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YOU ARE A GOD! (Characters and Factions)

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His Majesty Henry VIII

This is the Characters and Faction status thread for YOU ARE A GOD! Describe your character (sharing as little as an introduction to who they are or as much that is secret as you're comfortable with revealing), their lands and holdings (which will include a minimum of publicly available information), and, finally, wealth and resources (likewise). Strive for good bookkeeping to keep the game moving.


His Majesty Henry VIII

Xeres, the ancient 'Last Overlord' of the Eternal Empire of Muurdaan, is a demi-god human, finally returning to the surface from his millennia of exile entombed within the old foundations of the Capital after the Underlords abandoned the prime material plane in the twilight of the Age of Man. Having resigned his former position in light of his people's inevitable renunciation of justice for prophesied assurances of prosperity, as an outcast he had protected a dream that he no longer believed in, serving as the final line of defense for it's seat of power. Overlord Xeres intends to use what little time he has left on Avecury to secure a future for humanity.

Auriel Maza

Professor of Cuddles
Hajova of the Night

Memeber of the Kahinzi Pantheon


Hajova of the Night formed from the collection of many spirits. From them, she collected and refined great wisdom that unified the followers of those spirits. As their new single Teotl, they traveled to Hajova's reformation location known as Witch-Haven. There, they became one people under Hajova's guidance, learning the power of the night, nature, and the blood within their veins. She's known to be considerate, fair, and wise to all, regardless of their origin. With her power, she intends to unite the spirits under her banner, however, Hajova has not revealed why.

Beyond the image above, Hajova's body is a black mist that melds and forms to her desires, though she often has four arms and a humanoid form. She may also dematerialize herself so that she appears as a floating misty black ball. When materialized, she floats on a white cushion. Above her lays her golden arch, it shears with purple energy, creating feather-like shapes. Her runes and insignias denote the language Oshinec, the language that the spirits that formed her used. Many of these writings detail the accomplishments and history of those spirits, though Hajova has not let anyone translate them or write them anywhere else. She often gives off a faint glow of all the colors of the rainbow across her arch. Many hypothesize that the spirits that combined together still exist, in some form, inside of her.


Winter 1 Turn 1: Nation Building - YOU ARE A GOD! (Roleplay)
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The Emerald Knight
Goddess of the Wilds
~ The Royal Forest ~

  • The Mother of Foxes was not always a Goddess.

    Long ago, in times now long past, She bore witness to the rise and fall of the Old Gods. In those times, She existed as a spirit, a simple Kitsune of the wilderness, protecting the natural world from those that would do it senseless harm. Some humans knew of Her back then. Kitsune are rare supernaturals, but not so rare as to be completely unknown to mortal kind. Those humans possessed of wisdom knew better than to anger the otherwise gentle spirit of the wilds. Those that lived close to Her wilderness would know to give all due respect to the wilds and its denizens, to only take what is needed and never to waste what is useful, and for what cannot be used to be given back to the natural world. Those wise enough to show this respect earned themselves the favour of the Kitsune, and at times even Her protection. Cruel bandits and twisted monsters never rooted themselves within Her wilds, for She would never permit it. Her lands were safe and clear because of Her considerate guardianship, and every human who lived close to her wilds knew they owed their peace to the Kitsune.

    As the centuries slipped by, the humans came to recognise the Kitsune as something more than just a spirit. Many would build shrines to the Kitsune, where they would give offers and make prayers to Her, asking for Her blessings and giving thanks for Her protection. Foxes, the recognised children of the Kitsune, started making regular appearances at these shrines, and rather than make offerings to the shrines, people started to make offerings to the foxes instead. Those whose offers were accepted by Her children would receive their requested blessings. Farmers would see their fields bloom with a bumper crop, those stricken with deadly disease and sickness would miraculously see their ailments fade in a matter of days, but perhaps the greatest of Her blessings would be granted to those who struggled to bear children of their own.

    Having children of one's own can be a dangerous game, especially in ignorant times. For those who struggle to conceive, all manner of quacks and charlatans exist, preying on the desperation and hopelessness of the unfortunate. If there is one thing all living creatures should experience, it is the joys of parenthood, and the blessings children bring into the lives of their parents. For those whose hearts bleed for the hope of children, but for whom nature callously turned away from, the Kitsune chooses to intervene. Hopeful parents travelled far and wide to find themselves before the Kitsune's shrine, giving their offers to Her children, and begging for Her help to be gifted with children of their own. What mother's heart would not break to hear such struggles? Whose soul could be so dark and cold to deny such requests?

    Those hopeful mothers whose offers were accepted by the Kitsune's children would soon find themselves heavy with a child of their own. When such is realised, many weeped for such a blessed gift. Many praised the Kitsune for her boundless generosity and kindness. And many would cease to see Her as a simple spirit of the wilderness, and start to see her instead for what she has now become.

    A Goddess. Their Goddess. Patron of Mothers. Warder of Life. Guardian Deity of Fertility.


