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Fandom You Either Die A Hero, Or You Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become The Villain. (CS)

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basic info
Tsukuyomi Hachiman
    Hachiman, Tsukuyomi
    The Marionette
    Hello, my name is Tsukuyomi Hachiman and Doctor to the Eagle Agency. I clean up everyone's wounds and I also deal with self-entitled little brats like yourself.
    6’3” | 190.5cm
    210lbs | 95.25kg

    Shifting Shadows
    - Able to control or manipulate darkness/ shadows around him in a certain radius. (1000 meters max) - (500 meters most strong)
    - He can make D/S into shades and weapons
    Shade: a non-living object that is as dark as night and that can take the form of anything you can think of. (basically a puppet)
    - Can teleport to a shade location but must be touching them in some fashion.
    - He can cover himself with the darkness to be camouflaged at night time or to make armor
    - Sun, the amount of Darkness around, and my mental focus.
    - weapons must be held in the hands of him or the shades to be solid objects.
    - The more shades he uses, or darkness he uses at a time, the object will be more brittle or less solid.
    - If he is out of range of his shades they become more brittle or less solid.
    If you are nice to me, I'm nice to you. Most of the time
    Tsukuyomi is very silent and keeps his opinions to himself unless the individual that he is talking to is either very arrogant or an asshole. Other than that he usually tries to speak only when he needs and wants to. Because of his past, he is what people will call a loner, but he does not show it that much because of his charm. He’s willing to talk to anyone, but he will get up and leave with no hesitation if you waste his time. Another thing is trust, character, and respect are huge to him. If you break his trust or disrespect him or anyone he’s close to you will see you as a threat. As well as if you show bad character he will see you as immature and unworthy of his time. He may seem selfish and uptight, but it’s how his brain defends himself mentally. He is willing to help anyone in need and if you Harm an innocent civilian whatsoever he will put it in his own hands to Judgement himself.
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All points, no quills, no pillows.
Fuke Kaorimoto. 深 薫元
Age: 67
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 82 kg

Fuke is a serious person when needed, but most of the time that trait is the opposite of needed, and so, it’s put aside. In its place, a more cheerful and relaxed Fuke appears, one that’s forgiving and funny, one could even say excessively so. He wants to establish a friendly relationship with most people around him, even if it means taking a blow to his pride or image. However, he will not tolerate people disrespecting his family, or authority when it counts. He is not a know-it-all, but a knows-best: “You’re sick? There’s this old herbal remedy, and it will 100% work, don’t even bother with anything else.” or “This is bad for you.” He isn’t that great when it comes to opinions; he has one set of truths he believes in, and everything else is just false, not an opinion.

If asked for help, he will do his absolute best.

He loves to have company while drinking. He likes to talk about stuff, although he usually omits some things from his past. He loves to hear about others and thoroughly comment on what he thinks they did right and what is wrong in their lives. He is never doing that out of spite: he genuinely wants to guide people on a right path, so that they won’t make the same mistakes he did.

In battle, he will try to stay back and analyze his opponent before attacking, but if needed he is the first one to sacrifice himself, charging head first. He is a good strategist, but is reluctant to give people orders, because “I’ll do it myself”. This thinking is a result of both care for others’ wellbeing, and his own egoistic want to prove himself.

Peach flavored anything, secluded places, kids, ice cream, alcohol

Tradition, phones(he gets confused by the newer models), fumes,

Fuke grew up when times were different. His family is said to come from a long and prestigious line of samurai. Of course, even 70 years ago that custom was long dead, yet his parents were not ones to put the proud Kaorimoto family to shame by indulging in
dumbing, contemporary creations like computers, television, and of course: Heroes. They were once the proud guardians of the country; standing as judges, juries and executioners of justice, and to see that title taken away from them by flashy, obsessed with money and publicity pretenders was a heavy blow. They swore to never use or talk about their quirk, and even shunned people with them, living in an isolated bubble.

Those were the circumstances of Fuke’s upbringing, and from the youngest years he was torn between two worlds. One was flashy, full of amazing feats of strength and cunning: the world of pro-heroes, the other - full of discipline and tradition, the world of samurai and their arts. At school, he took all opportunities to discuss heroes with his peers, and even snuck out sometimes under the pretext of additional lessons just to watch TV with his friend, equally fascinated with heroes. He sometimes got scolded, but usually after one beating his father would forgive him, and they would return to training calligraphy, writing, swordplay and archery. Although his parents forbid him from using his quirk, due to its nature, it wasn’t something he could just ignore, as constant signals about people’s temperatures, whereabouts, and even feelings came crashing into his head all the time. It was hard enough to contain it in class, but walking out to the city was near impossible: his mind couldn’t find peace in crowded places.

High school came, and he became a bit of an idol among the students: Kendo and Archery Club president, the boy was equally admired and feared. He never felt bad doing it, just a bit empty. Yet, he could only indulge in it by himself, as his old friend had gone to a different school: a hero school.

There is always a day, THE day. Fuke was only a few months away from graduating, and a fight has broken out between a hero and a villain nearby. While the police made sure everybody evacuated, he sneaked off, risking his reputation, to see the fight himself. It wasn’t flashy or grandiose, but it sure was impactful for the young and impressionable boy. The fragrance of the hero hit him, and he felt them: fear, anxiety, doubt; and yet, the hero continued onward with the pungent, almost tangible smell of motivation. The villain was strangely similar, but with an aura of anger and betrayal around him. They fought as opposites, but in reality, were only opposites of the same coin

He made his choice. His mother broke into tears, repulsed. His father challenged him to a duel, not a practice bout with wooden swords, but one with sharpened katanas. Blows were dealt relentlessly, no hint of hesitation from the dad’s side, Fuke thrown into pathetic defense, as his lips were grazed; just a tip, but enough for a single streak to start running down the boy’s face. His nostrils filled with his father’s emotions: anger, fear, sorrow. He used this opportunity, and hit the father’s sword away, winning the duel by sheer luck and knowing his opponent’s feelings: a style of battle he would default to for many years to come. He would get transferred to a hero school, but his parents would never speak to him again.

Next few years were a blur. Fuke was angry at his circumstances, being an 18-year-old in high school, being taught the basics all over again. He turned his quirk into a blackmail device, as well as a radar, and a polygraph. He got mixed results, but results nonetheless.

His hero days: surprisingly boring. He saved a lot of people, as he was never one with a powerful quirk to face villains with: just some thugs. As the days grew monotonous, Fuke found an acquaintance, and later a friend, in alcohol. Sometimes he even would even go to work drunk, still succeeding, as there was never an opponent bigger than a local gang boss.

Then they called from the hospital: his parents both passed away. It was a peaceful death, doctors explained. That information wasn’t satisfactory for Fuke. It all seemed just so… half-assed. There was no big sickness, no murder for him to avenge, just… A ghost of old times, claiming what was his own. There were many things he wanted to say: “It was their fault he was such a sorry excuse for a hero. Clearly, if they had been more understanding, he would be at the top now.” But just as their deaths struck him, his own reflection did as well. Twenty years of being a hero, all of which spent working as a glorified policeman. He aspired a lot, but never did, always just passively waited for a miracle. And just like that, the ghost of old times was now breathing down his neck. New, better heroes started appearing. And then there he was, stuck between being a samurai and a hero. Walking with his swords and his bow like a madman: a clown patrolling the streets. Defending the city from children who were playing villains.

Quirk: Allfaction
His nose is a wonder among wonders. He can smell the person’s mood, nervousness, who did they come in contact with during the last few hours, precise location in a 500 m radius, and overall presence in 1 km radius. He can potentially make educated guesses when it comes to people’s quirks. He can detect lies to some extent, but those more versed in the art of lies will confuse him. His maximum range is 5 km, but it’s only reserved to big things. Example: he could smell a forest fire from that range.
His smell is not limited to people. He can identify a lot of substances, even those said to be scentless. Because of his drinking hobby/problem, he can tell the alcohol’s age and price range by smelling it.
The more complicated scents or activities require a lot of breathing, so hyperventilation is possible. Having a cold renders his quirk useless. His number one enemy is wind.

Hero name: Frey Grand

Other: His surname means "the origin of smell"
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  • Name: Ichiro Kusumoto

    Hero Name: Karate King

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Likes: Dogs, Alcohol, Trivia, Sweet smells, Sugar, Martial arts, and Fireworks

    Dislikes: Cats, Overly outgoing people, Swimming, Hair cuts, and People who give up

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  • ~Full Name~
    Jin Bellamy
    ~Hero Name~
    Half American, Half Japanese
    ~Height | Weight~
    6ft7 | 160lbs
    Eagle Agency​



Different timezone, who dis
Name: Rini Burūdebiru

Age: 24

Gender: Female

images (82).jpeg

Height: 9'2"

Weight: 1180 lbs

Rini is usually a very laid back woman, she is often very blunt and straight to the point, often unintentionally insulting people but in a fight she is full on blood knight and enjoys fighting. Just like most styles of punches, insults just slide right off of her and she doesn't care that much about them being directed at her. She can get deadly serious if someone decides to insult or threaten her friends or even an innocent civilian. She is extremely stubborn and will not back down for what she thinks is the correct way to do things or when she is right in an argument. She always is down for a good joke and as a way to try and ease hurt people she tries to make the situation lighter by smiling and cracking jokes about it all. Rini has a few anger issues which is a cause of her quirk however she has been going and doing meditation to try and keep her rage under control until it's properly needed instead of her lashing out at random.

  • Dogs of all Kinds
  • Sake
  • Reading
  • Mangoes
  • Sweet food

  • Wine
  • Coffee
  • Cats
  • People who think she's stupid
  • Her size (it makes most things difficult to use)

Rini doesn't know her parents at all, unfortunately thanks to her quirk being a mutation quirk she always looked like a demon. Since she was always in the orphanage she chose her own last name which essentially meant blue demon, which given her appearance made a lot of sense. Nobody really wanted a wild blue demon child and so for her childhood she just lived in the Orphanage.

She was usually in and out of detention constantly as she was always in fights trying to help people. Despite this authority problem she always wanted to be a hero. Despite being slightly above average in her studies she just barely got into a hero school. Unfortunately for Rini the orphanage was shut down and was destroyed in replacement of a mall. She was incredibly devastated at the fact that she was now homeless however she knuckled down and just kept working right through high school and into her work place.


