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Monday Morning | April 7th | Sunny and Clear Skies

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On a normal Monday morning, the sun began to rise, birds chirping, and the city of Japan started to wake up. Giving life to the bustling city with many people rushing to their jobs or taking a morning stroll. Meanwhile at the Eagle Agency, the Heroes that belonged there, had to arrive by roughly 8am sharp. There was enough time to prepare for the morning and head over before the boss were to wring out anyone who was late. He's done it once, he could always do it again.

This is your starting post, begin your morning and head over to the Agency! :)


All points, no quills, no pillows.
Fuke Kaorimoto
深 薫元

Pancakes. Pancakes and coffee. Their smell entered Fuke’s nostrils and nuzzled itself inside, and while that alone could still be considered a pleasant experience, the subsequent smell of dish detergents, batter, and main chef’s sweat was enough to throw Fuke out of the land of dreams.
He lived on the first floor, right over a small bakery, for about three years now; the worst choice of his life. Fuke was never a person to sleep in, or nap, as the night always was the least fragrant part of the day, and right when early morning came, the assault, the barrage of various smells attacked him from every possible place: the bakery, the street, birds waking up, his neighbor putting on her downright suffocating perfumes (La Vie Est Belle they were called). Fortunately, going to sleep has been easier for him ever since he decided to help himself with a few drops of Sake, Whiskey, Rum, Beer, absinthe… etc… every night. Alcohol dulls the senses, and people say that having one glass of wine a day is beneficial. Surely, a glass of every single one will be even better.
Fuke turned his neck to the side to see his clock: 6:02. Perfect timing as always. With a deep breath, he hoisted himself back up, the sounds of his creaking and cracking spine echoing around the cramped room. His hand extended and grabbed a glass which laid next to many bottles on his table. He smelled it and immediately his face twisted and soured. ‘Cognac? What was I thinking?’ He shook his head, disappointed in himself, and stood up, ready to begin the day. He flipped the date on a calendar to April 7th, Monday. ‘I swear it was Friday yesterday…’ He scratched his head and disappeared behind the bathroom doors.
What use was there in sitting at home? Right after he washed himself and put on some decent (not really) clothes, he would always immediately leave, locking the door and sealing the alcohol fragrance inside. Future Fuke will have to worry about that. There was about 50/50 chance of him buying himself peach tea on the way to work. 50/50, because the leaves weren’t always of good quality, and one time he even stormed out of the place when the server brought him tea made from a bag. He ate his first meal at about 11 am. If he tried doing so before that hour, his stomach would revolt and unleash unholy gasses through his mouth.
He arrived at the agency at 6:55, way too early for anybody to appear or welcome him with pleasantries. He didn’t care. At least inside, the only thing he could smell were the workers, some leftovers of cleaning chemicals for the floors, and hints of an incredibly large breakfast, and an incredibly large cook to go along with it. Still, it was considerably better to relax with them as a background, than with the hubbub of sweaty people at the city, or stench of animal shits in the park. Fuke touched his katana to make sure he didn’t lose it on his way there, and shifting it aside, sitting on one of the agency’s spacious couches.
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Rini yawned as she slowly got up off the couch in the office break room. She stood up and did her best to stretch out the soreness in her muscles, grabbed a towel, her hero outfit and went straight to the showers. After she sang "I'm still Standing" to herself and finished her shower, she quickly got dressed and sighed checking the time "Honestly I don't know why I do it, it's not like I'm going to be late" she grumbled to herself as she went to a personal fridge and pulled out enough food to feed about ten people

After she crab walked into the kitchen, she opened up her music playlist and started cooking up her own breakfast. It took her about half an hour to cook all her food up, not all of it was evenly cooked some bits of bacon and some sausages were burnt yet overall it was pretty good by 7:15 it was all cooked up and for the most part it smelled delicious even with the burnt bits. She sat down at her seat at the meeting table, her seat because it had to be specifically ordered in for her to not crush it. As she walked there She noticed Fuke sitting on the couch "Hey Fuke sorry about the burning smell" she said with a beaming smile before sitting down and started eating.
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The sound of Katherine's phone began to wake the Hero from her slumber, causing her purple gems to flutter gently and snake her hand out from the covers to stop the alarm. Once done, she pulled her arm back underneath the warm covers and began to stretch, letting out a small noise in the process. It didn't take long for her to feel something jump up on her bed, meowing like mad before coming up to her face where it's head bumped into hers. "Good morning, Lionel..." she said softly as she began to pet the gray and black cat. Scratching underneath his chin as well as his head. He meowed more and she giggled, "Okay Okay..." Kathy began to sit up, letting the cat back up and then rush off the bed and trot out the room "Sometimes I think you should have been a dog..." with that said, she got out of her bed and moved to the kitchen where she got her partner some food and put it into his bowl before doing her morning routine in the bathroom. Usually her morning routine doesn't take very long, as she has time to make breakfast and have some tea on her apartment Patio with her cat Lionel who sits on the table and looks out to the city.

Sipping on her tea, she begins going through her phone, looking at what happened overnight in the city. It seemed the biggest crimes were just people trying to rob a store and/or bank, or maybe causing issues. But nothing crazier than that yet That worries me. The crime rate looks like petty crimes, nothing bigger than that. she thought to herself as she continued to scroll. Something was bound to come out of the cracks sooner or later. Lifting her head from her phone, she looked back at the city while taking another sip of her tea, only to watch as an explosion came from the distance And there it is. Someone causing a bit of chaos this morning. Knowing that the night crew was still out, she was going to let them take care of it, after all, she'd just add to the explosions if she were to join. Lionel jumped onto the rail and stared at where the explosion had come from before looking back at her "What..?" she asked the feline as he mewed at her "You know if I go over there, I'll only cause more explosions. Besides, the night crew has it, they'll be fine..." maybe she'll just stop by and check on it regardless just in case.

Finishing up her tea, she slipped her phone into her skirt pocket and got up from the chair she had been sitting on and grabbed her jacket that completed her outfit, gracefully lifting it and putting it on before cleaning up the small table and going inside "Come, Lionel, it's time for me to go." the cat followed her inside and she closed the glass sliding door before locking it and making her way out of her apartment. Of course, she made sure everything was locked and in good condition before she walked off toward the explosion site, to which she found smaller Heroes arresting and taking care of the culprit in charge of the explosion, along with firemen and police surrounding the area. Knowing that it was safe now, she continued on her way to the agency. Though, not without being stopped once or twice for a picture with some students who had grown fond of one of the many famous Heroes: Nexette. Unfortunately, being stopped meant she would arrive at the agency a little later than she usually does.

Which happened to be about 7:20 almost. Stepping inside, she smelt something pretty horrific to her along the way, but her expression remained the same as she made her way to where most of her allies would be gathered for their morning meeting: The Meeting Room. Which was pretty spacious but called for considering the Heroes within the agency and if they all had to be in one space, there was enough room for them all. As she drew closer to the room, the stench became stronger I'm going to open a window as soon as I get in there. she thought as she opened the door to reveal Fuke and Rini. Fuke was one of her favorite people just because he was almost like a grandpa and she liked that. Rini, on the other hand, she always felt small next to in both frame and height just because her quirk made her larger in side and gave her unique abilities. The girl spoke in her soft toned voice "Good Morning..." was all she said as she walked casually toward the window and pushed it open to let in the fresh air and that horrific stench from that food out.​


The Primordial
Kenzō Muto awoke to the gravelly, ear-piercing shriek of his alarm clock. His right hand clenched into a fist and shut the thing off with a good bonk to the snooze button. He sat up and rubbed the sleepiness tugging at his eyelids, then stood up to prepare for the morning. He threw on a white t-shirt, then yanked up some pants, fastening them around his thin with a belt. He slipped on some socks and shoes, then headed downstairs to make his morning meal.

He opened the fridge and sighed, "Not again." The interior was swarming with tiny, brown blots that darted to and fro as the fridge lamp gave away their position. Cockroaches. The largest of the bunch stood atop a cake platter, surrounded by crumbs and its beady eyes pointed at Muto. "Come on, Hal, really? Not cool." He shut the door. The bugs could have the fridge.

A pick-me-up would have to do.

The walk to work wasn't long. He didn't live very far, so it saved up on gas. But smoke was in the air this morning. It stung his nostrils like vinegar. The black cloud fuming several blocks away told the tale. Some villain attack or accident maybe? There was usually a night crew for that, but he'd send some roaches to get eyes on the scene. If they needed to step in later, he'd know shortly after arriving at work.

Walking was definitely the right call. The accident clogged up the roads with traffic. It was an unfortunate reality of a world with Quirks. Whenever an incident went down, civilians were kept away from the scene for their own protection. Even if it was an inconvenience, he liked to think the majority of people understood the precautions.

After picking up a bagel and some coffee, Muto arrived at the office, greeted by the notice board. Meeting today at the start of work. Humming, he walked into the workspace to find Katherine (he liked to call her "Kat"), Fuke, and Rini had already arrived.

"Good morni--" Muto stopped as he picked up the unmistakable smell of badly cooked food. He instinctively gagged and held his arm to his mouth. "Oh, God! What is that rancid stench?!" He strode toward the open window Kat had opened to avoid the rancid odor. "Good morning, Kat," he mumbled behind his arm.


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With an urge to sail away
The mechanical hum and whir of machines in the sleek, state-of-the-art Tagami workshop warehouse never stopped. Autolathes accepted instructions digitally backlogged for months while presses and forges spat fire and snapped metal into shape with their huge, perfectly oiled chassis. There were never any human engineers often in the workshop. Most everything could be done in a program, sent to the shop, and have it be mailed to their door in less than 24 hours. Only rarely, did somebody come in to make sure everything was still operating, and that the lights were off since machines didn't need to see. Other than those monthly visits, the Tagami warehouses were usually void of any human activity.

Usually. Warehouse 453 was Aiko's favorite spot to prototype new parts, and where she spent much of her time off duty, especially late at night. The steady hum of machines smoothly gliding back and forth on automated rails was almost like music to her ears, a consistent hymn, a melody of sorts, and when her eyelids started to droop, a lullaby. For all of Sunday night, Aiko was slumped over a large metal desk that happened to be filled with various parts pulled right off the conveyor belts.

