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🐟|rawr *noms fish*
katayama masaru
Chase -> With group surrounding the suspicious individual
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Were these two seriously having a conversation about tea and coffee in the midst of what he thought was an urgent mission? To be fair, he was absorbed in the conversation especially when tea was brought up although unlike Ichiro he kept quiet about his thoughts on that, he felt it wasn't appropriate when there was a possibly dangerous individual running around.

Despite staying quiet, he was very tempted to back the old man up when Ichiro gave his two cents about preferring coffee. Hmm, maybe with Mr. Ling's help we could change Treasure Map's opinion on tea, he's missing out big time.

After Gao finished talking to his partner, the hero quickly took off, Ichiro then turned to him with a look, "Your lucky Gao is a hero candlehead or he'd be smashing your face in right now rookie."

He wanted to speak up but he couldn't help but silently agree with his co-worker on that. The man not only had strength that he still had in what most people would call their "golden years" but Gao carried with him what Masaru thought was more valuable, experience. Which is why he wouldn't doubt the fact that Mr. Fist would outbest him by quite a few leagues if he ever fought against him. The thought of fighting someone like Gao sent a slight shiver down his spine, he felt intimidated but nevertheless his usual rush of both curiosity and excitement overwhelmed the former. It might just be a part of his pride getting the best of him, but along with Nexette and a few others, he'd make sure Gao was on the list of people he'd want to spar with someday.

The familiar smell of his burning hands returned his focus back on the situation. No time for wandering thoughts especially if what happened to Nexette could happen again to one of them. Surprisingly all because of his quirk, the smell wasn't like what most people would expect. His flaming hands put out something like cherrywood, a sweet, fruity aroma. Burning flesh from what he heard had a sulfuric tinge and was told that it was one of the most revolting scents people could experience.

He himself never understood as to why that was concerning the smell of his hands, but he guessed in his case, his hands weren't really burning flesh to begin with, rather they were built to withstand the most extreme heat as a part of his quirk. The only thing that might throw some people off is the fact that the skin on that part of his body changes into a type of red, an almost bloody crimson.

After a few good minutes at looking at Ichiro, his partner began walking and started to pick up the pace. He trailed behind Ichiro and guessed he tuned into the comms to lead the way like he asked earlier. Finally as they made their way across the city, Ichiro answered him back in his usual joking tone, "Lead the way? If you want to hold my hand, you can. I don't want our little rookie getting lost in Tokyo."

"That's cute Treasure Map, but is your mind a little out of place from your constant drinking? I wouldn't have a problem holding hands with someone as great as you, just don't complain if your hand stings after we're done oh cause you know... it's on fire."

Of course he wasn't serious about what he said. He wouldn't try to hurt his senpai or anyone in general just for that despite how irritating the drunk could be towards him. Although from then on, he didn't really get a reply from Ichiro about that. He guessed that shut him up for a bit or that Ichiro was honing in on what was happening through the comms, trying his best to balance the joking although still trying his best to make their operation a success.

The silence broke when his partner finally spoke again, but unexpectedly not to him as he pieced things together in his head. Keeping quiet, a wave of strange feelings came over him, he was simultaneously relieved Ichiro changed target for once, but for some reason he felt...jealous. That's silly, it was more appropriate to call it slight disappointment, he always had a feeling that the guy was like that to all the rookies. He didn't let those thoughts bother him that much, in fact, with the realization of another new member, he wondered if he really was a senpai himself already. Eagle really is a one-man scouting machine, that crazy bird.

It frustrated him a bit that he couldn't communicate much better with the rest of the agency, but he silently owned it, that mistake was all on him after all. Regardless, he kept trying his best and looked onwards as Ichiro kept getting new intel on where their target could be. Then suddenly, Ichiro bolted towards a certain direction, and naturally he sped up himself and followed.

"If what Tsukuyomi said was correct, we should be able to find our culprit in this direction - when we get close candlehead, wait for me to move in first. I'm gonna grab the bag to make sure he can't pull out a weapon on us but he could have something concealed. Trust your instincts, the last thing I need is a rookie getting hurt on me."

With a sure nod, he did what Ichiro asked from him, he let his partner take the initiative to make sure things went according to plan.

"I will, and don't worry Tr- uh Ichiro-senpai, I trust in the fact that this situation is in good hands now that you're-" being completely serious.

He cut himself off then, completing what he said in his mind, and stayed quiet all the while having a slight grin. He was sure he got his point across about his compliance. They entered a parking garage, no one of note except to his surprise, Tsukuyomi. He got to the culprit before the two of them did? Impressive-

"You snooze, you lose."

"ICHIRO!? What are y-"


And down the man went.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that the confrontation when Ichiro showed up to the scene was dealt with swiftly and rather painfully in the assumed culprit's case. During the impact, he thought he would naturally flinch, but he guessed it happened so quickly that he didn't to his relief, it let him see first hand what Ichiro was capable of. Eventually more heroes from their agency came to the area, after hearing the culprit had been caught and restrained.

"Yo Kid! I think you should do the honors. You shouldn't have to worry about him escaping with these.

Turning his attention to Tsukuyomi, he was met with a flying object, he caught it surely, thanks to his reflexes or else he knew that would've been an embarrassing moment that he was sure Ichiro wouldn't let him get away with for a long time. In his hands were a pair of what he thought were handcuffs although there was something different about them compared to a usual set. Perhaps the material was made or altered by his eye-patch friend.

He was about to make a move until a series of protests erupted from the suspicious man in question, "W-What the - give that back! Listen, I don't know what you guys are looking for, but I promise you what's in that bag ain't it! Just let me go guys, come on! I have nothing to hide in there! I don't understand why you'd attack a civilian!"

Finding himself slightly dumbfounded for a few seconds, he looked around to the others. None of them was buying his crap, so he followed suit.

"That's enough out of you. Save all the talk for when you're in questioning."

