the blast and the proximity of where he was to the blast according to eye witnesses, it would be unsurprising if he did not have a cracked rib or two" spoke one of the EMT's to his own colleague, whom simply nodded and made their way closer to 'ground zero'.

It was as the ambulance he was in had begun to move that Jin's eyes slowly opened, the rabbit hero slowly coming to, much to the surprise of the medic who was looming over head, a bag of blood in one hand and connected to a tube that was injected into his right arm. "Sp... springer-san.." came the immediate reply of the surprised medic, his expression alarmed as he glanced to his colleague on the other side of the stretcher. "you mustn't move... you've been in an explosion and have lost quite a bit of blood" came the 2nd mans voice as they noticed Jin clumsily reach for the blood, though whether he was ignoring them or simply unable to hear them through the deafening ringing in his ears was not clear. All jin knew at this moment was that he was not with his colleagues, not at the scene of the crime where someone he could have otherwise saved would be hurt due to his absence.

Jin forcing his way off the stretcher and back onto both feet had begun to make his way to the the back of the ambulance; his movements sluggish as he held a hand out to the side for balance, only to stumble and fall to one side; his balance completely shot as his equilibrium remained damaged. Attempting to rise once more and force his way out, Jin felt a sharp twang into the side of his arm; his vision growing blurry as the hero was sedated.

"Sorry Springer-San... it.. its for your own good" was the last thing he barely heard as it was lights out again.



incredibly lost
Charlie watched as her teammates became blinded with rage, letting out a quiet huff. “Sure, yeah. Go on ahead then. Nothing like bleeding out when there’s a perfectly good first aid kit in the car!”

Her words were muttered out under her breath, eyes still glowing white thanks to her quirk being used to broadcast to any nearby cops. Her sarcastic remarks could be heard by the strange man who entered the vehicle, bringing with him quite the array of noises.
It was clear that no one else would be joining her, so Charlie decided to hit the gas and sped on towards Magma, glowing eyes searching for any sign of Sunotaiga or the red kami.

“Seriously.. what the hell do they think they’re-“ The rookie’s mutterings we’re interrupted by the stranger’s gunshots, making her glance over at her newfound passenger. “Holy shit, that gun is loud!”
As.. crude as it sounded. It was true. The blonde man’s quirk gave that gun much more power than it usually would have, screeching from inside the cop car. It certainly would take some getting used to.

Looking back at the scene ahead of her, she continued. “They are all not thinking logically. I’m afraid that if we don’t get to Magma first, more of our teammates will die.” Black brows furrowed at the thought, eyes still following the path that her teammates are quickly creating.

“You think you can shoot Lava-Boy over there before they get their hands on him?” It was a shot in the dark (ehehe), but there had to be a better way.



As the group entered the bank, it could be noted that its interior was surprisingly intact. Given the explosion and general destruction directly outside, it stood in stark contrast to the fully functional and relatively clean interior. Shinobu made a rush to the hostages while Shin, Katherine, and Ugetsu began to scan the area. Unless the assailants planned a further ambush, the lobby of the bank stood in relatively silence. All but the muted cries of a select few hostages could be heard.

"Seems like they all escaped," Shin stated quite obviously, still trying to make sense of the precise events that could've unfolded. It was clear it was a robbery, but as he was merely in the area during the explosion, he scarcely had a debriefing. There could've been two of them, or maybe an entire group—he wasn't quite sure. Though tucked in a certain corner of the lobby there was a certain thing to note: a singular, open metal hatch. His gaze immediately was fixed on the potential exit path, as did Katherine and potentially others.

Nearly simultaneously, both Katherine's intentions of entering whatever lays underneath and Ugetsu's conveyance of Tsukiyomi's orders occurred. Shin replied with a quick nod, glancing at Katherine before resting his eyes on Ugetsu. "Understood. We'll be on comms if anything happens." Shin then turned his head towards Shinobu, giving him a quick thumbs up in acknowledgement before continuing, "We'll leave the hostages to you."

With that, Shin refocused his attention on what would be assumed as the escape route of the assailants, taking a few steps towards the hatch as he began to address Katherine. "The group that attacked could still be hiding down there. Are you sure you're healthy enough to handle it?" Shin asked her. If anything, Shin could scout out the underbelly of the bank alone, being the least injured of the group.



Ashigara's Lightning
» Nakano Harada
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Charlie’s reprimands. Distant gunshots. The roaring sound of a fast approaching engine. None of them were able to reach Nakano. While her body pushed her forward, her mind was elsewhere, completely detached from its surroundings. It was as if the world around Nakano had been overtaken by a blurry filter, one that made it near impossible to discern an object identity’s from afar, with the only remaining clear image being that of her target. Each step that she took was guided by her instincts and determination, at that moment thinking straight was unnecessary, as there was only one thing that Nakano intended to do: Reach Magma. Strategies were never once considered, and neither were the consequences. Though then again, it's not like careful planning had ever been her forte anyways.

All that followed after took place within a few moments. Upon noticing the presence of his pursuer Magma was quick to act by firing off several lava-based projectiles directly at her. Despite Nakano’s best efforts she was not able to withstand the onslaught unscathed, for some of the projectiles had successfully ever so slightly graced the tiger girl as she attempted to evade them all, leaving behind several large instances of second degree burns all across her arms and legs. However, never once did she stop running. Realizing how ineffective his attacks had been at stopping such an animalistic demon Magma grew infuriated, and in a last ditch attempt to stop, slow or place his pursuer in a vulnerable spot he began aiming his projectiles at the ground, forming several puddles of lava in front of him. But she never stopped running straight at him. Nakano stepped over several of the puddles, so much so that by the time she had left them behind the soles of her shoes had been fully melted off and the residual heat had caused even more severe burns. Magma was taken aback by such a sight, and in such a shocked state his mind began rushing with thoughts on what to do next. But it was too late.


