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Fandom You are Marvelous


Hi everyone I am looking for a Marvel rp. I can happily double as anyone you wish. I am really really looking for someone to double as Matt Murdock for my oc but I will also take Steve rogers.

So now on to the rules. There are not many so here we go. Please be over the age of 18. , I love long posts but i do understand that sometimes we really get going and shorter replies happen. I love OOC chat. Please I have no life and i enjoy talking to people, tell me about the weather, i love doubling your pets anything you want let's just talk and be friends. I am really drawing a blank on the other rules that i have so sorry. Be kind, like i said I have no life so i can reply pretty much all the time. I kinda prefer female rpers. I will rp with males but just now I am looking for more romance and fluff. I do like drama so that will be in there as. I am on pretty much daily but I also know that not everyone has the same freedom as I do. If i don't hear from you within 3 days than I will message you to check on on you. I will kinda keep checking in at different times for about 2 weeks and than I will stop for awhile and I may just randomly check in on you. If you have read this tell me your favorite Daredevil line

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