As he did the deed, Mr. Fist approached him with the same tone as last time, however from the old man's wording, he discerned that the mood was different. Making it very clear what he should do after he finished cuffing the culprit. Despite all of that, Gao didn't show any signs of hostility against him specifically but he was on high alert from what he was picking up from the hero in general. He wasn't afraid but he made sure to be careful when he talked to the him in that state. So not wanting to be rude, he didn't say a word and only gave the hero a reassuring nod, then sighed when the attention wasn't on him anymore. Got it, you don't have to tell me twice, old man.

Then it left as quickly as it came, and it seemed that Gao was back to his usual self, announcing to everyone that he was headed to a cafe to drink tea and possibly get some pastries. With that, it seemed everyone was splitting up to go off and do their own thing now that apparently the mission's been completed. He wished he could have gotten more action, but all that mattered in the end was that everyone worked together to get the job done.

After handing everything to the police's hands, he met back up with Tsukuyomi and Ichiro, then wiped some sweat from his forehead as time had finally put out the blaze from his hands, now only red in color, slowly becoming a lighter and more normal shade to the rest of his skin with each passing minute. They were still fairly hot made obvious by the steam unrolling from the surface of them, so he made sure not to place them on something for too long until they completely cooled off.

"So what now?" He paused to yawn and stretch, "Please tell me the mall trip will be for another day, I'm pretty tired with all this running around aren't you guys?"

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“You being on the phone with me right now means you’re not where you’re supposed to be. Get lost on your way there or something?”

The sound of plastic charms dancing against each other mingled with the monotonous voice resounding from a flip phone. Unsurprisingly, those words belonging to none other than Kajou Jouhou (pro hero: “HERO”) seemed to fall on deaf ears; perhaps it was because it was an older phone model and the audio quality was disgusting, or maybe it was just who she was trying to talk to… either way, the response she got was nothing but a listless hum.

Amber irises scanned over the exterior of a certain bag. Omoikane, although he certainly didn’t seem like it, heard every word spoken to him―only opting to not acknowledge them out of deep-rooted habit. To him, there was something more important on his mind; and it was possible he was being paranoid and overthinking it to oblivion, but…

“Jojooo~… would you be mad if I told you that, uh,” he drawled sheepishly. The silence from the woman in question only prompted him to continue, rather than stall like he usually did. “... Well, Omo doesn’t have his stuff anymore. Hehe! ☆”

A pause came from the other end of the line. Despite Jouhou not physically being there, it felt like she would’ve been giving him an incredulous look right about then. “What, did you incinerate your bag? I doubt you just lost it.” Not on accident, anyway.

Subtly looking around, the teal-haired male’s voice soon dropped in volume, but a playful expression remained plastered on his pale features. “Some shady-looking guy has it! And now I have his bag, which looks exactly the same on the outside. I think... he swapped them out when I wasn’t paying attention.” He nodded to himself as if to emphasize his point.

“... I see,” Jouhou stated, simultaneously taking note of an unspoken layer in Omoikane’s explanation; one that said, He was trying to be slick about it… though I was aware of it as it happened, or something along those lines. “Is there any chance that ‘shady-looking guy’ is the same one you’re supposed to be on dispatch for?”

The male blinked. “... Eh?”

“It would seem a bunch of people from your new agency are dealing with someone right now… Which, I’m sure you’d be too, if you showed up on time,” a light laugh could be heard from the woman. Honestly, it was fascinating how she seemed to always know what was going on. “Either way, I don’t think you have to worry about not getting your stuff back. If the guy wasn’t apprehended after all that, I think there’d be bigger issues Eagle should address, haha… so in the meantime, you know what to do, right?”

Omoikane let a small huff escape his lips. The reasonable thing to do would be to just head to the agency building―you know, like he was supposed to―with the bag in hand as that’s likely what’d become the next concern. That way, he’d probably solve the issue of them not having the stuff they were looking for, as well as maybe get his own possessions back; not to mention, he was due to introduce himself to everyone there sooner or later. “Yeah, I’ll go~ And to answer your question from way earlier, no, I didn’t get lost… Only distracted!”

Somehow, he sounded proud of that.

“Okay, well, I won’t hold you up, then. It’s possible they won’t recognize you, so don’t go strolling in looking all shady with that bag… unless you want them to jump you―in which case, go right ahead,” Jouhou advised half-heartedly, and with that, the call ended. Omoikane closed his phone and prodded at the decorations for a bit, before finally making his way over to where he was supposed to be several hours ago... Hurray?

──── &.

Okay, so maybe he really didn’t know how to get to the agency after all.

He’d seen pictures of the building before, so he figured with how much it stood out, he’d be able to spot it easily―especially when compared to his previous agency’s building. It was extremely discreet, as the company itself was one that operated outside the limelight. That meant they preferred to stay away from too much media exposure and as a result, went about doing things in a slightly more… underground way which was to be expected from any agency Jouhou was apart of. So, Eagle Agency… well, Omoikane could tell it was a massive change of pace, that was for sure.

… At least, if that flashy-looking structure was anything for him to go off of. It practically screamed, ‘we’re gonna become mainstream!’... Exciting!! (Except, he still couldn’t find it.)

With a close-eyed smile and a bag of hazards carelessly being swung around, Omoikane found himself back at the place where his bag got swapped. Truth be told, he didn’t know if whatever it was they were supposedly dealing with was settled―if it wasn’t, he’d probably experience something unfortunate, but if it was, there was still no telling what would happen if he was seen. Either way, he’d sure have some explaining to do, especially if that specific group of people in his line of sight caught glimpse of him as well.

Sitting in some corner, he unzipped the bag and took a long look at its contents: a sniper rifle (of which kind he couldn’t discern at first glance) that had been covered by a towel, and numerous images of people he recalled being some of his new coworkers. Did that mean they were targets of the bag’s owner? Or maybe something else… Gah, he was so out of the loop it wasn’t even funny; but as irritating as that should’ve been, somehow he preferred not knowing. After trying to brush it off, he set his sights back on the firearm and “mindlessly” began to assemble it like it was some kind of Lego set, a mischievous expression plastered on his face.

