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Fandom Yorozuya | Mixed-Genre RP Idea


Not A Llama...







The RP Style

Ok so this RP is basicly a Mixed Genre-RP with a keynote on the Comedy aspect.

While it will be mainly a light-hearted and comedy/parody-RP, it will definitely

have dramatic/action-packed and mysterious side-arcs!






The setting

The Yorozuya, which basicly means The Odd Jobs, is an organization run by

misfits of all races, genders, ages and even species.

The Yorozuya does all sorts of jobs for money and by doing so

they gain a foothold in many factions, areas, organizations, ...

Which has its benefits but also many downsides considering they get sucked into

all kinds of crazy adventures.

The city the Yorozuya is located in, Edo, is rather unique. It was the location where the first Aliens appeared,

so they are the most influenced by the Aliens, who have been living alongside Earthlings for several years now.

The city has The Terminal, which is a huge "space-portal" where ships and vessels arrive and depart on a regular.

The rest of Edo is divided by factions, which I willl elaborate on later.

Edo can be considered a feudal japanese city, but with modern culture/alien technology present aswell.






The Factions
#1 The Yorozuya:

As said before, it's an organization who does all types of jobs for money.

It's formed by Sakata Gintoki, a former Anti-Alien Patriot, known as the White Yaksha ( The White Demon),

a nickname earned because of his silver/white hair and his ferocity in the Alien Expulsion War.

He left that life behind, eventhough ghosts from the past still appear often.

He has 3 members in his faction, excluding himself.

The faction is a small organization and few in numbers, yet their actions are large.

They live on the 2nd floor of a two-story building, with the first floor belonging to

a crummy old snack bar run by an old bat who constantly harasses the Yorozuya for

rentmoney. The old bat is called Otose, one of the Four Daevas of Edo.

But more on that later.

#2 Otose's (Daeva) Faction:

Otose's Faction, the cranky old bat who lives beneath the Yorozuya, has no members in her faction.

Only family.

She's considered one of the Four Daevas of Edo, meaning one of the Four "Rulers" of Edo.

Yet she has no "military" power, only a considerate heart and a good listening ear.

She runs an old snack bar and has a cat-alien ex-thief as part of her family along with a robot with a soul.

The Yorozuya is tightly linked to this faction due to the hate/care-relationship between

Otose & Gintoki.

If anyone tries anything funny on Otose's turf, they soon find themselves facing the White Yaksha,

who's the unofficial/official Wankurou of Otose. (Wankurou = Watchdog)

#3 Hatta's (Daeva) Faction:

Hatta, The Peacock Princess, is the ruler of Edo's nightlife. She owns all the casinos in Edo

and is rumored to have ties to crazy people like the Harusame Space Pirates.

There's also rumored that she has a hidden agenda and has her eyes set on becoming the only Daeva of Edo.

Right now she is considered the most influencial Daeva of The Four.

#4 Saigo's (Daeva) Faction:

Mademoiselle Saigo is another Patriot of the Alien Expulsion War, he is said to have only worn a white loincloth when he teared an entire alien ship's crew apart

with his bare hands. He has, like Gintoki, given up on that life and has become an Okama (Tranny/Crossdresser) who owns a Tranny Nightclub.

Saigo's Faction holds only trannies, but there are rumors going around that many of them are former patriots and are not to be meddled with.

Saigo is by far the physically strongest Daeva of The Four.

#5 Jirocho's (Daeva) Faction:

Jirocho the Gallant, is a mysterious Daeva who hasn't been seen in public for over a year now. His faction is

the strongest Yakuza gang of Edo. His 2nd-in-command, Katsuo Black Piece, keeps the faction in check.

While Jirocho remains cloaked in shadows, his faction does not and acts like typical Yakuza.

Jirocho was another famous Patriot of the Alien Expulsion War and is said to have unmatched skills with the blade.

Jirocho is considered the strongest, in combat, Daeva of The Four.

It is also rumored he has a past with Otose.

#6 Anti-Alien Terrorist Factions:

The Anti-Alien Terrorists constantly scheme new plots in order to drive the Aliens out of Edo.

The most famous one is the faction of Katsura, a former brother-in-arms of Gintoki.

The Anti-Alien Factions are in constant clash with police and aliens alike.

#7 The Shinsengumi Faction:

The Shinsengumi are basicly an elite police force, keeping Edo safe from criminals and terrorists alike.

They sometimes clash with corrupt officials aswell.






So that's basicly what this RP is going to be about, a misfit-organization in an unique city divided by many unique and weird factions.

The RP will have crazy adventures involving many things, but I don't want to spoil it so I won't get too much into it.

So, let me hear what you think, cheers. ^^



That guy who's not around much right now
It sounds cool, I'm just curious where players are going to fit into this.

If I remember right, this is basically based in... Gintama was it?


Not A Llama...
Y'zzur, it's setting is competely based off Gintama but the story itself will be completely random and custom through the player-ideas/stories.

Also, the players will all be members of the Yorozuya ( The Odd Jobs )

So far the players are:

- Me

- Kagura

- Fhaux

- Sui

( In order of joining ^^ )

2 more spots open and then I'm gnna close the sign-up for the RP, once the RP has kicked off, I might re-open the sign ups but to start I don't want too many players in order to keep the flow steady.
Uhm... x.x" I'm going to need to reread the whole thing again... But i'm hoping there's a spot open for me since i'm really loving the fact that theres such a wide variety of possible characters i can play


Not A Llama...
Definitely, there's room for anyone who wants to join.

All that is required is:

- Have your character be a member of the Yorozuya

- Not post one-liners, which isn't a hard thing to do. And if you are feeling muse-less and can't think of anything, then feel free to post a one-line post. Just don't make a habit out of it.

Btw, these "rules" aren't just for you, they're for anyone who joins, just so ya know. :)

Looking forward to rp'ing with you mate, feel free to sign-up in the Uncategorized -> Sign-Up-section: Yorozuya | Sign-Up thread :)


Deadpool here, keep your pants on!
count me in :) one question, what are the aliens like? in terms of apperance and the such, because i'm thinking of having a dog-furry (alien) character, and have him do the kind of humor like Brian off family guy, he has a clear head but is prone to dog-like activities (ie: chasing cars, barking at his own reflection or my favourite line "i'm gonna be chewing on the back of my ass for 5 minutes" and of course "i'll be on your bed, no calls")

--- Merged Double Post ---

of course if its not like that, then i'll probably make a human or half-alien character :)


Not A Llama...
Aliens come in all shapes and forms, such as:

- Animalistic aliens ( dog/cat/ape-resembling aliens, etc. )

- Monster aliens ( Like Parasitic/Gross aliens, ... )

- Humanlike aliens ( Aliens with the appearance of humans but with alien-esque backgrounds and/or abilities )

... And more, let your imagination go badonkathunk *nods*
I was asking, since i read the characters already signing up, if my character can be a childish, timid helper of some sort with a dark history... But I'm gunna have to ask the limits so that i dont go SO far off topic and create something else entirely.

I'm going to post in the sign up thread, please PM me if there are things i need to change. Cause I'm not entirely sure and I'm quite hesitant...
Hope there's still a little spot in there for me! I love the sound of this :) I was figuring as in other RPs my char is kind of in many timeline i'd love to stick her in one where she's lost everything and finds herself starting from scratch in some band of odd jobbers! She dry and a little soul-less but it makes for laughter and her with out the luxury of her wealthy evil estate and organisations backing would definitely make for some humour. When would this kick off if so? I'm way new to RPnation.

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