At 6:50, her phone vibrated angrily for a final time, slowly rousing Aiko from her slumber. "You can't beat me at Jenga, I'm the world record holder at five hundred and twenty-five pieces placed on a siiiingle vertical-" A press slammed down onto a particularly large order of steel, the resounding clap startling Aiko awake. Her knee hit the bottom of the table, and her welding arm flicked on, setting her hair on fire. Her eyes shot open, wide awake as the smell of burnt hair entered her nostrils, and the realization that Oh shit, I have less than an hour to get to work struck her like bullets do every Tuesday. She frantically slapped out her hair fire, tore off her welding arm, grabbed a spare left arm, and made the sprint to Eagle Agency.

By the time she got there, it was nearly 7:30, only off by 5 minutes. Her hair was still mostly singed, her rightmost lock still smoldering from earlier. She hadn't had the chance to properly put on her leftmost arm, and the initial shot of adrenaline had started to fade by the time she had entered the building. As energy began to leave her, she figured that coffee would be a good idea. Coffee was always a good idea, and she hadn't gotten her fix yet. As she quickly strode to the kitchen, however, a repugnant smell made her reconsider getting coffee that very second. "Activate protocol RiniCooking please!" She managed to gag out, a holographic image of a clothespin appearing over her nose to signify her olfactory glands shutting down. She wasn't in the mood for coffee anymore, she actually liked to taste what she was eating, plus Eagle would have her head if she was any more late.

Prosthetic under her right arm, hair still the slightest bit on fire, she finally came into the meeting room to see Fuke, Kenzō, Kathy, and the culprit of the horrible smell from earlier. "Morning to you all." She gave to the room blankly, walking to one of the farthest seats from the door to finally get her mismatched left arm into place.
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Problem Solver and Causer
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BE.. *silence*, but it was only broken when you hear Tsukuyomi faintly whisper “Mornings were never my strong suit.“ as he throws his blankets off himself he still lays there thanking the alarm clock for waking him from his nightmare. As he gets out of bed he rubs his eyes and glances at his clock. It's Shokudaikiri.Mitsutada.full.2202388.png6:30 "If I keep sitting here I’m never going to be able to do my morning workout at this rate?" He gets up and does his morning stretches. After that, he walks into his closet and looks for a pair of shorts and a tank top. "Time to go for my morning run," he says. Tsukuyomi runs out the door to feel the cool crisp wind within his hair. This is his favorite part of the day, feeling ground move underneath him just gives him a huge rush which usually wakes him up. After running around the block a few times he heads home and gets good morning tea prepared and the water boiling. He quickly takes a shower and throws on some comfortable clothes as well as prepares clothes for the day.

Now it’s time to finally drink his tea and eat his morning toast. Suddenly one of the maids walked in on him in the kitchen. "Master Tsukuyomi if I would’ve known you were up I would’ve made you a better breakfast than just some lousy toast?" She stated. “It is fine Miss Alice,'' he said with a smile, I like cooking my own breakfast and it reminds me of when Alexander taught me how to. Besides I wouldn’t want to bother you especially since mother and father haven’t woken up yet you need your sleep you work too hard." Soon the other maids walked into their conversation stating the same thing as Alice said before. Alice calms them down and asks Tsukuyomi if they could at least pack him a morning snack for his drive to the agency. A small grin appearedoriginal.jpg on his face and he said “That would be much appreciated, thank you, Miss Alice.”

After he was done with his breakfast he walked up to his room and found one of the maids had already ironed and prepared his clothes for the day that he had laid out. He goes out in the hall and sees one of the new maids, Jasmine, cleaning a mirror. He calls out to her and asks her if she was the one that prepared his clothes. She nervously says “Yes they were a tad bit wrinkled and I wanted to make sure you looked nice.” Tsukuyomi grabs her hand and kisses it and says “Thank you Jasmine I’ll put a good word in for you to my father. Now I hope you enjoy your day.” After he shut his door he takes a huge breath of air because that one interaction wore him out. "I hate this anxiety" he states. He gets dressed and grabs his sword and other equipment. He walks outside and sees his driver Theodore. “Are you ready for your morning route master?” “Yes, I am Theodore.” As they pull away he realizes there is a small paper bag in his seat. Mrs. Alice made him two small breakfast burritos with a little bit of spinach and spam, as well as a thermos filled with his favorite tea. By the time he gets to the agency, it’s 7:30 and the day has just begun. He walks into the meeting room and murmurs "Hello everyone".
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~National Park ---> Eagle Agency~
The chirping of birds could be heard echoing among the tree tops; their symphony of calls accompanied by the brisk rattling's of the various cicada's hidden among the lush foliage surrounding the space in which Jin presently found himself. The oval shaped National Park, renowned for its frequent gatherings of picnics and barbecues was also notorious for being a couples hot spot, especially during the dying hours of the day. Though currently Jin was not here for either of those reasons, Instead, the circular shape of the park had provided him with something far more beneficial. Not only was this an opportunity to get some early morning fresh air, the circular shape of the park had acted as a circuit of sorts, Jin alongside several others using its as a make shift running course.

This was the standard early morning routine for the hero; a way to break a sweat and get the blood pumping before having to make his way over to the eagle agency for work. As it was with every other morning, Jin's goal was to surpass himself from yesterday, his mind only focused on breaking past his current 'best time' around the circuit; a time he has only ever managed to replicate to the exact second during his last several dozen attempts. Wrapped around his waist was a simple blue hoodie; the garment dancing against the oncoming wind as Jin ran through the park, his long ears trailing behind him as he overtook a group of elderly doing their leisurely morning jog and past an early morning class of Tai Chi.

Of course today was no different and upon coming to the finish line, Jin could only sigh once more as he failed to break past his current track record; the hero coming to a stop next to the public water fountain before taking a sip of cold water to cool himself down. Since getting his pro license and finding work at the Eagle Agency, Jin could not help but feel like he was falling short of his inner potential; the son of two heroes feeling the pressure of having to surpass not one but both of them during his career. He could not help but feel like he had hit some sort of wall, an obstacle that as of yet he had seen no way of overcoming.

A quick wipe of his mouth to get rid of the residual cold water and Jin was soon making his way back to his apartment, unwrapping his track hoodie from his waist and putting both arms through it as he felt the cold morning air wash over his white fur.

It was about 6:50 when he finally returned to his apartment; Jin placing the bag of carrots and cabbage into the fridge before heading straight towards his shower; the fuzzy white Jin detesting the feel of wet fur but knowing that it was a necessary requirement in todays society to maintain a level of hygiene. It did help however that he owned a large walk tin dryer to speed up the drying process. The machine was a a godsend for removing the dampness in his fur.

7:23 and Jin was on his way to work, the Spring-Hare hero leaping from his apartment Balcony and taking the shortcut into work. A quick glance at the news on the tele as he got dressed had informed him of todays explosion and a quick peek outside had confirmed it. Traffic was just about everywhere on the streets as the cities populace began to make their way to wherever it was they needed to be. Fortunately enough, the roofs of the nearby apartment blocks were free from such problems and with little to obstruct his travel, Jin found himself making his way towards the Eagle Agency with relative ease; his composite quirk being quite handy for such matters.

Arriving at roughly 7:36, Jin standing on the roof of the building opposite had managed to catch wind of the god forsaken smell. Whilst his sense of smell was better than most, it was nowhere near the level of Old man Fuke's and thank god for that. He could only ponder how the Old man was still standing after being assaulted with such a potent fragrance. The morning wind coupled with the open window had caused that nauseating smell to permeate the nearby area outside the building and for those with better senses than most, it was quite the early morning punch to the face.

Sighing at how today was starting, Jin traced the wafting aroma towards the open window and locked eyes with his intended target. Why take the door when the window to his intended destination was already open?

Placing his goggles over his eyes, Jin began to shift his calves, the lower portion of his legs beginning to take the form of two large springs, slowly condensing as pressure was built. Jin The Spring Hare hero was more than used to launching himself skyward with his spring like abilities and getting just the right amount of pressure to fling himself had long since become second nature for him by now.

Within seconds of preparation, Jin was skyward bound and heading straight towards the opening; his two long ears flopping against the oncoming breeze as he held his right hand out to catch the rim of the open window; fingers tightening around the ledge as his momentum naturally slowing just before smashing straight into the glass. A calculated jump and a calculated shortcut to ensure that he was there long before he would be labelled as a late arrival.

Hanging from the open window and staring into the inside of the meeting room, Jin reaching into his jacket pocket had pulled out a fresh carrot; the man quickly taking a bite out of the delicacy as he observed the other occupants already in the room.

"Mornin~" he simply muttered, as he begun to pull himself through the window.
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✧☽ 𝒹 𝓇 𝑒 𝒶 𝓂 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔 ☾✧
Kantaro Ichida

A hulking figure landed on the ledge of a building. Blue fabric softly fluttered behind it as the sun casted it's warming rays on it's back. Firm muscles outlined it's silhouette. "Another beautiful day." A pleasant smile grew on Kantaro's face. Down below men, women, children, casually roamed the streets. It was about that time where early workers were getting up and heading to their respective jobs. Speaking of jobs, it was about time for the hero-in-training to get to his. He always woke up earlier than necessary to start his day. Usually he'd begin by getting ready and eating breakfast. Then he'd go out and help the community any way he could. That's what he had been doing up until now. "Guess I should get going." Staying in the crouched position he landed in, power from his Quirk coursed through his legs. The power flowed everso smoothly, eventually exploding in the form of a massive leap. Kantaro gained great momentum and height, easily travelling over several establishments. His cape clung tightly to his suit, flailing with such aggression it was about to fly right off. The man always enjoyed when the cool breeze whisked against his face. It reminded him of flying and that was as close as he would get to it. Upon his descent, he gracefully landed atop another building, hurtling himself right back into the air. He continued this until he made it to a nearby coffee shop.