Did he plan on doing anything with it? Not really, but I’d be lying if I said he didn’t look a little shifty right then and there.



incredibly lost
Charlie watched the scene before her, arching a brow with a smirk at the sound of one of her seniors taking a jab at her. "Yeah, but still had enough energy to fu-" If it wasn't for Katherine warning her about her new boss, she surely would've finished her sentence. However, maybe it wasn't the best idea to lose her job on the first day. How was she supposed to grow as a hero if she went back to the same underground scene she's been in for most of her life? So, she replied to Katherine, "What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment.." with that, Charlie decided to turn her coms off for her own sake with a defeated sigh. She crossed her arms as she watched the scene unfold before her with a calculated stare, bright blue eyes darting across her monitors to catch anything that maybe her teammates couldn't. To her dismay, it seems she joined in a bit too late, because she clearly missed the point in time where the bags were switched.

"Damn.." Charlie muttered. She normally wasn't one for being a team player, but the feeling of being absolutely useless was much less desirable in her eyes. Listening to everyone beginning to disperse and return back to the agency, she decided she should follow suit, turning off her coms and exiting out of all the live feeds she was watching from until all that was left was her animated desktop. Once finished, she finally stood up, letting out a quiet grunt as she stretched her limbs, standing on her tip-toes to ensure Maximum Stretch.

Soon enough, Charlie was out of her office (if one could even call it that..), the sound of her black boots being stifled by the carpet beneath her as she made her way towards the entrance, and, probably, her inevitable doom with the "Man" himself. Nimble fingers fidgeted with loose threads in the pockets of her baggy black pants, a matching black tank top revealing tattoos covering both of her arms and shoulders. More thought could have been put into her outfit today, but, honestly, Charlie had a hard time finding it within herself to care. She isn't here to impress her coworkers, she's here to work.

It didn't take her very long at all to reach the entrance, thankfully. Haywire scanned the area for any of her new coworkers, but all she found was the old man in the distance happily making his way towards the... maid cafe? "Nice.." She mumbled, letting out a huff of a laugh before taking in her surroundings again. Charlie stood there for a few moments, occasionally tapping her foot on the concrete beneath her before her stomach let out an obscene rumble. "Oh no.. I guess I have to go get myself a snack.." The hero feigned remorse as she slowly backed up towards the agency entrance, "It'd be a shame if I missed meeting all of these new people for a delicious bag of chips.."

With that, she turned around, walking back inside only to find that there were two vending machines only a few steps away from the front doors. Well. So much for that big adventure. She thought to herself, taking out her wallet to get herself a box of apple juice and a bag of blue doritos. Once she was done, she walked back outside and sat on the nearest bench, cleanly stabbing her straw into the apple juice box and sipping whilst waiting for the rest of her coworkers to arrive.

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≛ Ichiro Kusumoto
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Capturing the villain seemed to move smoothly and with the help of Tsukuyomi, everything went as planned. To his surprise, the contents of the bag were different then what he had imagined and his only saving grace was the weapon that Gao managed to find at the bottom. “It seems you won’t be charged with assault just yet…” Ichiro couldn't help but give off a small grin to Gao's comment, "Wouldn't be the first time." Ichiro mumbled, looking at the slim choices in the bag. He pulled a candy bar out of the bag, opening the wrapper as he watched Gao lecture the villain. It was great that Gao was there, he had no patience for those who obviously seemed guilty and there was no doubt in his mind that this man was. He hoped the evidence was there to connect fuckface to the murder but everything was in the early stages, he truly wouldn't know for a while.

Ichiro took a bite from the candy bar, hungry from his lack of food that day. Cereal and alcohol weren't exactly great ways to sustain ones appetite. Ichiro grabbed a bag of chips from the bag, suspending the candy bar in the air with his mouth to open the bag of chips. He zipped up the bag after grabbing what he felt was enough to keep him going. The food in the bag was technically evidence, but he'd rather just eat it then let it just sit in an evidence locker. He finally handed it over to the police, standing there to ensure that the transfer of custody went smoothly. It certainly wasn't the most interesting situation he has been in but it sure beat the mall.

Upon walking up to Katayama, he heard him say something quite ridiculous, "You're tired already? I feel bad for your girlfriend candlehead. We got lucky that this criminal didn't have an insane quirk or we would have had a real fight on our hands. Don't expect things to be as easy as this." Ichiro said, downing the rest of the candy bar before stuffing more chips into his face. "I got the only thing I needed from the mall and until that bottle is empty, I probably won't head back in a while. Let's head back to the agency, we can take a break there until we get our next call." Ichiro managed to get out through the munching of the chips.

The walk to the company car wasn't a long one, as the scene of the capture wasn't far from where he parked. By the time they arrived, Ichiro had finished his chips and had tossed the empty bag into a trash can. He swung open the driver's door and plopped himself down into the drivers seat. He reached into his pocket to retrieve his flask but he realized it was empty, "Guess it's time to open up my sake." Ichiro said, retrieving his sake from it's secured place. He unscrewed the cap and promptly took a swig from the bottle, satisfied with the taste. He put the cap back on and handed the bottle over to Katayama in the back seat. "If I get pulled over, this is yours." Ichiro said, with a serious tone. He was obviously joking, messing with the rookie was just too much fun. He let out a belch and started the vehicle.