Nakano’s left claws were now deeply stabbed into the side of Magma’s neck, so deep in fact that even the very tip of her fingers were now buried inside the wound. The air felt heavy, and as the blood began trickling out neither combatant moved a muscle nor did they make a noise, at that moment it was as if they were both frozen in time. And then, in a move fueled by desperation and fear, Magma delivered a powerful punch that connected straight with Nakano’s right upper cheek and partially with her eye. Despite it not being fully infused with lava, the blow carried heat equal to that of a scolding hot iron, searing the flesh that it came into contact with. As her entire body fell onto the floor Nakano’s sight slowly began growing darker. The searing physical pain, the sight of fire so close to her and the image of Katayama falling, they were all too much to bear at the same time. Tears began forming in her eyes, her body was screaming in agony. The last thing Nakano saw before her consciousness drifted away was Magma dropping onto the floor, his hand making futile attempts at covering up his wound. Moments later two limp bodies lay upon the grass.
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Omniverse Explorer
Katherine Mae

Katherine got to the bottom and glanced around at her dark surroundings, noticing a shadow was being casted down onto her. Upon looking up, she noticed Shin following her down the ladder. She heard his voice, but could barely make out what he was saying. Her hearing was definitely better than before, but still was deafened to a degree. Those purple hues went back to looking around as she began to think. In order to Navigate the tunnel, they'd have to have a flashlight...The closest thing she had to that: Was her cellphone. If she used a blast, yeah it would work, but explode upon impact. Her shield was another thing that didn't emit light at all. With a sigh, she reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out her phone, putting the flashlight to just barely see what was in front of her. "I'm not sure what you're saying to me, Puppetmaster..." she said in almost a murmured tone. "My ears are shot for now...But I can still fight. Nexus doesn't take much to fight with and I can fight from a distance..." she felt bad that Shin had to be her ears, but it had to be done. Despite Injuries -Depending on the level- a Hero should keep moving as much as they can to stop the enemy.

Using her phone, she took point unless Shin were to go past her. The place was big enough to run through, but who knew what was down here other than the Villains themselves? If they ran, they'd make too much noise. We need to capture them...if we don't then we may have something like this happen again. she thought as her purple hues turned to a bright and obvious blue, activating her quirk in case they were to get ambushed. There's no blueprints of this system either... Which doesn't help us in this case. Maybe we should have tried to look in the security office before coming down here. quietly she swore to herself. Lifting the phone a little more, that did nothing to help the pair out with their vision. "You're my ears right now, Shin... If you hear anything, you can tap me on the shoulder or something..." she glanced back at him for a moment, in hopes he wouldn't have an issue like that. Yeah, she shouldn't be coming down to begin with, but it was better than doing nothing. At least for the workaholic.

Pyosimros Pyosimros



&. shinobu​

..mildly entertained concerned........................ ..inside bank ➝ front of bank

.. Britt-21 Britt-21 Pyosimros Pyosimros Nano Nano StealthyShades StealthyShades

“Alright, are you all able to stand?”

While Shinobu conversed with the hostages and as a result, calmed them down, the faint rhythm of footsteps padding upon the tiled floor echoed throughout the room. He hardly turned his head around before familiar lilac tresses peeked into his view, so concluding the figure needed something of him, he voiced for a moment of deliberation. “Ah, one sec,” he averted his attention to the woman who was now next to him, gripping his arm to get him to listen. “Nexette―what’s up?”

Without much warning, she leaned closer to his ear and spoke at a volume he didn’t even know if he could reach himself. Shinobu, I can’t hear not one word right now… and I’m not sure how soft I’m talking… but I’ll go down that hatch… If you want, tell the others what’s going on. Honestly, he was glad he had pretty good hearing and that the explosion didn’t full-on decimate it, since otherwise, there was a good chance her words would’ve come across as incoherent mumbling instead. As for you… I know just by looking at you that you may not be able to fight… especially with that wound on your side.

Feigning a moment’s thought, the albino nodded in response. Her talking the way she did almost made a laugh escape his frame, evident by the way he fought back a grin, but given the situation it probably wasn’t warranted (not that this was a point of his concern, though he’d already moved on anyway). Hmm, considering I don’t feel the wound in the first place, I think I’d be fine for now, but… At least this way I don’t have to go down a hole that smells like shit, hehe. As Nexette began to leave, he casually waved.

Just as he was about to notify the two heroes closest to where he was, it seemed like somehow they were already made aware. Comms? Likely; having arrived late, he wasn’t in touch with them since they were presumably set up before the group’s arrival to the scene. The form he recognized as Puppetmaster made his way into the deeper part of the building after a brief encounter with Phantasm, but not before shooting a thumbs up at the azure-eyed male. “We’ll leave the hostages to you.”

Mirroring the other’s gesture in a bout of affirmation, Shinobu responded with an “Ok! Good luck down there,” and promptly turned his attention back on the hostages. “Since it looks like 119 was called, we should probably transition outside, yeah?” No one was hurt too severely, so it’d probably be best to get them further away from here just in case something else happens. One by one, he helped them up to their feet, and as they were about to exit, a brief thought crossed his mind.

It looks a lot uglier outside than it does in here.

Letting out an inaudible sigh yet not visibly deterred, Shinobu gazed at the steady stream of crimson bleeding through his dark attire. A blink from behind his sunglasses was all that occurred for a few seconds before he ended up freeing himself from the effects of his own quirk, and suddenly, a subtle but pleasant smell wafted through the senses of the hostages trailing behind him…

The sudden intrusion of pain at his side had caused him to wince just a bit, but at the very least, it was bearable―and now, those he was helping would find that their cuts hurt less and the scene around them somehow wasn’t as scarring as they first made it out to be. In settled the feelings of, it’ll be fine soon; of a hazy tranquility after panic-induced adrenaline. And while the apparent lack of severity wasn’t reality, it sure beat locking eyes with charred, lifeless remains, huh?

(Should anyone else nearby end up catching the scent, any injuries they have would start to hurt much less than they did, and that’s about it. The omission of ugly sights only applies to the hostages.)

Going up to a group of emergency workers some distance away from the structure, he interrupted whatever idle conversation they were having. “Good to see you’re all well! ☆” he began, “None of the survivors in the building have any major injuries, so if you could, can you take them to someplace safer? Wouldn’t want them to go through a Part Two, if it happens.”

“Oh, Samsara, right? Of course!” one of the staff chimed. “Authorities are going to want to ask them questions about the situation soon anyway, so you couldn’t have come at a better time. Err…” They trailed off. “... Do you want someone to take a look at that gash? It doesn’t look like it’s stopped bleeding…”

“Nah, it’s fine. I should probably help out the others with damage control, so I’ll be on my way… thanks for your service! And,” clear blue hues trailed over to the group of hostages. “You all take care, too. Maybe we’ll meet again someday? Who knows ~”

Shinobu made his way over to one of the more damaged areas of the site, surface-scanning for any movement amongst the rubble. Eh… Lifting giant rocks isn’t really my thing, but I can probably use it as an excuse to talk to these people!

"―Don't push yourself."

Noting Phantasm and Marionette’s presence as he ambled by, he caught the trail end of the former’s dialogue and set his sights between him and the latter. “The hostages have been taken care of so I’m here to help out, but... Haha, woah, no wonder Phantasm’s telling you not to push yourself; you look like you’re about to shrivel up and die on the floor. You sure you don’t need to sit down or something?”