A simple mutation type quirk, it gives Rini all the abilities of the mythical Oni. This includes enhanced strength and endurance, a slight resistance to diseases, retractable claws, a super strong bite, large horns and of course being over 9 feet tall. Both a positive and a negative part of this Quirk is that if she gets too angry she can go in a blood-fuelled rage losing control of herself and fighting until exhaustion or until someone can calm her down, because of this her strength essentially doubles and she doesn't notice when damaged. Despite that she doesn't notice the pain the harder she punches the more likely she can break bones, muscles and other ligaments in her own body.
As stated in the above of dislikes the biggest disadvantage or weakness is her size making her both a massive target and makes doorways and most common day life a massive struggle. Also due to her size she requires much more food than the usual person. Honestly it's a mutation quirk, it doesn't have any really obvious weaknesses besides Rini's own weaknesses

Hero Name:
The Blue Demon Hero: Emna

Theme Song:

Surprisingly enough her favourite colour is green
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The Bean
  • riptide
    unlike pluto

    Oshiro Ruriko
    date of birth
    June 7th
    hero name
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Omniverse Explorer

Katherine Mae





Katherine is one of those women who are very difficult to amuse or surprise. She's bland in the expression department, which means she rarely smiles. But alas, she does have emotions and will use them if she so pleases. Sometimes, many think she's angry, when meanwhile, she just has a resting bitch face. When she smiles, they are quick to fade away before anyone could notice, even the smallest of ones. Kathy is also sometimes carefree and doesn't really care what she does (Only if it pertains to her personally.) If she is close to someone she will open up a little more and be more expressioned rather than expressionless. The Hero is also very calm and her voice is soft. Sometimes people aren't able to hear her but if needed she will bring up her voice just a few notches. If Katherine were to make bets or promises with her friends, she will keep her word. No matter what. No matter how long. While in fights she is surprisingly calm and collected, even when faced with a taunting opponent. Even injured, she can remain calm but still face dealing with pain during battle, unless it's extreme. Katherine is also patient, she doesn't let anything bother her too badly. So annoyances aren't really bothersome.

Those who are close to her would know that her love for sweets is strong, and usually any sweet that's given to her, she'd eat. It's a weakness that she has. Despite all the eating of such an unhealthy addiction, she doesn't gain any weight, it's melted off of her like butter! However, besides that, she takes naps if she really feels that she is in need of one, likes to read from time to time as well. Walks are also a way for her to blow off steam if angered.


+Soft music
+Drinking Fruity alcohol drinks


-Being called Titles in which she has not earned
-Being in meaningless fights
-Getting surprise parties
-Being Flustered


Born to a small family of Heroes, Katherine was the second youngest out of 3 siblings. One was an older brother,the first middle child had been a sister, and the youngest was a little brother. As the youngest she was teased or left to play on her own due to her siblings being older and doing more 'teenager' things like going out to hang with others. Granted, her siblings loved her and so did her parents. But that didn't change the fact that her siblings really didn't play with her much as a child, especially since she was the second youngest and too much older for her baby brother who wasn't able to play yet. During this time, she'd go on ahead and take adventures in and around her home.

That being said... as a young girl, she thought it would be a good idea to get curious about the outlets in their home and how they powered things such as the tv, lamps, even the toaster. Now, every child who's done this always had gotten hurt, and Katherine's mother stressed the fact to not stick anything into the outlets in fear of losing her children. Kathy being Kathy at the time, decided to stick a fork into the outlet because it was able to fit! So why not? The consequences were very odd feeling, her body tingling and the electricity strong, all the while her purple hues changed for a little while, exposing a bright blue color instead. For most people, this could have killed them. But not the young girl.

Her fork had caused the lights to flicker, and not a moment later her mother was running through the house and opened the door, only to see Katherine sitting by the socket with the fork in her hand and glowing blue eyes. Looking at her horrified mom, she was suddenly scooped up and examined by her mother. In the process of this, she dropped the fork and looked at her mother, blinking a few times while being checked on. Seeing this not enough, her mother rushed her to the hospital, to which they found nothing wrong and congratulated her on her child having a quirk. Her mother never had a quirk, but her father did, and it seemed that Katherine had activated that quirk by electrocuting herself and giving a jump start to her body. The mother assured the doctors that she stuck a fork in the socket and was surely injured, but alas, the Doctor said there was nothing but a full powered quirk.
After that fun trip, her father was informed and he was ecstatic as he began to teach her the ways of this quirk, and this quirk was called Nexus. A self energy that was beautiful but also incredibly destructive if not trained properly.

1625176873479.pngQuirk(Strengths, Weaknesses):
Nexus - Nexus is an energy which is within the body of the host. It is a powerful quirk and if not contained correctly, things can get out of hand. When in use, the irises of the user's eyes will turn into the colors of the Nexus (Which is a very bright blue).

Nexus Shield - Creates a shield which can deflect almost anything(Not everything). Though it can be broken over time if the user is in a corner and the shield is being continuously beaten on. It also only works to cover the direction the user is facing. This means the user can be attacked from behind or from the side. A powerful Enough blast can break the shield but does a little less damage to the user. With just a little bit more energy, Kathy can create a dome shield to protect herself and multiple people and also contain something in or keep something out. But that requires a lot of energy and focus to pull off depending on the size.

Nexus Blast - This sends a blast of Nexus at the enemy. This can be used close range or from far away. Upon impact the blast will cause an explosion and knock the foe back. This attack can be blocked but the foe has to be powerful enough to block it. It is Dodge-able and able to be reflected onto the user. If used in rapid use, it will drain her energy much quicker due to the SPS (shots per second). (Ranged or Close)

Nexus Hunter - This creates a bow out of the Nexus energy. This takes a decent amount of energy to use, but if practiced enough with, the user is able to use it a few times in a fight. Each arrow that is fired will track the enemy like a missile unless dodged appropriately. Will explode upon impact.

Hero Name:

Theme Song:

She has some skills that include: Hand To Hand, Cooking, Gymnastics, Hiding things she needs to hide, like stashes of sweets.
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Those who can't, cheat.
Aiko Tagami

Age: 26




Height: 5'5

Weight: 638 lbs

Aiko is the type of person who doesn't really talk unless spoken to. Not because she's a quiet person, or because she's a shy person. She just knows that when her mouth opens up, she can't shut up until she finishes her thoughts, which, granted her job is to find new ways to fit lasers and tasers into her body, can take a while. Because of this, she can come off as a little cold to those she hasn't met, but quietly bursting with excitement to her friends. She doesn't have too much experience with people and feels more comfortable around machines. After all, when she's in the workshop, people don't talk to her unless they need her help with something specific. It's courtesy after all.

Her social awkwardness aside, she is very cold-hearted towards people she doesn't like, often treating those she disdains as a means to an end, only dealing with whoever that is for as long as she needs to and then pretending they're dead after the fact. This is a rare situation, as she's willing to let a lot of things slide, but doesn't tolerate people who disrespect her or the Tagami name. She works just fine in teams, preferring to take the role of recon or scout, sprinting quickly from place to place to distract, aid, or strike in her enemy's weakest spots.

Concerning her father, she finds that he's one of those people that are a means to an end to her since most of her life, she's been nothing but a means to an end to him. They both work on the same projects, whether that be directing or inventing, but she does her very best to not talk to him whatsoever. Kenji either hasn't noticed his daughter's attitude towards him or frankly doesn't care. After all, if she's still a part of the company, still flaunts the Tagami logo while she's working with Eagle, and still comes back to his company to make him money, then it doesn't really matter to him how she feels.

Urban environments, NOS, explaining how things work, making the right tool for the job.

Sitting still, the ocean, breaking tools, unnecessary death.

Aiko was the daughter of a prominent and rich weapons manufacturer, Kenji Tagami, Founder and CEO of Tagami Systems. Many of the things his company produced were designed to give the non-powered policemen and military of Japan a fighting chance against villains when the heroes didn't quite show up in time. These included things like nets, energy shields, and energy blasters meant to incapacitate supers rather than kill, even if a good number of them are bulletproof. This sort of thing didn't go well within the hero community. Being a hero was a job, with schools and institutions based around being a hero. Who would want to take a hero's pay away from them when they're risking their lives for everyone, every day? Tagami's argument was simple: not everyone could be a hero. It was hard, there was a lot of training, and you needed to have a quirk that not only was powerful, but able to be fine-tuned for combat.

That's when Aiko stepped into this world. Born to a quirkless father, her mother died in childbirth, Aiko was often alone. Kenji was something of an absent father for much of Aiko's life, being the CEO of a controversial company would do that to a man. Much of the time he did spend with his daughter wasn't at ice cream shops or shopping, it was usually in their workshop or at the company's range. Whenever Tagami's team came up with a new design, Kenji himself would ask for the parts, put it together, and test it himself. Whether this would be a gun, manacles, or an exoskeleton, Kenji would always put it upon himself that whatever he produced would be able to handle the worst situations and come out usable on the other end.

Aiko Tagami grew up watching her father get shot at, beat with various implements, and having foam grenades detonate on top of him. However, it was when she started to call out where and when armor would break, guns would fail, and grenades wouldn't go off did she gain her father's attention. At the age of 5, Aiko assembled a Mk.II "Stopper" Foam Grenade by herself and handed it to her father at the range. This would also be the same range she would lose her left ring finger, two toes, and her right hand within the coming months of her handling weapons without permission. Her father shifted from weapons manufacturing to cybernetics. After all, it couldn't be that hard, could it? His daughter would be the face for his company's prosthesis cybernetics, and naturally, she'd be involved in all of his company's works from now on, even though this would put Tagami Systems in a worse public light. After all, who tests their experimental cybernetics on their own daughter first?

By the time she found herself in secondary school, Aiko was more machine than woman, a little shorter than she'd like, but she doubted that she would be having any more 'growth spurts'. Tagami Systems had funded her creation and production of her various upgrades and replacements, all of which were installed without much input from Aiko herself. She found that hero agencies had a growing interest in her due to her integrated weapons and her modularity for just about any scenario. School flew by for her as she and her father argued whether or not she should be a hero at all. She wanted to focus her life on trying to be a normal girl, while Kenji ordered that her becoming a hero would clear their company's name. After all, she had been given all the cybernetics for a good reason, it'd be a waste to not use them to save people. Even though it was a bald-faced lie, he only really wanted her to be a hero so that Tagami Systems could say they contributed to the creation of Tomorrow's Greatest Hero!

Even though she wanted nothing to do with being a hero, she found companionship in the members of Eagle Agency. If anything, the blood-pumping adrenaline of calling out where breaks are gonna happen and rushing to get civilians out is something to look forward to, if not for using her tech she helped put together or working with a competent team that she feels could change the world.