Getting to the agency didn't take too long; the incident only occurred a few kilometers away from the agency. Ichiro's driving was relatively tame since there was no emergency at the moment to respond to. After parking the vehicle in the lot, he retrieved his bottle of sake from the rookie and proceeded out the vehicle. His true intention for being at the agency was to have a chat with Eagle but that thought came to a halt as he stopped in front of Charlie, raising an eyebrow. He unscrewed the cap once more, taking a swig before getting closer to the female. His red eyes looked her upon and down, his facial expression emotionless in the process. "Wait wait wait.... don't tell me ….. your hero name is gaywire, right?" Ichiro asked, taking a sip from his sake. There were so many new faces around, he couldn't tell whether they were interns or not. Eagle could probably save a few bucks by making a few interns, considering how lazy they were.

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Ari Number Two

Things that bother you, never bother me~♪

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The kami, like mass waves of white, flooded through a garage door. They swarmed and dispersed, but honed in on the center of the room. Their sights set on the Vigilante, and each orb zoomed towards the criminal. "No." Tried to at least; they each stopped as if crashing into an invisible wall that was the Miko's haraigushi, held out at her side. "No, no, no." Still and composed like an experienced farmer corralling sheep, she gently stepped in front of the influx of kami, not even meeting them with her gaze. Tatsuo brought a hand up, waving her pointer finger. "Interrogation first."

Tatsuo drew the haraigushi one more time, performing the left-right-left movement as she did earlier with the crowd. This time, she muttered a few incoherent phrases. The kami dissipated one by one into the air; some returned into objects and the terrain. The Miko continued her movements until the kami all went home, and the glob that blanketed the air shrunk into nothingness.

"Sounds like all is under control," she said to herself as her peers and the apprehended criminal a distance away began going their separate ways. She'd listened to the radio chatter earlier, learning about the literal smoking gun that was missing and the arrival of a newbie's voice—albeit all the way from HQ. And by the sound of it, some of them were eager to take the new downtime for rest. Not that Tatsuo didn't understand why, just that she herself had no idea what to do. Everything that could have been done at the HQ's shrine was taken care of right before the mall trip, and the helper priests surely refined her work.

Fortunately (or not, depending on what'll happen) for Tatsuo, she overheard the tail end of Mr. Fist's departure. With a soft, oblivious smile, she came up to the older man. "Mind if I tag along, Mr. Gao? To the café, I mean." A nice regular place to relax in after this debacle, the shrine-maiden thought.


New Member
Mr. Fist

Interactions: Ari Number Two Ari Number Two (The Miko) Hostess A, Hostess B
Location: From the South Parking Garage -> A Café...?

Stockings, skirts, chamomile and pastries

“Mmmmm?” - Mr. Fist looked at the Miko as she asked if he could join him - “Oh please, by all means Tatsuo. It is always best to enjoy a delicious cup of tea with company” - the old man answered her, with a kind expression on his face. As both of them made their way to the café, Tatsuo could notice that the old man, despite his age, carried himself pretty easily. It almost seemed like there was a spring on his step on the way he moved, very uncharacteristically of seniors around his age. But then again, Gao wasn’t just any ordinary senior. Thankfully, all his training keeps him in top shape, being able to easily keep up with these youngsters - “You did a great job during this mission. I would hate to see what happened if the crowd had just stampede in pure panic as soon as there was the second shot” - he comments, looking at her with his small hazel eyes as he walks besides her.

After a few minutes walking through those streets, the old man and shrine maiden would come upon the front of a café. It was certainly a different “kind” of café: its entrance had pink as its primary color. The signs on the windows advertised cute girls in maid costumes, ready to serve their masters. The old man scratched his head, clearly being confused by what was being offered there, thinking it was at the very least bizarre. Two young girls stood at the café entrance, wearing the typical maid uniform, albeit the skirt of it was quite short. Both were wearing thigh length socks, one of them wearing a black one, not entirely opaque, while the other one wore a multicolored one. Both hostesses were wearing quite a bit of make up and even an old man like Gao could notice it. And just as the sign advertised, they were quite cute.

As they finished greeting a costumer that entered the café, who looked like your average salary man, both girls noticed the old man, actually knowing who he was - “Oh! Aren’t you Mr. Fist? And The Miko as well?” - the brunette girl asked - “It really is them! Come inside, we have a special table for you two!” - the blonde maid continued. The bald hero stopped for a moment, just noticing something. He gazed at both maids in front of them and then his attention shifted to Tatsuo. His eyes scanned the maiden from top to bottom, taking special attention to her also almost thigh-height socks - “I never noticed this, but your maiden clothing does look like a maid uniform… shrine maid” - he commented, tilting his head a bit to the side. He then crosses his arms, his expression growing dead serious, appearing to be deep in thought. After quite a few moments, Gao nodded to himself, peering at the maiden with his narrow eyes - “You would make an excellent café maid” - he blurted without a single reservation. Both hostess heard the absurd things the old man was saying in utter silence. Surely his brain had finally rotted away - “Let’s go inside? I am curious about what will be waiting for us” - Mr. Fist asks.



~No rest for the wicked~

Jin remained located upon the rooftops, eyes vigilantly watching down below as his fellow heroes took control of the scene, Mr.Fist and the Newcomer apprehending the suspicious individual down below. As always, despite the scene seeming to be under control' Jin remained on guard for anything that seemed out of the ordinary, whether that be the suspicious crook deciding that his odds were better off attempting to fight his way free or if the sound of any potential accomplices coming could be heard from his vantage point.

Alas, all he could here was the conversation down below' as the man protested his innocence, despite the apparent weapon found in his possession. Since it sounded like a fight was not on the cards and neither was any help seemingly on its way for the man down below, Jin finally allowed himself to relax a little, the rabbit hero sitting upon the edge of the building as he continued to observe from above; the fresh air up here tickling against his fur.

It was a solid half hour minimum before things began to die down, the police taking custody of the apprehended man. With no new information or evidence regarding the shooting coming forth, it was inevitable that the gathered heroes would now return to whatever plans they had had before rushing over to the scene of the crime.

"I'll remain in the vicinity for a bit. I have an hour left of my patrol shift." spoke Jin over the intercom as the other heroes began to disperse. Some returning to the agency, whilst others returned to recreational activities.