Needless to say, his words were greatly exaggerated, but it’s the thought that counts, right…?

──── &.

that bit about his quirk has been elaborated on in his cs. i never ended up figuring out the instigation method until now, so it's officially been updated! gomen. u-u

reporting kathy for workplace harassment

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As Shin and Katherine began to chase after the heroes, Marionette’s Puppets continued his work with Ugetsu ( Nano Nano ) and Shinobu ( poi poi ) in order to ensure everyone that was injured was evacuated. “The hostages have been taken care of so I’m here to help out, but... Haha, woah, no wonder Phantasm’s telling you not to push yourself; you look like you’re about to shrivel up and die on the floor. You sure you don’t need to sit down or something?” He turned towards the new guy and made things clear “I’m glad you care about me, but I ‘ll be fine. The job isn't done so I'm not.” He may not know what the new guy is fully capable of but as long as he's here to help, it doesn't really matter to him. He informed Kathy ( Britt-21 Britt-21 ) and Shin ( Pyosimros Pyosimros ) that everything is almost done up there and that they will have back-up soon, if needed. His head began to bother him as the last group of civilians was evacuated. Not know. I need more time! I can still.. do MORE!!! His vision started to fade…

The cloudy film on a hero's eyes caused him to barely see the vicinity in which he stands. He begins to push himself above his capacity, causing him inner pain. A drop of blood solely slips down his left nostril and falls to the ground. Tsukuyomi wiped his face. The side of his chest begins to ignite in agony to the point that he couldn’t take it anymore. He's been in plenty of battles before but there was something about this event that is different. There was something psyching him off. How would he be a symbol of strength when he physically looks the opposite?

In his pain in agony, Tsuki breaks focus which made one of his puppets slowly start to dissipate as it was carrying a little girl. With all the energy that he could gather at that moment, he stumbles over and catches the girl before she hits the ground. “Don't worry I got you” He said with a smile. The hero begins to comfort the girl and took her parents by the police line. As He sets the little girl down, she turns around to give him a hug and thanked him. What the hero didn't realize was in his stumble to catch the girl, he accidentally ripped open his stitches and blood again to gradually spill out. After taking two steps away from the ambulance, the weak dark-haired man’s legs collapsed from underneath him. His head smashed against a slab of broken concrete and He begins to close his eyes. The last thing he saw before his eyes fully shut was a girl with golden hair running towards him. Grace?
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Tatsuo didn't need to see or hear anything to know something had happened. The kami stopped moving, flickering like a candle running out of wick. One body fell. Two others followed shortly after. The oni mask dissipated into the two kami. She could feel the warm red liquid stream down her leg, now.

Wordlessly, she kept hobbling towards the fallen Magma. Her emotions got the best of her; she knew that much. Adrenaline only lasted so long. Blood kept leaking from the puncture wound, but tearing the arrow out would have made it worse. Yet, gritting her teeth and rapidly breathing through her nose, she trudged after the two. She felt like vomiting at this point; her skin blanched, covered in sweat.

Finally, she got to the scene, dropping to her knees beside Nakano. The burns were ugly, to say the least. Tatsuo sighed a short breath of relief, finding a pulse in her comrade. Perhaps it was better she was unconscious as to not feel the pain of her wounds. With her left hand, the Miko formed the haraigushi and waved it meekly, drawing in all the kami she had spread out.

Their color went from a burning red to an almost white orange, and they circled above Nakano. It wouldn't heal Nakano completely, but wherever her mind was, it should've been at ease and painless. The shrine-maiden, herself, only held a disoriented, blank mind. It dizzied and blurred randomly, making her nod away for moments at a time.

Tatsuo heard more footsteps, but she didn't know if they were the remaining heroes on-scene or more prison guards; she didn't bother to look away from Nakano. It hurting to swallow, now; her mouth had become dry at some point. The Miko shifted to a cross-legged seating position, wincing all the while. Breath labored, her hand took the unconscious hero's as two words left Tatsuo's lips.

"Help her."


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When the wind is slow and the fire is hot, the vulture waits to see what rots

The blonde man chuckled, amused by the ( leviohsa leviohsa ) black-haired punk-looking girl’s comment about how loud his gun was and, indeed, it was very loud. It probably had the sound of 10 Kar98Ks being shot at exactly the same time, it could even be considered a bit deafening. The man, however, had so much practice putting into using his quirk, the sound didn’t bother him, and it was already practically blocked, his mind paying no attention to it anymore - “Death’s trumpet can’t be quiet” - he commented after taking his shot at the archer, hoping it had, finally, snuffed out her life.

He turned towards the girl, his green eyes, made even greener by the shade of his spectacles glasses, focused on her exquisite, white glowing eyes - “Are they always that irrational when the chips begin to fall?” - his eyebrow was raised, as he asked, waiting a bit as he expected an answer from the girl. The ( Slav Slav ) leader of the group had stayed behind, the ( Servant Servant ) kitten girl had gone all out berserk, the cosplay ( Ari Number Two Ari Number Two ) cutesy girl also looked to be in a similar path of destruction. Were those Eagle’s finest? Doubt filled his mind of nothing, but a single moment.

It was time to focus on their mission: Magma was escaping, one of the agents had, likely, died. More could follow depending on the next events. There is no other way to put it: that mission was a shitshow - “I need to have him in my sight, and we need to be, at most, one kilometre from him. Of course, the closer we are, the more likely I am to kill him” - every sentence he spoke carried an extreme coldness to it. It felt like he was detached, no emotion being convened in either his face or his tone. He was simply stating things.

As the girl carried on with the pursuit, driving the police vehicle in a chase of the vulcanic-criminal, as much as she drove insanely fast and made accurate, sharp turns whenever it was needed, it simply wasn’t enough. It looked like the dice of fate had already been rolled before they had even started the chase. The result? Snake eyes. And unfortunately, they were out of the primordial currency, time, to try and roll them again.

And so, they come upon the scene, three bodies laying on the beaten path of an alleyway. Luckily, Magma hadn’t fled too much further towards the city, as it would certainly have caused massive panic. When the petite girl stopped the car, Krauss already had a certain item being held in his left hand. It was a curious box, the top of it was white with a red cross drawn on top of it. Under it, in Japanese, it could be read: First Aid Kit. Since it had a quite sizeable bulkiness to it, the man assumed it was some sort of military grade kit, capable of treating a greater rage injuries than the usual kit would allow one to. Not only that, he assumed there would also be a higher quantity of supplies in it.