A melodic ding sounded when Kantaro opened the doors to the cafe. Usually it wouldn't draw attention since it occurred when everyone entered but it was different in his case. His brawny build turned heads and drew far more attention than anticipated. Even the barista was in awe. She was an older woman who seemed to just be beginning to grow grey hairs. "Wh-What can I get for you?" The woman's eyes glided all over Kantaro's body. The form-fitting suit he wore hugged his figure, complementing his muscles. "Can I get twelve coffees?" His voice was deep yet friendly. The barista, frozen, had lost herself in the vivid blue of the man's eyes. "Huh? Oh! Right! Of course! Twelve? Alrighty, will that be all, hun?" She quickly snapped back to reality and made a few taps on the screen in front of her. "Yes." The woman proceeded to tell him the price. "We'll have that right out for you." "Thanks." Kantaro stood off to the side, awaiting his order. It had been several minutes since he entered the store yet he was still receiving looks from people.

Only a few minutes passed before they called his order. The coffees were packed in 2 drink carriers. Both with 6 spots for drinks. He carefully picked up the carriers and exited the shop. As soon as he made it outside he noticed a sticky note on one of the carriers that read "Please come again!! ;)" Kantaro didn't pay too much attention to it as he thought it was something normal at that shop although he had been there before and didn't recall the same message.

The sun shone brightly overhead and the city only seemed to get busier. The man took a moment to take in the fresh air and bathe in the warm rays of the sun. Eventually he began making his way to the Eagle Agency.

Kantaro strolled through the halls of the agency, waving to and greeting nearly every person he saw. Everybody deserves to be acknowledged. That's what he believed anyways. Taking a turn he went down another corridor and entered a room that looked to be expecting a meeting. There were several other people in the room when he debuted. With a delightful grin he happily exclaimed, "I bought coffee!" holding the two drink carriers up in the air.​


Ashigara's Lightning
» Nakano Harada
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The sound of Nakano’s custom emergency alarm blared through the girl’s apartment, causing her to tumble out of bed due to sheer panic. THUD, the cold wooden floor greeted her face with a pleasant “good morning”. The alarm consisted of Nakano’s own voice yelling at the top of her lungs followed by various ear-shattering high pitched noises. Thing is, this wasn’t Nakano’s first alarm, far from it, this was her fifth and final alarm (Well, not counting Eagle coming through her window and dragging her back to the agency). It took a moment for her to understand what was going on, but when she did a shiver crept up her spine. “Uh oh…” Feeling as the cold sweats began setting in, Nakano incorporated herself and reached for her still buzzing phone, the empty hope of her messing up the alarm’s schedule floating around her mind. She stared at the lock screen, her heart sinking all the way down to her feet. 7:30 AM. Ah, nevermind, 7:31 AM.

From an outsider’s perspective, looking into Nakano’s apartment displayed quite a strange sight. A white and blue blur rushed from one room to the other, with pauses lasting mere seconds, at this rate it would seem like Nakano was trying to set a world record for fastest morning preparation. How miserable it must’ve been to be living beneath that speedy mess. Teeth? Brushed. Keys? Pocketed. Pants? On. Shower? Later. It would seem that all her preparations were checked, though before she rushed through the door Nakano took a small detour towards her kitchen to grab a filled up brown paper bag. The experience that followed after she exited the apartment complex and entered the busy city streets can be best described with Nakano’s own words: “AAAAAAAH GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAAAY!”. On average it took Nakano around 35 minutes of leisurely walking to reach the agency from her apartment, so surely any pedestrian that she might trample by pure accident would understand her plight and fully endorse her mad rush. Luckily it seemed her frenzied sprint was an absolute success as she was able to find herself behind the agency’s doors at 7:50 AM, though she was panting pretty hard.

After regaining her breath Nakano began heading for the meeting room, but as she walked the tiger girl opened up the brown paper bag, finally revealing its contents: Coffee beans. Sadly there was no time for brewing, so instead Nakano simply grabbed a nice handful and proceeded to stuff her face with them. What a nice pick-me-up. As she entered the meeting room Nakano was still chewing her rustic coffee, though that didn’t stop her from greeting everyone: “Ghood mmphrning.” With pleasantries out of the way Nakano turned her attention towards a certain scent that she was able to sniff out in the hallway. With no time to waste Nakano quickly made her way behind Rini and in the blink of an eye stole a sausage and a whole hash brown. “Phanks Rinih!” She really needed to learn not to talk with her mouth full. With her full breakfast now in hand Nakano took a moment to sit back and relax on one of the sofas, though she would most definitely have to swing by the kitchen later.
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One Mean Ghost

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Seven o'clock AM. A time many people were either still asleep or just starting to hear the agonizing toll of an alarm clock to rouse them up for better dreams. At Mile High Cafe, it was the start of operations. Usually, given they were, as the name suggested, at the top of a tall building, they wouldn't get many customers this early. Mile High Cafe was, after all, one of those destination coffee shops where aspiring writers would spend the hours staring at their screens trying to churn out the next great literary masterpiece.

Or at least, they wanted to look like they were while they enjoyed a 360 degree view of the city skyline and the gentle breeze that graced the rooftops. It wasn't a coffee shop for the morning commuter. The trip up the elevator alone would deter anyone in a rush. However they had several signature roasts that, put simply, were the best in the city. This was the gourmet stuff that kept a slew of intrepid regulars making the daily trek to the top of the monumental building. Many of them, of course, worked in the lower floors of the building, and many a suit and tie came to lounge among the clouds.

Between the plush seats and low set coffee tables, a tall man approached. He was the epitome of class from head to toe. His white hair, pulled back, gave an air of refinement that was only augmented by the vested attire he wore. Or at least, it would look refined for anyone who didn't have the eye to realize that he was clad from top to bottom in clearance rack finery. His entire outfit had cost him maybe 2000 yen, or less than $20, for those used to American currency. You see, the man in question had an unhealthy knack for getting his clothes shredded, and while he certainly did possess some actual Francois DuBonair original designs, he'd never wear them out, much less to work. So he got the Clearance Rack special and just hemmed them to fit, at least when it came to his vests and pants. The pale blue button up shirt was left alone, as he could, thankfully, usually find clearance options in his size for shirts, even if vests weren't so forgiving.

For the half awake barista, though, the first thing she noticed beyond his pale complexion and striking red eyes was his red floral tie. Anyone who worked in coffee service knew the typical business tie deal. Half-windsor knots for those who were new, Full windsor knots for those who were experienced. This man's tie, though, was a strange knot to her eye. It was, as she'd later find out from Google, an Eldredge knot. A layered, interesting design that commanded attention as it was intended and served as an excellent accent piece to the rest of his ensemble. Put simply, the man knew how to compose his wardrobe in a way that signaled status, even if the price tag of his attire did not.

Though, for the still bleary-eyed barista, it didn't mean much if he was a lousy tipper. She barely registered his order and if she hadn't wrote it on the cup, she'd likely have forgotten it. It was a common order for one of their popular house blends, after all. Nothing really special about it. Once handed his beverage of choice, he dropped a roll of bills in the tip jar. "Gracias." He finally spoke, his voice a calming hum that had almost a purr to it. He gave her a polite smile as he sipped his drink (after a dozen sugar packets had been sacrificed to the brew, of course). The man tipped his head and, instead of the elevator, made his way towards the edge of the building.

"W-wait. Sir?! Sir!!!" She called out as he hopped the railing and stood on the edge. He raised his cup to her, taking another drink as he just lazily fell off the ledge. She almost screamed until her coworker, who had just emerged from the back, patted her shoulder. "First time?"

"First time?!"

"He's a regular, don't worry, he's fine. You probably didn't recognize him in his street clothes, but that man is with Eagle Agency" The older woman remarked with a laugh, pointing in the distance where a figure could be seen almost flying as he swung from crimson lines. "You'd probably know him better by his Hero name. That was the Vampire King Alucard. He's a regular, and he jumps off that same ledge every morning, so don't worry" She smiled as the newer barista gave a sigh of relief, before she jolted as she realized the Hero she had a poster of back at her apartment had just been there and she'd failed to get an autograph.

For Dante, that freefall was one of the best parts of his morning. He got to enjoy a glance at the people in the office buildings and some of the drama. One guy on the 63rd floor was stealing from the company fridge, and Dante really hoped he'd be passing by when he finally got caught. He blinked as he saw one worker on that floor grinding up laxatives. In that moment, Dante seriously considered being late for work just to see the fallout of this nuclear revenge he'd been watching build for a few weeks, seconds at a time as he fell past that floor. Though, he didn't want to get yelled at, so instead he dragged his ring across his palm. As blood seeped out to wrap around his waist, he took another sip of his coffee.

"Really can't beat Mile High Coffee~" He chuckled to himself. A bloodline shot from his harness, wrapping on a nearby flagpole so he was slingshot out in an arc. It was a common sight for most people in this part of town. Seeing Alucard casually swinging through the skyline was a morning ritual for some, and he even got a high five from one of the window washers. He was a kind man named Ken who had two kids. Ever since Ken secured signed photos from Alucard, he'd become something of a Hero himself in his kids' eyes. Ken was just one of many regular interactions he'd have on his way to the agency. He'd also help Mittens out of the Sakura tree for old lady Hanata. Mittens, of course, being the old lady's adventurous cat who never quite learned to stay out of the tree. By now, that cat wouldn't even wait for Dante to land, and would instead jump up into his arms to catch. Silly thing, that cat.

Which is why Dante, when told to arrive at 8am sharp, would only just come sailing through the open window at 7:51 on the dot. His graceful arc took him over the table to 'his' chair, which slide a good five feet before he was able to slow its roll. He spun himself around to face everyone, still sipping his coffee as he fixed his tie.

"Ohaiyo Gozaimasu~" He declared quite happily. Although he was a foreigner, technically, he'd lived in Japan his entire life and was as fluent as a native despite the fact his features were clearly not Japanese. That didn't, of course, stop him from occasionally slipping into other languages from time to time. He took another swig of his coffee, placing his thumb over the opening when he wasn't drinking it to try and at least halfway hide the smell of coffee for the more sensitive noses. He couldn't however, do much for the smell of sakura tree or cat that stuck to him much like some of Mittens' fur, but at least he made something of an attempt.