Critical Hit - With a glance, Aiko can determine weak spots in everything she sees. Buildings, weapons, people, even the earth itself. This manifests as a glowing white seam that gets more and more intense the closer it gets to breaking.

- Quirk requires only a few seconds of concentration to find a weak spot.
- Has a corporation of backing and funding
- Plenty of useful and niche technology that can be applied to many specific situations

- Her robotic body has nothing to do with her quirk and can be disabled.
- Her quirk tells her that something will break, not exactly what that thing would be or how it would break. Correlation does not lead to causation.
- All of her tech is designed to be disposable. Any strength quirk will find it pretty easy to tear her limb from limb.

Hero Name: Frame

Theme Song:

She's made it expressly clear that if she isn't fidgeting with anything at any given point, she's been captured and replaced with a simulacrum.
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Ashigara's Lightning

Nakano Harada





149 lbs

Right off the bat, the simplest way to describe Nakano is “a nuke with a short fuse”. Stole her lunch from the fridge? She’ll throw the fridge at you. Sat on her favorite sofa at the agency and refuse to leave? She’ll elbow drop you. Stepped on her tail? Death. As I am sure you can discern, she isn’t exactly afraid of resolving all her issues via physical violence, no matter how small they may be. “Let our fists do the talking first, if you still have teeth by the end of it then I know you’ll be worth listening to.”

The fastest way to earn Nakano’s respect is very simple: Fight her and prove your strength. Still, she doesn’t care whether you win or lose, all that matters to Nakano is that you gave it your all and didn’t resort to any sort of underhanded methods throughout the duel. At that point you’ll witness one of her strongest and most positive attributes: Loyalty. Mind you, she isn’t some sorta bootlicker that will bow down and do everything you say, but if you are marching down to the very depths of hell then you can rest assured Nakano will be standing right by your side all the way through.

Despite everything that I’ve said you might be surprised to learn that one of Nakano’s most prevalent traits is her laziness. Sure, she’s no stranger to exercising and working hard, however there’s nothing Nakano enjoys more than laying down on her favorite sofa at the agency with the TV on and a platter of meat served up just for her. Unless we’re talking about a villain wreaking havoc in the city it’s pretty hard to get Nakano off of her comfy spot without resorting to physically dragging her away.

In terms of her attitude as a hero, Nakano is very much still a novice. She much prefers sticking to missions where a direct confrontation is needed, not so much to those that require a ton of beforehand planning. Sure, she’ll try her best to fulfill her role within the plan, it’s just that maybe her instincts will lead her to act some other way.

-Raw meat.
-Visiting the zoo.
-Laying back on a couch and watching tv.
-Arm wrestling competitions.
-Getting scratched behind the ear (Massive secret, will break fingers if attempted).

-Rainy days.
-Being called a cat.
-People that overly-rely on others.

“What the...Why the fuck are you asking me about my history? Agency records? I’ve never heard of those, can’t you see I am busy right now?...Ugh, whatever, let's get this done quickly before my show starts. Uuuuh lets see, for starters my parents aren’t heroes, they don’t even have quirks. Hah, I can’t imagine how much of a shock it must’ve been for them to see that their baby had a pair of tiger ears and a tail. Though to be honest, other than the occasional shenanigan while I was still a kid trying to learn how to use my quirk, my childhood was fairly average by today’s standards.”

“So blah blah blah time passes by, I get into a decent high school where they are teaching me all about how to become a proper hero and all that garbage. Why did I wanna become a hero? Money, duh, why would I waste such an amazing quirk by getting some lame-ass job at an office. High school would’ve been tolerable if those teachers weren’t all over my back for every little thing I did, I swear that if it hadn’t been for them I would’ve graduated top of my class. With honors.”

“How did I land on this agency? Well, back when I was 19 I was still a fresh graduate trying to decide on which agency to apply for. As I am sure you’ll agree, thinking a lot does empty the stomach, so I end up walking into a certain McPlace for a proper McMeal. Issue is, those bastards weren’t willing to give me a hamburger with an uncooked patty in it, they insisted it had to be properly cooked. And thus, understandably so, I get a little peeved. Just a tiny bit, nothing too bad, I just threw some tables against the windows and may have scratched a couple of people. Sadly my justifiable outburst was suddenly halted by our beloved eagle-themed hero, who promptly buried my face in the cement after I tried jumping at him. My reasonable actions ended up landing me a whole month in prison, which frankly was eye-opening. Why? Because the food was HORRID. Once I was free I knew that I had to change my life, otherwise I’d be eating mystery meat and questionable mashed potatoes again. And so I did the most rational thing, I applied for the agency that had the hero that kicked my ass. And badda bing badda boom, here we are.”

“Okay, that’s all, if you don’t have anything else to ask then scram. Eh, one more question? Ugh, what else do you need to know...My clothes? What about ‘em?...Raggidy? What the fuck are you implying yoU PIECE OF SHIT I AM GONNA BREAK YOU LIKE A-”

Stalking Tiger of Doom and Despair (SToDD).
(Name made by Nakano herself, she wouldn’t accept any other options.)

SToDD is a relatively straightforward Mutant-type quirk that grants its user an appearance and abilities related to the bengal tiger. Such abilities include:
-Running speeds of up to 65 km/h (Though only in short bursts for a maximum of 100 meters.)
-A bite force totaling 1050 psi.
-Retractable razor-sharp nails capable of growing up to 3 inches long.
-Improved vision at night.
-A sense of hearing capable of catching sounds up to 60 kHz.
-A keen, though not too impressive, sense of smell.
-Enhanced strength, capable of lifting objects that weigh up to 2000 pounds (1 ton).

Of course, every quirk has its weaknesses, and SToDD is no different. For starters we have its short range, offering no type of support at medium and large distances. There’s also the fact that it doesn’t really grant its user any sort of notable boost to durability, therefore making them vulnerable to bladed weapons and bullets. And finally we have the psychological effects that the quirk has on its user, causing them to hyper-focus on their target while forgetting about what's happening around them.

Hero Name:

Theme Song:

Voice claim 1
-Voice claim 2
-Voice claim 3
-Raw deer and boar meat are her favorite meals, though she'll eat just about any cut.
-(Gonna add more later, I just don't want Britt to kill me 'cause I took so long to post)


The Primordial
NAME: Kenzō Muto

HERO NAME: Roach Boy

QUIRK: Cockroach. His Quirk allows him to telepathically communicate with cockroaches via the antennae on his head. He can also "sight-jack" the roaches he controls, meaning he can see through their eyes, making him an excellent scout/spy for finding civilians trapped in debris or gathering information on suspects. He's also capable of compressing his internal organs to squeeze into hard-to-reach places and is comically hard to kill because of his cockroach toughness. However, his communication with roaches can be hindered if his antennae are damaged, or severed entirely if they're removed. He is capable of growing them back, but it takes roughly two days for the process to fully complete itself. As such, he isn't suited for direct combat and is best left in the back away from the action and providing intel for his team via the roach network. He can also survive beheading, with his body fully autonomous for at least one day, but will aimlessly wander in search of its lost head to reattach it.

AGE: 29

SEX: Male.

APPEARANCE: A cockroach head on a tall, thin human body wearing a magenta business suit.

HEIGHT: 6'1".


PERSONALITY: Muto is an eccentric young lad who likes to befriend his co-workers, adhering to the belief that stronger bonds equals greater team efficiency. Naturally, his appearance is off-putting to more than a few with the primal fear of cockroaches, and his aggressive friendliness may turn people off further, but that doesn't deter him from doing the right thing, even if those he saves are repulsed by him.

- Sugar. His diet is almost entirely comprised of sweets and is known to pig any desserts he can get his hands on. As such, he often appears to be on a sugar high and can't stay still for more than a few seconds without twitching.
- Beethoven. He loves listening to him in his spare time, almost like it were ASMR to him.
- Cockroaches. He was forced to get used to them at an early age, but has since formed a genuine attachment for a select few.
- Art. Another favorite hobby of his. He's very proficient at sketching, which can be very helpful when sketches of suspect individuals are needed.

- Pesticide, for obvious reasons. His bug head cannot stand it.
- Cologne. Anyone that coats their body in a thick coat of the stuff will immediately earn his irritation.
- He really doesn't like the idea of fighting. He has a very basic grasp of self-defense, but that's all it is. Self-defense, lacking much if any offense. He's very shifty and tends to shy away from physical confrontations (i.e., a character flaw to overcome).

BACKSTORY: Muto was born to two ordinary-looking parents, with at least his father having a Pest Control Quirk that let him talk to insects like his son. As such, they never had problems with bugs seeping into their house. However, Muto's... distinct appearance made it difficult for him to make friends, even among fellow Quirk users. Thus, he started to seek company in bugs, the only creatures in the world that would grant him companionship. This only further isolated him from his peers, who ostracized him as "the creepy bug boy". One day, on the walk home from school, Muto was suddenly beset by a gang of robbers intent of robbing him. The injuries he received left him with an innate fear of fighting. However, he was rescued by a local street hero who fended off the thugs and tended to his injuries without so much as a start at his appearance. The hero treated him just like any other citizen, deserving of being protected and feeling safe. That one act of kindness and equal treatment from another lit a fire under Muto, who vowed to become a hero and show that even those with repulsive appearances can help others (and maybe make some friends, too).

THEME SONG: Sidoh's Theme from Death Note.
OTHER: Him being incredibly hard to kill tends to make him the unfortunate recipient of a lot of physical humor.
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✧☽ 𝒹 𝓇 𝑒 𝒶 𝓂 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔 ☾✧
Name: Kantaro Ichida

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: (Had a hard time finding a good fc.) Kantaro is a tall, handsome and rather charismatic hero with rugged, masculine features. He has silky brown hair that just messily sits atop his head but somehow fits him just right. He also has some light stubble along his jawline and around his mouth. Kantaro's build is similar to that of a bodybuilder's. He is tall, muscular, and toned.

Height: 7'4"

Weight: 322 lbs

Personality: Kantaro adheres to a strict code of honor and sense of authority. He often downplays his own heroism and will act heroically even when no one will know. He vows to never kill and refuses to kick someone when they're already down. Kantaro is also a humble hero, pointing out others he says are the real heroes. A strong trait he's had since he was young, was the skill to attract people. Like a magnet, he can attract people to him. Easily making friends, allies, and partners.

Likes: Enforcing justice, helping people, and eating.