Mister Zero

Allesvasser the Oracle

Allesvasser the Oracle.jpg

The Allesvasser or Allwater is an oracular spirt bound into a fountain atop a natural spring in the region known as Undersprings. It has been bound there for several ages, patiently building its faith in that mountainous region. Due to its condition, it must possess a vessel to go beyond the limits of its fountain. The vessel is usually a member of the faithful, selected from either the Vasserfolk or one of the Knights of Evermight present in Vasserhold. The Allesvasser has taken precautions to protect itself as it has forged its holdings in Underspring. The fountain itself has had a throne room built over it along with an entire fortress stronghold built around that. Generally the Allesvasser wanders those halls pondering its various course of action. It is not fast to act, but its plans are often intricate and and interweaving, guiding by its gift of prophecy combined an inhuman patient and calm. Anger is rare in the Allesvasser even in difficult situations, but when the waters of warth have built, they can pour fourth and wreck terrible damage upon those who attempt to interfere with its grand designs.

Population: 7,500
The Vasserfolk are generally of human stock though they tend towards larger, more poweful builds. They are the inhabitants of Undersprings and have been followers of the Allesvasser for generations now. Mainly proudly proclaim their superior physical forms are a blessing from their devotion to the Allesvasser, partaking of the waters that from from it through a system of aqueducts that the various Vasserfolk holdings have built together. Most Vasserfolk stand between 6' and 7' with some larger exceptions. They are a harsh but dedicated people who have seen the rewards of following their Oracle. The waters of Allesvasser flow freely to these people, helping them to be sustained and stay strong, ensuring any who would attack Undersprings will have a most difficult time taking it from its people and their chosen god.

Knights of Evermight
Standing Amount: 1,000
The Knights of Evermight are those mortals who have sworn themselves to the service of the Allesvasser and its curious goals. They are empowered by the Allesvasser. These people carry an armored vial of water from the font of the Allesvasser. Generally their training is hard and the powers of the Allesvasser make them strong and insanely durable, resisting the cold of Undersprings or the magics of foreign powers with an impressive defensive ability. They rely on brutal strength to compliment their defense, favoring large hammers bearing the mark of the Allesvasser. The Knights stay within the confines of Vasserhold, acting as the direct agents and warriors of their Oracle. The general form of induction for a Knight as full member is to be taken to the throne room of the Allesvasser and be drowned close to death in the pools of the throne room, the divine waters saving them in the end to be reborn as a Knight of Evermight, blessed fully with the gifts of the Allesvasser.


Magical Defenses +, Luxury +
Vasserhold is the fortress home of the Allesvasser nested among the peaks of Undersprings. It is the end result of the calm planning of the Oracle to defend itself against attackers. The fortress is designed so that no army can easily access it without a siege. A work of effort by the faithful to provide a home suited for their guiding patron. The fortress also houses the personal army of the Allesvasser, the Knights of Evermight. Their training is handled here entirely including the brutal induction ceremony that fully infuses a Knight with their link to the Allesvasser. The fortress has magic worked upon to further guard against foes, but is also supporting a level of luxury rare in the Undersprings. It is considered a just reward for the Knights of Evermight to have such luxury as they must risk life and limb in servive of the Allesvasser, protecting its interest and carrying out campaigns against those who would dare to raise a hand against he workings of the Oracle.​
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"Echidna, Mother of Monsters, Queen of the Living and the Dead", sometimes referred to as "The Great Mother", is a monstrous half titan creature from the age of monsters. She is the first Lamia, and one of the few remaining old gods left to roam the earth. There is some amount of mystery surrounding her exact abilities, but it is known that she rarely acts directly, preferring to send loyal subordinates to act upon her will instead. A number of her subordinates are warriors and leaders of some repute, with a few rumored to be magically gifted.

The island nation of Berytos over which Echidna rules is a small but wealthy nation of sailors, fishermen and skilled craftsmen. Until recently, Berytos has been somewhat isolationist, interacting little with other nations aside from a steady stream of merchants bringing goods for trade. In recent times, Berytan ships have become a more common sight in many port cities, frequently with cargo holds full of fine cloth garments, silver jewelry, fruits, fish, pearls, furs of exotic jungle creatures and various other goods to trade for whatever goods these merchants seek to bring back to their home island. These merchants and sailors are the most familiar members of Berytos to outsiders, but of the few who have ventured to Berytos itself, they speak of a thriving society of free people, where human and colossi live side by side.

Colossi are dark skinned half-humans with the blood of giants in them. They are taller and stronger than ordinary humans, and often wiser due to their longer life spans, but are not as tall or as strong as true giants. Despite being few in number, many have found their way to the top of Berytan society due to their strength and wisdom, but they rarely venture far from their home isle.