He opened the door of the car, running towards the fallen bodies - “Come here and try to staunch her bleeding. I don’t mean to sound obvious, but don’t remove the arrow from her. I am pretty sure that there is haemostatic powder in that kit: simply open the bag and throw directly on the wound. If there isn't one, warp gauze around it, as tightly as you can, to stop her from bleeding” - he said, turning towards the black-haired girl, letting the first aid kit down just besides the bleeding girl. He had other objectives in mind, while he made his way to the fallen criminal. He was drenched with the blood that had been spurting from his neck, now already clotted. The Westerner stuck his fingers into his throat to feel a pulse. Concentrating, there was something there. Really faint, beating only slightly and irregularly, could be heard: Magma was alive… but not for long.

The man’s revolver had never left his right hand throughout the whole trip. Its chambers were loaded with his custom, self-made, over-loaded magnum .44 rounds. The metallic tip of the barrel was pressed against the side of Magma’s temple - “Do you feel lucky, punk?” - and, as soon as ‘kch’ was pronounced, a shot rang in the alleyway. Brain matter spilling on the ground and the nearby wall. It always made the Specialist fascinated how the exit points were always gigantic compared with entry points. And, with that, Magma had been executed and the man's eyes were not different from if he had squished a bug.


Omniverse Explorer

A little over a month had passed since the incident(s). Not only did they lose a new recruit to the depths of the earth, but many of the Heroes themselves had been injured in both locations. Magma was dead, Nakano and Krauss were thoroughly investigated due to killing Magma, Katayama was nowhere to be found. Which meant that Eagle went to conduct an investigation on where the young man could possibly be. The bank was destroyed on the outside, the villains had escaped with the money, and a handful of the group were injured from minimally to moderately. Some were rushed to the hospital and treated. It was unfortunate that many of the higher Heroes within the Agency were out of commission for a little while. But some managed to come through with few cuts and bruises to keep up with the agency.

As per usual, Eagle held a meeting in the morning for all of the Heroes, going over everything that had happened from that very day, leading up to now. Explaining how Crime has been getting a little more tricky lately. That the investigation for Katayama was still ongoing (This information was more to relax Ichiro, due to his drive to go find him, himself). Eagle expressed his concern for his team, but also regret as he said he’d be sending them out on a mission over by the coast. There had been some suspicious activity, something that was related to drugs and said that it’s a lot worse than the team may think. “I know many of you are recovering, but you all came back into work, which tells me you’re ready for anything. Go back home, pack your things, and come back here. We have a bus waiting downstairs for all of you to pack into. You’ll be there for a few days.” he fixed the pile of papers within his hand and approached the door to exit.

Suddenly he paused and looked barely over his shoulder at the Heroes “Don't forget to bring a swimsuit. It’s not only a land mission.” with that said and no other context, he walked out of the room and disappeared down the hall.


After everyone had possibly given each other looks of confusion, they had returned home, packed their things, and made their way back to the agency. The bus awaited them (no it's not a big yellow bus) and the driver packed their items into the side panels before locking them. Their location was Okinawa, to which had been left out of the information that Eagle gave them. So not only were they taking a bus to the airport, but they were also going on a plane to Okinawa. Surely some of them were suspicious, right? The team was forced to load onto the plane and they were sent off. This took a little over 2 hours and left them with the rest of the day to spare...That was until they were picked up by another person in a bus and taken to a resort, it was a highly rated resort but also a little bit on the expensive side. The rooms were fairly large and held 2 King beds in each room for the group. For the girls, well, there were only four of them: Nakano, Tatsuo, Charlie, and Katherine. Whereas the males were a different story… Tsuki, Krauss, Shinobu, Jin were in one room, while Ichiro, Ugetsu, Shin were in another. Seems someone was gonna have a King by themselves.

The Resort had quite the package, not only was there a pool, but their view toward the ocean was spectacular, there was a hot tub, a sauna, and even a small bath house for the women and the men (separate areas obv) to relax and enjoy their time here at the resort. The cafeteria was open from 6am-11:30pm for anyone who wanted to eat. The beach was open at any given time of course, just don't find yourself needing help in the pitch black water. Nearby there were some restaurants, but who’d wanna go to those when there was food downstairs that was freshly prepared and high quality? If anyone were to call up the Eagle Agency and ask for Eagle himself for an explanation, they’d be met with “Your Mission is to have a vacation, now get off your phone and don't call me till next week.” followed by being hung up on. This was it, the group was finally able to have a relaxing time after the events that had gone wrong, the injuries that were caused, and those who have possibly been lost. There were other agencies within the city that could keep things in order while the group had been gone. On top of that, the Agency still had smaller Heroes to keep up on the work.

The women had room 405, the men had 408 and 401. They were not too high, but they were not too low either. There were 6 floors in total for the building, not including the basement of course. Inside the rooms were the typical pieces you’d usually see. Mini fridge, a menu on the table where the phone was. A small table followed by two chairs and a stray normal-sized loveseat. There was a TV remote, followed by the TV mounted on the wall itself. There was plenty of space for clothes to be stored, while in the bathroom there were hotel soaps for both hair and body. If anyone was missing any toiletries, then they could go down to the small supermarket not too far from the hotel for their needs.

Other than that, once everyone is ready and settled, it’s time to have some fun!

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A month had passed since that day involving the bank heist, Jin having spent a large portion of that month being cooped up in the hospital, much to his annoyance. Confined to a room for that prolonged period, Jin had undergone a rollercoaster ride of a recovery, from being almost completely deaf at one point to almost having to re-learn how to control his heightened sense of hearing. On top of that, control over his abilities had been a bit all over the place as his equilibrium remained affected and for a man heavily reliant on his balance, it was a torturous experience.

Alas, a couple days before the month ended and Jin was given the greenlight to head home; on the condition that he remained off active duty for a little longer. Heaving entered the hospital with little more than the singed clothing on his back, Jin was now leaving with the addition of a 'Thank you card'. A hand made drawing and letter from the two kids he had managed to save during that frightful explosion; the pair of them having visited him on several occasions during his long torturous stay.


Finally returning to work, Jin had taken the more mundane route today; opting for an uber ride into work over his much more usual sprint into the office. Still not operating at 100%, Jin under the guidance of the hospital physicians had continued to take it easy for awhile longer as he recovered, his body still sporting a few bruises here and there; though they were largely obscured by his new coat of fur. Heading into the office, Jin headed straight into the meeting room for the usual briefing, fully believing that he'd be on desk duty once the meeting itself ended.