Dislikes: Villains

Backstory: When Kantaro was young, he initially thought he was Quirkless. When he was around the age kids began to awaken their Quirks, he felt like his hadn't awakened. He didn't noticing anything different, he didn't feel different, look different. Didn't take long for him to find out he did have a Quirk. One day he noticed he could perform extraordinary feats. At first, he thought that was his quirk but then he tried training at night. He realized his abilities had disappeared. Through trial and error he'd come to find out his Quirk was strongest in the day, he was strongest in the day.

During his teenage years, Kantaro trained his body so he would stay healthy and fit. Ever since he was a kid he always wanted to be able to bring hope and inspiration to people. With the power he had, he believed he would be able to do it with relative ease. He'd vow to only use his Quirk for good and become the bright light in the dark tunnel for all who were lost. A light that breaks through darkness and guides the stray. A light that shone with brilliance and warmth. A light that was..


Kantaro soared through his school years being a prominent prodigy. He typically ranked as one of, it not the highest in his classes. He wasn't a valedictorian when it came to mental studies but he passed with high grades. Physical studies is where he obviously excelled. Often times he'd surpass upperclassmen. This got many agencies scouting him and trying to recruit him. With the personality he had, he wanted to go to them all. But he knew full well he couldn't.

He eventually settled on the Eagle Agency and has been working with them since, becoming a popular aspiring hero.

Quirk: Solar Infinity - Depending on the amount of sunlight, Kantaro's physical abilities are enhanced so that they can achieve feats requiring an absurd amount of physical power effortlessly. In other words, Kantaro draws power from sunlight and the brighter it is outside, the stronger he is. When the sun is not out, Kantaro is significantly weaker, borderline Quirkless. But he has taken precautions to prepare for such emergencies. When Kantaro overuses his Quirk he becomes incredibly drained. He becomes very tired and fatigued. Using his Quirk decreases his serotonin and vitamin D levels.

Hero Name: Radiant

Other: Certain parts of Kantaro's suit have solar collectors built in where he can collect solar energy and somewhat store it for when the sun is not out.
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One Mean Ghost

Your Ghost Host from the West Coast
Name: Dante de la Cruz

Age: 23

Gender: male

Appearance:dante new.jpg
Height: 6'3"

Weight: 233 lbs

Personality: They say you never get a second chance at a first impression. Unfortunately for Dante, his first impressions usually aren't the best. His complexion and posture generally gives off a holier-than-thou vibe, but that couldn't be further from his personality.

Dante is an incorrigible goofball, much like his father. He's constantly making jokes, trying to get people to laugh, or just starting general shenanigans. He uses his appearance(and the posture he got from dancing lessons from his mom), to throw people off, just because it makes the reactions even better!

Likes: Music(Violin, Guitar, and Piano, especially), Dancing, good food, jokes, heroics.

Dislikes: Assholes, dubstep, sunburns, tea, wooden clogs, losing limbs, accidentally biting through his lip

Backstory: Thanks to his parents' career choices, Dante was exposed to music, travel, and other cultures from a young age, developing a fondness for all three.

In school, Dante was one of the first in his class to develop a quirk. Unfortunately, the rather gorey nature of his quirk led to him getting unwanted attention. In Heroes vs Villains, which was basically cops and robbers, he was always singled out to be the villain.

Well, the game escalated day by day until it was more like a game of beat the crap out of the villain. Despite complaints from his mother, Carmen, school officials waved it off as kids being kids, especially since Dante was never caught or injured. By necessity, Dante developed the ability to sling himself around by blood ropes and evade capture.

The escalation, however, still continued as other students got their more hero-like quirks. It came to a head when one finally managed to catch Dante. Rather than let himself get pummeled, he fought back and ended up putting several of his pursuers in the hospital.

Initially, school officials had wanted to go after Dante, but Carmen brought forth the numerous complaints she had raised to deter it. In the aftermath, several officials were fired, and Dante ended up changing schools.

Despite the bullying, Dante managed to adjust well to his new surroundings and thrived, thanks in no small part to his loving parents. He made many friends, and was at the top of his graduating class, earning him a recommendation for UA High. After that, the incident in his childhood seemed like little more than a distant memory he preferred to forget.

During his time at UA, he was a standout in and out of the classroom. Beyond academics, he'd started a youtube music channel, mostly as a way to blow off steam between studying, heroics, and general teen shenanigans. As it turned out, he gained a bit of a following on the platform, and still regularly releases content whenever he can. Now that he's a full time hero, the videos don't come quite as often, but he still keeps the content coming.

Quirk: Vampire - This quirk, well, makes him a vampire. While he won't shrivel up in the sun, it does make him extremely prone to sunburns if he forgets to put on Dr. Drac's Extra Strength Sunblock every time he goes outside. His quirk allows him to manipulate his own blood at will to make constructs as well as allows him to drink the blood of others to trigger a healing factor. While he's able to regrow limbs through this method, it's extraordinarily painful and not exactly something he can do mid-fight.

+Blood Constructs
+Healing factor when consuming blood
+Night vision
+Immune to bloodborne diseases/toxins/pathogens
+Quirk is extremely adaptive and flexible

-Possible to bleed out from over use(anemia)
-Can only manipulate his own blood, and can only heal with others' blood
-Extremely prone to sunburns
-Particularly vulnerable to bright flashes of light
-He can't control blood under his skin, so he must cut himself to use his quirk.

Hero Name: The Vampire King: Alucard

Theme Song:

He wears bladed rings on each thumb to cut his palms.

Although his quirk is largely used flexibly, there are some techniques he's particularly known for:

-Whiplash Regalia: A harness around his waist that he uses to slingshot himself by blood lines. It extends up his spine and down his legs to keep his posture steady when launching himself at high speeds

-Seraph Regalia: His blood forms feather-like blades he can use for both offense and defense. It's one of his most recognized techniques.

-Blood Bullets: A bullet for every occasion. By altering the design, spin, and other such factors, he can create bullets for each occasion needed.

-Jackhammer Regalia: Encasing his limbs in blood and making them vibrate adds a little extra oomph to his strikes.
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🐟|rawr *noms fish*
Villain Spawn
  • Pride
    Karate Skill
    I won't let everything go up in smoke...because I've promised to see things through the end.
    Katayama, Masaru
    Akiyama, Masaru (birth name)

    Slowburn (hero name)
    168 lbs
    Likes: Purpose, nature, boxing, festivals, an effective training regimen, euphenisms, tea.

    Dislikes: Gum, hedonism, underhanded methods, deep bodies of water, unkept promises, debts.
    Seemingly reserved and prim from the get-go, Masaru's actually a very prideful young man who's overconfident in his abilities. He's a hot-blooded person who definitely breaks the mold on how typical justice-seeking heroes should act. He's also not the type to make half-assed attempts on anything, he goes all out or not at all. In short, he's strict about most things, like his training. Most of the time, he fails to realize his limits and when it's useless to keep at it. Despite that, Masaru has a strong sense composure and has the noblest of intentions as a hero. Especially when it comes to dealing with the average citizen or when taking on a mission. He truly has a heart that wants to save people, the quirkless citizens who can't help themselves. When it comes to quirk users, however, his polite attitude might not always be up for show, be it hero or villain.

    In general these types of interactions with quirk users that he believes he's on equal footing with, truly show his acerbic and teasing nature. He does have one exception, and it's for people he thinks are underneath him (that is, if the person isn't a villain). They'll get a "big brother" treatment out of him, freely offering his time, advice or help if they ask for it. Even with those above him, he has a sharp tongue that likes to test authority, to see if they're worthy of his respect. If they are, it's not like he'll become some lapdog, like someone that sucks up to authority but he goes and fully reciprocates that respect. As snarky as he is, when someone does stand up to him, and they do it harshly, he's a complete wuss taking it. After all, he's his biggest critic and tends to make sure he's putting his best self out there. He'd be down from whatever it was that got to him but he'll snap right out of it the moment he gets any chance or opportunity to flick back the sting. Behind all of this though, is a child still hurting from what his real parents had done.
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You're Done!
Ono Minako



A rather plain-looking woman, it isn't uncommon for Minako to be mistaken for the everyday salarywoman. Her hair is always trimmed above her shoulders and cleanly maintained. Her clothes are freshly ironed, without any wrinkle or stain in them. She wears a blazer over a white button-up shirt, and switches between black dress pants and an a-line skirt. If there was anything noteworthy about her appearance, it would be her large black eyes, something she is rather self-conscious about, tending to keep her bangs just a tad longer than she should to try and hide them a bit.

161cm (~5'3")

59kg (~130lbs)

Idle hands are the devil's playground. The one thing Minako can never stand is the feeling of boredom, of stillness. She constantly looks to keep herself busy in some way, be it a leisurely activity like a puzzle or bustling around the Agency finding chores to do. Hardworking and organized, she keeps herself and her space devoid of any messes. Most of her colleagues consider her a clean-freak, something she is more than happy to own up to. While her intentions are good-natured, she tends to overdue it, sometimes even invading the personal spaces of others to fix a mess she sees. People can usually tell where Minako has been because it's always cleaner than how it was before she arrived.

Minako isn't just some robotic neat-freak, though. She has her moments of relaxation, taking some time to live in the moment and enjoy herself. While stoic with her duties as a hero, it isn't rare for her to seek out one of her colleagues to spend some quality time with, either by doing chores with them or finding a game to play. She does not enjoy the feeling of loneliness, to the point that she will wear headphones and listen to music, just so she has another voice to listen to. She enjoys taking the time to watch others. Their mannerisms, little quirks they have, how they interact with others. In essence, she is someone who enjoys the concept of individuals.

- Games and puzzles
- Schedules
- Sugary foods
- Red pandas

- Messes/filth
- Coffee
- Rodents
- Laziness

Growing up, Minako felt different from others. She struggled with making friends, would struggle with her studies, and even struggled forming sentences sometimes. She always felt a satep behind the rest, and she had to work extra hard to keep up with everyone. Thankfully, she wasn't alone, with an overwhelming amount of support from her family, namely her brother, Minoru. The two Ono twins couldn't have been more different: where Minako was quiet, Minoru was loud. Where she lulled in her studies, he excelled. For each tentative friend she made, Minoru found three more. But he never left her behind, instead helping her improve and sticking by her side. While his erratic behavior annoyed her, she would always be thankful for his aid at the end of the day. With his and their parents help, Minako would begin to get to a point she could begin to walk on her own.