He reached into his vest pocket and pulled out a small bundle of cookies. Apparently Old Lady Hanata had made some the night before and wrapped them as thanks for 'rescuing' her wayward feline. He pulled one out that was, adorably, shaped like a bat covered in cinnamon to munch on. Paired with the coffee, it was a rather nice way to start the morning, and a reminder of how far he'd come since he was constantly seen as a rising villain growing up.



The Bean
Oshiro Ruriko

Given the nature of her quirk, Ruriko was never a morning person. She very much preferred the nightlife, overlooking the bright city lights while flying through the clear skies. As such, when her alarm went off at 6:00, she groaned loudly and shot her arm out from underneath the blanket to reach for her phone. Ah, where was that loud phone? Rather than look with her eyes, she continued to feel around her bed, wanting nothing more than to turn off that damn alarm and go back to sleep. The phone continued to chime though and she eventually sat up with a rather annoyed expression on her face. Oh. That’s right. She completely forgot she had left her phone to charge on her desk across the room. Her mother had told her it was a trick to get someone to wake up easier by having their phone far away. Something about needing to actually crawl out of bed to turn off the alarm and by that time, said person should be awake.

Sometimes I wonder why I listen to mom.

She let out a loud sigh as she slowly crawled out of bed before walking over to her desk. Picking up her phone, she promptly turned off the alarm before scrolling through her notifications. A lot of social media likes and follows - damn maybe she should get a separate phone specifically for these spam notifications. With the modeling company she was associated with, she was expected to be active on social media. Mainly to gain followers and bring attention towards the modeling company itself but also to promote products from other companies that decided to sponsor them. As much as she enjoyed the opportunities that came with the gig, she was a professional hero first and foremost! With that in mind, Ruriko walked on over to the bathroom to start her morning routine of washing her face and brushing her teeth. As she brushed her teeth, she continued to scroll through her phone, particularly reading through a news article about the United States hero ranking panel results. The article started with the tenth spot and progressed down to the number one spot.

Damn, he's cute…

Ruriko stared at the picture associated with the number one hero in the United States, memorizing his name so that she could look him up later on social media. After she finished brushing her teeth, she opened her closet door and walked into the small room, looking around to decide what outfit she wanted to wear today. Hmm, maybe I should check to see what the weather is going to be like. She unlocked her phone once more, quickly navigating to the weather application and reading through the forecast for today. Clear skies! Today's gonna be a great day. She smiled to herself as she turned her attention back to the vast amount of clothing surrounding her. A lot of these outfits were from her modeling sessions. Most of the time, they allowed her to keep whatever she wore during photoshoots which was a huge benefit. She hardly had to spend her own money on clothes. While it was sunny and clear out, Ruriko decided to pick out something reserved but still cute. A black skirt paired with black thigh stocks, the choice of top was a breathable long sleeve that offered a Japanese traditional look. A pair of black flats finished the outfit and she twirled once in front of her full length mirror to approve of her choice.

With that done, she checked her phone for the time. 6:30. She still had plenty of time to style her hair and make her way over to the train station. Returning to the bathroom, she brushed her hair thoroughly, ensuring there were no tangles. After that, she pulled her silky, white hair up into a high ponytail, leaving two small sections of hair aside. With the two sections of hair, she braided each carefully and finished off the hair style with a blue bow at the base of the ponytail to match with her outfit. One final look along with ensuring she had her phone and purse for work, she locked her apartment door before setting off.

The streets were not as crowded, thankfully, as it was still a bit too early in the morning. A few people stopped in their tracks to look at Ruriko, staring in awe that it was the Demoness herself but other than that, no one really bothered her. However, once she arrived at the train station, more people started to pool in. "Hey...is that Demoness?" "Holy shit, yeah it is!" "Go ask her for a picture, man." "No way, my girlfriend would kill me!" There was definitely plenty of chatter centering on Ruriko as she boarded the train and she could feel a lot of eyes on her. She didn't mind though, she was pretty much used to it at this point. The only thing she didn't enjoy though was taking a crowded train. Her apartment was pretty far from the agency she worked at as she wanted to be closer to where her parents lived. She considered buying a car but...well she could already use her quirk to fly so it would be a waste of money. Why wasn't she flying now though? Well she loved the outfit she was wearing and it wasn't made out of the stretchable fabric that was designed to cater to her transformation.

The train ride was quite uneventful, and by uneventful, no one tried to commit a crime onboard. There had been a couple times of older men harassing younger girls, or even some low level villain attempting to hijack the train. Luckily she was onboard for those cases to prevent it. The train ride did consist of many people approaching her and asking her for autographs and selfies with her though. She happily gave everyone who asked for her signature or a picture, oftentimes taking silly pictures with children and rather flirtatious selfies with men. Ruriko had been in this famous hero business for a couple years and knew how to cater to specific fans. She was required to if she wanted to keep both her reputation up along with the companies she was associated with.

Once the train arrived at her stop, she politely signed off on the last books, photos, and faces of her fans before pulling away and finding herself back on the streets of the now bustling city. By now, it was 7:45, according to her phone. She definitely didn't have time to drop by a cafe and purchase hot chocolate but at least the agency was nearby so she wouldn't have to worry about being late.

I woke up two hours early yet still don't have the time to buy a hot chocolate...maybe I should fly next time.

After about a five minute walk, Ruriko spent no time pushing past the front doors of the Eagle Agency and making her way over to the meeting room. Most of the other heroes she spent getting to know these past months and years had already arrived and settled in. "Good morning everyone!" Her classic, cheerful smile appeared on her face as she started her rounds of interacting with a few of her fellow heroes. "Cookies for breakfast? Yum!" Without any sense of personal space, Ruriko closed in on Dante, quickly slipped a hand into the bundle that contained the cookies and plucked one out. "Thanks, Dante." She chewed happily as she continued to look around the room. Her attention quickly turned to Kantaro who held two carriers with what she could assume were cups of coffee. "I don't suppose any of these are hot chocolate?" Ruriko approached the radiant man next, taking one of the cups from the carrier and taking a sip. She didn't particularly dislike coffee but it wasn't her go-to. However, free drinks were free drinks and she wouldn't pass up on this generosity. "So sweet of you, Kantaro!" Offering a playful wink in his direction, she turned heel and decided to take a seat next to Aiko who was working on getting her prosthetic arm set in place.

"Good morning, Aiko~ You're cute even when your hair is a disaster." She chuckled lightly as she reached over and pinched out the flame that clung to a lock of the woman's hair. "Always hard at work even when off the clock, huh?"

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Be a man among men

Ichiro Kusumoto

Ichiro awoke to his old alarm clock, ringing in his ear like no tomorrow. His was extra loud for his urge to sleep in all the time, getting an earful from Eagle occasionally for it. He had two cups next to his bed on his night stand and Ichiro tiredly grabbed one, taking a sip. He immediately spit back whatever had entered his mouth back into the cup, "That's not water." He said to himself in his groggy voice. After taking a sip from the correct cup, he proceeded into the bathroom to begin his morning ritual. Ichiro had found a great deal on his apartment, being close to the Eagle Agency so he did not have to rush in the morning.

Most people liked to take warm showers in the morning and your first mistake was thinking that Ichiro was normal. He made sure the water was nice and cold before proceeding in the shower, the frigid water running down his skin. He thought the best way to wake up in the morning was to subject oneself to an extreme change in temperature and extreme it was. His shower only lasted five minutes before climbing out, drying himself off with the closest towel. He started up his hair-dryer to dry off all the excess water in his hair and to keep it nice and neat. He put it down, walking back into his bedroom. He put on his typical business attire, fixing his tie. He liked to make himself presentable at meetings involving the team.

Once he was dressed, the trip into his living room was a short one due to the smaller nature of his apartment. Once in the kitchen, he opened the cabinet grabbing a box of cereal, specifically Cocoa Puffs. The Americans had the best cereal and Ichiro always went out of his way to find it. After pouring his milk into his bowl and retrieving his spoon, he sat down on his couch to watch tv while eating his puffs. Ichiro turned on the tv with the remote and quickly changed the channel away from the news. The last thing he wanted to worry about while eating his Cocoa Puffs was the crime in the city. He kept flipping till he landed on Naruto, a marathon on tv. "Perfect." He said with a mouthful of cereal, filling his mouth with the chocolatiness.

His meal was a short one and after looking at his watch, it was 7:20. He turned off the tv, putting his empty bowl into the sink while preparing to leave. Ichiro always walked to work, only taking him a good fifteen minutes. Once he made his apartment Fort Knox, he left to continue his journey to the agency. Right outside his apartment, there was a coffee stand where he went everyday. "The usual?" The man behind the coffee stand asked as Ichiro approached, "When have I ever changed my routine?" Ichiro said with a small smile. He gave the man money, in return for his black coffee. He took a sip of it before realizing it was missing something, retrieving a flask from his pocket. He poured what liquor he had left into it, taking another sip. "Now that's a real cup of coffee." The coffee stand owner looked in disgust, "What's wrong with kids these days?"

Ichiro arrived in the office, looking at his watch. It was 7:55, earlier than usual. He usually arrived right on the dot to avoid any talks with Eagle. He walked past Nakano who seemed to have their hands full with food, "I thought cats were supposed to eat cat food." He remarked nonchalantly as he sipped his spiked coffee to make sure that he was functioning that morning. It seemed that the whole team had arrived before him like usual. He sat down, taking a seat at the table trying to enjoy his morning. The rancid smell of food hit his nostrils forcing Ichiro to sigh, "I didn't know there was a corpse in this room."