Jin stood once more, a strong gust of wind blowing his red jacket backwards as it danced against the wind.



Ashigara's Lightning
» Nakano Harada
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Nakano sat idly by, fishing out the remnants of her breakfast from in between her teeth with the help of her claws. Just as aimlessly stood around her the crowd she had previously ordered into the establishment, clearly growing both impatient and fidgety due to the lack of knowledge of the events that had forced them into that store in the first place. The tiger girl on the other hand didn’t share their feeling of unease, being governed instead by a very familiar feeling: Boredom. While Nakano was sure she had made the right decision when she chose to protect the civilians it still didn’t change the fact that it placed her into the type of situation that she despised the most, a monotonous one. And sure, she didn’t REALLY know what was happening outside that door (Or in this case, the gaping door frame), but the ruling silence from the outside world gave her all the information she needed. The fighting was over. With a loud sigh Nakano addressed the whole crowd as she made her way out of their makeshift shelter: “Go home already.”

The dull walk back to the agency was the perfect cherry on top of the sundae of sterility that had been that day. At this point the whole murder of the villain had long since left her thoughts, as now she was way more preoccupied with thoughts of raiding the agency’s fridge and barricading herself inside the breakroom. If this was gonna be a thrill-less day then she’d do it her own way. Maybe she should’ve just stayed in there to begin with.
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Putting The Piece Together
Tsukuyomi Hachiman
The situation is always more complicated than it actually is. He knew this in great detail. Tsukuyomi sat there wondering why is this, so-called, “Marksman” didn't have the rifle that he use to kill the villain and injured Katherine. This is very worrisome, but what's even more unsettling was through the shades that surveyed the area he could see what looks to be a hobo putting together a sniper rifle in the middle of the streets. Why do I always have to be the one to figure this shit out. The others didn't know what he knew, but if he would explain it, it would take too long; they may not even believe him and think that he is trying to free a guilty man. So let's use this “evidence” to our advantage. “This doesn't really look like a weapon that a marksman would use but this is definitely something a civilian shouldn't have.” He takes the so-called weapon from Mr. Fist is hand “You shouldn't be touching that especially if you're not wearing gloves this is evidence you know.” The noise of a candy wrapper travels to his ear as he turns he see Ichiro eating a candy bar that came out of the black bag. He slowly faceplams with the most embarrassed sigh. “Why do I work with these people?” he muttered under his breath. He quickly gathers all the evidence and puts it all back into the bag.

Luckily the kid was able to deal with the suspect. Tsukiyomi tosses the bag to Katayama “Hey you may need this. Make sure you tell the cops you are with me; tell them I’m sorry that there's a little bit of bruisin on this guy.” he smiles just to hide all of his inner anger that yells to himself to slap both Treasure map and Uncle Iroh as well. There were people still watching the scene, and it was best not to get hero-slapping-hero on the news. That was the last thing they needed after today's events. He turns his direction towards Crusader and yells out “YOU CAN COME OUT NOW! I'VE ALREADY BLOWN YOUR COVER; YOU’RE NOT BEING STEALTHY ANYMORE!” Tsukuyomi thought back to when he saw that hobo run off with their evidence. Even if that's the true evidence, It's been a long day. Maybe he's just going to pawn the rifle off to get some money for some booze or something. I don't really care.
He waits for Katayama to return from booking his first baddie, in doing so he heard the kid speak up. Katayama said before Tsukuyomi replied, "Please tell me the mall trip will be for another day, I'm pretty tired with all this running around aren't you guys?” "I'm not sure, maybe. But we first need to go to the police station to finalize some paperwork. After then we can probably go relax and grab some food, you're probably pretty hungry aren't you?" he grabbed the rookie by his shoulders and steered him away from Ichiro, whispering to him “Seems like your fitting right in. I don't think anyone's going to have a problem with you. You're basically family now.” He pats Katayama on the back “Welcome to the agency Kata...Junior”

"He started to walk back to the agency's vehicle"
and it would have been more peaceful if it wasn't for the multiple cop cars as well as the press flooding the streets. As They were about to get in the vehicle, Tsukuyomi saw that Ichiro somehow still had a bag of chips from the black duffle bag…. I thought I gathered everything that he took... He stepped into the vehicle just to see that Ichiro was now downing his new bottle of Sake that he just bought. It wouldn't have been a drive back without their designated drunk driver. Luckily no one was hurt on the ride back to the agency. As soon as the vehicle arrived back at the office, everyone that was inside began to pour out. Upon exiting, the golden-eyed male couldn't help but hear someone open their big mouth to the newest recruits to the agency that happened to just start today.

"Wait wait wait.... don't tell me ….. your hero name is gaywire, right?"

Without any hesitation -it was like a routine at this point- he approached Ichiro and the recruit, lifting a hand to slap the drunk man in the back of the head, and proceeded to apologize to the young lady “Sorry for My associate, he just loves to stick his foot in his mouth. My name is Tsukuyomi. You call me Tsuki, my dear. You must be Charlotte Hazel Peters. I’ve read your file... very impressive.” He finished his conversation with her by saying that he will be in his office for the rest of the day but if she wants he would love to get a drink with her. He finally gets to his office and goes to his mini bar cart and makes himself an old-fashioned. He walks towards his desk to light a cigar because it is time to kick back to destress.
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Katherine rolled her eyes slightly as Charlie said she was a glutton for punishment. I don't think she realizes how much punishment Eagle gives... with that thought in mind, the Hero began to rise from her seat and looked around at the crowd as it slowly broke up, as well as noticing some of the group going into the company car. Many were already getting ready to go, but Nexette wasn't ready. She wanted to stay out for just a little while longer and investigate some more. Moving from the scene, she was finding herself being informed by the police that someone had been apprehended, but it wasn't the shooter from the looks of it. We caught someone but not the shooter? Well that's not good... That means we still have the issue of one running about... Kathy wondered what her team was thinking and how come they didn't relay that information over the comms. Due to not being at the scene, she could only rely on those who were there, aka Tsukuyomi, Ichiro, Katayama, Gao, and Crusader. Jin didn't sound like he was in the middle of it so he was left out of her evaluation.