Growing up, one thing the two Ono twins had in common was their insatiable love for hero culture. They would beg their parents to turn the news on whenever a story about a local or pro hero was on, and would watch with stars in their eyes at the footage. Minoru would keep Minako up all night with his dreams of becoming a pro hero, honing his Quirk to be a force of justice. While it seemed farfetched, Minako couldn't help the dreams popping up in her own mind, of the satisfaction of helping the innocent, and her name on the newspaper. Those dreams helped propel the two of them through middle school, sneaking out at dusk to develop their Quirks in abandoned warehouses by their apartment under the guise of going to the library to study. When it came time to decide where they would attend high school, they both applied to take the test to enter a small hero school outside of Kobe. They passed with flying colors.

Throughout high school, Minako and Minoru's relationship would begin to shift. While at the beginning they were the schools dynamic duo, able to give anyone a run for their money, a sort of static began to build between them. Minako was beginning to feel inferior to her brother, who still was better than her at nearly everything, though she was overtaking him when it came to studying and testing. Where their differences really came to a head was in physical and combat tests, where Minoru trounced her time and time again. This caused Minako to begin to distance herself from her brother, making friends on her own and doing her best to boost her independence. Minoru still tried to remind her of their once shared dream of being a pro hero team, but he got more and more quiet about it, and by the time they graduated, he never said a word of it again.

Neither twin held any ill-will to the other. In most cases, they got along as well as they always had, jabbing at one another and bringing up embarrassing stories. But it always felt uncomfortable being around the two of them, like there was something unspoken between them. Minako did her best to find a separate hero agency than Minoru, bouncing from one to another to find where she would fit the best, all while keeping tabs on her brother to stay in the know of how he was doing. By the time she joined the Eagle Agency, he was already being recognized by news outlets. When word came to her that he had his own Agency opening up, she began to prioritize work above all else.

Could things have been different?


Quirk Description:
Gelatin is an Emitter-type Quirk that allows the user to create gelatin*. This gelatin is made from the sugar and fat in the user's body, and can be made with different consistencies and forms depending on how much the user uses. The more the user puts into the gelatin, the thicker it may become, or the more complex the shape of the gelatin can be, such as a staircase or a rope.

Quirk Strengths:
- The gelatin can be made tough enough to handle the impact and weight of several people falling from a few stories up.
- The ability to make any shape with the gelatin makes it useful for supportive and defensive situations in the field.
- With almost no time needed to prepare the Quirk, it can be activated on the fly as long as the user is conscious and has enough fat and sugar to expend.

Quirk Weaknesses:
- Once separated from the user's body, the gelatin can only retain it's consistency for ten minutes at room temperature before it begins to dissolve.
- Low offensive capabilities unless fused with hefty amount of the user's fat.
- The user cannot get rid of the gelatin on their own, occasionally causing obstacles for others.

Hero Name:
Just Desserts Hero: Gel Gal

*The gelatin has no nutritional value. Please do not eat it.

Ari Number Two

Things that bother you, never bother me~♪
Tatsuo Iori
The Miko



5'6 (167.6 cm)

121 lbs (55 kg)

Tatsuo is a tranquil follower of Shintoism first and foremost, always prioritizing her duties to maintaining the Eagle Agency's Shinto shrine unless she is needed with the rest of her team. Outside of her religious work, Tatsuo is a kind woman with a gentle voice who almost always smiles warmly. It is even with this smile that she is brutally honest with her thoughts, following the views on sincerity (makoto) and honesty (tadashii). She treats objects and creatures related to Shinto with great respect and benevolence such as kitsunes (foxes), as they are often messengers for the kami. Much like the religion itself, Tatsuo seeks to cultivate and ensure a harmonious relationship between humans and the kami and thus with the natural world. She does not judge people, leaving their fates for the millions of kami to decide; whether they're benevolent or malicious.

Within a Shinto shrine or when using her powers, though, Tatsuo's demeanor and priorities change. She isn't one to force her ideals or ethics on others (Shinto tends to focus on ritual behavior rather than doctrine), but if you choose to step foot in a shrine, she expects you to have simple respect and to follow the basic traditions and rules, i.e. avoiding use of various words, termed imi-kotoba, which are regarded as taboo, and people avoid speaking them when at a shrine; these include shi (death), byō (illness), and shishi (meat).. Tatsuo holds strong faith in Shinto's many charms and ofuda talismans (mainly because she can make them genuine). Should you infract one of these, she will know, and she will show you a rare instance of her genuine displeasure.

- tea
- kitsunes (foxes)
- maintaining the base's Shinto shrine
- telling en-gi (legends about a shrine's foundation) through emakimono (picture scrolls)

- coffee
- alcohol
- being rushed
- unnecessary pain

As the daughter of a Shinto priest, it ingrained the religion and shrine work Tatsuo does in her mind the moment she could comprehend it. She lived a relatively simple childhood, only having to help with the shrine festivals and maintaining it all. As the shrine-maiden, Tatsuo gained respect from members of the local community and learned skills such as cooking, calligraphy, painting, and etiquette. With her mother and father, they lived happy lives in a peaceful community in Izu, where few villains and heroes saw it worth to stay in. This preserved the tranquil atmosphere of her homeland, allowing Tatsuo to focus her lessons more on Shinto and develop an interest in helping others.

The peace would not last for the family, though. The Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami took to the headlines in days. Death tolls in the area counted nearly up to 20,000 casualties, with around 2,500 missing. She and her family were safe in Izu, but her good-hearted priest father needed to help. Spurred by Shinto's own beliefs, Tatsuo begged to come with. So, with the well-wishes of friends and family and one heated debate between father and mother, it was decided. Her mother would stay at home to manage the household while the teenage Tatsuo joined her father in the move to Tōhoku.

Their job was not to assist with medical aid or recovery efforts, but to comfort those who survived. They were just as wounded as the rest; just as much in their mental state. Many turned to anything they could for a source of warmth, and Tatsuo's father wanted to be that source. He found one of the nearby Shinto shrines on higher ground, miraculously unscathed by the disasters, and he quickly set it up. With Tatsuo's help, they reorganized the shrine and cleaned what they could. The Shintoist followers were graced by their entrance, able to find some solace. But while the survivors found at least an ounce of comfort, Tatsuo bore witness to sights she failed to stomach. Though her father wanted to keep her at the shrine while he remained at the triage station, she wanted to help, too. She convinced herself back in Izu that she could handle what was described in the news; but as parents grieved and crying children ran in a desperate search for anyone they recognized, she felt sick to the core.

Before her father could notice her presence, Tatsuo slipped away and hurried past rubble and cold to the shrine. She wanted to help all of them, but it was impossible; what could she have done? As she reached the wooden steps, something rustled in the nearby shrubbery of the damp woods. A wild kitsune of bright orange and white emerged from the shrubbery. It leaped gracefully from lantern to lantern, sniffing around the stones and darting around the shrine. The two made eye contact, with Tatsuo refocusing her tumultuous thoughts on the beautiful animal, returning so quickly after the devastating disaster. And, as quickly as it appeared, the kitsune ran off. Tatsuo thought little of it, other than how unlikely the sighting was. Its appearance put her mind off the grotesque scenery.

She and her father would stay in Tōhoku for weeks. And as each day came and went, as they slept in the old shrine, Tatsuo noticed changes in her father. Whenever he spoke, he sounded worn and coarse. He yawned constantly throughout the day, resting his head in his arms whenever he had a chance before leaving to help the survivors again. The wrinkles on his face sagged further and further, morphing into a permanent frown despite his forced smiles at his daughter and others and his reminders of "I'm fine." There were hundreds of injured and scared at the triage center, and more kept arriving; there were simply too many to help. A fact that frightened young Tatsuo.

One day, while sweeping the shrine grounds, a rescue worker arrived instead of her father. The news he gave made the girl drop her broom, blanching.

Tatsuo's father was now being treated in critical condition. While on a trip to fetch more water for the wounded, the exhaustion and overwork caught up to him. He passed out and fell, slamming his head against a sharp piece of concrete rubble, slipping into unconsciousness. He wasn't found until an hour later when someone went out to look for him. Despite the worker's attempts to calm her down, Tatsuo brushed past him, dashing in the direction of the triage center. But it was dark that night. No lights had been set up to mark a path between the two areas. In minutes, Tatsuo slipped on a wet piece of rock, tumbling down a slope and into a cold patch of muddy water.

Still donning her shrine-maiden outfit, Tatsuo was cold with a sprained foot. Hypothermia posed a threat, and nobody knew where she ran off to. The only person who saw her was the rescue worker who she outran in a panic-stricken fit. She grew scared, falling to her knees in tears. Then she heard the rustling of a bush. Tatsuo perked up, and before her was the bright orange kitsune. It stared at her motionlessly, digging its gaze into the girl. Even through the dark of night, Tatsuo somehow understood what it wanted: for her to follow. As it hopped through the bush it came from, she did as well.

The trail was pitch black, and every step she took barefoot made a repulsive squish between her toes. But she faithfully followed the kitsune, when she ended up in a place that wasn't anywhere in Tōhoku. This area had "a bright lavender hue, and a dry, dirt road beneath hundreds of these enormous torii gates." Passing under these gates was a symbol of purity in Shintoism. With nowhere else to go, Tatsuo followed the kitsune through the path. Partway through, the pain in her foot numbed and vanished. Halfway, thousands of these white orbs (which she would come to learn as the kami) swirled around as if to eye her. At the final torii gate, a vast expanse of knowledge entered her mind.

Tatsuo emerged from the woods, unscathed and cleansed of dirt and mud. To the survivors, many believed an angel had descended at first glance. In the corners of the triage area, two bunsha shrines constructed by themselves over the course of about 10 minutes, made of loose materials that shaped themselves to build it. From these shrines emerged the same white orbs the size of fists. While it initially scared everyone, they quickly felt a warming comfort in their chests. The fear seemingly dissipated, and many couldn't help but smile. Though the wounds did not heal, they did not worsen. And, within the same miracle, Tatsuo's father awoke.

In the aftermath of the Tōhoku rescue efforts, Tatsuo's story became one of heroic welcoming in Izu. The news of her deeds spread, especially through Shinto communities. They believed the kami had blessed her, and those blessings manifested in a quirk to connect her to their realm. She'd spent the next several years into adulthood helping the Tōhoku community and others caught in catastrophe. Eventually, the news reached the ears of the Eagle Agency, and they scouted her out.