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Fuke Kaorimoto
深 薫元

“Oh, don’t worry about it.” Fuke smiled and waved at Rini. “It’s always an experience to smell your cooking.” Yes, and experience. Throwing yourself of a plane without a parachute is also an experience, right? For the first few minutes, the smell wasn’t too bad, but as Rinni’s culinary endeavor continued, it slowly shifted into something more malicious for Fuke’s nose. To avoid fainting, he had to use his secret ability, passed down from Kaorimoto to Kaorimoto for generations: breathing through one’s mouth. In Fuke’s case, it didn’t completely muffle the fragrance, but it did help enough for the old man to survive early mornings. ‘Maybe I prefer burned pancakes…’ He thought to himself, before turning to the entrance. He smelled a house cat, so that could mean one person.
“Hello Katherine. How is your morning?” He sighed out with relief as she opened the window. If he did it, it could mean only one thing, and hurting Rini’s feelings was too much for this old man to take. ‘Thank you.’ He mouthed to her and smiled with gratitude.
The next half an hour consisted of Fuke greeting his coworkers as they came through the door, at the same time trying not to breathe through his nose too much. He sighed, disappointed, upon hearing Muto’s remark about the smell. ‘All my hard work wasted…’ He concluded, slouching himself on the couch, before getting up, and walking to the vending machine nearby. ‘Cola… Pepsi… Sprite... ‘ He scratched his nape. “What should I get…” He muttered and continued to stand in front of it, pondering all the possibilities. As people came in, he just waved and bowed to them, still stuck in front of the machine, tasked with an impossible question of what drink he never had would be better. If there was anything peach, or tea flavored, the choice would’ve been obvious, but for now, it clearly wasn’t. ‘They know what I like, so why won’t they buy it…’
Then, Kantaro, as if sent from God himself, appeared with coffee for everyone. Normally, Fuke would pass, but today was Monday, an awfully fragrant Monday at that. A slight pang of tiredness and pain started slowly pulsing in Fuke’s head, and so, coffee was the only choice. He walked closer to the man, and bowed slightly before taking a cup into his head.
“Good morning, Kentaro. I will gladly accept.” He took a sip (more of a whiff), and the liquid’s power overwhelmed the rest of the smells. “Thank you.” He hurried himself to the couch to get seated before more people arrive, and claim those for themselves. They would probably give Fuke the spot, but he always felt bad, using his old person privileges like that. He shook his head when offered cookies, pointing to his belly to insinuate what would happen.
The last person to arrive was Ichiro, almost fashionably late, like always. He laughed at his remark. “Hey! I’m not that old yet!”



Omniverse Explorer

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Katherine looked over toward the plate that Rini continued to hold within her hands, all the while next to her was Grandpa, who mouthed "Thank you" toward the Hero. With a gentle nod, she spoke "My morning is pretty good...Witnessed an explosion today...nothing new..." she replied. Before noticing Muto walking in, only to react just as much as she should have. I'm glad I'm not the only one picking up that horrible smell... she thought to herself as he strolled over toward her and greeted her "Morning..." her tone soft, she glanced at the window and drew in some fresh air before turning her attention back toward the room. The doors had opened once again to reveal Aiko who's arm was not attached, and on top of that, some hair was on fire. To which Kathy lifted her hand and pointed to the top of her own head to inform her ally that she was currently holding a small flame above her head. Sometimes I feel as if we're still in school...I miss that feeling a lot sometimes... those were the easier times before they all grew up to become Heroes and join Agencies.

Nexette moved over toward the window next to the one she had opened, opening that as well to get as much of the smell out of the room as she could. While she had some extra time, she was about to go and take a sniff at that plate of food, but Tsukuyomi had walked in and seconds later, Jin had made himself known by coming from the window. Jin really knows how to make an entrance with an open window... Luckily he has the skill to actually make it to this building's window accurately. more thoughts continued to be created in her mind "Morning..." she replied back, hoping those who had said it first, assumed she was talking to all of them. Even though her voice was softer than most. So hell, maybe they didn't even hear her. Either way, she knew she said it so no one could complain.

Kathy moved from the windows and walked over to Rini, leaning in toward the food and sniffing it to see if it was actually a stench coming from it. To her surprise, the food just smelt a little burnt. Not as bad as what everyone was smelling as they came into the room. The doors to the room opened again, revealing Kantaro with a bunch of coffee in his hands, which began to intermingle with the smell, giving her senses mixed signals. I need to find the source of this stench. It's going to get someone sick. pulling herself from the food, she spoke in her usual tone "Thank you, Kantaro...and good morning" her purple gems shifted to the cat lady behind him, Nanako. Who seemed to be stuffing her face with... Is she eating straight up... watching a few coffee beans drop onto the floor, she came to that conclusion Coffee Beans...? this almost caused her to raise an eyebrow as she swiped some breakfast from Rini and took her own seat. "You probably shouldn't take Rini's food..." Katherine pointed out "She looks like she could use the calories more..." it wasn't an insult, Rini needed all the calories due to her large and muscular size, enough to give her that energy she needed.

Dante soon entered with Ruriko not far behind him, taking his cookie and taking care of Aiko's burning hair. The room was starting to become more full and Katherine still hasn't found out about the horrible stench. "Morning..." she greeted the rest of those who had entered and began to walk around in search for the smell. It seemed that time flew by because it was about 7:55, 5 minutes before the meeting and Ichiro himself strolled on in, commenting on the smell in the room "It's not her food, Ichiro..." the female said, walking up to one of the trash bins and opening it. Only to get a bigger whiff of the smell and cause her nose to scrunch and make a face. It was that bad when it was opened. Bad enough to make the female to make a face. "It's the trash can...Someone put trash in here that shouldn't be..." without saying more, she picked up the can as a whole and moved it out of the room, where she stopped a staff member and informed them of the horrible smell from the trashcan. They took it immediately and the woman walked back into the room.

Katherine took her own seat, leaning back in it and crossing one leg over the other "We have five minutes left before Eagle comes in... How are you all this morning...?"


The Primordial
Muto tilted his head as he noticed Aiko Tagami had apparently set her a lock of her hair aflame. By the time he said, "Are you doing okay there, Tagami?" the cyborg had already crossed the room and sat down to continue working on her arm. A bead of sweat accumulated on his head. "O-kay, I'll just assume your fine." He made a mental note to check the fire alarm if Tagami hadn't put that fire out in the next minute or two.

The rest of his co-workers filed in one after the other, with Ichiro being habitually last.


He knew who everyone was and had interacted with them on a daily basis to know their Quirks, some of their likes and dislikes (Nakano's penchant for eating raw coffee beans, for instance), and have a rough handle on their personalities, but he'd be loathe to say he knew anyone personally and what they were like off-work.

He'd considered inserting roaches into their homes just to get an idea on what they didn't take to work, but decided against it. That wouldn't net him any favors. That'd be creepy. Well, creepi-er.

Following Kat, he settled himself into his seat, sipping his coffee through his mandibles. The warm, rushing sensation of French vanilla with extra sugar flowing down his throat made his antennae jitter with pleasure.

"I'm doing fine," he said. "I'm guessing you all noticed the explosion this morning? I sent some roaches to check it out on the way here. It looked like an oil tanker blew up to produce that much smoke."


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With an urge to sail away
Aiko was adjusting her arm port for the specific model she had picked up to be her left arm for the day. It was the rocket fist she used a few weeks ago against Blastatron when he started to unleash his Blast-bots all over the entertainment district of the city. She had to take the arm in for repairs since the actual fist wouldn't return properly once she launched it, and being in a fight with a guy who named himself "Blastatron" while being down a hand isn't exactly an enviable position. As she finally twisted the arm into place, she caught Ruri out of the corner of her eye, taking a seat right now to her. Her hand automatically swiveled around her wrist in a 360 degree range of motion as it locked into place.

"Always hard at work even when off the clock, huh?"

She felt Ruri's hand stifle the little flame that had found a home in her hair. "I've got 3 seperate clocks Ruriko, and none of them ever stop ticking." She flexed her fingers on the overdesigned arm, and reached out with her hand as if to grab one of the coffee cups on the other side of the table. The solution that she had to the rocket fist was technically less complex than designing a return system, but it allowed for more practical application other than hitting things with a one time projectile from afar. She called it the Grapplehand. With a hiss of air, her hand launched across the table and latched onto one of the cups, then it reeled itself in just as quickly. Aiko grinned as she lifted the drink to her lips. "You're my hero Kantaro!" She hadn't had her morning fix yet, and it wasn't every day somebody bought the group a whole round like this to work.

"Anyways," She turned to face Ruriko at last. "I finally finished working on something for you." She fidgeted around with one of the settings of her right arm until a small hatch opened up. Within were a pair of small earpieces. Similar looking to hearing aids, but without any of the clunkyness or invasiveness of any hearing aid. In fact, they appeared to be a black, thin pieces of plastic. "These are wireless earpieces. I figured you probably like listening to music when you're working out or during the commute to work or whatever, so I made these. They fit right over your ear and play music by vibrating the bone right here." She pointed a mechanical finger to the spot right in front of her ear, just behind her sideburns. "They're pretty easy to hide in your hair, but they're a prototype, so let me know if anything is wrong with them, and if it's enough for the favor I'm going to probably ask you later." She said plainly, taking another sip of her coffee.

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Ashigara's Lightning
» Nakano Harada

Nakano was somewhat pleasantly surprised by the items she managed to snag from Rini. The sausage had a nice little dash of spice to it and even a single one provided a decent portion thanks to its robust size, sure it would’ve most definitely tasted better raw and it being drenched in grease meant Nakano had to use the sofa’s armrest as a makeshift napkin, but it was definitely an above average snack. The hash brown on the other hand was less than impressive for the tiger girl’s preferences. While certainty filling the flavor simply failed to wow Nakano in any way, shape or form, making her wish she would’ve stolen another sausage instead. Despite this she made sure to eat the hash brown first, though it was simply to get it out of the way before fully enjoying the sausage by itself. As she was finishing up the potato-based treat one of her senior’s voice called out to her:

"You probably shouldn't take Rini's food...She looks like she could use the calories more..."

Ah, Katherine, the holder of the “dullest person in the agency” title and perhaps the sole person in the entire agency that Nakano was incredibly cautious around. Compared to other members, such as the energetically-confident Jin and the aggressively friendly Kenzo, Kat was a complete and utter enigma. Was this truly her day-to-day demeanor or was it simply a mask she put up to hide her ulterior motives? Nakano just didn’t know, and that meant it was best for her to keep her guard up when around her.

“Damn, are you telling your junior she should starve? You are such a cruel senior, Kat…” Nakano said with a sarcastically hurt tone, though her comments were definitely not enough to keep her away from her well-earned food.