Beginning her way to examine the area, she was stopped by a local who grasped her arm, trying to tell her about someone who was trying to assemble a gun out in the open in the nearby park. That fact alone made Katherine break into a sprint toward the area There's no way that's our shooter, no way would he try to put a gun together out in the open... This has to be another someone who's trying to stirr up some trouble...it didn't take her long to get to her destination as she noticed a homeless-looking boy trying to put what seemed like a sniper rifle together. That has to be the rifle I was shot with...It's hard not to see that...But how does someone like him have a gun like that? her eyes went from purple to blue within an instant as she approached the boy slowly from an angle that he shouldn't find her coming up on him. Not till the last minute that is.

He'd soon find himself in a tight bubble of some sort, a blue dome that seemed to be much smaller to contain the boy "You there..." she said as she came into view, looking down at him while cupping her own chin. "Where did you find that..? You do realize that there was a shooting that happened just moments ago, right...?" those blue hues narrowed slightly at the male as she continued to study him. Looks can be deceiving...Which is why I'm always cautious... due to her soft voice, she wasn't sure if the kid was even able to hear her. But if he needed her to repeat herself, she would. Though, the more she stared at this boy, the more he started to look almost like the one she spotted in one of the new recruits files that were able to be viewed.
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Somehow, one of the people from the group would spot him, and caution those accompanying them. The air around them would change; almost visibly, from Omoikane’s point of view… From feelings of mild confusion but a want to go home after a long day’s worth of work, to one of urgency and high-alert, a hero’s instinct kicking in. Eventually, the teal-haired male would find himself cornered, the heroes’ quirks all idle, but ready. “Drop the gun,” they’d command, and if he failed to comply within a comfortable amount of time, they’d resort to forcing the firearm from his hand regardless. He’d be met with a barrage of questions he didn’t―well, shouldn’t know the answer to, being innocent and all… and at the last minute, as they’re about to cuff him, a single phrase would fall from his lips that would cause them all to halt.

Or, that’s what Omoikane thought would happen; though instead, from the looks of it, they pulled a FAKEOUT-like move instead.

Outwardly, the male continued his mischievous streak without a hitch, but internally, he grew to be confused. After sitting himself down in a location where he knew he’d be visible to those paying enough attention, the last thing he expected was for them to casually jump into a car to leave. And he was going to shrug it off as them simply not noticing, but the sound of, “YOU CAN COME OUT NOW! I’VE ALREADY BLOWN YOUR COVER; YOU’RE NOT BEING STEALTHY ANYMORE!” filled the area; and he knew it was directed towards him… but the most concerning part about all of this was that the tall, dark-haired hero it came from didn’t do anything further and instead, got into the car as well. Oh, wow. Must’ve been a rough day, huh… Wonder what happened on their end before this…?

Somewhere in the back of his head, he thought about shooting at something just to prove a point (what if it was a villain who had the gun?), but ultimately decided not to. Sigh…―

The sudden, yet subtle change in atmosphere was immediately picked up by his senses, causing him to start reevaluating his thoughts. It was as if there was some kind of hostile intent directed towards him, but it wasn’t out of malice; more like… apprehension? Caution? Were those people driving away because they knew someone else would deal with it? No… if that were the case, why yell something that would risk putting him on guard?

Despite what his subconscious was telling him, however, he willed himself to not look further into it, and instead continued whatever mess it was he was doing. Even if at that point he figured there had to be someone on him, what were they gonna do? Kill him?

… Maybe, but also… yeah, right. They probably wouldn’t… hopefully?

“Huh―?” Before Omoikane could finish reassembling the rifle, a bright blue entered his vision and he soon felt himself get squished up against the walls(?) of a spherical barrier. This prompted a monotonous, “Ehhh ~… Noo ~... I didn’t get to―”

“You there...” began a woman with lilac-colored hair and a stoic but analyzing expression. She seemed about his age, if not a little older. “Where did you find that…? You do realize that there was a shooting that happened just moments ago, right…?” Although she was kinda quiet, he could understand what it was that she was saying.

Amber hues trailed down to the gun that was now left unattended to on the floor, before making their way back to the girl’s features. In the same way she seemed to be observing him, Omoikane observed her as well; albeit in his case, it seemed more like playful curiosity than anything else. “Oh, hi there! ☆ Uh, yes? No? I just thought it was cool so I wanted to try putting it together,” His mouth curled up into an innocent grin as he vaguely answered her questions. “But, uhm… why? Is it bad that I’m doing this?”

... Talk about stupid questions, huh?

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katayama masaru
Parking Garage -> Back at Eagle Agency
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"Gahhhhhhh...Treasure Map..." he let out a disappointed sigh coupled with shaking his head, although not at all too surprised anymore at what was happening right in front of his eyes. He knew enough by now how Ichiro operated, it's like dealing with a grade-schooler, "I think I saw some napkins my niece stuffed in my bag that you could use to wipe off that...chocolate...and here I thought you were super cool handling that goon in one go."

He paused for dramatic effect, to top it off he closed one of his eyes and put his arms behind his head. Then he turned his head at poor Tsukuyomi who seemed to have had enough of the drunk's antics. The two made eye contact, in Tsuki's case with only one eye, and with a quick change of expression, his co-worker slid closer towards him.

"Make sure you tell the cops you are with me; tell them I’m sorry that there's a little bit of bruisin on this guy.”

"Oh, yeah about that. I made sure to er...yeah tell em you did a number," he bounced back with a thumbs-up and a reassuring nod. Their conversation disrupted with a late reply from Ichiro, followed by more jabs at him.