Alas, it was not to be. The wonderful world of desk work would elude him for now. Jin was almost completely livid with Eagle, their bold leader telling them all to go home, pack their bags and come back... couldn't the man have just told them to pack up before coming in for the day... not everyone could fly home... let alone afford several uber rides back and forth from home to work. Jin grumbled in annoyance as he followed the others out the office, completely oblivious to what was in store for them and only cursing their leader under his breath as he caught himself a cab and headed back home. Whilst it was annoying enough that he had to go home and come back, what was more annoying was the possibility that this was a mission involving the water... Jin wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of getting soaked.


The day would only get wierder once they boarded the bus, the mystery doing very little to ease the sense of tension in the air that some gave off. Jin in particular wasn't that happy about being forced to go on this mission, the normally active hero ironically wishing that he was given the luxury of just sitting and recuperating rather then being sent out once more. For just over the two hours, they were lead around in secret. The bus ride to the airport, the plane trip to Okinawa and then another bus trip... to a resort?

Now rather then being annoyed, Jin in particular was just out right confused. There was no way that Eagle was this nice was there? Surely they were not here for a vacation... rather there must have been some underhanded business afoot in this area. That seemed the more likelier reason....


Jin would only come to accept the reality of the situation once entering the room he was assigned to; the rabbit tearing up as he glanced around the room in all its glory; the size as well as the furniture putting his own home to shame. They were truly here on a luxury vacation, no villains... no paperwork... no next door neighbours arguing into the early hours of the morning... just beach, sun and paradise.

Dropping his bags to one corner of the room, Jin had only one goal in mind right now. "I'm going to the massage parlor... surely a luxury hotel like this has one." he added, heading to the bedside desk where brochures and pamphlets were normally kept. It was a few minutes of studying the hotel brochure before he found it.
"Bingo. A full body by the beach massage" spoke Jin, spreading the brochure and showing it to his roommates, Tsuki, Krauss and Shinobu. "A choice of either a Swedish massage to sports, deep tissue, Shiatsu, aromatherapy, and reflexology massages. They are either half an hour to an hour long. That is just what my body needs right now" he added, glancing back down on the brochure to see what else this hotel had to offer.​



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The weak hero's mind fades in and out of reality, trying to conserve his strength. The only thing he could think about was the last site that he saw. Grace. How her blue eyes were shaped as if she was worried about what was wrong with him. This is not what I want for her. I didn't want her to worry. Grace slipped through the police line rushing towards him. Once she got there she began to kneel next to him. She began to cry, pleading to Tsukuyomi to wake up. She just wanted to see his smile one more time. He still didn’t respond and hope began to diminish. Was the young dark-haired hero gone?

Not wanting to lose the person she cared the most about, Grace laid her hands on the dirty scuffed-up face of Tsukuyomi. Her crying began to fade away and a heavenly voice began to sing. Grace's hands started to glow a bright gold to the point that it was blinding. Once she was done she stood there and saw that he was still not responding. “Don’t you do this to me? You promised. You promised to me, Tsuki.” One of the medics nearby grabs her by the shoulder and tells her that she did her best. As she turns away, thick raspy coughing comes from the ground. Tsuki began to cough up blood and finally woke up. He grabs the side of his chest and sees that it has been mostly healed. He looks up and sees that his wish was granted. He was able to see those blue eyes once more. Grace runs to him and hugs him. she then pushed him away. “You lied to me. You bitch!” With a little strength he had, he giggled and nervously scratched his head “I didn’t want you to worry." They stood there for a few more seconds until he interrupted the silence with “I love that you are here but I need to do my thing.” Grace slaps him across the face leaving a handprint. She then grabbed him by the chin and looked into his eyes and said “you better come back.” He leaned in and kissed her on the forehead. “I promise.”

--------------------------------TIME SKIP (ONE MONTH LATER)------------------------------​

When all the agents were walking towards the front door of the hotel, the only thing that Tsukuyomi could think about was him not wanting to be there. He understood the reason behind Eagle’s words “Your Mission is to have a vacation” he didn't dislike his fellow agents but he would rather be home with Grace. When Tsuki and the other three got to their room (408), he realized that there were only two beds. You’ve got to be kidding me. I have to share a bed. He walked towards one of the beds (the right side closest to the bathroom) and threw his bags on it. As he began to unpack his bags he overheard Jen making a ruckus about a beach massage. "A choice of either a Swedish massage to sports, deep tissue, Shiatsu, aromatherapy, and reflexology massages. They are either half an hour to an hour-long. That is just what my body needs right now.”

He saw that his furry friend was looking over a brochure. He wondered what else was available at this place. After looking for a few seconds, he saw that there was a smoke lounge. Hey, I may stay there for the majority of my time. His mind then reminded him of what Eagle told him personally “I want you to be social, especially with all the newbies. If you're going to be a leader you’re going to have to have a good relationship with your team.” He knew that eagle was correct and he had to be social even though he didn’t want to. “Yeah Jin, that looks interesting. We all could probably do that and then go to one of the restaurants nearby. Does that sound like a plan?" ( Phayne Phayne , Maxxob Maxxob poi poi )
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The weeks following the events have been hard for Ichiro. Losing Katayama was a big blow for him, even more so because they left off on a bad note. He considered their mission to be a total failure, especially since Nakano did the attackers job for them. The last thing that he wanted to occur happened. Now he had to deal with the consequences of the events that occurred that day, knowing that if he had kept his eyes on Magma, they wouldn't be in this predicament.

Ichiro spent the plane ride drinking or sleeping, mainly drinking. His colleagues could do whatever they wished, he just wanted to get smashed. Once they arrived at the resort, Ichiro couldn't help but let out a sigh, At least I can drink myself to death at a beach instead of my couch He gathered all of his belongings and proceeded to 401 to drop off his belongings. He dropped them on the floor in a corner and turned his body around towards the door. "I don't care where I fucking sleep, just don't touch my shit." And with that said, Ichiro proceeded out the door.

Since he arrived, his eyes were fixated on the bar near the beach, and he was looking to get his drinking on. He quickly took a seat at the bar and ordered a few drinks, "I'll have three pina-coladas." He put the drinks on the room's tab, he didn't have a lot of cash on himself. Once the drinks were placed in front of him, he began gulping his first one down as if it was candy. "I'm not working, might as well drink like no tomorrow." He muttered to himself as he turned in his seat to look at the ocean. Can't deny that this place is pretty.
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&. shinobu​

..i want a bed to myself :c........................ ..tokyo, home ➝ okinawa, resort

.. Phayne Phayne StealthyShades StealthyShades Maxxob Maxxob

“Shii-nii, you look like you’re about to go on vacation.”