With that out of the way Nakano resumed her breakfast, now turning her attention towards the sausage. The way she chowed it down was almost akin to that of a ravenous dog, hell she’d probably bite your hand if you attempted to take it away from her. There were a few bites left before her breakfast was interrupted yet again by another senior, though this time it was different:

"I thought cats were supposed to eat cat food."

Ichiro Kusomoto, the bastard that had basically created Nakano’s undesired “cat” nickname. In the list of people who deserved getting Nakano’s boot up their ass he stood at the tippity top, though all of her attempts at doing so far had proven fruitless due to his quirk, not even when he was drunk did she succeed.

“Huuuh? Are you trying to start something this early in the morning, Karate Kid? Cause I am ready to break your teeth this time. Here, let me show you myself.” With the nearly finished sausage still in hand Nakano incorporated herself from her seat, her riled up expression showing she meant business. The tiger girl took a few steps towards Ichiro before suddenly stopping dead in her tracks, her attention snagged by a familiar scent assaulting her nostrils. No, it wasn’t the rotting trash just revealed by Kat or Fuke’s old man musk. No, this was something she had been anticipating for a while. Nakano turned towards Dante, a well liked senior that had gotten Nakano to laugh more than a few times. This was no laughing matter though, not this time, for he had made a massive mistake.

“DANTE!” Nakano yelled, by this point her nails were noticeably longer than before. “GIVE ME THE NIP NOW BEFORE I TAKE IT MYSELF.”
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For a few glorious, uninterrupted moments, Dante got to enjoy his bat-snickerdoodle and coffee undisturbed. It seemed others had brought coffee, and Rini had, of course, created enough food to feed a small army, but he had his cookies and coffee, so he was all set for his morning.

Until it happened...

"Cookies for breakfast? Yum!"

A wolf in sheep's clothing appeared. With clear intent, the woman approached, the lustful gleam in her eyes making it utterly apparent that Dante was not going to escape this confrontation without sacrifice. Indeed, beautiful, grasping fingers let themselves into his personal space. Before his eyes, one of his precious pastries was pilfered, purloined, or otherwise nefariously procured from the little satchel that held its brethren. Dante could only watch on as his precious pastry fell victim to those lovely lips.

It never stood a chance....

Then again, this was just Dante being dramatic. Frankly, he didn't really mind sharing. Plus if he ate the entire bag for breakfast he'd end up with a tummy ache. The only reason he didn't openly offer them to everyone was that there simply wasn't enough to go around.

"Thanks, Dante."

Besides, Ruri was at least polite with her pilfering. If he recalled correctly, she lived quite a ways away and didn't always have time to actually grab something on the way. With that thought in mind, he wasn't so aghast that she'd capered one of his cookies. Normally, right about now is when he'd make some sort of witty remark about her snatching his snickerdoodle, but before he could even open his mouth to begin to sound out a remark, Nakano started in on Ichiro. That was almost as much a routine as his freefall from Mile High Cafe each morning by this point. He sipped his coffee, wondering if they'd actually go at it in the meeting room until he saw the feral feline turn his direction.


The poor vampire looked left and right, trying to figure out what exactly he'd done to draw her ire this early in the morning. Usually he was firmly planted on her good side. Well, most everyone's good sides, really, but something in her voice implied he'd made a grievous error, though what it was, he couldn't guess. He knew for a fact he hadn't run over her tail on the way in this time, so what could have gotten her to turn on him?


Ah shitaki mushrooms....

Due to a recent issue with mosquitoes and roaches, Dante had placed catnip plants around his home to keep out the infiltrating insects. He'd also taken to grinding up some of his crop to give as a treat to Mittens when he rescued the tree-bound cat every few mornings. Normally, he kept it in a ziplocked bag so the smell wouldn't cause any issues for the old man or Nakano, but he recalled with chagrin that the bag had torn a bit when Mittens got a bit handsy with the bag...

No wonder she was turning on him now....

There were many things Dante would fight for: The innocent, his ideals, the usual hero stuff. Noticeably missing from the list of things Dante would fight for was catnip. Such a trivial matter is not the hill he wanted to die on. So he just nodded in understanding. He reached into his vest to produce a sandwich bag that a small tear near the top and an inch or so of the good stuff still in the bag. Some had probably fallen out in his pocket thanks to the hole, but he had to hope she'd be satisfied with the contents of the bag.

He rolled it up so that no more would escape from the tear before he tossed it to her. "It's the latest crop from one of my house plants." He remarked with a chuckle as he sipped his coffee, hoping that this would be the end of a volatile situation. Surely she wouldn't try and follow him home to enjoy the good stuff direct from the source.... right?....

Surely she wouldn't do that....

.....Would she?....




~Eagle Agency [Meeting Room]~
Taking another bite out of his carrot, Jin effortlessly pulled himself through the open window and began to dust himself off, nodding in the direction of Kathy as she returned his early morning greeting. Evidently he had not been the only one troubled by the intense aroma that wafted through the room; the pungent scent causing him to turn his head towards the window in a futile attempt to get some semblance of fresh air from the outside. In a desperate attempt to not completely dull if not kill off his sense of smell, Jin placed both arms against the rim of the window and leaned his head outward; desperately trying to draw as much fresh oxygen as he could. It was also a way for him to avoid glancing over at Rini's breakfast.. Jin could never quite get over the idea of people eating animals.

Jin didn't even turn around when Kantaro came through the room; the hulking figure of his easily dwarfing that of Jin's. It wasn't out of disrespect or anything that Jin hadn't turned, rather it was just Jin's desperation to salvage one of his 5 senses as well as his lack of affection towards coffee. He could never bring himself around to liking the taste, regardless of what new concoction was whipped up at the nearby Sunbucks cafe. Sweet, sour, cold or hot.. no new flavour of coffee had managed to ensnare Jin and he highly doubted that they ever would... unless they managed to whip up some kind of RedOx Energy Drink coffee.

More and more of the agency's heroes had begun to arrive in the meeting room; Jin's ears twitching every now and then as he heard their approach from the hallway, the occasional side glance from where he stood and a quick wave offered to the other arrivals as he remained rooted to the spot next to the window; his carrot still in hand as he held it up to his nose; almost like a rich man and his Cuban cigar. This however was merely a desperate counter measure as the smell of coffee began to intermix with the godforsaken mystery scent; the two strong aroma's beginning to have a party within Jin's nose as they battled for supremacy. Feeling a bit lightheaded from the ongoing aroma war; Jin half turning from his spot had glanced over towards Fuke, wondering how he was seemingly unfazed by all of this. Despite Jin's rabbit like smell, he could only imagine how much potent these scents must have been for Fuke, considering his quirk. Perhaps a quick lesson on how to handle these kind of situations from the more experienced Hero was in order, after all there would have been nobody better.

It was only once Kenzo mentioned the explosion that Jin fully turned around, now with his back facing the open window but still leaning against the ledge, with his elbows now resting on the window ledge. "Do you know what caused the oil tanker to explode? I mean... they don't just explode on their own" replied Jin, his red irises focused upon Kenzo. "The news was rather vague this morning and all I could see was the smoke" he continued, now moving towards a seat and sitting down, attention focused on the topic at hand but his eyes briefly shifting towards the various antics going on in the room. However it was what he heard not what he saw that would force him to take action. Tensing up his right arm and watching the exchange between Dante and Nakano, Jin waited for the right time to strike; his right forearm slowly shifting in appearance, so much so that it almost resembled a spring... a furry spring. Which upon the right moment had shot forward; Jins forearm extending in length as the spring portion unravelled and stretched out.

"Dante... I don't think this is the time or place for Nakano to get high off the nip" interrupted Jin, as his right arm almost instantaneously shot forward and snatched the bag out of mid air; 5 furry white fingers tightly grasping the bag before his spring loaded arm returned to normal length with a soft audible slap. "She is hard enough to contain when she isn't already indulging herself with a bag of catnip..." he sighed, pocketing the feline stimulant in his right jacket pocket. Jin was fully aware of what the likely repercussions were going to be from taking the catnip away from Nakano, however he was gambling on the fact that the meeting was meant to start soon meaning Eagle would be here to keep her at bay.

Whilst Jin may not have been able to control or restrain Nakano himself, he knew full well that Eagle did possess that particular skillset and his presence alone would buy him enough time to survive through the meeting. What came after however... well.. he didn't much mind if she sniffed the whole bag once the meeting was over... so long as the meeting proceeded with as little chaos as possible.

Jin laughed inwardly lamenting the fact that he was toying with one predator whilst relying on another to keep him safe. Despite being 'human', he could not deny that the rabbit side of his quirk did leave him feeling a bit on edge with other hero's like Nakano and Eagle; their quirks based off of natural apex hunters whilst he himself leaned more towards the other side of the foodchain.

"Nakano..you can have Dante's catnip once the meeting is over"

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“Sir, are you sur-” Eagle burst into the room with a secretary tailing him, “I told you I was going to make it to those kid’s fanclub meeting, it’s the least I can do for them.” Eagle gazed around the room, his eyes resting on Nakano and Dante, “What’d I say about having catnip around her; we don’t want an accident like last time!” He said sternly, his serious tone booming through the room. “Get yourselves together because I have some good news for you all!” He said, taking a seat at the head of the table to the best of his ability, his wings making it awkward.

Eagle’s nose caught the scent of what was in the room, “Good lord, it smells like Ichiro’s cooking.” He gave his head a brief shake before proceeding, “Anyways, I am happy to report that crime in Tokyo has fallen ten-percent over the last year, I guess Kenzo’s bugs must have scared them off. To celebrate that good news, we will be training for two hours today. So gear up if you haven’t done so already.” Eagle’s smirk was as noticeable as it could be for someone with a beak.

Before Eagle could move on, a device on his wrist started beeping, immediately looking down to see the issue. The device alerts him to any distress calls for heroes, particularly disaster events. “It looks like you all got lucky, it seems we have a fire to attend to in the Ueno district and it looks bad. We’re gonna need all hands on deck for this one, so move your asses outside, we have no time to lose.” Eagle said, jumping up from his seat, moving quickly. “Tsukuyomi, you’re with me and Jin, use those legs, I need you two on scene fast!”