"You're tired already? I feel bad for your girlfriend candlehead. We got lucky that this criminal didn't have an insane quirk or we would have had a real fight on our hands. Don't expect things to be as easy as this."

You know what Treasure Map, didn't your mother tell you not to talk with your mouth full... The gears instantly began to work inside his brain, trying to make some sort of comeback. Hmm how about this one? 'You should stop stuffing your mouth full, isn't that your boyfriend's job?'

That one made him blush more than he wanted to. Feeling not only proud but appalled that he came up with that, it would probably be best to keep it to himself. There was no telling how Ichiro would react to it, even as much as they teased eachother. It was still the first day and as much as he didn't want to admit it, Ichiro is a senior of his, and had been in the so-called 'pro-hero' business way longer than he obviously was.

So instead he toned it down, and just forgoed the idea altogether. Taking the opportunity to make himself look much better, this kind of approach was more his style anyways.

With a self-satisfied look, he unloaded his carefully pieced together reply to such a silly remark he could've and...probably should've just brushed off, "Hah! Girlfriend? A girlfriend!? Please-" stopping to laugh and wave his hand in front of the two of them, "A disciplined man such as myself wouldn't waste time bothering with girls, you should've seen all the village women that lined up for me, but fear not," he wanted to die inside, continuing his mock heroic voice, "Katayama Masaru did not dare take steps towards any sign of temptation- so err...yeah you got the point..."

His speech faltered in confidence as it should have, he himself didn't know how to continue after the 'disciplined man' part, so it seemed like it was a miracle when something caught the attention of most of the people there, Tsukuyomi even taking part too, at least that's what he thought he was shouting at.


A teal-haired child? What were they doing here? Was that a firearm in his hands too?! Despite what was going through his head, it seemed most of the heroic party lost interest quickly, his co-workers already heading back to the agency car, "Wait! Treasure Map, Tsukuyomi-senpai- don't leave me!"

At the very least, Tsukuyomi took notice and stopped, while Ichiro had completely devoured every bit of that chocolate bar and was walking without a care in the world with a freshly-opened bag of chips from who knows where, he assumed it was from the bag the suspect had. Pulling him aside, the man with the eye-patch resumed their talk from earlier about the mall, "'I'm not sure, maybe. But we first need to go to the police station to finalize some paperwork. After then we can probably go relax and grab some food, you're probably pretty hungry aren't you? - Seems like your fitting right in. I don't think anyone's going to have a problem with you. You're basically family now. Welcome to the agency Kata...Junior."

"A bit hungry yeah...but Junior huh, it's been a few years since someone's called me by that," his face drooped slightly and his voice lost a bit of its usual energy at the mention of the word although it was difficult to notice, "And now..he's gone."

He caught himself just in time to remove any sort of questions or more talk about it so perking right back up, he just thanked Tsukuyomi and the three of them finally got into the car, more or less in the same state of slight exhaustion when they were in the parking garage. It wasn't too far from the scene actually, so in a sense, the 'running around' that he mentioned didn't make any sense at all and probably made him look like he couldn't handle things physically, which he definitely didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea about.

Completely biased of course, but with good reason, he trained hard not only for combat situations but for anything that required his mental might. Although he had to admit his mental prowess had dulled since Senior's passing, he could never replicate his father's teaching in that area, so maybe that played a huge part of why that was. Sitting under a waterfall didn't feel the same when his mentor wasn't there anymore. Which is why he did all he could to train in what he did know, anything that involved anything physical.

Now that they were all seated, he figured it was a good time to fix his mistake.

"First of all, I wanna make things clear from earlier," clearing his throat, "I was just exaggerating about being tired because I didn't wanna go anywhere else today, I'm sure I have more stamina than you Treasure Map, but I'm glad we're saving that mall stuff for some other time, I need to get some stuff from the hotel and also my stuff here in the agen..." His stuff! He had to hurry back, now that the agency would find itself being flooded with people again. Oh no, his jacket, and everything.

He remembered Ichiro saying something earlier about his sake and how it would somehow be his fault but he could hardly focus on the usual light chit-chat. Their sudden departure left him with more questions than answers to their recently finished mission. What the heck was that about anyway, with that suspicious brat? I saw Katherine stay behind, so I'm sure it'll be fine...right?


Treasure Map.. he said in his head, Don't.

"Wait wait wait.... don't tell me ….. your hero name is gaywire, right?"

He...went and did it. A few moments later, the drunk seemed to have gotten what he deserved and Tsukuyomi did the job for him by slapping Ichiro at the back of the head. His mind wandered back to his belongings, so while he didn't add to his co-worker's apology, he went and waved back at the newer recruit, uncertain if he was technically a senpai himself yet and just flashed a quick smile before jogging towards the room where he thought he left his stuff before embarking for the outing.

I was sure I left it here..

A few more rounds of inspections and he was still left with nothing gained. He resisted the urge to curse. If anyone came into the room where he was at, they'd see him bright red, hands heating up quickly again, not out of embarassment as it usually was, rather out of frustration. A clear, pained expression on his face, one could say it was good acting, but it was genuine silent hurt. "It's..it's just a jacket and a silly katana, plus some other stuff. Nothing important Masaru, just you know, some important family heirlooms that I definitely can't afford to lose."

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Katherine let out a sigh and straightened herself up. "I literally just told you what happened..." she was really hoping that this boy was not part of the agency. "Not only was there a shooting, but you're also assembling a gun in public, causing a disturbance to those around you..." which is also a crime to a degree. Luckily since she had gloves on, she was able to retrieve the weapon, examining the parts, as well as taking the clip from its position to look at the bullets This is definitely what I was shot with... putting the clip back in, she looked at the boy "You're going to come with me." her amethyst eyes looked over to the bag and leaned over to grab it, taking a glance inside where there were photos and definitely items required for an assassination. Wait... narrowing her eyes, she took another head to toe look on the male Did the shooter manage to switch bags with someone like him...? Actually it's not too hard to believe...He does seem much like the airhead... Kathy didn't like to judge the cover of a book, but unfortunately she couldn't help herself in this moment.