Currently sat in the middle of his bedroom floor, Shinobu prodded at the wide array of folded clothes he was trying to decide between. According to Eagle, he and his team were going to be staying somewhere for a few days, but even though it was supposedly for a mission, it didn’t stop him from packing like he… well, normally did. With a wry smile, he turned to look at the source of the voice: his younger sister, Naomi.

“Uh, actually, Nao-tan, this is for a super important mission. It’s so important, I have to pack under the guise of going on vacation for… safety purposes! Or something like that,” he explained matter-of-factly, before his tone went blank. “Being a hero is a serious job.”

The pink-haired girl only blinked. “That’s cap.”

“ThAt’S cAp. You’re just stupid. Only stupid people have pink hair.”

“Then what does that make you? Braindead?”

“Gasp… Nao-tan…! Don’t talk about yourself that way! I know it’s rough right now, but yo―”



“If the two of you don’t SHUT up at this hour in the morning...” Both Shinobu and Naomi visibly tensed at the third voice, averting their gazes to each other followed by the door across the hall. Yikes… Forgot it was father’s day off today. Gingerly, the albino began to move some of his clothes into his suitcase, while Naomi handed him his bag of skincare products; it was almost as if the entire ordeal didn’t just happen, if you ignored the "If ThE tWo Of YoU dOn'T sHuT uP..." and quiet laughter that soon followed.

Needless to say, despite them being adults, their parents still scolded them like they were children.

Stretching with content, the ivory-haired male turned to look at Naomi, who hummed in acknowledgement. “That’s the last of it, right? You know, I’ve never heard of heroes needing to pack a swimsuit for a mission.”

“Yeah… Honestly, I’m just hoping it’s normal water we’re swimming in, and not sewage. When my teammates came back from out of that bank hatch, I couldn’t talk to them right away cause the smell was all over their clothes… And to think I was about to go down there myself―” He gagged at the thought, but stood from his spot and rolled his suitcases to the door. “Anyway, I gotta get going. I’ll facetime you when I can ♡”

“Right... But, hey.”


The girl’s azure gaze lingered at the side of Shinobu’s torso for several moments, before she looked him in the eye. “Be more careful, idiot.”

──── &.

There was an unpleasant sensation; like there was a hole at the pit of his stomach, slowly eating away at him from the inside. Did he do something wrong? He couldn’t tell―maybe it was some kind of divine punishment outside of his control. This feeling… it wasn’t fear, no, but…

Whatever it was, the spoiled rich part of him didn’t like it one bit.

Sure, he was more than glad to find out that he and the others were given a few days off, especially after the hectic month in which they were thrashed around without much room to breathe. He was very well aware of the hotel’s quality, too, having stayed here once some time ago before his family ended up with their own condo. But it was because he was so familiar with the place that the problem made itself clear the moment he found out how many people were supposed to stay in one room; last he remembered, each room only had two beds, and the couches weren’t the type that unfolded to make a third. His memory would prove itself as soon as he and the other three he’d be with made it to room 408. Wait but… I’ve never shared a room before. How do I know these people aren’t annoying when they sleep?! Ahhh, Eagle-san, you’re so cruel!

"... A choice of either a Swedish massage to sports, deep tissue, Shiatsu, aromatherapy, and reflexology massages. They are either half an hour to an hour long. That is just what my body needs right now,"

With Jin directing the conversation to massages, Shinobu made haste in “casually” dropping his stuff onto the left bed (the one closest to the balcony), and it seemed like Tsukuyomi was thinking the same with the right one. Said dark-haired male spoke up in agreement towards the rabbit hero’s suggestion, “Yeah Jin, that looks interesting. We all could probably do that and then go to one of the restaurants nearby. Does that sound like a plan?”

The albino was quick to chime in. “Sure! Especially cause you three look like you… hm. Kinda should get one.” For a brief moment, curious irises glanced in Krauss’ direction*, before settling back on the other two. “Since we mostly seem to be in agreement, we should go soon. Brochure says they close earlier today than usual… Then, we can talk about what to eat later once we’re down there, yeah?”

──── &.

*translation: kraussy-waussy. kraussy-waussy. especially you, you piece of c e m e n t.

tatsuo is an ed sheeran stan



incredibly lost
Needless to say, the past few months were tough for Charlie. There’s nothing quite like failing epically on your very first mission, coupled with the terrible sight of watching a fellow rookie fall to his death. Of course, she knew she wouldn’t feel the loss nearly as much as her teammates who knew him longer. After all, she had only met him a few days prior to the incident.

With a pink and black duffel bag slung over her shoulder, blue eyes stared at the room number.


Funny how even something as simple as a room number looked so luxurious. Charlie was a fish out of water, here. Lavish living and expensive design was never quite her speed, nor was it something she ever really experienced. The rookie let out a quiet sigh, waving her room key and letting herself into the room. It seems that she was the first to arrive.

“Wow, there really is a first for everything.” She muttered, knowing just how poor her time management skills typically are.

It didn’t take her long to claim the bed closest to the balcony, carelessly tossing her bag onto the bed before opening the sliding glass door and taking in the ocean view.

The sight was breathtaking. A reminder of home, almost. The beaches she went to weren’t nearly as beautiful as this though, that’s for sure. Her eyes scanned the coast, watching people walk, sunbathe, drink. Whatever else people are supposed to do at the beach.

The sun was warm against her pale, tattooed skin. Gentle breezes lifting her black hair off her shoulders. Charlie took a deep breath, resting her arms against the balcony and just.. watched.

Was she supposed to just.. relax here? It felt a little wrong.. considering what she and her team experienced a little over a month ago. Dark brows furrowed in concentration, the young woman fighting off her own thoughts.

Eagle paid for this, so might as well follow his orders..

She eventually went back into the room, quickly unpacking her clothes before leaving and making her way downstairs.

Contrary to her location, Charlie was clad in baggy black sweatpants with “suck my d****” printed on the crotch, along with white sneakers and a simple black tank top. Her hair was messily pulled back in a half-up half-down style, and her blue eyes bore a determined look to them.

Walking up to the front desk, she ignored the disapproving look of the employee, and instead asked, “This place doesn’t happen to have an arcade, does it?”

The American really tried to listen to the employee’s instructions on how to get to said arcade, but, by god, she was talking so fast. Charlie figured it would be too much to ask again, considering it took the clerk almost four minutes the first time. Instead, she decided to wing it.

Another five wrong turns and ten minutes later, Charlie let out a exasperated huff, “Jesus fuckin’ christ, what is this, a labyrinth?” She was standing in the middle of one of many identical hallways, hands shoved in her pockets.

“You know what? Fuck this.” She grumbled, impatiently turning towards the elevators and stepping into one (not before childishly poking the down button relentlessly, of course.)