Eagle’s goal was to make it on scene before the firemen, time was of the essence. Eagle’s plan was to fly Tsukuyomi over with Jin following in pursuit on foot. Ruri is capable of carrying someone herself and for the others folks, Ichiro has them covered. The agency had its own vehicle to transport everyone who didn’t have the means to get there quickly. Rini got the short end of the stick because she had to sit on the roof because of her size.

It wasn’t hard to miss the location due to the columns of smoke in the air, followed by sirens that moved toward said-area. Little by little the group began to arrive, some taking charge and blocking the area off so other citizens wouldn’t get hurt, while others were trying to handle the inside to find survivors and save them from the fire that continued to spread through the apartment complex.

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The Bean
Oshiro Ruriko

"I've got 3 seperate clocks, Ruriko, and none of them ever stop ticking."

Hearing this, she let out a chuckle. She could more or less understand Aiko's time management situation. Hero work was definitely demanding but her modeling work occasionally overlapped with it. There were a couple times where Eagle yelled at her for being so focused on her phone during mission briefings. It wasn't like she was just browsing through social media or anything, she merely had to email people back or confirm photoshoot appointments with her manager. In this case, Aiko's latest creations typically overlapped with her own hero work. Ruriko had to hand it to her fellow hero though, her drive was certainly admirable. "You should consider snoozing one of those clocks, I wouldn't want you to short circuit." While her words had a bit of a playful tone to it, she was genuinely concerned for Aiko. All work and no play was good for no one. She watched as Aiko shot her hand outwards to reach across the long meeting table to grab a cup of coffee from Kantaro. While it was obvious her cybernetics was used for more practical situations, Aiko certainly liked to use it for convenience as well.

"Anyways, I finally finished working on something for you."

"Oh?" Ruriko tilted her head curiously as she watched Aiko tamper with her arm to open a small compartment. She held out her hand to receive whatever was made for her and inspected them closely as she listened to the explanation. "That's very kind of you, Aiko. Thanks!" With an excited grin, she started to set the ear pieces in place to make sure they fit comfortably. Now she can listen to music during the boring meetings that Eagle typically holds and he won't notice! "Favor? What kind -" A familiar, loud voice interrupted her train of thought as she looked over to Nakano who was demanding catnip from Dante. Oh, the poor man could never catch a break. First getting a cookie stolen, now being harassed for all his catnip. Perhaps inviting him for drinks would bring him comfort? She watched in amusement as Jin stepped in to Dante's rescue. Despite the lot of them being so different, they all worked at the same agency and thus, had each other's backs in the most bizarre situations.

Before the catnip scandal could escalate anymore, Eagle finally arrived, immediately scolding the two like children. He also commented on the smell of the room being comparable to Ichiro's cooking but she didn't mind it all that much. As he began to report that the crime rate in Tokyo has decreased, Ruriko slumped back in her chair, "we're out of a job," she said half jokingly before tilting her head up to the ceiling and letting out a loud sigh as Eagle added that they would be spending two hours of training as a result. What was the point of her primary and secondary years of school then? She trained during that time so that she wouldn't have to train at work! Just then, it was like some other worldly force was listening to her silently complain as Eagle's distress watch went off. Ruriko sighed once more, this time in relief as he explained a fire needing to be contained in the Ueno district. "Finally, some fun!"

She rose to her seat and looked over at Aiko with a smirk. "Shall I return that favor now?" Without another word, she swept her fellow hero off her feet, carrying her bridal style before walking to the open window. "See you guys there!" She looked over her shoulder to the rest of the heroes that were preparing before hopping up on the window sill. "Hope you're not afraid of heights, cutie!" On cue, she leaned back and allowed herself, and indirectly Aiko to freely fall backwards out of the building. Midair, she activated her quirk, allowing herself to grow in size, her appearance also changing slightly in terms of fangs, horns, and glowing eyes. Most importantly though, she sprouted wings, catching the two of them to prevent them from hitting the ground below. "How's the view?" Ruriko asked as she lifted them high above the buildings, flying in the direction of the Ueno district.

While Eagle didn't give a specific location other than the fire being in the Ueno district, Ruriko could easily spot it at an aerial view. It seemed to be an apartment complex caught on fire. That was a bit more troubling as tall structures were more at risk to collapse and evacuating people needed to be done fast in the event the collapse would happen. For a split second, her playful tone was replaced with a more serious one as she spoke to her fellow hero, "Aiko, I'll work on evacuating anyone trapped on the upper floors. You said my ear pieces are wireless, yeah? Think you can connect to them and let me know the situation on ground level?" She slowed her flight considerably as she reached their location, carefully touching down on the ground and allowing Aiko to regain her footing. "I'm trusting ya to let me know if I'm about to get hit with hundreds of pounds of debris!" Her playful attitude returning as she offered Aiko a wink before shooting herself back up into the sky to survey the upper floors of the apartment complex.

eagle agency --> ueno district
cute outfit
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With an urge to sail away
The heiress of Tagami glowed as Ruriko slipped her new gift behind her ears, victoriously sipping at the piping hot coffee that reinvigorated her systems. The fact that Ruri didn't complain about it not fitting properly or being uncomfortable was a small miracle unto itself. A frequent problem with the design of them is that they either ended up pulling too hard on the user's skin, or they fell off since they were too loose. At least, that's what the last 26 versions kept doing to her poor ears. It simply wouldn't be a good gift if she hadn't managed to finagle that issue out of them. As she took another scalding gulp of her coffee, Aiko couldn't help but give a devilish grin from behind her cup as the specifics of the favor were called into question, but she wasn't able to elaborate as the blaring voice of none other than Eagle himself came bursting into the room. Her eyes scanned over the room, catching the altercation between Nakano, Jin, and Dante. Catnip was briefly mentioned, and by the way that Jin's eyes were bugging out of his head, it was safe to say that he was the one who currently had it, but Eagle's eyes indicated that it was probably Dante that brought it in from his morning route. As much as Eagle kept the peace, she doubted that Nakano would be able to control herself for the entire length of a meeting.

Oh boy.

"...I am happy to report that crime in Tokyo has fallen ten-percent over the last year, I guess Kenzo’s bugs must have scared them off. To celebrate that good news, we will be training for two hours today. So gear up if you haven’t done so already.”

Good news? Sure. Crime off the streets of Tokyo was objectively a good thing, and Aiko couldn't deny that. However, what need would heroes be with such a huge decrease? The thought of working with her father again sent shivers down her spine and made her grip her coffee a little too hard. What was left of her coffee spilled out onto her hand and shirt, but thankfully she was nearly done with it anyway. Surely, she'd be able to change quickly enough before they started their two hour long training session. Definitely not the longest time she had to train under Eagle, but he had a special way of making you feel every minute of training. Nothing she was looking forward to. As she stood up to try and excuse herself, Eagle's wristwatch started beeping, and almost on queue, Aiko received an alert on her holo-display as well. Ueno had a fire. Wouldn't be too hard, she always had a few foam grenades and EZ posts on her person at all times.

"Shall I return that favor now?"


The cyborg then quickly found herself in the arms of the model for hire, and from here, she could easily see why. "This wasn't what I had in mind Ruri, I was actually just gonna ask if you could-" She stammered as she felt herself being easily carried over to the nearest window and balanced on a knife's edge between the inside of the agency and the open air outside.
"Hope you're not afraid of heights, cutie!" Ruriko warned before they began to freefall towards the asphalt below. She knew for a fact that Ruri could fly, but it didn't stop Aiko from holding on tight and closing her eyes. As soon as the wind stopped whistling in her ears and the rushing gale became a steady breeze, she slowly opened her eyes to see the city below. "How's the view?" Aiko's grip loosened and she began taking mental inventory of what she had on her.

"I'm not dead, so I guess it's alright. I'm more surprised you haven't dropped me yet!" A nervous laugh escaped from her lips as she began to crane her neck around. It wasn't that hard to guess from the huge cloud of billowing smoke that they were nearing their destination. It was an apartment complex for sure, but what caught her eyes were the bright white seams that seemed to spiderweb all across the bottom floor of the building. These were break points. Usually, most things and people had these somewhere on them, but often they were very faint and not worth pointing out. This building was lit like an upside down lighthouse, and from the smoke and roar of the flame, it was only going to get brighter. Their flight came to a slow as they began to touch down.

"Aiko, I'll work on evacuating anyone trapped on the upper floors. You said my ear pieces are wireless, yeah? Think you can connect to them and let me know the situation on ground level?"

"Shouldn't be an issue whatsoever." She said, fingering a few inputs on the side of her head, a sharp "Connected" audible to the both of them. "Alright. I'll cover ground floor and direct firefighters whenever they show up." Feet back on the ground, she stomped her left leg into the ground and a hidden compartment spat out a forearm sized metal rod with square braces on both ends. "I'm trusting ya to let me know if I'm about to get hit with hundreds of pounds of debris!" Her compatriot said as she flew off to the roof. "I'll try! I still need you around for that favor, that didn't count!"

She picked up the device stored within her leg. It was an EZ Post, specifically designed to support buildings in situations like this. She only had about 4~ish in each leg, and about 7 foam grenades rattling around in her right arm, so she'd have to be tactful with her resources. Post in hand, she rushed into the building to stem the most intense seams and stop the building from collapsing under it's own weight.

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» Nakano Harada
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"It's the latest crop from one of my house plants."

Finally, the perfect ending to a mediocre morning. It had been a while since she had last had catnip, namely due to the pet shops in her general area having blacklisted her entry. At some point she had considered growing her own, but the plants would soon wither quickly due to Nakano failing to water them regularly. But whatever, that dry spell was just about to be lifted after she managed to get a whiff of-

A sudden flash of white flew forth right before Nakano, snatching the bag of catnip from the air. The tiger girl didn’t even have time to react to this blatant robbery, it took her a moment to even process what had just happened, but a certain voice brought her up to speed: "Dante... I don't think this is the time or place for Nakano to get high off the nip. She is hard enough to contain when she isn't already indulging herself with a bag of catnip..." Nakano slowly turned towards the thieving scoundrel, the initial shock now slowly being replaced by her trademark anger. The culprit of her rage this time was Jin Bellamy, one of her younger seniors and a hero whose bravery rivaled even that of Nakano, though at that moment it was hard to discern whether this was courage or idiocy. Even after he assured he’d deliver the goods later Nakano’s demeanor remained the same, she looked just about ready to lunge at Jin at any moment.