Quirk Name:
("way of the kami")

Tatsuo's Quirk connects her to the millions of kami that exist everywhere in the world. Kami are seen to inhabit both the living and the dead, organic and inorganic matter, and natural disasters like earthquakes, droughts, and plagues; their presence is seen in natural forces such as the wind, rain, fire, and sunshine. Kami are believed to be capable of both benevolent and destructive deeds, giving her access to powers that can both repair or harm. If her warnings about good conduct are ignored, the kami can mete out punishment called shinbatsu, which if the kami are able to reach the opponent, affects them with ailments such as illness, nausea, dizziness, sleepiness, etc.

The Eagle Agency's main Shinto shrine houses the yashikigami, the particular kami of a household. It is from this shrine that Tatsuo draws most of her power from. Over the span of a few minutes, Tatuso's Quirk can build a Shinto shrine with torii gates in the area constructed of nearby, loose materials that are solidified and shaped accordingly. Shrines are not necessarily always designed as permanent structures. Establishing a new shrine to a kami who already has one is called bunrei ("dividing the spirit"). The new, subsidiary shrine is known as a bunsha. Individual kami are not believed to have their power diminished by their residence in multiple locations, and there is no limit on the number of places a kami can be enshrined.

Some kami, referred to as the araburu kami, are regarded as being essentially malevolent and destructive. These kami are what she calls upon in combat scenarios. The araburu kami can make the victim more prone to messing up and more sloppier and jagged in their movements. Their reaction time may decrease, too. If more araburu kami afflict them, they sometimes hallucinate a bulky samurai spirit that combats them. This spirit is visible to everyone and disappears after an hour.

Without the kami, Tatsuo is still not entirely useless. She is armed with stacks of protective, good luck majinai (talismans which manipulate events and influence spirits) such as hamaya ("evil-destroying arrows"), dorei (earthenware bells used to pray for good fortune), and ofuda talismans (a talisman made out of various materials such as paper, wood, cloth or metal). These are imbued by Tatsua with the fortune of the kami and some deities, providing protection for her peers who wield them. For example, a gun aimed at them has a chance of jamming. This doesn't give them complete immunity or aversion to all damage.

Tatsuo also wields a haraigushi (purification stick with paper ribbons at the end) which is inhabited by kami. Being struck with it ails the victim with nausea, abrupt illness, disorientation, and can make them faint after a period of time. The effects depend on the evil done by the individual, based on the Shinto key theme that is the avoidance of kegare ("pollution" or "impurity"), while ensuring harae ("purity"). In Japanese thought, humans are seen as fundamentally pure. Kegare is therefore seen as being a temporary condition that can be corrected through achieving harae, which Tatsuo enforces through the haraigushi.

- If Tatsuo is left alone long enough, she can build up multiple bunshas, she can have infinite swaths of kami spewing forth to give support to her peers and ail the opponents. This would be very difficult to counter and fight against.

- Tatsua's repertoire specializes in status effects that support her allies and debuffs enemies. This can turn the tide of a fight, given that she can pull off her abilities in time.

- Tatsua is resilient in both her beliefs and way of life. She attributes this to maintaining the harmonious relationship between mankind and the kami and thus the natural world; if she were to falter, so would this connection. Even if all hope seems lost, Tatsua will refuse to bend the knee.

- When Tatsuo calls upon the kami, they appear in fractions of their power. They are in full visibility as white orbs the size of fists and must hit the opponent to deal their effects and can be hit away. They aren't strong enough to overpower anything, since they're like spirits.

- Tatsuo must establish a bunsha or be near a shrine to call upon the kami and use her powers. If the shrine/bunsha is destroyed, she cannot use the kami.

- Tatsuo has fallen into a support role and needs the help of her teammates to be effective. It takes time for her to build up.

Theme Song:



White Masquerade's Blue Oni
The Paint-Wielding Hero, Chromatic Crusader

Name: Sukemi, Aya

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Height: 5’6’’

Weight: 138lbs

Personality: Aya is an artist. While a bit on the introverted side when it comes to strangers, she is also creative, vibrant, fun-loving, and carefree to those who bother to get to know her. That’s not to say she is without worries. She simply prefers not to overstress herself and works at her own pace. Sleep is her best friend. It’s where she gets all her good ideas, hence why Aya comes off as a little lazy. Her room is a mess. She’s also a bit of an airhead because she’s often in her own world, planning her next art piece, but she actually has strong concentration and focus when it comes to something she is interested in. She appreciates beauty, unstructured activity, variety, unusual sights, and unusual people. A monotone and boring life of listening to others doesn’t suit her…hence heroism. It also pays her bills. Aya is a physical person who experiences the world through her senses—sight, smell, touch, etc—and learns best by doing rather than reading what other people did. She’s also friendly, sincere, and loyal, willing to stand up for a friend no matter the situation. Being introverted doesn’t mean she’s shy and Aya dons a much more assertive, mischievous personality when wearing her hero costume. As a hero, her goal is try and add more color into the world.

Likes: Colors, painting, drawing, putting on make-up, painting her nails, sleeping, exercise, novelty, cats, nature, fruits (especially the tropical ones), coffee, doing things with her hands, art of various forms.

Dislikes: Boring/repetitive/monotone things, the color black, a place that’s too clean/orderly, feeling trapped, sticklers, bullies, close-minded people, injustice.


Though she, like everyone else in her town, admired heroes, heroism wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when Aya thought of a job. The young child found her passion in coloring and drawing. Cool quirks didn’t interest her as much as her father’s art studio, full of canvases, sculptures, and various other artworks. She wanted to draw as well as he did. It felt good whenever people praised her pictures. Therefore, invested in her hobby, Aya wasn’t particularly bothered when her quirk manifested a little later than most (the age of six). She was never bullied for it either, since she had good friends, and learned (from her uncle) how to outpunch any kindergartener that tried to do so even with their baby quirks.

Her father was an art teacher with a quirk that let him change the color of his hair. Her mother, a writer with minor telekinetic abilities. When Aya first displayed her abilities, telekinetically moving some blocks around, she figured she inherited her mother’s quirk. However, Aya learned several days later that this wasn’t the case. One, it wasn’t minor. Two, it was color specific. Learning how to control her ColorKinetic quirk was necessary if Aya didn’t want random things floating around her all the time…so she went to her uncle who worked at the Mind Heroes Agency, which full of heroes possessing psychic-related quirks, and got him to help her. At some point, her grades and P.E. scores from primary school earned her a full scholarship into some private institution called Zero Hero High (never heard of it), which she chose to attend because…well…free scholarship.

Saving/Helping others wasn’t a bad thing either and she’d be getting paid for it. Heroes were popular. It was also something she'd never really tried before.

Aya learned a lot about what it meant to be a hero while in Zero Hero High. Making friends, making connections, and helping her friends design their hero costumes was, in Aya’s opinion, the best part of attending the school. Aya studied hard. Partied plenty. Graduating Zero Hero High with average grades, Aya interned with two pro heroes—the head-banging hero and Paper Samurai—at their agency to gain experience (as their sidekick), while working towards acquiring her hero license—which she got on her second try. Thus, the paint-wielding hero: Chromatic Crusader (C.C. for short) came to be.

Her most notable accomplishment, assisting the capture of the Villain Briar Witch. Other than that, Chromatic Crusader mostly dealt with minor thieves or helping the random kid/cat out a tree…until an argument with Paper Samurai led her to quit working with the pro-hero duo. She interviewed into the Eagle Agency not long after.


ColorKenesis – Aya’s quirk makes it so that the color her eyes absorb are converted into psychic energy in her brain, allowing her telekinetically maneuver anything of that color—even if just a small splotch. For example, if she chooses to absorb and covert the color red, her eyes will turn red, and she will be able to control/telekinetically manipulate anything that has some red in it for a short duration. The same is true of every other perceivable color. Aya can only do this to one color at a time. Her weakness is black, as that absorbs all colors rather than reflecting it back so her eyes can absorb it. She can’t control anything that’s black. Her quirk is less effective in the dark, where she can barely see color at all (unless she brings a flashlight with her). If she uses her powers for too long, she’ll suffer from a temporary color blindness.

Hero Name: Chromatic Crusader

Hero Costume:

Theme Song:

  • She typically carries paints of various colors to give the objects/person the color she wants.
  • Her eyes glow brightly with the color she is controlling, even through the goggles
  • Her apartment has a home art studio where she keeps her various paintings and murals. She is always looking for inspiration.
  • She tends to draw on villain/criminal faces after capturing them.


New Member
Name: Gao Ling

Age: 63

Gender: Male

Appearance: Ling is a human, his skin slightly yellowish and wrinkled because of his old age. At his prime, he had pretty voluminous black hair, but nowadays he is entirely bald. He wears a fu manchu style mustache and beard, both of them gray.

Gao's appearance without using his quirk: tungbl.jpg

While using his quirk: quirk.jpg

Height: 5 feet 08 inches

Weight: 132 lbs

Personality: Ling is a pretty calm and patient senior. He is always willing to help others with what they don’t understand and also pass on the knowledge he obtained through his experience. He has a pretty light-hearted attitude, knowing most things aren’t worth worrying over. Besides that, he is pretty active for a man his age, never turning down a challenge, even when it is out of his league. Some could even say he is daredevil. He also managed to keep his curiosity alive throughout all these years: his sense of wonder is one of the things that keeps this man going, being specially curious about quirks and all the different ways it can manifest. With that, he wants to understand not only others, but also himself better.

Likes: Ling loves company when drinking tea. Besides that, he also likes to play Sudoku to keep his mind sharp, spending hours upon hours solving the puzzles. He also spends a good chunk of his free time training and sharpening his skills. His motto is to always keep learning and improving.

Dislikes: His past brings him great shame, as he never really forgave himself for what he did, keeping it buried and not telling a living soul about it. The old man absolutely hates rude and impatient people, avoiding them at all costs. And, while he has no problem with overconfidence, he also dislikes those who think too much of themselves. He avoids alcoholic beverages completely, never drinking them.