Blue eyes scanned her options. Lobby. Pool deck. Lounge. Spa. Beach entrance. Et cetera.
Reluctantly, Charlie pressed the “Lounge” button, knowing it was either this or going back to the room.


Ashigara's Lightning
» Nakano Harada
『 TAGGED 』Interaction: Ari Number Two Ari Number Two Britt-21 Britt-21 Mentions: Charlie

We all know that the last couple of months had been rough for the agency as a whole, it was so bad in fact that even Eagle seemed to be affected by it too. On the Nakano side of things you’ll be happy to hear that she has made a full recovery, both physically and mentally. At this point the past was the past, dwelling too much on it made it harder to move into the future, and thus the only thing that Nakano kept from that fateful day at the jail were a few remaining burn marks across her skin. Well, that and plenty of seething comments directed at the police members that were assigned to investigate her after Magma’s “murder”. Sadly for them, Nakano had returned to her usual self by the time they approached her, which resulted in many curses and profanities being thrown right at them the moment they began interrogating her. Luckily, with the aid of Eagle and a select few seniors, things were successfully smoothed out and no jail would run the risk of having Nakano as an inmate. For now.

--Cool transition--

Hah, it seemed that Eagle had finally realized Nakano’s status as the agency's backbone, for what other reason was he allowing her to go off on a vacation at some expensive resort? Of course you may be wondering that if that were the case, then why was the rest of the agency coming too? Tagalongs obviously, they’d fall apart without their favorite tiger girl’s presence anyways. Moving along, for anyone who had the misfortune of sitting either behind, in front or to the side of Nakano during both the bus and plane trip I truly do pity you, for you see, Nakano will do anything to get comfortable. A.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. Leaning the seat back as far as it goes, kicking the seat in front of her, stretching her arms and legs to the side, sleeping on your shoulder, these are all some of the few things she’ll do to have a comfy trip. It really makes you wish you had a wailing baby sitting next to you instead.

--Cool transition ②--

Oh là là, it seemed that for once Eagle was serving up a premium plate for someone other than himself. The resort’s luxurious ambience was simply out of this world, from the lobby to even the elevator’s music, everything was incredibly refined. Such a lavish setting however really made some of the agency members (*cough*charlieichiro*cough*) stick out like a sore thumb, though surprisingly enough this wasn’t the case for Nakano. The tiger girl had fashioned herself with a well-suited beach look, consisting of a zipped open thin hoodie, a bikini top, a pair of swimming trunks and a stylish pair of oval sunglasses. She fucking loved the beach. Look-wise she seemed to fit right in, sadly though her personality hadn’t changed one bit, something the residents of room 405 would have to actively deal with. Speaking of which, considering that Charlie was the last person she’d wanna share a bed with, Nakano claimed the opposite bed by placing her own suitcase on top of it. Now that she was fully prepped, the tiger girl briefly directed her attention to her remaining two roommates, Tatsuo and Katherine: “Yo, I am heading down to the beach, if you guys wanna tagalong then suit yourself. Though maybe you two should sit this one out, with pale skin like that you'd have to use sunscreen with a potency of 900 to avoid turning into a lobster. Okay byeeeee.” And with that trademark light hostility out of the way she was off towards the elevator. While swimming and sunbathing were all in her agenda, Nakano was hoping to find a beachside bar that served food, ‘cause any activity was better whilst eating. If there wasn’t one though she could always look for fish in the sea.
code by Nano Nano

Ari Number Two

Don't lose Ari~♪ Shine bright Ari~♪

Interacting: leviohsa leviohsa (Charlie) Servant Servant (Nakano) Britt-21 Britt-21 (Katherine)

Tatsuo's recovery was far quicker than some of her peers'. Compared to them, the Miko got off lucky. An arrow stuck in her hip was nothing compared to Nakano's major burns or the injuries that the other team sustained. Truthfully, she felt guilty for taking up the doctors' time when they could have been helping her friends. Yet, the hospital staff insisted that she stay and take up a bed. And in bed, there were bountiful amounts of time to think. To think what she could have done differently, to prevent everything. If she had just prioritized Katayama over her castings. If she'd helped in dealing with Magma as soon as Ichiro uttered the words.

Incidentally, the mere mention of her hospitalization was enough to warrant her parents flying over from Izu for the week. Tatsuo thought she was hallucinating when they barged into her room with panic-stricken faces, followed by stressed out hospital employees trying to stop them. Even when they realized she was fine and making a full recovery, her father's visits never missed a day—much to Tatsuo's abashment. Despite that, without her even realizing it, his presence took away from the dreadful thoughts protruding in mind.

Fast forward a little. Her parents had since flown back to Izu—though keeping up with a new set of daily check-in calls. Everyone was discharged from the hospital, and it was as life had returned to normal, and business flowed as usual.

At the shrine, Tatsuo left a picture of Katayama behind a pot of incense.

She handled the call to his family, explaining all that had happened. And she apologized.

In the many more days after, Tatsuo spent them couped up inside the shrine's office, deep in meditation.

Though as more time passed, the Miko gradually became more of her usual self, sticking around and about the shrine, sweeping the grounds and chatting with the other shrine-maidens and priests. She'd made peace with the incident itself. If Katayama was truly gone, then she trusted the kami to let him be well. Even if a part of her weighed to the bottom whenever she dwelled on it.

When Eagle brief everybody on their next mission and sent them home, Tatsuo was left pondering a bit. Part water mission... swimsuit... That's quite the luggage, though I suppose Eagle's cracked down on something dangerous if this is what we need. A part of her dreaded another critical mission, but such was the life of a hero; time to rest was unheard of. Fortunately, she had something right for the job stuffed in the back of her wardrobe.

Ring! Tatsuo sighed through her nose at the ringtone. She already knew who it was, and she cut the song off short; it played tons of times on radio, already.

"Dad, it's been a month already. You don't need to worry about me anytime soon." He's been calling everyday since the hospital visit, and it was always the same time. With feigned frustration in her voice, Tatsuo held the phone between her shoulder and head while packing the suitcase. She raised a brow in amusement. "Wha—You begged Eagle to give me time off…? I doubt he listened to you all too much. He's sending us out on another mission." Cramming another shirt in, she giggled. "No, dad, if you plucked all his feathers off, he'll peck your eyes out in return." Tatsuo lied down in bed, a warm smile making her shake her head slightly. "Please, you don't need to worry about me. You're going to give yourself and mom a heart attack." She could picture him sitting at their table, laying a newspaper down while on the phone. She couldn't help but wonder if her neighborhood was the same as always. "Love you too." And she put the phone away.