“Nah, I'll be having that nip right now. Matter of fact, I think I’ll accompany it with some rabbit stew, YOU BAST-”

Before she even had a chance to move an inch the familiar sound of a certain avian-themed hero made her freeze right on the spot where she stood. With him here it simply wasn’t worth it, the last thing this particular morning needed were his punishments. With a frustrated “Tch.” and one last stink-eye shot straight at Jin she returned to her seat, making sure she paid attention to what Eagle was about to say.

"...I am happy to report that crime in Tokyo has fallen ten-percent over the last year, I guess Kenzo’s bugs must have scared them off. To celebrate that good news, we will be training for two hours today. So gear up if you haven’t done so already.”

Nakano remained unaffected by the initial news, who cares if a percentage of the local small-time crook population decided it wasn’t in their best interest to go up against heroes, that just meant that those who remained were much more experienced and dangerous. The second part did however excite Nakano, after some of the stuff that she had dealt with that morning she was ready to let off some steam with a few sparring sessions. At least, that was the case until Eagle informed the agency about an emergency mission that had just surfaced.

“Ugh, why did it have to be a fire?...” Nakano lamented to herself as she incorporated herself from her seat. If there was one thing in this world that classified as her primary fear that would have to be fire, the mere thought of running into a burning building was enough to make her uncomfortable. Still, during times like this Nakano had a very specific role she needed to fulfil. There was no time to waste, without a word to her peers Nakano sprinted out of the agency in a matter of seconds, utilizing the airborne duo of Oshiro and Aiko as a guide towards the disaster site.

Such a grim scene, even after so many similar rescue missions Nakano had yet to get used to the sight of a building burning down, especially with the mental image of people still being inside of it. She almost needed to slap herself back into composure, but the mere sight of the previous duo commencing the rescue operation was enough to bring her back to earth.

“EVERYONE STAY BACK AND LET THE EAGLE AGENCY HANDLE THIS!” Nakano yelled at the top of her lungs, diverting the attention of civilian onlookers towards her. During times like this it was key to ensure the safety of those outside just as much as those inside. In a world filled with heroic figures it isn’t strange to hear stories about civilians rushing into disasters in an attempt to become heroes themselves, only for them to add onto the pile of potential victims. Thus Nakano’s primary role was straightforward: Ensure that only agency members and qualified personnel accessed the disaster zone. “GET BACK ONTO THE SIDEWALK, OUR VEHICLES WILL BE ARRIVING SHORTLY! IF ANY OF YOUR LOVED ONES ARE CURRENTLY TRAPPED IN THERE THEN PROVIDE US WITH AS MUCH INFORMATION AS YOU CAN ON THEIR WHEREABOUT! I REPEAT, DO NOT GET CLOSE TO THE BUILDING OR ELSE YOU’LL BE REMOVED BY FORCE!”. Lucky for her all the civilians properly followed her orders this time around, though judging by their horrified expressions there were a few residents of the complex among the gathering crowd. For the time being however she couldn’t offer them support, she simply had to wait for the arriving convoy to properly lockdown the area.

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“What’d I say about having catnip around her; we don’t want an accident like last time!”

This was why Dante had made sure to hide it. But Mittens hadn't wanted to wait and tore the bag. It was Mittens' fault, not his! Fortunately, he didn't seem to be in any real trouble, so that was a plus. He sipped his coffee as he listened to the Boss Bird give his spiel. Crime being down meant they were doing a damn fine bit of work. That alone would be reason to celebrate with an office party!

Unfortunately.... Big Bird partied like the KGB...

Two hours of extra training, and knowing how Mr. Bird-is-the-Word liked to test limits... He'd probably need to raid a blood bank afterwards... He was pulled from his thoughts to find that they were saved by the bell! Unfortunately, it was a fire alarm bell, which meant Dante wouldn't get to finish his cookies....

"We’re gonna need all hands on deck for this one, so move your asses outside, we have no time to lose.”

By the time Eagle looked back at Dante, the vampire would already be fixing his mask on, his clothes falling like a gentle rain behind him as he stood decked in his more gothic-chic hero costume. "Hai, hai, Eagle-saaaan~" Dante called in a bit of a singsong voice as his heels clicked together and he gave a quick salute. Even as he rendered the respect, a blood line locked on the window ledge and sent him shooting out of the window like a rocket. Just like how he came to work, he'd slingshot himself along a bit lower than Ruri was flying. Fortunately, with his suit and Whiplash Regalia, he could launch himself at a rapid pace that usually made him among the first to arrive, provided a wayward pigeon didn't impede on his airspace.

The clock was ticking.


"It's okay, everything will be okay"

She didn't know who she was trying to convince... The morning had started so peaceful. Her husband had left for work, and she had settled in for a day of tending to their infant son. She'd had her coffee, she'd tucked him in for a nap, just like always. That peaceful morning routine, however, had been destroyed by the smell of smoke. At first, she'd assumed one of the neighbors had simply burned breakfast. But the smell got stronger, and before long she could feel the heat. She'd made her way to the door to see if the neighbors smelled it too, only to find the knob burned her hand. The initial shock from the burn turned her blood cold as she realized what was going on.

The building was on fire.

By now, the smoke was coming in through the vents, suffocating, making Miku cough and gasp for fresh air. Forgoing her own safety, she dashed for her son's room, where flames had already begun to spread. She could hear her baby crying, and that was all it took for her to ignore the flames that licked at her skin every step of the way towards his crib. She scooped him up, cradling him close to her chest to shield him from the unforgiving fire as she sprinted out. The exit was an inferno, and that inferno was now in her apartment, spreading and forcing her towards the window she'd left open to get a breeze. She lived on the tenth floor. Not the top, but far too high to survive the fall, especially when her Quirk could do nothing to slow her descent.

As the fire marched towards her, Miku found herself facing an impossible choice. One that no mother ever wanted to make. If she remained in this building, they would surely burn to death. Even if heroes were on the way... There were too many people in danger right now. She looked down at her son's face. She thought of his future, of birthdays, holidays, loves and heartbreaks. She thought of the schools he would attend, the life he would lead. Like every mother, she dreamed of the kind of man he would be, and wanted nothing more than to watch her child grow into his potential.

"It's okay, everything will be okay" Her words choked in her throat worse than the smoke. She tried to force a smile as she touched his cheek. Her baby had one shot to reach the future she wanted so desperately for him. "I may... I may not be able to be there for you as you grow.... but just know your mother loves you.... she loves you with all her heart. Riku... I wish I could see the man you'll become.... but this is all I can do for you..." She cast one last look into her home, watching as the fire consumed the family photo that hung on the wall. She cradled Riku close to her chest. She could soften her body into something like Clay. She... well, she knew she couldn't survive a fall like this, but if she could absorb the impact enough to save her son...

At the very least she could die without regrets...

She pressed one last kiss to his forehead before she threw herself out the window. She could feel the rush of the wind as it billowed past her. Even now, she dreamed of the future, of the kind of man her son would one day become. Tears stung at her cheeks to know she would not be there to see it...

She waited for it. That sudden stop that would leave her son without a mother. She felt like she was abandoning him, but it was the only way.... She felt a jolt and gasped. Slowly she opened her eyes and saw blue sky. Was... This what it was like to die?.... She looked down and saw her son in her arms and, for a moment dread overtook her at the thought he hadn't survived the fall.

"Don't worry, you're safe now, because I am here!" A soothing voice spoke as they were swung through the air towards the ground. When she looked up, she saw a black mask and a reassuring smile. She felt her feet on the ground as he landed a safe distance away where the paramedics would set up a response station. Only, her feet wouldn't bear her weight as she sank slowly to the ground. Realization slowly dawned on her that she was truly alive. She'd been spared by what she could only describe as an angel. She opened her mouth to thank him, but that man was already rushing back into the flames, crimson lines bringing him back into the very inferno from which she and her son had just been spared. Fresh tears welled up in her eyes, choked sobs of relief wracking her body as she cradled her son. She'd get to see the future that stretched out before him!

"Thank you, Alucard. Thank you!" She whispered, a faint smile finally appearing on her lips as she watched the Hero dive back into the inferno to help others escape. As medics came to check on her, she kept finding herself looking back for the Hero that had spared her from death.


"Okay maybe pulling an AllMight was a bit weak, but small talk during the Hero thing was never my strong suit. She probably thought I was such a dork.." Dante chuckled as he surveyed the inferno around him. "Well, I can worry about public perceptions later..." He trailed off as he heard a frantic meow. He made his way into a room to find a child crying in the corner with the family cat firmly in her arms. Between them was a fallen beam that was creating quite the inferno.

"This place went up like a tinderbox..." He murmured to himself. He shook off the thought, taking a couple steps back before he launched himself over the log to the child. "There's no need to fear, your friendly neighborhood Alucard is here~" Dante remarked with a wide grin even as he mixed up two different cheesy hero intros. That sort of thing, though, tended to help children relax in scary situations, though.

"Is your mommy and daddy here?" He asked as he picked up the child and the cat in one swoop. The girl shook her head. "Th-they went to the store" She stammered out, wiping her tears on the cat's head, who just nuzzled the scared child as Dante brought them out of the building. No sooner did he touch down than two people dashed past the line Nakano had made.

"Mommy! Daddy!" The girl cried. The second her little feet touched the ground she dashed, cat in hand, over to her frantic parents who wrapped her up in a hug as all three of them fell into a sobbing mess. Dante, of course, turned to go right back into the fire. As he'd said before, he wasn't the best at the heroic small talk. Besides, there were more people to save.

"I wonder if Aiko can give me a heroic dialogue AI.... I'm really bad at the heroic smalltalk thing..." He mused to himself as he once more entered the building in search of trapped civilians...

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