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One Thousand Club
The Improbable Pot


The Pot has been unearthed by Attolian colonials, and with its discovery, tidings of the end of the world. Now based in the ancient ruins of Attolia, the Pot and the Attolians have taken it up on themselves to rebuild and fend for themselves in these uncertain times. A mighty fortress has been raised in the ruins of Attolia, housing and protecting the remains of Attolian colonials and society while vehemently defended by Kriegan Bannermen, skilled martial warriors who fight with sword and bow while proudly flying the flags. The Kriegan in particular are blessed with gifts of the Improbable Pot. During peace, the Kriegan Bannermen find themselves practicing their spirituality by acting as monks, wearing pot shaped hats that are manifestations of the lack of personal ego. They spend time meditating and searching for spiritual enlightenment under the guidance of the Improbable Pot with the use of flutes as a meditative tool and healing modality. However, during war, they drop their flutes and hats to pick up the sword, bow, armor, and a fearsome mask.



The Attolians are also notable for their naval traditions and opens ports. Currently, they offer Exotic Birds from the eastern continent as a trade good.
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Happy Necromancer
Inziim, The Lich

There is not much known of Inziim's earlier life. Most of it is filled with rumors and hearsay. They say that even before he became the God of these lands, that he was the Lord of the Silverlanes. Even back then, the place was said to be beautiful and filled with a kind and caring people that helped one another. Things had been as they always had, at least until the bandits had arrived. They had slaughtered many people until they reached the castle. Supposedly, even then, Inziim was powerful in the ways of death magic, but what he had back then pales in comparison to what he has now. Using his magic, he raised the fallen to fight and defend their homes, killing the Bandits and driving back the rest.

It was then that he laid the villagers back down to their final resting places. He did not want those that had no choice in the matter, those that were under his care, become undead.

Inziim studying vast magic and eventually became a Lich so that he would have the raw power and energies to do what he set out to do. Protect those that are under his care. With a large army, he tracked down the bandits, slaughtering all of them and raising them as his undead soldiers. As murderers of the innocent, they would now be condemned to protect those that they had once hunted. It was a fitting end for them.

As time went on, those who were under his protection would offer themselves that when they died, Inziim would be allowed to raise them to protect the others. The Lich took this to heart. His people would only be raised from the dead to fight as the undead as long as they wished it. Any allies and those that fall under his prevue would be under the same restrictions.

Inziim is a man of lawful discourse.

At least, that is how the rumors go.

For now, he mostly seems to be a harmless skeleton that lives up in his fortress, wearing fancy nobles clothes and taking care of his people as it has always been since they can all remember.



The Knife
Kamaitachi and the Pale Sisters

Kamaitachi is a mighty if unthreatening God. Content with her life in the wilds of the Pale Sisters, Kamaitachi is now either a divine joke or a tool of almighty intervention and very much fits the role of Pretender, being naïve to the ways of the Gods and the nations of the world. However she is still very much a divine being, holding and harnessing great powers to which she uses to quell and convert the beings of the world.


Her followers were the first to witness such displays of power, and being creatures of great magic and superstition easily took her appearance as a sign, the name of Kamaitachi bestowed on the meek being by them themselves. A somewhat savage people, the populace live their life's sheltered by ancient tradition amongst the shadow of a great castle though whether the city was originally there's or just stolen from it's former inhabitants remains a mystery.

Neglection on their part, one way or another, has led to their home looking somewhat dishevelled though it's snow covered defences remain firm, safe within it's place in the mountain and surrounded by thick/fibrous trees



Dark Lord of Creativity
Gol-Remez the One Above All:​
Starting life as a normal Human, the man who would become Gol-Remez had the misfortune (or good luck) to have his mortal form unwoven and remade into a harbinger for the Elder God Selederotha the Host. Time taught him patience even as his sanity eroded and his morality vanished with his mortality. With his former master gone Gol-Remez sought to re-enter reality, only to find the way blocked. He now seeks to find a way to once again enjoy the pleasures of the physical world, with the only way to do so being to remake all of existence in his own image.

Selfish above all else, Gol-Remez's seeming benevolence would end immediately if doing so would achieve his final goal. He rewards his followers because doing so enhances their ability and desire to serve him (and provides an ego boost) and ruins his enemies because doing so ends their ability and desire to stand in the way of his goals (and he's not without sadism).

Although his following isn't the largest, Gol-Remez's religion boasts some of the most devout worshipers, who believe that when the Great Work is done Gol-Remez will create a Paradise for all. That this Paradise requires that the world first be ended does not bother them, for they know they will be remade in the world to come.


New Member
Tark The God of Orcs

Tark loves his children. and likes to gift his greatest warriors Torgs giant Orcs with great strength. The citadel of the Orcs is called Dokting it is filled with Orcs patrolling almost every day it is a wicked place filled with Wolves, Panthers, and Lions

Tark is a cruel god to people he doesn't trust if you prove that you are his equal and will not betray you he will fight alongside you without question. Tark is rude and often dirty and unkept his place of residence is not a compliment to the eyes it is mangled filled with bodies of servants who opposed him. Tark is known for his specialization in torture he has a lot of knowledge about how to get info out of a person.

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