««-------- ≪ °◇◆◇° ≫ --------»»​

It was... a genuine vacation...? The resort, the sunshine, the shops, the ocean, all of it was more than a passing glance for today? A call to Eagle affirmed this; it was a ruse!

The room itself looked like it would drain the shrine's donation box within days, and the view was indeed stellar. However, Tatsuo had arrived a tad late; mostly because she had to drag a conspicuously large, black bag behind her. She'd arrived just in time for Charlie to leave, and Nakano getting into her usual hostile self before following suit. But few things could get Tatsuo down at this rate; but the contents the large bag? ... Maybe.

"So, you see..." Tatsuo unlocked the large suitcase, and rolling out were yellow oxygen tanks. Adjacent was fully decked out tactical scuba gear, complete with light armor, precise lights, and reserve oxygen. "My mother runs all sorts of businesses back in Izu, things like an onsen and a diving shop, and I thought Eagle meant something other than a swimsuit, and... well..." She nervously rubbed the back of her head, chuckling.

Tatsuo instead turned her sights out to the balcony where the view was every bit vacation she could picture. Having grown up in Izu, this sight was nothing new to her, yet a warm, nostalgic smile curled on her lips. It was almost as though she was back home. "When such an opportunity has blessed us, it would be a waste to let it go by," she remarked.

Tatsuo glanced down at her outfit, then moving further in the room and to her regular suitcase. Since they were no longer on an official mission, she could dress comfortably.

She unfastened the knots around her sleeves and the skirt. They fell weightless on the floor, revealing a sarashi wrap around her chest. One hand went to the bow in her hair, undoing the tie. On her hip was the stitched puncture wound left behind by the arrow a month prior.

Tatsuo hummed one of those songs that played every single day on the radio, rummaging through her clothes for a more casual dress. She pulled it over her head, which popped out with a "Fuah!"

"Now then, I'll be off to buy something more 'fitting' for myself." Already, Tatsuo appeared the most relaxed she had been since the failed escort mission. She packed a few things, nodding politely to Katherine before leaving her alone in the room.

She traveled down the hallway, holding the resort's brochure which came with a convenient guide inside! Eventually, the shrine-maiden reached an elevator where she pressed "Lounge."

And just as she stepped out, Tatsuo spotted the unmistakable punk-wear of Charlie amid the vacation-goers. "Charlie!" The senior ran over to her, seeming delighted. "You must be in need of clothing, too, seeing as you're heading through here! The 'swimsuit' I brought doesn't fit, per say." She held the brochure out, re-reading its contents to make sure she knew where she was going. "Well, you can come with me if you wish! It's been years since I went shopping with a friend." Mostly because of a self-inflicted lack of free time, overtaken by work and shrine maintenance.

Tatsuo took a few steps ahead of Charlie, then stopping to search something up on her phone. "I wonder if Okinawa has this cute swimsuit?" she asked, showing the picture with a smile that was confident in the Meiji era's swimsuit.


Omniverse Explorer


Katherine was just as clueless as everyone else when it came to this mission. Ichiro ( Slav Slav ) had his same ol' expression, but it was clear he had no prior knowledge. Her purple gaze shifted onto the rest of her comrades to see the similar looks. Being sent home wasn't something she planned on doing, but she had done so, confusing her cat in the process. She packed up as many items as she could fit within her bag, just in case and returned back to the agency where they were all put onto a bus to the airport, followed by moving onto a plane which took them to another part of Japan. They landed, took another bus and arrived at their resort, something that seemed highly expensive in her eyes. During the trip, she had napped, gazed out the window if she had one, and overall just remained the same as she would within the office. Luckily she was able to get someone to take care of Lionel while she was gone, so the poor cat wouldn't go unfed or without water.

While standing outside the building, she took in a deep breath while the rest of the group trickled inside. For a mission, we're staying at this place..? she asked herself before pulling out her phone to call Eagle. He gave her a direct answer and straight up disconnected the call, allowing the woman to sigh and shake her head I suppose vacation it is... she walked inside and gave the front desk her name. To which they gave her a key for the room and she made her way up via elevator. He definitely paid a good sum if he got 3 rooms for all of us... I wonder if we get free breakfast with it... just a thought that crossed her mind as she made it to her room and walked in, seeing Tatsuo ( Ari Number Two Ari Number Two ) and Nakano ( Servant Servant ). Charlie ( leviohsa leviohsa ) was already out of the room, but her bag seemed to be tossed on one of the beds. Same with the Tiger's bag on the opposite bed. Everyone wastes no time in claiming beds...Not that I mind which I sleep in...These beds are fairly large so... "Have fun, Nakano..." said Kathy as she vanished out the door, while Tatsuo began to unpack, explaining everything that was in her bag. "At least you have them just in case..." she said with one of her very small smiles and a brief nod as she girl almost undressed and changed into something that seemed more appropriate for the occasion.

Tatsuo then left her alone within the room, giving Kathy a sense of silence with the sounds of the ocean coming in from outside with the gentle breeze. "I've never gone to vacation with coworkers before... I barely talk as it is, and my hobbies are something I do at home..." perhaps she could walk around the area? Get a feel? Or maybe she could go on the beach and just walk on the sand for a little bit. She put her bag by Charlies and left it there for the time being. They could shuffle them off later, no biggie. The Hero moved to the balcony and looked around, finding it very relaxing to be away from the city life and somewhere that was far quieter. That still didn't help her with the current predicament she found herself in... So instead of staying within the room, she thought it'd be better to go on ahead and take a walk around the area to get a good feel for it, see what there was to offer.

Kathy headed into the elevator and went down to the lobby where other guests were walking in. In hopes of not being noticed easily, she quickened her pace to get out of the lobby as quick as possible.

( Itsui Itsui o3o )

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incredibly lost
Tags: Ari Number Two Ari Number Two

“It’s been years since I’ve went shopping with a friend!”

A friend? Charlie appreciated her sentiment. Especially since she had worried that Tatsuo may have developed ill feelings towards her after their last mission. The idea made her smile softly at the brunette.

Blue eyes blinked at Tatsuo as she took a few steps ahead of her, deciding to catch up with her and walk by her side. “I wonder if Okinawa has this same cute swimsuit?” Charlie’s eyes fell upon the picture that was shown to her, making one of her brows arch,

“You.. really?” Charlie almost had no words. What the hell kind of swimsuit is that?

“Not to crush your dreams or anything, but, there’s no way I’m letting you spend your hard-earned money on something so… bad.” Charlie wrinkled her nose in distaste, already deciding that it was her duty to help a friend in need.

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