Backstory: Gao was born in the province of Nantian in China. He was born into a pretty humble family and worked on a farm most of his life. The hardship of working on a farm, toiling the soil, planting different seeds such as rice or corn and harvesting may have contributed to his vigor this late in life. His quirk, however, was a big problem during his teens. Ling was a bully and would often use his quirk to harass those weaker than him, always wanting to show that he was the strongest kid around. That went on until he finally met his match: an old, quirkless, martial arts master. Hiroshi was what he was called. The old man became aware of what Gao had been doing, going around and misusing his quirk.
Initially, he tried to get Gao to change his behavior peacefully, trying to explain and show exactly the consequences of his actions. The teen simply didn’t care and threatened the old man, making it clear that he shouldn’t stick his nose where he hadn’t been called. When push came to shove, it wasn’t any surprise that technique defeated raw strength and speed. Because Gao simply wouldn’t give up during their fight, Hiroshi had no other choice but hurt him badly. It took months for the boy to recover from his broken arm, fractured ribs and dislocated leg. During his recovery, those who he had abused got their revenge and, for the first time, Gao experienced exactly what had put the others through. That experience just changed the teen’s wicked character, making it change completely.
As he turned into a young man, moved out of his village and went to live in the nearby city of Ganzhou. There he worked in whatever place he could find work: as a dishwasher, a construction worker, a server. He was happy with whatever could pay his rent and put food on his table. The impression that Hiroshi left on him never disappeared, and he started to learn about martial arts, first through books and movies, although the second source wasn’t that useful. He wanted to become exactly like that old man, not in technique, but help and protect those weaker than him.
On a fateful day, one of his jobs had taken him to the Northeast of Ganzhou, more exactly in Huangzhupai. He was working for a transport company, loading and unloading trucks. At the end of his day, while making his way home, he happened to pass in front of a temple. Out of sheer curiosity, he went up its steps to check the place. To his surprise, he found someone in the middle of the courtyard, training fast and precise strikes, with both their hands and feet. The person was none other than Hiroshi himself. The old man noticed the young Gao watching him and stopped his movements, starting to make his way towards him. The young man simply panicked, thinking that he was due another beating. As the old master approached him, asking him how would he describe what he just saw. It took a bit of time to Gao calm himself down, understand that the old man probably didn’t recognize him, after all, he looked pretty different when he was younger. “The power to protect those in need” - that was the young man’s answer. Hiroshi looked at him for a few moments, narrowing his eyes and scratching his chin. Then he nodded, just saying that he would teach him what he knew, but he had to clean the temple. Gao was so overjoyed of what he had heard that he just smiled and jumped around like a child, which make Hiroshi sigh deeply.
From that moment, Ling’s arduous training started. Having to balance both his odd jobs and his training sure was difficult. He also had to do his best to not end up remember the old man exactly who he was. After years of training, he enrolled (actually pretty late) on one of China’s heroes school. He finally got government’s sanction to use his skills when he was 26, completing the hero course. While never becoming a pro, Gao was able to make a comfortable living as a hero, being able to fulfill his dream of helping other’s after his much-needed change of heart.
When he was 55, he got a pretty good offer from a Japanese agency, relocating and continuing his work in Japan. After a few years of hard work, quite a few of them aiding more powerful and known heroes, sometimes even pros, he got an offer from the Eagle Agency. He didn’t even need to think twice about it.

Quirk(Strengths, Weaknesses, does it mess with physical appearance? Name of quirk): Gao’s quirk improves the old man's physical abilities temporarily. His strength, speed and endurance are greatly enhanced whenever he activates it. During its activation, his body drastically changes, going from his usual height to 6 feet and 50 inches, as well as increasing his weight to 265 lbs, becoming incredibly muscular. This quirk is very taxing to the old man and he is only able to use it for a maximum of 3 hours. After its usage, he will need to rest at least 14 hours before being able to use it again. Quirk name: Raging Spirit.

Hero Name: Mr. Fist

Theme Song:
Other: Gao has learned a few different martial arts, which he uses depending on the situation (kung fu, judo and aikido). The old man has a raspy and a bit creaky voice.



  • Name: Ember and Neptune (Birthname is Yuki Kitogawa)

    Hero Team Name: Obsidian Duo
    Embers Hero name: Pink Pyro
    Neptune: Violet Vengeance

    Gender: Male and Female

    Age: 20

    Embers Sexuality: Pansexual Panromantic Polymerous
    Neptune's Sexuality: "Don't you know that's rude to ask, darling?"

    Embers Likes: Bunnies, Cuddling, Burning shit, Dogs, Getting people flustered, pranks, pizza and Blondies
    Embers Dislikes: Cats, Coldness, The burn scars across her body, Spiders, Clowns, Condescending people and Being oversexualized

    Neptune's Likes: Bubble baths, Embers Smile, Small girls, Making his friends laugh, Sharp objects and Swimming
    Neptune's Dislikes: Most people, most animals, Heavy Heat, Dryness, The color yellow, Disloyalty, Liars and Ungrateful people.
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incredibly lost
Name: Charlotte Hazel Peters

Age/DOB: 23 // November 2, 1997

Birthplace: San Jose, California

Race: Caucasian/White

Gender/Pronouns: Female (She/her)

Charlie: This is Charlotte’s preferred name, and most of the people she knows will call her by it. Anyone who doesn’t use this name is probably an acquaintance to her or a complete stranger.

Alias (If applicable): Haywire

Affiliation/Role: Underground Hero

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good

Quirk: Technokinesis

Summary: Charlie has the ability to manipulate electronic/digital technology to her own will without having any physical contact with said machinery. Anything of the sort can be made to function or malfunction to her own desire. When Charlie uses her powers her eyes begin to glow a bright white (similar to a fluorescent white light). Sometimes while using her quirk her hair may begin to stand up or float (again, similar to Aizawa when he uses his quirk, just not as extreme. It resembles our hair’s response to static electricity.)

Strengths: Charlie is able to manipulate any kind of electronic tech as long as she is within a certain distance (right now the farthest she has gone without any kind of aid is around three miles. With tools made for her by the support crew, she is able to manipulate tech that is up to ten miles away.) This includes listening to messages, calls, texts, or sending them out as well. While honing in on her quirk, she learned that she needed to practice electrokinesis as well to make things easier on her and not use up so much energy. However, this is a newer discovery so it’s still fresh for her.

Weaknesses: Since Charlie is connected to the world of electronics and binary, any channels that she opens means that she has the unfortunate possibility of being manipulated as well. It hasn’t happened yet, mostly because nobody knows of this. Charlie only discovered this when someone thought she was an infamous hacker, and attempted to get back at her for snooping around. Thankfully, her power overtook the hacker’s prowess, otherwise.. Who knows what would have happened?

Besides that, she also can manipulate technology for so long before running out of energy, just like any other quirk user. However, the less energy she has, the more susceptible she is to being “hacked”.

Charlie has never been much of a fighter, because she prefers to fight behind a computer screen. However, over the years she had built quite the underground reputation for herself as a sort of Robin Hood, making her quite the target for several different organizations. Because of this, she has had to train, giving her a toned figure, closer to that of an hourglass figure thanks to her weight training.

Skin: Charlie’s skin is pretty fair, thanks to her nocturnal sleeping schedule. That, and the fact that she usually works indoors, in the dark. Scattered along her body are the occasional scars, mostly covered by traditional Japanese style tattoos.

Hair: Charlie’s hair texture is relatively thin, although she has a lot of it, and it grows fast. As of right now, her hair is cut into a flat bob, and is in her natural black color. Occasionally, she will bleach and dye her hair herself out of pure boredom.

Height: Charlie stands at a mighty 5’4”

Eyes: Charlie’s eyes are a light blue, near teal color. They are quite striking and are almost always the first thing people notice about her.



From birth, Charlie had always been sick for one reason or another. Come to find out, an unknown illness had made her immune system very weak, leaving her life expectancy to be less than ten years old. This meant that for the early years of her life she lived within the confines of hospital rooms, often decorated to her liking by her parents and nurses. It meant lots to her up to a certain point, of course. There was something draining about watching the optimism in your parent’s eyes slowly disappear day in and day out, despite their efforts.

Charlie’s dad worked in IT, given their residence in Silicon Valley. This meant that he would often spend nights with his computer set up on a table given to them in the hospital room while her mother slept in the room. Thanks to this job, it was also how Charlie’s quirk was discovered. While she was sleeping, an IM message popped up saying “I love you, daddy!” At first, he thought he was going absolutely crazy, until he looked up and saw her dark hair slowly float above the pillows.

This quirk got her dad’s gears turning, much to her mother’s eventual dismay. Charlie’s mom was beginning to feel uncomfortable with her husband trying to make their daughter train a quirk that she may not even get to use in her future. However, he had a plan, and he was desperate to keep his four year old alive. His plan? To have Charlie upload her consciousness onto his computer so that he could export it back into a whole new body. A healthy body.

Once Charlie’s mom caught onto what he was doing, watching him how much Charlie could communicate and interact with tech and bring herself into the world of the binary, she was furious, and more importantly, scared for her daughter, and whatever child her husband planned to steal their soul from.

It took almost a year, but Charlie’s father finally felt ready, and so did Charlie. After all, this was the most exciting adventure she’s had.. Ever! She was going to go on a trip to a place where no one has ever gone before!
And so she did, entering a deep enough sleep to where she managed to fully immerse herself into the world of binary. Charlie doesn’t remember much, as it felt more like a deep sleep with random bursts of nightmares than anything else. All she remembers is that she wanted out. Bad. She begged through whatever means necessary, over and over again, to be freed. Charlie despised it, as most four year olds would, to a point where she would rather be in her dying body than be stuck there any longer.

Too caught up in the fear of losing his daughter forever, he almost refused, having to be convinced by his wife, who only knew what was happening when the heart monitor, along with the other several alarms in the room, began beeping so loudly that practically the entire hospital could hear. Eventually, Charlie’s dad blocked the firewall that stopped her from leaving his computer, letting her back into her own body. When she woke, she was hysterical, not even able to look her father in the eye for weeks.

While still living in the hospital, it took at least a year for her to be able to feel semi-comfortable using her quirk again. Once she did, she decided to try and take control. She started small, and eventually worked her way up to a point where she could easily operate machinery without breaking a sweat.

Thanks to the hospital staff working tirelessly to find a cure for the girl, Charlie pushed through her illness, finally being able to have a semi-normal life at the age of 16. At this point, her parents had gotten a divorce, not being able to move past her father’s heinous attempt of moving her daughter’s consciousness. From there, Charlie spent the rest of her high school years in California, where she kept developing a name for herself by using her quirk for good, deciding to attack big conglomerates that took advantage of the weak. It wasn’t until her graduation that Charlie decided to leave Cali and spend her days in Japan. How could she not? There was so much to explore, and she was getting too bored of her current home. Charlie officially moved to Japan at age 18.