Putting the gun into the duffle, she zipped it up and slung it over her shoulder "I'm going to question you on the way there..." she then adjusted the force field around his body and allowed his legs to pop out so he could walk. "If you try anything, I will make things worse for you..." with that said, she watched the boy stand before the Hero started to walk toward the scene where cops were hopefully still around. "How did you get this bag...? Did someone trade a similar bag with you...? Where were you when this happened...?" the more she thought about it, the more she knew there was no way he could do this himself, hell, he wasn't even putting the gun together right. Much like a child with a puzzle at the age of one. I may have to go to the police station with him...What was his destination when he had this happen? she thought, lifting her one hand to cup her chin once again. "In fact, where were you planning to go for your destination...? Home...?"

If she could get all the answers in the little time of their walk, it was possible that she'd be able to get him out of the mess after some questioning with the police at the station. After all, he was caught with the murder weapon. No way anyone could get off the hook that fast, especially when a Hero was involved. Kathy remained on guard and focused enough to keep a bubble around the upper half of the boy's body to avoid him trying to hit her or anything to that extent.
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outside Agency HQ


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"Wait wait wait.... don't tell me ….. your hero name is gaywire, right?"
Charlie immediately recognized the voice of her senior, Kusumoto. The same one that called her lazy over the coms. None of it bothered her, in fact, she kind of preferred this kind of treatment over an overly-professional attitude. Teal eyes blinked slowly at the hero, not having enough time to reply to his harmless teasing before seeing him get smacked upside the head by another fellow hero, who soon introduced himself. Apple juice nearly managed to spill out of her mouth as she stifled some laughter at the scene. It didn't take long for her to get her composure back, giving Tsuki, and who she assumed was the hero Slowburn, a small wave.

"Wow, uh, yes. That is my entire name. Kind of creepy, but, correct. So, thank you. Also, feel free to call me Charlie." Charlie wasn't exactly used to people wanting to read up on her. Sure, people knew who she was, and, she wasn't accepted into this Agency out of pure luck, but.. still. It was always a weird experience for her to find out people actually knew of her. The younger hero watched as her two coworkers quickly left to their own devices, leaving her with Mr. Sake. Charlie decided to mirror Ichiro's initial actions, and look him up and down before arching a brow in curiosity,

"So, uh. I don't know if you know this, since people your age aren't always with the times as of late, but bringing Sake to work is typically frowned upon." Charlie was clearly screwing with him, since she didn't really care one way or another if the guy had a drink on him. It did raise the question, however, of how much he actually drinks.

Eh, not really her business.

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► Ugetsu Minase [PHANTASM]
“Kids these days,” the policeman tutted angrily, “using their quirks for such nasty little tricks.”

In response, Ugetsu shrugged with an almost amused expression painted upon his visage. While casually tapping his umbrella on the concrete to shake off the last bits of water, he trained a nonchalant smile at the officer.
“I’m sure she meant no real harm. Just a simple prank gone wrong that her guardians will scold her for.”

Still, he couldn’t blame the officer for his frustration. It wasn’t every day that a child manages to set a convenience store on fire due to panicking over getting caught shoplifting. Perhaps Ugetsu himself should have been more irritated, getting embroiled in such a situation on his first day back in Japan. However, the damage had been minimal in the end, and there were far worse crimes down the list.

“Did you hear about that villain being shot dead? It was so sudden…”

Ah, yes. That’s right. Like those hot-blooded vigilantes who went around- wait, hm?

Ugetsu paused a fair distance from where he had said farewell to the police officer. A twosome walked past a few paces away, chattering rather loudly about a certain incident involving a villain being apprehended by police officers only to be shot dead by a sniper who still remained at large.

Well, isn’t that concerning?
Ugetsu hummed thoughtfully to himself. Following two swings of his umbrella, the blue-haired man was on his way again, this time turning right onto the adjacent street towards the direction of the commotion. He wasn’t due to be back for another day, but surely the brass wouldn’t mind if he returned to the job early out of concern (read: curiosity). He still had his bag of souvenirs for his coworkers on hand, regardless.

⬩ ⬥ ❖ ⬥ ⬩

As Ugetsu drew closer to the agency, he notably passed by a sizable cluster of police cars, likely the epicenter of the entire incident. Squinting amidst the chaos, he was fortunate enough to catch a familiar head of braided purple accompanying what seemed to be a young man. He seemed unfamiliar. Was it a new recruit to the agency?

“Excuse me. Pardon me.”
Ugetsu repeated as he squeezed past the crowd. For a brief moment, he lost sight of the pair, but a bit of wandering and another glance around put them in his sights once again.

Not wishing to startle the two, the blue-haired man called out to the woman a few paces away before finally catching up to them.

“Hello, Miss Mae and company!”
he said with a cheerfulness not quite appropriate considering the incident.
“I was just heading back to the agency with souvenirs from my trip, but I heard something’s happened again?”

As pale rubescent eyes wandered from the stranger to the black duffle and finally to how Katherine was tensely guarded, it wasn’t difficult to put two-and-two together. Ah, so the man was a suspect or an involved party at the very least. However, a quick once over had Ugetsu subconsciously placing a hand on his chin.
“Has everything been resolved already? This person in your custody…hmm…”

Ugetsu’s next words were left unspoken, with the male ruminating over a much kinder phrasing for his next inquiry. After all, it was quite rude to claim that someone appeared naive on their first meeting. While noting that his silence had drawn on for a moment too long, he cleared his throat and shifted his eyes from side-to-side once.
“He, ah, I don’t suppose he’s a suspect? He looks rather…ingenuous.
Yes, that was the word.


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