Charlie is definitely more on the introverted side, however, she can still be quite charismatic if need be. Many have called her an irritable smart-ass, especially if she is forced to work with too many people. She enjoys her youth, and tends to live more on the edge due to the fact that her mother kept her sheltered for most of her life. Charlie is also very blunt, and sometimes a bit cold, something that she thinks is due to her trip to the unknown. The woman has mostly gotten over her fear of her own quirk, but deep down she still fears that she could lose herself to the cold world of code. She’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto her humanity.

Positive: Straight-forward, adaptive, charismatic, hard-working

Stubborn, irritable, unsympathetic, rebellious


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artistic shrimp
basic information;
name: ugetsu minase
hero name: phantasm
age: twenty-two
gender: male

height: 5’3”
weight: 131lbs

Vertically challenged, lacking a single rugged inch on his body, and possessing eyes entirely too placid for such a tumultuous career, Ugetsu Minase looks every bit the entitled rich brat he is than a professional hero. His “jellyfish” hair frames his face too softly, silky and short save for the two longer strands that fade into a purple ombre at their tips. It is only the tranquil but confident smile perpetually etched onto his facial features that suggest he’s more reliable than he looks.

His fashion tends to be on the subtler side, but closer observation shows that his attire and accessories appear carefully selected. That is, he’ll match the occasion, but he seems to care little for whether the clothes on his back are meant for men or women. The only item in his daily ensemble that remains constant is the umbrella that he insistently totes around even when there’s not a cloud in the sky. The teru teru bozu hung on its handle adds a childish touch to it.

Luce’s prodigal son. Despite being privy to the finer details behind finance and fashion, being spoiled rotten has led to him gallivanting off to become a hero instead of contributing to the company. Conversely, he is a surprisingly collected individual despite his youthful appearance and childish reasons for joining Eagle Agency.

While his quirk embodies the ocean depths, Ugetsu himself is best painted in the image of an underground lake. Contrary to the violent tides that surge beneath treacherous waters, his words are playful but polite and his expressions are tranquil, promising a stable reassuring shoulder to lean on. Empathy is like second-nature to him, and even if the other lashes out maliciously, he remains wholly devoted to the cause of helping them nonetheless. He is not frugal with the amount of attention he gives others, and his patience extends to a near frightening extent. In fact, very few can claim to have ever seen him so much as frown or twitch a brow in irritation. If his gaze isn’t blank in contemplation, then his expression is forever fixed in a subtle curve of a smile.

Ugetsu’s kind and considerate facade belies the empty depths of his pale rubescent eyes. His ability to calmly assess any situation and make clear cut decisions makes him a reliable comrade in most situations. However, that same cool calm remains even in the face of the most grotesque taunts and evil acts, smiling at an enemy the same way he would a friend. In fact, should a once friend betray him, he might show a brief flash of disappointment, but nevertheless switches back to his usual carefree demeanor as if he had expected it all along. He takes everything in stride precisely because he is a cynic at heart. The moment he loses his reason to keep someone “happy”, he swaps his manner of treating them as easily as flipping the switch to a light. Love and hatred are concepts, and whether a person is an enemy or an ally depends solely on which way their scale happens to tip. Just as he never leaves a debt unpaid, he keeps careful receipts of every transgression made against him, though none notice past his sunny exterior.

- people, rain, jellyfish, snacks with weird flavors, food spicy enough to make grown men cry, watercolor and ink paintings​

- people, rain, chihuahuas and pomeranians, cats (allergy), burnt curry, the smell of antiseptic​

“I am a cat. As yet I have no name.”

A cough and a shaky inhale.

“Living as I do with human beings, the more that I observe them, the more I am forced to conclude that they are selfish.”

He gripped the hem of her shirt tightly with uncertainty, but the hand caressing his head gently urged him to continue, to not fall asleep.

“The autumn leaves, arranged in two or three scarlet terraces among the pine trees, have fallen like ancient dreams.”

Words bled away into an incessant buzz as the ache gnawing against his skull returned. Still, his lips kept moving, spewing whatever lines and jumbled paragraphs he happened to remember to keep them company within the darkness. As he fought against the haze threatening to devour his mind, shouts cut over his dying voice, and the arms wrapped around his waist wound themselves tighter.

Noisy, he thought. And bright. He squeezed his eyes shut as the harsh screech of metal scraping against stone accompanied the sudden stream of light. Pebbles (or were they shoes?) clattered chaotically against the floor, and he felt something rough briefly touch upon his jaw. Then, it moved to pull him away from the warmth curled around him.

No, don’t take her away.

“It’s ok. We’re safe now.”

And with those words, he collapsed into sleep’s embrace.


In truth, Ugetsu remembers very little about the incident. Whether it be how long they spent trapped in that room, the names of the kidnappers, or the face of the hero who saved them, the seven-year-old could only rely on others to recapitulate the details for him. The singular distinct memory his hazy mind could clutch onto desperately was the promise he’d made with baaya while he’d dazedly hooked pinkies with that soft and aged hand.

“████████████████████████████ Pinky swear, whoever lies will be made to swallow a thousand needles.”

After that day, he never saw her again.

“She was scared of those bad people you met and didn’t want to be with us anymore,” they’d claimed. Naive as he was, the child could still see the strained smiles covering those lies. Being unable to understand the exact reasons behind why they’d sent her away, the temptation to throw a tantrum was an ever present emotion that bubbled under his obedient shell. However, he kept that lid shut tight, for he’d made a promise.

For the first month following the incident, his parents had fretted over his strange behavior. He never cried or made a fuss, and any negative emotion was quickly bit back. Outsiders praised the boy for being so polite and well-behaved, and they too soon adopted the same mindset. Perhaps the boy had simply matured.

The seasons passed with each week reflecting the same numbing tasks. On some days, he’d be treated to a break from his studies. On others, he’d obediently sit down and listen while his older siblings inquired about what he thought about his future at the behest of their absent parents. His answer never changed. It was only natural for him to pursue what was expected of him. That is, until a certain incident happened to catch his eye.

It had been a spur of the moment decision, perhaps resultant of relating to the child’s plight. Given that the villain’s attention had been focused on the hero at the scene, it was a simple matter to catch the villain off guard and tug him off balance. Acting quickly, he successfully swept the child used as leverage against the hero off to safety, allowing the hero to detain the villain with ease. During the aftermath, the child’s parents thanked him while the hero had praised him with several pats on the head. However, rather than swell with pride at their words, Ugetsu only stared at the little girl waving in the distance.

“Do heroes make people happy?” he asked.

The hero let out a throaty laugh and pointed towards the child, “do you not see the smile on her and her parents’ faces?”

Ugetsu lowered his gaze in contemplation. After a brief pause, he nodded, “I suppose so.”

Fortunately, it didn’t take much for Ugetsu to convince his parents to allow him to attend a hero school. Though concerned over his safety, they were parents who only knew how to spoil him by allowing him to do as he pleased. After all, whatever path he decided on had little impact on the company as the youngest of five children.

Everything was smooth sailing as it always had been, whether it be graduating or his employment at Eagle Agency. Except, Ugetsu had never expected that his long-held promise would wither on the same day he had officially become a hero.

As rain trickled down the contours of his chin, he crouched and gently ran his hand across polished stone.

Touko Yanagi


Rainy Moment

Every step Ugetsu takes generates ripples, as if he is walking on water rather than on earth. His quirk stores these ripples as a form of energy, and as the number of ripples accumulate, so does the potential output of his quirk when finally released. Upon activation of his quirk, a light shower of rain begins to fall within a five foot radius of Sui (regardless of whether there are clouds in the sky or not), and a shallow, mirror-like pool of water forms wherever he steps. From within this pool, he is capable of pulling out a variety of watery creatures (or parts of them) that resemble the shapes of animals from the sea. Each creature consumes a set range of accumulated ripples and possesses unique strengths and weaknesses.

Fish: Wastes of energy at their worst and a cute party trick at best. Ugetsu’s fish come relatively cheap at a price of fifty to a hundred ripples, but they’re virtually useless. On the bright side, they stick around for a while and are useful for wetting floors.

Jellyfish: Consuming roughly a thousand ripples per jellyfish, these creatures are seemingly the most efficient mimics within Ugetsu’s arsenal given their painful and later numbing stings (though not fatal). However, jellyfish are passive by nature, requiring strategic placement or deployment within close quarters. In addition, Ugetsu himself is not immune to their stings, making it a painful experience if he gets caught within a stray tentacle.

Octopus: Ugetsu’s most commonly summoned creature is an octopus—or rather its 6ft long tentacles. For the sake of cost-efficiency, the tentacles lack an independent body and are rooted in the spot they first appear. As a result, they’re entirely stationary once summoned forth but consume only six hundred ripples per tentacle while still being durable and packing a punch.

Manta Ray: Has no combative functions and is useful only for transport. Though it consumes three thousand ripples, it lasts for a while.

Shark: Consumes two thousand ripples and lasts for a very brief span of time. Ugetsu’s typical use of a shark is to get one bite in before disappearing back into the watery void it appeared from. Only the head ever pops out of its pool.

Whale: Ugetsu’s trump card. When in need of a heavy impact over a large area, he is capable of generating the large tail of a whale that slams down on the intended target. The tail on its own consumes ten thousand ripples, and its size makes it difficult to use unless the opponent is in an open area on their own, making its use rather niche.​

Ugetsu’s summons can only appear from within wet areas, typically the pool under his feet or in a smaller puddle left behind by his fish. This means that evaporating any water he leaves on the floor reduces the number of “gates” he can summon them from. On the reverse side, watery environments and rain aid him greatly. In addition, the ripples his quirk stores doubles when walking outside in rainy weather.

With all that said, Ugetsu is heavily dependent on his quirk and is not much of a frontline fighter. Training in martial arts would mean he has less time to walk around and about to feed his quirk. Or so he claims.

theme song;

  1. Running is an inefficient way of generating ripples as they’re based on the number of times his feet have hit the floor rather than distance traveled. Due to the way his quirk works, he is constantly walking in place even when sitting down. His pace is very leisurely, but the extra ripples have saved his hide on more than one occasion.
  2. In the past, Ugetsu used to not mind the rain but knew how to take the hint when people avoided the drenched boy on public transportation. His umbrella both shields him from the rain from his quirk and acts as a backup weapon of sorts. It is surprisingly heavy and feels like getting hit by a steel bat.
  3. The vast majority of his clothes are prototypes and experimental stock from Luce, some of which were designed by Ugetsu himself whenever he felt like it.
  4. Would rather open his wallet for his friends rather than for personal needs, for whatever reason.
  5. Never bothers to correct anyone if they mistake his age and gender.

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